Geopolitical puzzle: France is ready to recognize the Al-Qaeda legitimate government of Syria, and the Republican Congress has made Russia the list of opponents

The Russian sailors were held hostage oil pirates. As reported by "," referring to the agency, "Agence France-Presse", the crew of the oil tanker «Energy Centurion», owned by a Greek company yesterday and seized by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea, is composed of people of.

The pirates seized the tanker approximately 30 kilometers from the capital town of Lome Togo. The crew signaled excitement, which responded to the Coast Guard patrol Togo. The patrol was able to come close to a captured vessel and entered into a gunfight with the pirates, but failed to release the tanker. Pirates took him in the direction of Benin.

It is reported that the local pirates, usually, does not inhibit the team and boat. They attack with intent to rob. Their takes 4-5 days for pumping oil, and then they let the tanker occupied with the world.

Double attack in Damascus. As passed by "News", referring to Syrian state television and the ITAR-TASS news agency, yesterday in Damascus killed 12 people and 10's were injured as a result of double suicide.

During the funeral of two of the victims of another terrorist attack a day earlier, gunmen blew up a car bomb. The explosion occurred at the entrance to the cemetery in the quarter Germano.

Eugene Poddubnyi ("News") Told about the details:

"The explosion was so massive that the car that the terrorists have filled with explosives, in fact there is nothing left. According to estimates of professionals, the power of the explosive device was more than 40 kg of TNT. Besides the bomb was packed with shrapnel small — Edged pieces of metal.

A few minutes after the first explosion rocked and second, the least powerful. Surrounding homes were affected residents who provided first aid to the wounded, and the staff of critical services arrived on the attack. Rada was standing on the balcony, talking to a neighbor. The blast wave was thrown in the ladies room.

"We were drinking coffee, and I felt a terrible blow, I flew into splinters, glass, bricks, I lost consciousness. She came at the hands of relatives, I bandaged hand. The attack — the work of mercenaries, I think so, but they can kill ordinary people who are not to blame, "- says Parliament Rekmani …"

"Bilderberg puppet" cares for the interests of the Syrian "Al-Qaeda". How to inform the readers of the resource, citing RIA "Novosti", the French president Francois Hollande addressed to the Syrian opposition to the proposal to make the transitional government — and here announced its readiness to admit.

Geopolitical puzzle: France is ready to recognize the "Al-Qaeda" legitimate government of Syria, and the Republican Congress has made Russia a list of enemies

Monsieur Hollande said: "France asks the Syrian opposition to the transitional government, presentable, which would be the legal representative of modern Syria. We recognize the government of modern Syria, as it is created. "

According to the president, the French posodeystvuyut those who create liberated zones in the Syrian countryside. Hollande said, and that has worked out a Turkish initiative to create the terrain Syria buffer zones.

Hollande and pointed out that France considers the use of chemical weapons by Syria pretext for invasion.

So Makar, add, Hollande says in an alarm tone, chosen by Barack Obama on August 21, encouraged, according to some South American analysts, brutal Hillary Clinton. Recall that on the night of August 21, the U.S. president to the public, said: "At this point, I had not given the order for military intervention. But the question of chemical and biological weapons — critical. It concerns not only Syria. It affects our interests. We can not allow weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of evildoers. For us — it's a reddish line. As we shall see that the chemical weapon will carry the country, we will reconsider their position "(Andrei Medvedev, "News").

In the end, you can do the usual output: the West under the United States has already announced the famous "Iraqi" excuse (search for weapons of mass destruction) to the probable invasion of Syria. And Francois Hollande only reported on the readiness of the South American support script. And that the military scenario to work probably, the French president offered his political start: official recognition of the transitional government. Oh yes, the French have experience Libyan war … Neuzh then Monsieur Bernard-Henri Levy, a supporter of the democratic philosophy of bomb attacks, which led to last year's own companion Sarkozy to recognize the "government" of Libya, today, gives instructions Hollande?

You can not pass without going through the fact that the South American progressive journalists angrily criticized the decision Monsieur Hollande. Kurt Nimmo, one of the employees of the famous website «Infowars», followed by a 2009 U.S. intelligence services are watching, in his article Hollande openly referred to "Bilderberg puppet", which it expects relates to the recognition of the Transitional Government of Syria (which, we note in brackets, not even created!) with the CIA and MI6. Hollande told his accomplices that France recognizes the provisional government as the legitimate Syria.

But then in February 2012, James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence (National Intelligence), told the committee the South American Senate Armed Services Committee that the militants "Al-Qaeda" were leaked to the Syrian opposition groups. And France, the journalist writes, can not brag that it does not recognize.

Has long been confirmed, K. Nimmo says that the CIA taught, armed, funded (in the amount of 3 billion dollars) and supported Osama bin Laden and that eventually turned into "al Qaeda." Even the Municipal Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, recalls Nimmo, and that not so long ago recognized that "Al-Qaeda" gave rise to the United States. In addition, the United States supported this terrorist group in Libya before the murder of Colonel Gaddafi. And now there is a tool to militants in Syria, where he is "Al-Qaeda".

As in the past, wrote historian Webster Tarpley, under Bush, the alleged presence of "Al-Qaeda" was used as a pretext for bombing and invasion. Under Obama, says the historian, "rebooting" of the USA and England dying with their surviving imperial manners of use "Al-Qaeda" as its its irregular infantry, attacking and injuring people and countries around the world, which will eventually break down, plunging into the chaos of tribal or religious strife, dissension in criminal or find themselves under military despotism.

At the moment, says the historian, "Al-Qaeda" has returned to its original state and operates under the guise of "partisan CIA." As a result, widespread guerrilla and terrorist strategies in the world for the very existence of civilization is under threat.

So Makar, add, in advance of approving a non-existent transitional government of Syria, which will create not Syrian oppositio
n figures (say, really fighting for democracy in Syria), but "irregular infantry" of the West, the French president gave clear realize who he is. Marine Le Pen, before the election to say that Hollande will be no different from its predecessor as president, and the interests of the French prefer the interests of the EU (and in fact, as it turned out, much broader interests), hit the bull's-eye. It is logical that Monsieur, whose friends and advisors, listed by the CIA and MI-6, is rapidly losing popularity at home.

And to reaffirm their commitment to the humanistic standards, Hollande gave the order for the real help not only the Syrian opposition, and refugees.

As said on August 27, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" citing ITAR-TASS and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France has allocated 3.6 million euros and the opposition Syrian refugees, including official support for the underground field hospital. The announcement was made after a meeting of the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius with representatives of international humanitarian organizations in Paris.

It has already received information that the French doctors arrived at the refugee camp Zaatari in the east of Jordan. Paris has promoted to four clandestine activities of field hospitals and 10 warehouses with medication on the ground in Syria.

"Other" aid Syrian rebels is to supply members of the armed opposition in CAP means of communication and connection.

So Makar, the French government seems to be exactly copies the South American policy to support the "rebels" in Syria "humanitarian" aid, communications, medicine, information support, conversations about the use of chemical weapons.

Israel retaliation. On the night of August 28, the air force of the IDF attacked targets in the Gaza Strip. According to the resource, Referred to the press service of the IDF, were attacked by two objects in the northern part of the sector that have been used by terrorists to manufacture and storage of weapons and ammunition.

Were reported clear of hitting the targets. Aircraft involved in the attacks, and returned to airfields.

Acts of the Israeli Air Force were a response to rocket attacks on Israeli areas, made in the last days of the terrorists from the Gaza Strip.

Indian Jews confused title shop. The Jewish community of India has asked the owner of the store man some clothes and placed in Ahmedobade (Gujarat), to change the title of the institution. This writes "," with reference to «The Times of India».

The fact that this store is called … "Hitler."

Store owner Raj Shah said that the title will change if he is to be paid for the costs of re-store, issue stamps, business cards and marketing campaign. Raj Shah will change the swastika with Nazi on Hindu.

Charges of Nazism shop owner is strictly torn. He said that up to the time of Hitler nedavneshnego he had heard only that he was a violent man. Shah's grandfather, in whose honor was named the shop, was nicknamed Hitler at his own formidable temper.

The local Jewish community in the historical ignorance Shah questioned.

So far, no further action is not taken both sides.

Burners "Koran" disciplinary punished. Six U.S. Army soldiers were disciplined for the burning of the Koran. On it "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS and Pentagon officials who were investigating the incident.

One of the main findings of the investigation: the burning of sacred books was unintentional mistake.

What are the "disciplinary action" were involved in the incident, the military, the Pentagon did not say.

In the U.S. military also said that disciplinary action received and three Marines captured on video scandalous urine on the bodies of dead Taliban.

So, we would add, the South American soldiery may shout spalivat sacred book for Muslims or cast on the bodies of the dead, promoting its own heinous act through the photos and the Web. As a punishment for the world renowned warriors democracy can get all week, "lips" or, in the worst case, reduction in rank (which they will achieve increased urination followed). In general, even such punishment may prove an empty statement: after all, the Pentagon will lie — often take.

The atrocities committed by the Taliban. As the RIA "Novosti" quoting "Agence France-Presse," Adventure constructive movement "Taliban" in the morning on Mon government troops stormed the checkpoint in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. It killed at least 10 members of the Afghan national army. Another four ANA soldier was wounded in the shootout, and six were missing.

The Taliban and suspected of committing another crime. Referring to the news agency "Pazhvak" RIA "Novosti" reported that in the same province of Helmand militants beheaded 17 members of the concert of folk music.

The incident occurred in the area of the county Roushanabad Musa Qala during a concert to mark the end prazdnichka the Muslim Eid al-Fitr. Armed militants attacked the musicians, cut off the head with a knife Seventeen of them, including two ladies.

According to the civil officials, the Taliban massacred musicians because they cooperated with the government. But the police believe that the murder took place because of the role in the concert of the ladies.

During Taliban rule (1996-2001 gg.) Music was banned in Afghanistan. Ladies were not allowed to appear on the streets, even in veiled unaccompanied male relative.

The area where the execution took place above the musicians, are kept under the control of the Taliban. But the responsibility for what happened movement "Taliban" by itself did not take.

About the disputed islands. The South Koreans have found a confirmation of the rights to the island, because of which they have a dispute broke out with the Japanese. And found a not just anywhere, but in an old Japanese textbooks.

",", citing "Yonhap," writes that the Japanese school textbooks and geographical atlases late XIX — early XX centuries, explicitly states that the islands Liancourt — the territory of Korea. Written with a pen — do not cut down with an ax! And yesterday, on their own historical find in textbooks encouraging employees announced Memorial independence of Korea in the South Korean Cheonan town.

As proof of his own words, scientists led five different textbooks on history and geography, and two satin. All seven editions have been approved by the Ministry of Education land of the rising sun.

Museum staff have come to the conclusion that the claims of the Land of the Rising Sun on the island of Liancourt (which are referred to as Dokdo in Korea, and in the Land of the Rising Sun — Takeshima) are groundless.

On the "moral right" as "nonsense universal scale." Latvian Defence Minister Artis Pabriks made a statement that the Russian monument to soldiers-liberators of Riga "morally worthy of demolition," the mayor of Riga Nil Ushakov told him that it is — "stupidity universal scale." This was told to ITAR-TASS correspondent Maria Ivanova.

"Stupidity is universal scale" — an expression of the Transfiguration of the doctor regarding some expressions of Bulgakov's character Sharikova.

Yesterday in an interview with the newspaper "Neatkariga Rita Avize" Minister Pabriks said: "Although this monument and morally worthy of demolition, it can cause a lot of
unsafe consequences." According to the views of a senior bureaucrat, every year on May 9 thousand people come with flowers at the monument in Riga, but "the goal of most of the participants of this event is not the desire to give a tribute to the victims of the second world war, and to keep us in the geopolitical sphere, which finished its existence 20 years ago. "

It is interesting that after so sonorous verbs about "deserves demolition" and rebuffs Ushakov, we equate the Minister of Defence to the ball, sir Pabriks rushed to interview the Riga station "Baltkom", in which stated that it is not calling for the destruction of the memorial: "I do not want to bear monument, this is not my job. People just use it for baiting each other. This monument is the emblem of our country, but, on the other hand, I do not think it would be appropriate to take down such monuments as well as for most of the population it is important. Let worth it, he did not interfere! The main thing is that he has not been used as a sign of confrontation in the state. "

By the way, the words of Secretary of Defense did not appear out of nowhere. Earlier in the web of some activists began collecting signatures for the demolition of the monument to Russian liberators of Riga. As the correspondent. ITAR-TASS, the anonymous creator of the petition called for the dismantling of the monument and its setting "on the Russian-Latvian border as a border post." Demolition of monuments anonimschiku seemed not enough: vpribavok he insists on "serious criminal liability for those who use the communist symbols, denies the atrocities of the communist regime, and glorifies it." At yesterday's "document" signed by more than 2.8 million people.

Response was collecting signatures for the preservation of the monument to Russian liberators of Riga. The initiator of the action, Alexander Prokopenko called "Our past — an integral part of our lives, it must be respected and to keep in mind! Everyone has the right to the memory of the forefathers, because if you're proud of your forefathers as well as we do, put his signature to the petition! "Under the document signed yesterday by more than 3 thousand people.

We would add: between supporters of the conservation of the monument and its opponents possible to see a significant difference. If the target Prokopenko own name does not hide, the Internet wrestler with the communist past behind the mask anonymous.

Oil companies are in the Arctic. Norwegian oil and gas concern "Statoil" yesterday announced new plans for drilling in the Arctic, reports ITAR-TASS Oslo, referring to the information of the company.

During the 2013 "Statoil" will drill 9 wells offshore in the Norwegian part of the Barents Sea, including in the remote oil complex fractures Hoop. Drilling for the first time will be held in an area that the company dubbed "the new and the unknown."

Large-scale plans of the Arctic concern caused alarm and protests from representatives of Norwegian environmental organizations.

Favorite of the environmental movement "Bellona" Fredric Hauge sure that "arctic expedition" of "immoral, it may now be considered one of the most irresponsible companies in the world, because drilling in these areas due to the bolshennymi risks." Applicable "Statoil" rigs can not cope with the task.

"Society for Nature Conservation" has a similar view. They think that the company does not have sufficient resources and ability to cope with all neuvvyazkami drilling in complex criteria. The head of the organization Haltbrekken Lars said: "We understand that the branch is still far from being able to cope with abnormal situations should they arise in the region."

Among environmentalists believe unfounded fear.

In addition, we would add, if the goal of environmentalists is to protect the environment, the company focused on the extraction of profit. Little things like temperature increase Oceans and typhoons, cleared up all over the globe, oil does not motivate. The fact that Burzhuin for 300% of the profits will climb even in the loop (according to Marx) — untainted truth. Another truth is that the corporate bourgeoisie lives by the terrible rule after us — the deluge. Territory for the flood capitalists stubbornly unwilling to accept global climate configuration of reality, according to at least some place where they do not live. Typhoon will come up to you and in Norway, gentlemen oil … Well, who knows what surprises await avaricious miners in ancient ice?

In Austria may cancel conscription. Knows about it "," with reference to «France-Presse» and the statement of the Vice-Chancellor Michael Spindelegger country. Voting will take place in January.

Residents will be asked to vote for the preservation of the existing draft service, modernize (what you mean, the Vice-Chancellor did not specify), or go to a professional army.

As recalls "Ribbon", Austria — one of the few European countries where conscription acts (she also remains in Denmark, Greece, Norway, Turkey, Spain, Switzerland). To serve in the Austrian army to all men over 18 years of age and generally recognized as medically fit. Ladies can serve on a voluntary basis.

Period of military service — 6 months following dismissal in store for eight years (2005 to reform the army served 8 months). Austrian legislation provides other services (9 months).

In Chile, 100,000 people took to the streets. As passed by now "News", almost 100 thousand people, dissatisfied with the education system, took to the streets of the Chilean capital Santiago. The students claimed not only improve the quality of education, and to make it free.

At first, the protesters were peacefully towards the center of the town, and here policing have ordered them to disperse. The demonstrators started throwing back stones at police and sticks. Those used water cannons and tear gas.

Education in Chile, reminiscent of the "Vesti" — one of the most expensive in the world. With all of this income Chileans are small, and because most of the inhabitants forced to take education loans, even ramping up the cost of education.

Destroy the president and turn the United States. Four U.S. soldiers prepared the assassination of U.S. President and municipal coup. At the conspirators among soldiers and junior officers of the Third Motorized Infantry Division at Fort Stewart (Ga.) was found warehouse guns and ammunition, which the conspirators spent 87 thousand dollars. This was said yesterday, a representative of the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia Isabel Pauley, transfers corr. Itar-Tass Shamshin.

The investigation revealed that the four detainees were part of an anti-government group "Forever immortal, always ready." Her favorite, Private Isaac Agigi, ordered his accomplices to destroy demobilize the 19-year-old Michael Roark. Those returning home, was able to open komplot authorities. Gunmen massacred Roarke and his wife in December 2011. The point was made in the woods near a military base in Georgia.

According to prosecutors, the terrorists were going to seize the weapons stores in Fort Stewart, undermine the headquarters of the internal security of the State of Washington and hydro and run attack on President Obama. Well, the result would be a grouping of municipal revolution in the United States.

The defendants did not hide the acute hostility to Barack Obama. According Agigi and his accomplices, the dark-skinned president with "alien naming — do not place in a white house."

At the prosecutor's office at the present
time there is no clear information on the composition of constructive underground group.

Hurricane "Isaac." As reported from Washington corr. Itar-Tass Zlodorev, threat posed by Hurricane "Isaac" is for oil production and refining in the south of the United States, led the South American government see the use of strategic fuel supplies of raw materials. The official dealer of snow-white House spokesman Jay Carney said yesterday that the decision to open the reserve U.S. administration is still pending, but this possibility is not excluded.

"Such discussions are an option for a certain time, but now we have no announcement to this effect," — said Carney.

Specialists point out that in the state of Louisiana, who is facing a hurricane, there are up to 40% of America's refining capacity. Jeopardy and the state of Mississippi.

The official candidate and "funny show." On Tuesday, Mitt Romney became the official presidential candidate of the Republican Party. More than half of the delegates to the Party Congress in Tampa (Florida) to support his candidacy during the voting, transfer from Washington corr. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov and Maria Tobacco.

Voting lasted about an hour, all the states in turn stated that they prefer Romney. Approximately 30 minutes after the start of voting Romney scored the required number of votes to win. After another 30 minutes, he was officially announced as a nominee for election of the president from the Republican Party. He can only agree with the decision of the Congress.

Several voices delegates were not given Romney and Congressman Ron Paul, Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Sen. Rick Santorum.

The congress officially announced Congressman Paul Ryan candidate for vice-president USA.

Next congress will open a discussion among other issues program from the party. Republicans have already confirmed that belong to the Russian Federation as an enemy the United States. Previously, he referred to Romney Russian major geopolitical enemy of America number one, and now this attitude of the party had chosen an indirect fixing in the program.

According to the views of Republicans, Our homeland suppresses opposition parties, the media, universities and civilian society tends to be friends with despots. The text of the programs from the party says, "We call them the favorites (RF) government to review the way in which they follow: the oppression of opposition parties, the press, civilian institutions of society, unprovoked invasion of the area of Georgia, relations with despots in the Middle East, humiliation and neighbors to support the latter Stalinist regime in Belarus. Russian people deserve the best, and we look forward to the present, its role in a modern democracy. "

Our homeland is mentioned in the document, along with other enemies of America: North Korea, Iran and China.

"Flexibility" Obama's relationship with Russia is opposed to in the text of the future of "honesty" and "openness" Romney.

In turn, the current U.S. president referred to congress and the "funny show."

"It's quite a funny show. And I'm sure they (Republicans) will say a number of mind-blowing things about me. But what you do not hear from them — this is how to find the way to solve the problems facing at the moment for the country, "- Obama said in a speech yesterday to the students of the Institute of Iowa.

As for the "ways of solving problems," we would add, that Obama is absolutely right. Romney, like the Republicans in general, do not put forward any 1st Fri in the program, which would have presented themselves "antithesis" programs when necessary, decisions and laws passed by Barack Obama (see details in "Results of the week" August 19, in the last episode). The main thing for the election of the office and Mitt Romney, sadly known also as the creator of model of translation of South American production in China, why Americans lose their jobs — a little more political fireworks. "Russia — the geopolitical enemy number one", "Jerusalem — the capital of Israel" and other statements of Mr. Romney — a tribute to the tabloids, which forges on their own keyboards that hammer-anvil cell, which presidential candidate, entering the white-washed house, will be able to damage America .

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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