Geopolitical puzzle: Mursi sue because it harms the interests of the Egyptian people, and Chubais found in Russia the deep social changes

Geopolitical puzzle: Mursi sued because it harms the interests of the Egyptian people, and Chubais found in Russian deep social changes

Mursi and his government are not suitable to control revolutionary Egypt. Three members of the Egyptian revolutionary movement have filed a lawsuit yesterday against the three main representatives of the country's Egypt: President Mohammed Mursi, Prime Minister Hisham Qandil and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Kamel Amr reports with reference to «Al-Ahram».

As the plaintiffs were Amr Hamed Hits Khatib and Badawi Nagila. All three men — members of the Union of Revolutionary Youth of Egypt. They say that the Camp David peace treaty with Israel, signed in 1979, "harms the interests of the Egyptian people and should be changed or completely revoked." In addition, members of the Union stated that the revolution commits to review the new regime, and as needed, and cancel all previously signed international agreements.

Revolutionary Hamed told a news conference in Cairo that the annex to the agreement on the relations in the sphere of security limits the Egyptian military presence in Sinai, which is why there are flourishing Jihadism, Salafism and terrorism.

The decision in the case against Mursi shall be made on December 18.

The campaign against the Mursi did not stop there.

Egyptian media also report that in respect of Mursi will be discussed and different. The newspaper «Al-Fajr» published an article which reported that Mohammed Mursi in 2008 removed a tumor of the brain, and from that time he was often tortured epilepsy. Because Mursi hardly able to run the state, according to the plaintiff.

If a court case against the Mursi completed unsuccessfully for him, we would add, that it will be possible: politics "and ours, and yours" — when yesterday's revolutionaries were unhappy with relatively warm Mursi contacts with the United States and the West, and the United States after the September 11, 2012 are not Egypt was seen as an ally — a fiasco. It's entirely possible that Egypt will soon become another state, which will be able to explain America what a real democracy.

"The broad discussion." Iran backed away from its own nuclear ambitions, but temporarily. So says Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who spoke on the subject in an interview with the English edition of "The Daily Telegraph", reports from London correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Poderv'yansky.

The head of the Israeli Defense Ministry, "predicted that sanctions and diplomatic (effort) still does not lead to the resolution of the confrontation, and warned that Israel and its allies might face (the need to adopt) decisions on the implementation of a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities" in the following year, "- writes the English edition.

In August, Iran has sent 38% of supplies of uranium enriched to 20% of the total available amount of it in the 189 kg for processing into fuel for a research reactor. Such a decision "allows us to consider postponing critical moment for the period from 8 to 10 months," — said Ehud Barak. According to him, if a similar decision had been taken, the escalation could occur in the period before the U.S. presidential election.

Why is Iran "stepped"?

The Minister proposed three explanations. "The first — an extensive discussion of the likely Israeli or American operation deterred them (Iran) from the sample approach (to develop nuclear weapons.) It is also, for sure, could be targeted diplomatic maneuver that they have taken to avoid this difficulty, the climax to the U.S. elections, so just buying time. It could also be a method to convey to the IAEA, which, he says, "we keep our commitments." Maybe it is the composition of all three elements. "

Note that the first precondition was, of course, "public discussion". Barack, of course, thinks that he and Netanyahu's great scare Ahmadinejad for his "red lines", which are in Washington, DC, by the way, rejected, and this is known not only in Iran but all over the globe

So as not to take a walk on the one who started the retreat from the war plans, Ehud Barak said that "the Iranians are determined to be reincarnated as a nuclear military power." Only now it does, perhaps the "next spring or summer of the following year at first."

Israel's defense minister also said: "To be honest, based on my long experience in the Middle East, I am very skeptical about the likelihood that (sanctions) will force the ayatollahs to come along at any step in the foreseeable future and decide to waive their own intentions follow in the footsteps of Pakistan and North Korea, and transform into a military nuclear power. "

"Taliban" continues to kill. October 30 in southern Afghanistan in Helmand province county sins a man dressed in the uniform of Afghan police shot a 2-international military coalition in Afghanistan. On it informs "," referring to the «France-Presse».

The responsibility for the killings took the "Taliban". As said, "Agence France-Presse," a representative of the movement, a man by the name of Atikilla previously infiltrated the ranks of the Afghan police, belonged to their group. The dead soldiers were British.

This is the second similar incident in the county sins. October 24 there were killed and a military officer Dr. English army.

In Damascus, Syria destroyed the Air Force general. In the quarter, Rukn al-Din Syrian capital terrorists shot dead General of the Air Force, Mahmoud al-Khalidi, pass "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

The official statement said that General al-Khalidi, "fell victim komplota, which focuses on the destruction of the patriotic elite of Syria." Bimbo terrorist attack only "reinforces the determination of the state of the valiant army and its commanders to counter terrorism and to all those who encroach on the safety of our citizens."

Turkey and Syria will not talk. Ahmet Davutoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, yesterday categorically torn Russia's proposal to enter into a dialogue with the current government of Syria, wrote "," referring to the «Hurriyet».

"There is not the smallest sense of something read with a regime that continues to destroy their own people en masse. And does it even during the holy days of sacrifice, "- said the emperor Davutoglu. He added that the dialogue could become a "legitimizing the current regime, the violence continues."

Statements by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs were in response to the initiative of his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. A day earlier, Russian minister urged the West and the "regional players", including Turkey, to enter into negotiations with the Assad government. Lavrov said that would be virtually impossible to achieve progress towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian conflict without such a dialogue.

"Tape" recalls that Turkey Our homeland and stick the back of views on ways to resolve the conflict. Ankara insists on the resignation of Assad and the holding of elections and Moscow believes that the Syrian president to remain in office until the end of the conflict.

Germany supports Turkey. Germany wants to keep closely cooperation with Turkey in finding a solutio
n to the Syrian difficulties. This was announced yesterday, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle at the opening ceremony of the structure of the Turkish Embassy in Berlin in the presence of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and above thousands of dignitaries correspondent reports from Berlin. ITAR-TASS Vyacheslav Filippov.

Westerwelle assured that Ankara can count on the solidarity of Berlin's response to the action in Syria, where the Turkish countryside fall shells, and singled out: "As a partner in NATO, Germany is on the side of Turkey."

The head of the German Foreign Ministry also expressed the hope that the EU and Turkey will continue its efforts to Ankara's rapprochement with the EU. According to him, "lull in the negotiations on Turkey's accession to the EU, which is observed during the last 2-years old, is not profitable to both parties."

Also in the speech of Herr Westerwelle said that Germany is living almost 3 million people with Turkish roots. The Minister said: "They are inseparably linked to our society, they are part of us."

The opening of the new building of the Turkish Embassy in the German capital — "the symbol of the most profound relationship between the two countries-name" — said, in turn, sir Erdogan. Historic site on which it stands, — evidence of the strength of the German-Turkish friendship, he singled out.

The new building of the Turkish Embassy in Berlin is located in the embassy quarter, particularly adjacent to the capital's Tiergarten park. The plot of land was acquired by what was then the Ottoman Empire in 1918.

Now, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS, Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The focus of the meeting will be the situation in Syria.

"Gazprom" and Serbia signed an investment decision on the "South Stream". "Gazprom" and Serbia signed a final investment decision on the project "South Stream". October 30, a working visit of the delegation of OAO "Gazprom" with the head of Project Management Department Leonid Chugunov to the Republic of Serbia, reports "Strategic Culture Foundation," with reference to ITAR-TASS.

A positive final investment decision on the "South" was adopted at the general meeting of shareholders of the joint project company "Gazprom" and "Srbijagas» — «South Stream Serbia AG».

L. Chugunov said: "A year back we launched the first object of the" South Stream "- UGS" Banatski Dvor ", which flattened the peaks of gas consumption in Serbia in the abnormally cold weather. The transition to the stage in the Serbian vkladyvatelnuyu site — the first among all the others — will give new powers to the growth of the state economy and provide long-term benefits from the role in the project. According to preliminary estimates only, the implementation of the "South Stream" will create in Serbia about 2,200 jobs and attract up to € 1.5 billion of direct investment. "

In turn, the director general of the State Enterprise "Srbijagas" Dusan Bajatovic said: "We are delighted that the Republic of Serbia is the first state of" South Stream ", which made the final investment decision. The project is implemented in accordance with the schedule and with the full support of our government. Recently, we are ready to begin preliminary work for the section of "South Stream" on areas of Serbia. Of course, the "South Stream" is a project of the state of enthusiasm, and we are working towards the adoption of a special law relating to the project. Apart from this, the project will allow to ensure energy security and additional revenue in the budget of Serbia, making it possible for new projects in the energy and chemical industry, which will help attract investment and create jobs. "

Hillary Clinton went to Balkan tour. October 29 began a diplomatic tour of the Municipal Secretary of the Balkans with a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Croatia. Clinton diplomatically trip will last until November 2, 2012, report to the agency «REGNUM».

On a trip Clinton accompanies Baroness Catherine Ashton — EU High Representative for foreign affairs and security policy.

In Belgrade and Pristina, Clinton and Ashton discussions are with the local management capacity of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, the ability to encourage specific steps on the path of these countries to join the EU.

In Despot Secretary of State is going to honor NATO ally — Albania — in connection with the centennial celebration of the formation of this Balkan country.

In Zagreb, Clinton will discuss the role of Croatia as a NATO ally, its entry into the EU in 2013 and the economic situation in the country.

Two hundred fifty thousand euro at least some Chinese become Hungarian. Hungarian authorities have invented a new method of dealing with the economic crisis, and municipal debt. They offered to give the status of resident aliens who purchased municipal bonds worth more than 250 thousand euros. This writes "," referring to the «The Wall Street Journal».

The bill, which is supposed to support the country to eliminate the national debt has been proposed by deputies from the ruling party, "Fides." If the bill will gain a legitimate force, the foreign nationals who buy government bonds in the amount of 250 thousand euros (with a maturity of over 5 years) will be given the status of a resident of Hungary.

This extraordinary proposal has already caused a storm of criticism from European Union member countries. Politicians called it "shocking abuse" the country's membership in the EU and suggested that a more intensive Chinese take advantage of this offer.

The crisis at Scotland Yard. London's police department is going to implement the building's own headquarters in Westminster in connection with the planned spending cuts agencies for 500 million pounds. This writes "," referring to the «The Independent».

As shown «The Daily Mail», sales structure can bring Scotland Yard about 150 million pounds. In Scotland Yard hope for a yearly savings of about 6.5 million pounds due to the move to the smallest size room. Keep building located in the heart of London, very cheap: for facilities management department spends about 11 million pounds per year.

It is expected that the headquarters of the Scotland Yard will move to a new location (perhaps on the Thames) for 2-years.

In addition, as part of cost cutting department will close and sell the 10's police stations.

In the end, the number of senior officers in the police would be reduced. However, at once will increase the number of constables — to a thousand to 25 thousand people.

Today's headquarters, recalls "Ribbon", Scotland Yard has held since 1967. The building can work about three thousand people. It is expected that in the modern headquarters just enough room for 600 police officers.

The burgeoning home Breivik. In the ranking of the English think tank prosperous countries in the world the first place was taken by Norway, report "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Ratings for the current 2012, once a year is «Legatum Institute», was presented in London.

In the first 10 most prosperous countries in the planet for the first time the United States were not included (12th place). Head of the Institute Jeffrey Gedmin said, "the U.S. is facing at the moment with complex neuvvyazkami growing national debt, low economic growth. As a result, the "American dream" was under threat of extinction. "

On the "prize" in the list of places — some Scandinavians. If the favorite is the home of Breivik, then on the second position was Denmark and Sweden
closes the top three favorites.

In fourth place — Australia, followed by newcomer Zealand, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland. The first 10 of the graduates from Ireland. Right behind her are: Luxembourg, USA, England, Germany, Iceland, Austria, Belgium. France was the 21 string, Spain — 23rd.

China ranked only 55th position, and the Russian Federation took the 66th place. India ranked 101 th place, while Brazil and South Africa, is also included in the BRICS, were respectively the 44th and 74th rows.

Were named favorites and in individual categories. Switzerland took first place in the power of the economic model, and has become a favorite on the effectiveness of the system of municipal governance.

Denmark was the world's favorite of the terms of business. As of New Zealand — the best system of education. Luxembourg has a better health care, and Iceland became famous as a benign country in the world. Large individual freedom is ensured in Canada. Well, and Norway, as it turned out, has a significant social capital.

And the best indicator of social capital itself, we note, is a two-bedroom apartment prison for Breivik.

The Central Election Commission of Ukraine ends calculations. As passed corr. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Zhmutskiy, the Central Election Commission of Ukraine commits to count the vote in the parliamentary elections. At the end of treatment 95% of protocols of precinct election commissions became clear that the ruling Party of Regions in the lead with 30.68% of the vote on party lists, followed by the opposition "Fatherland" (25.05%). The party "BLOW" Vitali Klitschko is 13.72%, the Communist Party — 13.45% and the nationalist "Svoboda" — 10.13%.

On party lists and in majority districts Party of Regions will receive about 190 seats in parliament out of 450. According to Ukrainian political analysts, the parliamentary majority (at least 226 members) will be formed on the basis of the Party of Regions. To do this, the ruling political force necessary to find common ground with members of self-nominated and with the Communist Party (a little more than 30 deputies). However, taking into account that part of the PR includes naikrupneyshie Ukrainian businessmen and Communist Party chose the main motto of the fight against the oligarchs, right up to the promises to nationalize strategic companies, the negotiations on the continuation of cooperation is unlikely to be easy.

The results of the elections, said corr. RIA "Novosti", once again confirms the thesis of the Ukrainian "ideological border" which runs approximately along the Dnieper. East and West behold the future of the country quite differently. For example, in the Lviv region into parliament only three opposition parties. In Kiev the opposition parties, too strong and took the first three rows in the list of preferences of Kiev. The Party of Regions was there on the 4th place with a score of 12.5%.

On the other hand, the inhabitants of the five regions in the east and south of the country were given a 2-thirds of the votes for the PR and the Communist Party.

Corr. Itar-Tass Zlodorev reports that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that the authorities of Ukraine immediately abandon the practice of persecution of political opponents, and at the same time I saw that today's parliamentary elections represent a retreat from democracy. She stated this on Tuesday, accompanied by her on a trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The head of U.S. diplomacy, said: "We share the world view of OSCE monitors that Sunday's election to the Parliament of Ukraine is a retreat from democracy. It was a step backwards, compared with the previous parliamentary elections and the presidential elections in 2010. "

Clinton also expressed "deep apprehension in relation to politically target sentences in relation to opposition favorites, including former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko."

Yanukovych — impeachment! Representatives of the three Ukrainian opposition parties announced a joint intention to raise the recent issue of the impeachment of the current President Viktor Yanukovych. Vadim knows about it Zlobin (""), citing "Rosbalt" and Ukrainian online edition of "Days".

We are talking about the parties' STRIKE "," Fatherland "and" Freedom ". Member of the board of "Freedom" Mohnik Andrew says: "We are ready and we will do to initiate the adoption of the law on impeachment of the president, and after — raise the issue of impeachment." Mohnik explained that the opposition parties will discuss the "joint action plan in parliament."

In the "Fatherland" reaffirmed their intention to impeach the president.

Vitali Klitschko ("IMPACT") stated that in essence the possibility of merging the opposition forces will open a discussion after a "fair count" vote in the last parliamentary elections.

Chief of the Russian Federation found nanotechnologist tectonic shifts in society. Anatoly Chubais warned that from now on the protests in Russia will grow — and soon the streets will be released half a million demonstrators. Because the authorities need to hurry up with the reforms. About new applications Chubais knows Yuri Deryabin (""), referring to interviews with Chubais magazine "Results."

The chapter "RUSNANO", said: "The main brakes are not in the economy and in politics. Corruption, unjust tribunal and other well-known failures that do not make sense to list. Marsh and everything connected with it, absolutely no one-time event, but a manifestation of the deep social changes that occurred in the country. "

According to the views of Mr. Chubais in Russia was already a middle class. However, he has no favorites, and it is only in Moscow and St. Petersburg, but he is intolerant of authoritarianism:

"Yes, as long as it is the capital, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg little, yes, there are no obvious favorites, I'm not totally sure that the organizers of today's rallies will remain at the head of the movement, but the process has begun, it can not be stopped. The fact that the last time on the march went from 100 thousand, and 30 states not on the damping. This is garbage! It will be another 10 meetings, which will be released on three thousand people, and later suddenly gather half a million. 100% sure! This train is not coming back. "

Chubais did not even rule out the repetition in Russia social upheavals of the 1990s. In general, in his opinion, the ability of the evolutionary path of development has not been exhausted. A confrontation and political tragedy occur only in this case, if the government allow tyazheleyschie errors.

Previously, Mr. Chubais said that the era of stability in Russia ended in the country and it is time to carry out democratic reforms. "I think the premise that led to the Swamp and Sakharov, so deep and they make such a powerful political call that does not respond to it the power can not. Trend change is imminent: the era of stability is over, "- so read Chubais in June. And he added: "… of strongest involve deep tectonic forces, they are not that swamp, they will roll out the country!"

So Makar, known lover of reforms in public bared his own fear of the return of "authoritarianism" that he is, of course, found in the state of Putin.

If in fact and in Russia today there were "the strongest deep tectonic forces" rather than those that have to be considered in nanoscope, the first person they would be deployed to the historical dustbin of the Chubais, the naming of which, as we have heard, the mother scare children.

6 years for anti-government propaganda. In Vietnam, the 2-musicians sentenced to the bullpen for anti-g
overnment propaganda in their own songs, they have criticized the policy of the Communist Party, reported, "," referring to the «BBC News» and «The Associated Press."

The Tribunal acknowledged Chan Ho Chi Minh Vu Anh Binh Minh and Vo Chi guilty and sentenced to six and four years respectively.

Musicians accused of placing songs on the website of the opposition group "patriotic youth" acting from abroad.

The songs are very Myagenko musicians criticized the authorities' position in the territorial dispute with China over the South China Sea, also called for peaceful protests and supported political prisoners.

The human rights organization «Amnesty International» absurd thing to call them and called for the release of prisoners of conscience.

As for the other participants of the "young patriots", they launched a campaign in support of the musicians in the United States. They have already handed in a white house petition under which the Web has subscribed more than 150 thousand people. The South American Embassy in Hanoi has expressed deep concern over the verdict.

As recalls "Ribbon", a Vietnamese tribunal also previously convicted of three bloggers. For anti-government propaganda, they were sentenced to prison terms ranging from 4 to 12 years.

The consequences of "Sandy". In Washington and its districts after supershtorma "Sandy" is almost 250 thousand people live without electricity and heat, report "News", referring to the ITAR-TASS news agency.

A more serious situation — in the Baltimore area, where not receive light and heat about 150 thousand customers. In northern Virginia, adjacent to Washington, were left without electricity 65 thousand households. In the state of Maryland without power required to handle 12 thousand people.

Most of the huge American newspapers — for Obama. As passed today correspondent. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev, "fourth power" in the United States traditionally preferred candidate for the presidency, nominated by the Democratic Party.

According to researchers from the Institute of the State of California, as of today 34 of 100 large U.S. newspapers openly declared their support for the head of the country today, Barack Obama, and 28 — his rival Mitt Romney. With all of this in 15 daily editions, with the largest circulation and do not hide their political sympathies, 9 urged readers to vote for the Democrat, and only 4 — for a Republican. 2 more papers until you have expressed their own views.

For Obama "voted" such leaders of American journalism as "New York Times", "The Washington Post", "Los Angeles Times", "Chicago Tribune," "Philadelphia Inquirer," "Boston Globe" and the "Denver Post."

In support of Romney favored smaller editions: Texas, "Dallas Morning News", "Houston Chronicle" and Arizona "Ripablik" and "Omaha World-Herald" from the state of Nebraska.

In general, as shown by the results of a survey conducted by the research center «Pew», only 1 percent of the Yankees' principal considers the view expressed by the local newspaper, and only 10 percent are taking it into account when they go to send a constitutional right to the polls.

Half. In the U.S. a week later presidential elections. If public opinion polls are not lying, the candidate will score almost equal number of votes. Because many they say that America is split. In fact — nothing like that. Knows about it, George Friedman («Stratfor», the U.S., the source of translation — "Inosmi").

There is no evidence of a profound disagreement in the South American society, says the creator. For the "deeply divided" it, if it really read, always has been.

Most of the results of the presidential election candidates have always been close. The most votes in the history of America was President Lyndon Johnson, and it was in 1964 (61.5%). 60-percent barrier was overcome three more: Harding in 1920, Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 and Nixon in 1972.

Not for one poll, the applicant does not receive more than 61% of the young. 18 elections, said the journalist, concluded that the president got less than half the votes. In 16 other elections favorite was from 50 to 55%, and in almost all cases, he nearly overcame the 50-percent threshold. This means that almost half of the country voted for the other candidate.

And even on the "one-sided" election almost 40% of voters voted against the favorite. In other words, most are popular presidents — and those faced with almost forty percent of enemies.

"But other than elections in 1860, the biggest difference is no danger of the regime — says Friedman. — On the contrary, the regime has flourished (again the same, except for 1860), in spite of these persistent differences. "

"The Split" in the U.S. creator explains political indifference, the indifference of many Yankees to whoever is elected. The President of the United States — a figure weak. "Just the election results for many people, — the journalist — the least important, you pick up kids from school of music." By the way, American elections are not held in the days of the weekend and on weekdays.

Many Americans usually vote, and 40%, according to statistics, in all circumstances remain in opposition to the majority. In other words, 40% of the voting public in any case can not be assured to abandon their own party. But that's about 20% represents a significant number of undecided voters who change their preferences from election to election. With them somewhere in the United States and flirting propagandists. That is why the final vote by the difference of a few percent. And that is why in the United States, unlike many other states, a small advantage votes a candidate does not mean the deepest differences and does not lead to unrest in the society.

"Polls show — says journalist — that candidates gain the almost equal number of votes. If so, then someone will be elected after the late evening to his word utter Ohio. People are passionate in the ranks of the losing side zaorut of fraud and the theft of the election. And the rest of the population will wake up in the morning and will be followed by a job as four years back. And the country will live on. "

It only remains to add that the "indifferent" voters have sacrificed as Obama and his rival Romney almost billion dollars.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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