Geopolitical puzzle: McFaul was not referring to a bribe, and financial aid package, and Houston put the monument to Yuri Gagarin

Geopolitical puzzle: McFaul was not referring to a bribe, and "financial aid package", and in Houston put up a monument to Yuri GagarinKazakh border guard Vladislav Chelakh said about what happened at the post. The blame for the murder of their own colleagues, he took over. This writes Robert Shemak ("Rossiyskaya Gazeta").

According to the detainee, in the evening on May 27, he had "motivated by hostile and bullying left brain fog." Being on duty at the barracks, Chelakh first time shot at the post, and then killed the commander of the border guard. Later, after going to the barracks, he shot a machine gun all colleagues: three contractors and eight conscripts. Also killed Chelakh became suspicious hunter, whose house was in Sotk meters from the barracks. Then the soldier fired all his victims in the head. Killed, he laid in bed. The offender set fire to the barracks, dressed in civilian clothes, took the gun commander, 265 rubles, found the captain, some personal belongings and his colleagues left the barracks.

According to "Free Press", prerequisite executions were internal conflicts. The official dealer of Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Nurdaulet Suindikov said: "During the interrogation, the role of the lawyer Chelakh confessed to killing their own colleagues and Ruslan Kim. In the words of their foreheads were the motive internal conflicts and paranormal state of Confusion. The presence of supporters and accomplices he denies. "

With their foreheads, according Suindikova were found mufti clothes, laptop and mobile phones of some of the victims. Sin Chelakh made around 5:00 am on 28 May, when all the guards, not counting the time, were asleep.

Mom border guard in the interview "News — Kazakhstan" said: "I do not believe it, he could not do it. My son even cut off a chicken's head could not, then, that for a person to attempt. It is normal, adequate man. "

Announcements on the Syrian issue. Chief of Naval Academy Turkey Divisional Admiral Türker Ertürk resigned and said something about the Syrian issue. About this report "" referring to the newspaper "Hürriyet".

Divisional Admiral resigned due to the fact that the Supreme Military Council nedavneshnem he was denied the next destination. This cause it sounded before the students of the school at the handover ceremony features.

The admiral said that in the past year by the Turkish armed forces, and the first in the Navy, is "asymmetrical psychological pressure." Prerequisites push past chief of the school did not open. From Admiral "dishonest people" sought to exclude from the school 30 students against whom charges were brought in the "immorality" on the basis of anonymous denunciations. The Admiral did not exclude anyone.

As the SANA, Erturk said that "Al-Qaeda", which is supported and patronized by the United States, made a series of terrorist attacks in the Syrian countryside. But, according to Ertürk, the Syrian opposition, in spite of external support are not headed for its tasks, as encountered determined resistance of the Syrian people, supported by Russia and China.

As the admiral, the recent terrorist attacks in Syria suggest that the imperialist powers have corrected the initial strategic plan and are now making a bid to replace the opposition terrorist groups. According to the views of the admiral, at the moment they follow the script, applied earlier in El Salvador. There is an operation to destabilize the country by terrorists headed by John Negroponte, who later became U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and the future South American salting in Syria Robert Ford.

According to the Salvadoran scenario, said Erturk, Syria sent armed militants bombarded with the Turkish countryside.

Geopolitical puzzle: McFaul was not referring to a bribe, and "financial aid package", and in Houston put up a monument to Yuri GagarinSmee had manipulated the facts about the events in Syria. On this, as reported by SANA, in a lecture at the Syrian Cultural Center in Sao Paulo said Maria Socorro Gomes, President of the Global Peace Council.

Gomez highlighted that this conclusion is arrived after visiting the CAP in April, when met a Syrian from different segments of society. In her opinion, what is happening in the country is the Zionist-imperialist komplotom, which is aimed at undermining the unity of the Syrian people and spread terror in the Arab region.

The imperialists are taking their version of what is happening in Syria. "," causes the message "Reuters" that day on June 7, UN observers, who tried to get to the Al-Kubeyra, came under fire. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that the fire led by the Syrian government army, stationed in the districts of the village, where a day earlier had been massacred.

Abstracting from the article "Tapes", we note that either the UN Secretary General cunning, or else, at least, was rushing to judgment. Scott Stearns of "Voice of America" writes: "The observers were not able to get to the place where reportedly left the overall murder. The representative of the UN peacekeeping department, said that the observers were obliged to turn back. No one is hurt. One of the cars hit and slightly damaged. It is not clear who was behind the shooting. " "It is not clear who was behind the shooting" and "fire led by the Syrian government army" — statements agree dissonant.

In the editorial blog of the newspaper «The Guardian», reports "Tape", posted story of the 1st inmate Al Kubeyra, to call the Western news agencies. According to this person, in the city on Wednesday fired from guns for 5 hours, then the government forces missed there adherents of the Alawi Assad troops "Shabiha." Participants troops began to "kill everybody", including destroyed and his mother and six children. House of Al-occupant Kubeyra and many other houses were burned. He himself survived as hidden in an olive grove.

Meanwhile, the Syrian administration has declared the attack on al-Kubeyr "terrorists" who killed 10 women and children, but they were later driven out the army, who came to the rescue of its people.

Earlier ",", Recalling the «France-Presse», which, in turn, referred to the representative of the Syrian opposition of the State Council, reports that on June 6 in the Syrian province of Nahal government troops killed more than 100 people. According to the source, "Agence France
-Presse," opened fire on residents of the villages of Al-Kubeyr and Maarzaf. Opposition spokesman said that among those killed very few 20 babies and 20 women. Advocates «Syrian Observatory for Human Rights» Post confirmed the opposition's mass killing at Nekhel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday issued a statement on the massacre in Al Kubeyre. This writes "," with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement about the massacre in Al Kubeyre that previously killed 78 people. The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich said that the blame for the disaster "certain forces" suiting "heinous provocation" in order to thwart the Annan plan. The rebels have refused to comply with it, but our homeland, other countries and the UN are trying to revive him.

Lukashevich highlighted: "We condemn these barbaric acts of violence. Their perpetrators should be brought to justice and punished. " Our homeland has expressed sympathy to the families and friends of the victims.

Together with the UN observers arrived at the crash foreign journalists. They showed local residents who blamed the massacre of the Syrian government and neighbors of the Alawi villages. In Damascus, this "information" storyline has caused outrage. The Syrian administration has declared itself the only true source disk imaging of the incident.

They say comrades Lavrov and Churkin. "News", citing ITAR-TASS, transmit to the Minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov that the UN Security Council will not allow intervention in the SAR. Lavrov told reporters: "Mandate for external intervention will not. This I can guarantee to you. "

At the moment, our homeland proposes to convene an international meeting on Syria. Russian Foreign Minister said: "We litsezreem it not as a single action, as the beginning of the process, we are ready to start him in Moscow, Geneva, anywhere." The minister believes that this meeting could take the role of 15 countries and organizations, including Qatar, Iran, the Arab League, the UN and the European Union.

The situation in Syria has become a major topic of discussion at a meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York. Moscow's position voiced by Russia's permanent representative to the UN Churkin companion: "Now we need to agree on the practical actions to transfer the Syrian conflict to the political level, to mobilize the major external players that have a real impact on the various Syrian side on coordinated actions to support the Annan plan, to ensure the full implementation of the resolutions of the Board Safety in 2042 and 2043 in which the UN Security Council approved the plan and authorized the deployment of the UN Observer Mission in Syria. "

Vitaly Churkin highlighted: "The firm position of the Russian Federation in favor of the merits of the political-diplomatic solution in Syria remains unchanged."

Mrs. Clinton has its proper outlook. According to Scott Sternc of "Voice of America", U.S. Secretary of State considers that the time has come for the international community should create a plan of action for regime change in Syria. The foreign minister of the United States during a press conference in Istanbul said, "working with the connivance of the regime violence we watched yesterday in Nekhel has no limits. Ruthlessness and duplicity run across all boundaries Assad, in Syria, there will be no peace, no stability, no democracy, while he remains in power. "

Clinton said, to win the support of China and Russia, it is necessary to achieve the recognition that Annan's peace initiative has suffered a disaster.

Well, what can I say? For Mrs. Secretary of State no matter what provocation terrorists frustrate the Annan plan (made-up like that on purpose, so that it tore), is a newcomer to the signal pro-democracy protests. Whenever Hillary Clinton monotonically Assad blames the sins and ruthlessness. Secretary of State niskolechko not fussing about the evidence base, but calls to Russia and China, who did not wish to adhere to the only correct point of view on the subject — the U.S.. Our homeland and China — is hefty persistent country do not want to adopt such a situation, in which all that says America is a theorem, and all that they say others, there is an axiom.

Just live and think in the South American rulers in this situation!

Secretary of State, show the great loss of memory, you need to keep in mind that the refusal to make peace plan Annan said Assad is not, as stated opposition to the whole world, who sent the plan to the dogs: "We declare that until such time as the UN Security Council will not accept critical solutions for the protection of civilian persons, let the Annan plan is flying to the devil". Mrs. Clinton is behaving like a parrot, which reached the repetition itself: to reach the support of, to achieve the support of China, push Assad, peace and democracy in Syria, to achieve the support of, to achieve the support of China, push Assad, peace and democracy in Syria …

Geopolitical puzzle: McFaul was not referring to a bribe, and "financial aid package", and in Houston put up a monument to Yuri GagarinYesterday was executed by hanging Abed Hamid Hmoud, last personal secretary of Saddam Hussein. About this report ",", Recalling the TV channel "Al Arabiya" and the Iraqi Justice Minister Haidar al-Saadi.

According to sources, the channel, Hmoud convicted of harassment of members of religious and opposition parties banned under Hussein. He was also convicted for his role in the suppression of the 1991 uprising, which began after the U.S. victory over Iraq in the First Gulf War.

At this point, as reported by "tape" of the death penalty is waiting for the last Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq, Tariq Aziz.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to build a fence along the border with Egypt. According to the RIA "Novosti", until the end of 2012 in Israel will be organized campgrounds 20-25 thousand seats for African migrants who are in the country, there are already about 60 thousand. Migrants come to Israel through the porous borders with Egypt. Most of them — come from Sudan and Eritrea. Local residents believe these migrants cause for the growth of crime and the need to send the Africans in their homeland. But the authorities can not yet do so because of the injunctions and international obligations.

Geopolitical puzzle: McFaul was not referring to a bribe, and "financial aid package", and in Houston put up a monument to Yuri GagarinRIA "News" also reports that the District Tribunal of Jerusalem did not extend the ban
on deportation of immigrants from Southern Sudan. The plaintiffs failed to prove that migrants face a threat to life on his return to his homeland, which proclaimed independence in 2011. Interior Minister Eli Yishai, welcomed the decision, saying that it allows the deportation of 1,500 people. The Minister expressed the hope that soon it will be possible to take such measures to the people from Sudan and Eritrea.

Benjamin Netanyahu discussed the problem of migration yesterday with representatives of the relevant agencies. The Prime Minister referred to the key measures by which it expects to close the issue of migrants: for example, it is possible to increase the punishment for hiring workers or arrange additional border guard forces in the southern neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. And, you can build a fence along the border with Egypt.

Khartoum and Juba nothing agreed. Yesterday evening Sudan and South Sudan broke off security talks in Addis Ababa. The parties could not agree on the border of the demilitarized zone. About this report corr. RIA "Novosti" Julia Trinity with reference to the Sudanese news agency SUNA, in turn, referring to Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Mohamed Hussein.

The difficulties are due to the demarcation of the oil-bearing region Heglig who wish to enjoy and Sudan and South Sudan. 10 days by saying — and have not agreed on a border strip.

A month back the government of South Sudan, as that was discussed at the "Military Review", drew his own version of the political map of the country. By Russe was pririsovan and Heglig. Sudan brand new version of the map has not attracted. Nobody likes you when the cake will be cut off from its most savory slice and bring presents to her mouth?

The head of the Ministry of Defence of the Sudan after failed negotiations could diplomatically to express their dissatisfaction with the latest card. His words were quoted Julia Trinity (RIA "Novosti"): "The boundary depicted, based on the map that we have used for the past 6 years (since the signing of the peace agreement in Vseobyatnogo 2005). That map, which was proposed by South Sudan to determine the demilitarized zone, aggressive and contrary to the spirit of friendship and eagerness for peace between the two countries-name. "

That's it. Sudan is committed to peace and friendship, and the South Sudan chooses his pies.

Now Juba and Khartoum must face economic and diplomatic sanctions, which have long been neighbors unharmonious scares the UN Security Council.

Ukrainian police learned the identity of those who attacked the Interior Ministry officers during a protest against the Russian language. Now they will be held accountable. As passed yesterday from Kiev corr. RIA "Novosti" Andrei Lubensky, Ukrainian police learned the identity of all the protesters who took part in the attacks on the Interior Ministry officials during protests against the Russian language, passed in Kyiv on Tuesday. As said on Thursday the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Vitaliy Zakharchenko, violators will be prosecuted.

June 5, near the Ukrainian parliament passed mass action enemies and supporters of the law on language policy. During the actions of the opposition clashed with police. The opposition said that the police used tear gas, and the Interior Ministry, however, laments the attacks from the opposition.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, said: "I do not understand why it was attacked by the police, which was to throw something to the police, which was to use tear gas, by the way, against members of the police, which was to tear off their helmets, it's not clear. "

McFaul: not "bribe" and "financial aid package." Gabby Michael McFaul, the South American salting in Russia, in public wished he used the word "bribe" to nedavneshnem speech to students at the Higher School of Economics. RIA "Novosti" quoted him as saying:

"I am sorry that I used the word" bribe "when he spoke 10 days back. I had to use the phrase "financial aid package." I made a mistake, I admit it. " Also, salting, said: "We have all been trained, we want to be better." This he said, speaking in Russian Economic School.

What can be added? In 1-x, the error McFaul, who was very unhappy with the Russian Foreign Ministry, not repulsed after hunting to speak publicly. In-2, Mr. McFaul as much as 10 days thought about what the Russian language a synonym for the word "bribe". B-3, salting, admitting his mistake, of course, learned something and become better. Let us praise him for it!

Now, as we will hear from Mr. Ambassador something about the "financial aid package", we will know that he uses diplomatic language of Aesop, who learns little by little.

Committee of the U.S. Congress approved the "Magnitsky law." "Bi-bi-si" report to the committee on international affairs of the House of Representatives has approved the draft of the Congress of South American "Magnitsky Act", according to which some against Russian officials may be introduced visa and financial sanctions.

The bill states that the betrothed measures will affect individuals directly or indirectly responsible for violations related to the arrest and death of lawyer Fund «Hermitage Capital» Sergei Magnitsky. Under the law and can get those functionaries of the Russian Federation, which were linked to the killings, torture and other human rights violations against those who publicly declared illegal activities officials.

"Bi-bi-si" notes that approval of the bill spoke all those present at the meeting of parliament.

Meanwhile, a report to RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov and Maria Tobacco, to vote on the "Magnitsky Act" was less than half of the committee members.

Need to see that the approval of a congressional committee — only the first step of the draft. It must also be approved by the House of Representatives and the Senate, and only later signed by the President. A clear, that Barack Obama has spoken out against the "Magnitsky Act", regarding it as provocative.

First Romney ahead of Obama in May to 17 million dollars. Presidential candidate U.S. Republican Party Mitt Romney this month brought the campaign to the needs of almost 17 million dollars more than Barack Obama. According to data posted last election headquarters, Romney and the Republicans raised 76.8 million dollars, and Obama and his party — only 60 million, the reports "Bi-bi-si".

Obama's campaign said that in May, donations were received from 572 thousand Yankees, 147 thousand of which have not been given funds for the re-election of the president. 98% of donations were $ 250 less. The total amount of small donations not specified.

In the middle of donations in favor of Romney, according to his staff, the amount is less than $ 250 accounted for 93%. The total amount of these small donations amounted to 12 million dollars.

Chairman of the State Committee of the Republican Party Pribus Raines said: "The strong results of our fundraising — is a sign that Americans are tired of broken promises by President Obama and willing to change course in a white house."

If you think about the words Pribusa Raines, then immediately come to memory Mr. Romney's speech that our homeland — the geopolitical enemy number one for America and that the military budget shou
ld increase, not reduce. All this, of course, means "change of course, the white-house," which is expected to never see Americans.

Well, in November, the whole world will find out what is really willing and Romney, and Pimbus, and Americans who will elect the president for yourself.

Sad days of the Italian Mafia. June 6 Italian police have arrested 47 people suspected of being members of the clan Mallard, included in the "Camorra". About this report "," with reference to ANSA.

The police suspect that the 47 bad boys involved in the illegal trafficking of weapons and racketeering. Offenders detained at once in 6 regions of Italy. Police confiscated the money and the criminals — only about three million euros.

Italian police arrested a suspect in the commission of terrorist acts around the institute in Brindisi. This writes ",", Referring to ANSA.

This suspect — 68-year-old Giovanni Vantadzhato, Copertino inhabitant town in the province of Lecce, the owner of gas stations. After a long interrogation, he confessed to the preparation and implementation of the explosion. Disk imaging is not about the motives of the crime. The arrested, according to police, is not associated with the mafia, nor with anarchists. The motive for the commission of the crime could serve as the media are writing, "personal animosity" Vantadzhato to the director of the Institute Angelo Rampino. But this is only a hypothesis.

Totalitarian Latvia. Ksenia Zagorovskaya correspondent "Hour", interviewed by Aivars Lembergs, the mayor of Ventspils and the 1st of the most experienced Latvian politicians. According to the views of Lembergs, Latvia is becoming increasingly totalitarian state.

Ventspils Mayor told the world that in today's Latvian parliament has never really impacts the oligarchs that "the majority of power in the Diet" is George Soros, the controlling party of the prime minister's "Unity" and the current "stealth, through its own agents of influence."

In addition, the people of Latvia does not like the Diet. And had not adored the Diet, and later will not adore, "… people are not loved, loves me not, and never will adore the Diet. At the moment, the activity of the parliament approves 15 percent of the population. Compare: the work of the Ventspils City Council positive about 92 percent, negatively — 4 percent. "

According to statements of policy, for the moment Latvia is the level of development in 2006 and for 5 years with excessive we could not get the performance in 2007. The growth, according Lembergs, you can read only on the condition that in 2012 GDP will be 20% more than in 2007.

The reforms in the country braked, said the mayor, and "started populism." "We litsezreem, — he said — the poor has become more very highest unemployment if earlier people who could not find work for more than six months was 15 percent, but now these half. Of those who have not gone, of course … "

"Our government — said Lembergs — is becoming increasingly totalitarian. Seim trying to limit people's right to referendum, pulling people from a particular role in addressing important issues for them. This is a serious departure from the basic principles of democracy!

Coming and going on human rights, the media. Previously, the Council for Radio and Television, and included representatives from the position and the opposition, but now all of its members represent the ruling coalition. Municipal electric media are dancing to the tune of the ruling coalition and the opposition does not really give the word. In the election of the opposition is likely to be deprived of even the ability to buy airtime, and the ruling will get it for free. "

As for the crisis in Europe and discussed the introduction of the euro currency in Latvia, here Lembergs does not see decent. European Union mayor compared the sinking "Titanic", "Titanic" sinks, and we are not far from it's own sailing boat. On board we shout, "Throw your boat! Let's us! "But do not be wiser to wait until the ship close up the hole? It is better to be on a small boat that is in the water than on the bolshennom, which goes to the bottom. "

Latvia should not join the euro zone, Lembergs said: "… I'm against it! In another our poor people will have to help countries that are carelessly squandered and expend funds — Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy may reach up to turn. "

Latvia if it joins the euro zone will have to "take on the obligations of € 4 billion — to 2000 euros for each inhabitant of the country, and this amount may Strength. We'll throw them the money, and they will spalivat notes in the fire of their own needs, saying: "It's cold! We have winter, plus 15 degrees. " I do not want it. "

As for geopolitics, the Lembergs in this regard said the subsequent:

"The situation in the world will not improve either the economic or in social terms, while one empire will try to subject themselves to all civilization. The domination of one country — now the main geopolitical discrepancy. Such a situation in the history of mankind has appeared for the first time, because all the majestic empire of the past, including the Roman, were local.

In the U.S. global dominance is no prospect, as the essence of a market economy — competitiveness, and at the moment all areas — economy, military affairs — monopolized, so the development and no. What I am saying is not targeted against America. She herself, this situation is not profitable.

At the moment we are reaping the fruits of the collapse of the Russian Union. I do not idealize him, but the presence of the counterweight has urged the West to be careful. Therefore, there was no Guantanamo, CIA prisons hidden, was a more balanced financial policy. "

Our homeland, according to the views of policy, "can not change the Soviet Union on the world stage." Because the whole "hope for China, which is busy developing, will erode the position of America and Europe, and their allies. In the coming two to three decades, the bipolar world is restored, the land and the population as a whole is going to benefit. If our homeland and China fail to agree, it will happen faster. "

As for the relations between Latvia and Russia, in the last six months has been the emerging positive "touched" by Lembergs was confused — "because of a number of expressions of Governors of Latvia concerning" Waffen SS ", which were seen in Russia. One gets the memory — continued Lembergs — that someone does not know how the world evaluates the SS. Yes, those who made the criminal misdeeds, punished, and indeed the "Waffen SS" — a criminal organization, there's no doubt the smallest. "

In the end, the mayor of Ventspils, said: "The situation is deteriorating steps NATO missile defense plans in Europe that are obviously aimed against Russia's security."

The Iranians were on the roofs of their homes. As passed now ITAR-TASS referring to the "Bi-bi-si", thousands of inhabitants of Iran went NIGHT MODE on the roof of their houses. For what? To behold projected on the moon logo "Pepsi."

But the logo does not appear on the moon. Iranians played.

A few days ago back in the Iranian Wehbe was circulated rumor about the extraordinary marketing campaign: as if the company "Pepsi" with lasers to project the moon own red-and-blue logo. Network rumors duplicated various "journalists" not to joke carried away by the laser-pepsikolnoy topic.

Joke jestingly, but the r
ise of thousands of people on the roof led us once again to make sure, as a great power in the world has a word.

Gagarin monument in America. As passed today in New York ITAR-Tass Shamshin, City Council of Houston (TX) approved the plan for the installation in the town of Monument to Yuri Gagarin.

Chairwoman of the international activities of the group to popularize the Russian astronautics in the U.S. Tabarovsky Sophie said: "Its opening is scheduled for October. June 21 with the role of the mayor of Houston Anise Parker and NASA managers will be laid down in the basin. "

The bronze figure of the astronaut sculpted architect Alexei Leonov. For a role in the opening of the monument in October in Houston Russian astronauts arrive and their South American counterparts.

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