Geopolitical puzzle: Obama did not read the program from his own party, and the Russian invented a new bio weapon

Explosion in Aleppo. Yesterday, a massive explosion in the Syrian town of Aleppo, transfers corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin. According to the TV channel "Surya", terrorists blew up a car in the area of the city stadium, and 2-hospitals, "Al-Hayat" and "al-Markazi."

There is evidence of the death of 17 civilians and the wounded more than 40. At the site of a major fire broke out terrorist attacks.

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama did not read the program of the party, and invented a new Russian biological weapons

Fighters for sharia. Not so long ago, from Aleppo returned home Frenchman Jacques Beres, one of the founders of the famous organization "Doctors without Borders". In Syria, the doctor cured the wounded fighters pass "News". Returning to France, he gave an interview.

As the doctor said, most of the militants fighting in Syria — is constructive Islamists, people from different countries. These guys can not build a democracy and not fighting for political freedom, and the creation of the reach of Syria Sharia country.

According to the doctor, in the midst of his patients were citizens of France. Many of the young French people standing on the side of the Islamists, called his idol Mohammed measure — a terrorist who, incidentally, made in March massacres in Toulouse and Montauban.

Beres told: "It is really surprising and puzzling. They openly said: "We are not particularly interested in the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, we think to come to power and then to make the Islamic government that lives under sharia law, part of a global emirate." Some of them also were French, and the very young, fanatical, think about the future, for which they hope. "

So Makar, add, those Western leaders, spent a long time in Syria — unlike journalists, talk to the "rebels" to "Skype" or have spent a few hours in the middle of Aleppo opposition — usually expressed outlook, contrary to the accepted the west. There is no longer talk of "rebels" fighting for political freedom and democracy, no mention of a totalitarian "regime Assad" is not rising hysteria over the fact that the President of Syria is killing its people. Instead of the formulaic and absurd paintings drawn a terrible truth: the West approves and information covering the war of radical Islamists against the people of Syria. Each doctor from Europe, every special, every journalist in Syria may come across in this country with his countrymen, fighting under the green color of Islam — shoulder to shoulder with the soldiers, "al-Qaeda". The idol of the radicals is not necessarily Monsieur Mohammed measure; this role will fit and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Again CIA agents again. As the corr. ITAR-TASS Kirill Zharov, referring to the Turkish TV channel Al-ti-vi, the United States sent to the area of the Turkish-Syrian border agents of the Central Intelligence Agency and diplomats.

Earlier in June, the Turkish press has reported the presence of CIA agents in the border region. U.S. intelligence Tipo control of shipments made guns Syrian opposition. this was done in order to implement out of the hands "of Al-Qaeda."

And on August 24, Turkey and the United States agreed on the development of so-called "intelligence shield." Brand new concept of cooperation involves the exchange of information about the movements and activities of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, and again as "Al-Qaeda" on the ground near Syria and such. With the operation of a "shield" will be the CIA, who have experience in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Tseerushniki will collect information in the middle of refugees and opposition leaders, and South American diplomats — contribute to the rebels in "organizational issues".

Like it or not, we would add, and Washington bends the line. Of course, he hopes to take to Syria by hook or by crook: loosening the country from the information war, "the intelligence panel" and the activities of allies in the region: Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. And in case you thrust Bashar al-Assad will survive this war, Hillary Clinton has an excuse for military intervention via a meaningful argument of "chemical weapons" that Mr. Obama, as you know, announced on the night of August 21.

And the exaggerated attention to the "Al-Qaeda", by the way, can read and that, as in the old anti-Soviet times, the CIA has established a relationship with the terrorists, and now the two organizations are in parallel to achieve similar goals in the Middle East.

Hackers publish announcements for "Al Jazeera." As reported by RIA "Novosti" with reference to "Associated Press", the representative of "Al-Jazeera" said a cyber attack on a mobile news service channel.

Hackers have released false announcements on the channel. Responsibility assumed by the comrades of the "Syrian army power."

In the middle of the news, for example, there was a message about the attempt on the prime minister of Qatar.

Iran: bypassing the oil embargo. As the "Rosbalt" with reference to «Trend», Iran walked through the private sector and Western sanctions have already supplied the first consignment of oil to overseas buyers.

Hosrodzherdi Hassan, head of the Union of Iranian exporters of oil products, said in an interview with «Mehr News», that the personal sector has signed several contracts for the sale of crude oil over the limit. As part of the Iranian private companies to export consortia are 20% of the oil on the international markets, including the EU. "This is about 400.000 — 500.000 barrels of oil per day" — calculated Hosrodzherdi.

"Rosbalt" recalls that on September 2, Mohammed Ali Khatibi, director of international relations of the Iranian National Oil Company, said the subsequent: the level of Iranian oil exports are not affected by the Western embargo.

A series of terrorist attacks in Iraq. As passed now corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Tarasov, victims of terrorist attacks and militant attacks in Iraq on Sunday was about 100 people. Another 400 were injured. According to Arab TV stations in Baghdad was undermined by three car bombs and several pipe bombs.

More powerful explosion that killed 13 Iraqis, thundered in the largest Shiite suburb of Baghdad Madinat-Sadr.

Terrorist attacks in the Baghdad suburbs were committed within a few hours after the issuance of the Tribunal Iraq death sentence Sunni vice president Tariq al-Hashimi (at the current time is in Turkey). Favorite of the Islamic party accused of terrorist activities. He is accused of 150 counts of complicity: bombings, assassinations and attacks committed in 2005-2011. But al-Hashemi did not recognize the charges, believing that his case has a "confessional motivated", and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (a Shiite) "pursues the Sunnis."

In total, reports Trend. ITAR-TASS, a terrorist strike on Sunday hit 13 Iraqi cities. Responsibility for the bombings and attacks nobody on not picked up.

Terrorist attack in Afghanistan. The next big attack occurred in Afghanistan. As passed on September 8, "" (Timur Rakhimov) with reference to «The Associated Press», a suicide bomber blew himself up at ISAF headquarters in Kabul. Killed at least 6 people and injured five. Responsibility for the attack, took the "Taliban".

The explosion was arranged in a diplomatic quarter of the Afghan capital. Apart from the headquarters of the coalition are in the vicinity of the U.S. Embassy, Italy, and the presidential palace. The very headquarters placed in the terrain military base, where there are about 2-a-half thousand military and civilian personnel.

As the "Associated Press" attack in Kabul, possibly timed to coincide with the anniversary of the murder of Ahmad Shah Massoud, who was killed in a terrorist attack on the eve of September 11, 2001. The fact that the military operation in Afghanistan began in late this year.

"Today, the birthplace where the fifth point in the heat." As the ",", Recalling the «France-Presse» and newspaper «La Libre Belgique», capitalist Bernard Arnault, France's richest man, has applied for Belgian citizenship.

63-year-old owner of LVMH appealed to the Belgian parliament last week. But the billionaire will have to wait: many, many people today want to become Belgians. The head of the commission of the naturalization Georges Dalleman already stated that the application will be considered by Arno in turn. Candidates at the Belgian nationality at the moment are about 47 thousand people!

Arno runs from France entirely understandable reason: the official Paris is going to introduce a 75-percent income tax on more than a million euros a year. The fact that the Socialist Hollande promised before the election to tax the rich, and now started to implement the announced rate. That's why rich people started moving to Belgium. New arrivals from income tax in France would have budgeted for 2013.

Monsieur Arnaud constantly lives in Paris, but has a home and in Brussels. Magazine «Forbes» estimates his fortune at 41 billion euros. Arno and before that ran out of France — and also because of the high taxes, and also with the socialist president: in 1981, after winning the election of François Mitterrand billionaire lived for three years in the U.S., waiting for a change of tax policy for more Myagenko.

Of course, the capitalist, and today decided to go through over the hill "red plague". Let's give him advice: Monsieur Arnaud, travel to Russia, here you will find only thirteen percent!

Already in eight Ukrainian regions Russian language has become a regional. In the Mykolaiv region of Ukraine Russian language was given the status of a regional. This decision, as reported by "Voice of Russia" with references to "UNN" RIA "News" and "", was adopted at a session of the regional council on September 7. He was supported by 74 deputies, opposed by only 8.

So Makar, the number of regions of Ukraine, who supported the law on language policy, grown to eight. Apart from the Mykolayiv region, the official status of the Russian language deputies provided in the Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Luhansk, Odesa, Kharkiv and Kherson regions. Similar decisions have been taken and some deputies of city councils, namely, the city of Sevastopol.

Condemnation concentration camp advertising. Rights-based Simon Wiesenthal Center yesterday expressed outrage at the publication of the controversial advertisement in the Estonian weekly newspaper «Eesti Ekspress», which was used in the photo depicting prisoners of concentration camps. This was told corr. RIA "Novosti" Nicholas Adashkevich, referring to the Estonian Television.

Said weekly on Wednesday published advertisements for weight loss pills. It showed a picture of emaciated concentration camp prisoners, signed by the text: "Pills for weight loss Dr. Mengele did to you the magic! In Buchenwald was not the 1st fat man! "

By the way, recalls Ed. RIA "Novosti", the place to be factual error: Dr. Mengele "practiced" at Auschwitz.

Josef Mengele was sad to know that he personally sent the 10's of thousands of people to the gas chambers of Auschwitz. After the end of the second World War, the physician was able to escape to Latin America, where he died in 1979.

Efraim Zuroff, head of the Jerusalem office of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, said he strongly condemns the emergence of a newspaper photo, which is accompanied by a humorous marketing text.

Zuroff said: "It is unclear why the leading and respectable Tipo Weekly, in a country which is a member of the EU Member States, shall publish such a perverted joke on samples from millions of victims of the Nazis."

Also, a human rights activist noted that Estonia "glorifies its own SS veterans and prosecutes any of the 1st of its own numerous Nazi collaborators."

On Friday last week, and the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed outrage blasphemous content of the Estonian advertising and expressed the hope that the Estonian authorities will draw its makers accountable.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Konstantin Dolgov, this is not the first blasphemous Estonian advertising. In August this year, one of the Estonian gas company used for marketing purposes slogan concentration camp "Auschwitz": "Work makes you free" — and also with the respective photo.

Foreign Ministry regarded the facts as profoundly immoral mockery of the memory of millions of people of different nationalities, who were brutally tortured in the Nazi concentration camps during the second world war, RIA "Novosti".

More information about the concentration camp advertisement read in the last "Results of the week".

"Flushing in the sea of South Korean agents provocateurs." As passed yesterday from Pyongyang corr. ITAR-TASS Yuri Sidorov, North Korea accused the South Korean government in fomenting tensions in the Yellow Sea (by the way, here it is called West Korea). As noted in the press release posted Command south-west front, South Korean ships, despite the warning, "almost every day intruding into the territorial waters of the DPRK, arrange provocative firing in the 5 islands, including Yeonpyeong."

According to North Korea, Navy and Air Force in South Korea plan to hold regular exercises in the area from 10 to 14 September. In this regard, the command of the south-western front "is given in full combat readiness," and the soldiers and officers of the Korean People's Army "are going to drown in a sea of South Korean agents provocateurs on the orders of the Supreme Commander Kim Jong-un."

May break out battle all located in the south-west front of the military already "ready to start a decisive battle in coordination with the military operational plan, personally designed a favorite North Korea." After all, back on August 17 fellow Eun ordered "in response to the provocation of the enemy counter-attacks inflict massive and majestic deploy a war for reunification of the motherland."

So Makar, we would add, «Samsung» may soon be nationalized.

The two "Magnitsky list". South American congressmen have prepared two versions of the "law of Magnitsky." U.S. Secretary of State told this at a press conference following the APEC summit, reports "Rosbalt".

"We believe that support the theme of human rights here, in Russia,
in principle. Members of Congress, too, believe in it, "- said Clinton. When these projects will undergo examination, she did not specify.

Lavrov fellow South American lists do not motivate. At the APEC summit in Vladivostok, he assured the audience that Moscow is not interested in the content of the "Magnitsky list", reports "Reedus' with reference to "Interfax".

"We are not going to be interested in the content of any lists that have no relation to the real dilemmas of the court and sonorous investigation, which leads Russian Federation", — said the minister.

Lavrov added that he did not open a discussion topic from Hillary Clinton.

Obama ahead of Romney because of bad math latter. The U.S. president has criticized his own election rival Mitt Romney over the hideous knowledge of simple arithmetic, report "News".

At a campaign event in Florida, Obama said he was surprised: how Romney is going to fight with the available budget deficit by cutting taxes? "Republicans were not able to answer the question, how are they going to reimburse 5 trillion dollars of tax cuts and two trillion dollars of spending on defense sector, all of it — without raising taxes on the middle class. It is not bold leadership — it's bad calculations. I would put them at a lower rate. I reject such a plan. I'm not going to ask middle class families turn away from paying for the cost of housing or toddler to provide tax relief to someone like myself or the Emperor Romney "- said Barack Obama.

Previously, we would add, Mr. Obama has criticized Romney for and inconsiderate attitude to geopolitics. Namely, he ridiculed the declared them "hostility" of. Obama popularly explained that the enemy is not our homeland of America, and "Al Qaeda." President supported and recognized Democratic Senator John Kerry, who saw that Romney probably knows only Russian film "Rocky 4".

Critical attitude of the candidate of the Democratic Party, reminiscent of the "Vesti", brought him success. Rating Barack Obama was noticeably higher than that of Mitt Romney — 49% vs. 44.

At the same time Mitt Romney was considered in the U.S. and more than a silly, if Obama. About this they say its data survey of public opinion conducted by the agency «Reuters» and sociological service «Ipsos» (1457 people attended). As reported by "News", If Obama is considered "smart enough" to do the job in a white house 46% of the Yankees, Romney is endowed with this quality, only 37% of respondents.

So Makar, add, the more comrade Obama praises Moscow, the higher the chances of re-election — and the lower the rating Mitt Romney, who believes Russia "geopolitical enemy number one."

Apart from the Russian, which many in the United States and who are unlikely to vote for Romney will give Obama decided to enlist the support of American Jews. To do this he had to strain their own secretaries, who read the text and told him the party applets. Moreover, even Obama had to agree in something with Mitt Romney — for the first time in the history of their mutual criticism. If not so long ago, Romney said that Jerusalem — the capital of Israel, but now his words repeated, and the owner of white houses.

The fate of Obama — in the hands of the Jews and Russian. As passed yesterday in Washington correspondent of RIA "Novosti" Maria Tobacco, U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his belief that Jerusalem — the capital of Israel and it must remain so. Accordingly, the position of the U.S. administration remains unchanged for many years. Told reporters the president's pool authorized dealer crisp white House spokesman Jay Carney.

Definition of Jerusalem as the "united and undivided" capital of Israel was removed from the current programs from the Democratic Party, although in 2008 the platform was present. Once learned of this competition, the Republicans, they have fallen by the Democrats with criticism. Similarly, received representatives of the pro-Israel lobby in the United States.

Obama, realizing that losing points, insisted on the return of the wording in the text applets. However, this provoked the conflict between the delegates of the Party Congress, but Obama, you need to imagine much more disturbing result of the election than represent members of the party.

Jay Carney found that tell reporters: "The platform reflects the position of president. Jerusalem is and should be the capital of Israel. It is also a matter of U.S. policy. The status of Jerusalem should be determined by the parties to the negotiations of the peace agreement vseobyatnogo. This is the same position that advocated by President Bush and President Clinton. "

Mr. Carney also affirmed that the application configurations in the final text of the platform — the personal initiative of Barack Obama. Mr. Carney had to admit that Obama has not read the text applets: "As soon as he learned that the wording does not match the platform in 2008, he instructed his staff to change it. If he pored over the text, his every nuance and every page, it would be the first president in history who did it. "

So Makar, Carney acknowledged the fact that other presidents-Democrats in the U.S. program from home parties are not studying. We must assume that this example program does not know and-file members of the party. Most likely, her thesis more or less knows that a copywriter, who for a couple of hundred bucks in their spare time, it wrote.

Recently the elections both Democrats and Republicans, recalls corr. RIA "Novosti", doing their best to show their loyalty to Israel. But they put their trust conciliate American Jews — the principal and the rich part of the electorate, able to provide financial support for the campaign.

In short, we would add, the fate of Obama — in the hands of the Jews and Russian.

The gun from Comrade Semenov. In the words of the newspaper «The Guardian» Marc Abrahams, organizer of the Ig Nobel Prizes and editor of the magazine «Annals of Improbable Research», in Russia patented tool, the raw material for which will serve wastes fighter, sitting in the tank. Knows about this resource

In the newspaper article given a drawing of the tank in the section and a diagram showing the works of fecal shot. The soldiers, from the comfort of the vehicle, during a fight collect their organic waste, connect them with explosives packed into their shells and shell the enemy.

This type of ammunition invented the Russian people: from St. Petersburg Alexander G. Semenov. And not just invented, and has patented — it appears that in 2009 he was given a Russian patent for a "bio-waste removal from the isolated dwelling unit military installation and device for its implementation."

The inherent advantage of the new tool — the ability to eliminate waste from the tank, exuding a nasty smell, especially in the criteria, when the men have to be inside a combat vehicle for a number of days.

In addition, fecal new way of war "is designed to suppress the spirit and the mind to suppress the enemy." In addition to the merits of the main goal — the complete removal of waste from the war machine — fekalostrelba will have a psychological pressure on the enemy, equipment and odezhka which will be stained with a very unpleasant.

One of the commentators on the article page in "The Guardian" I saw that the Russian instrument should be organized as a bio.

How annoying would it sounds, add, in connection with the possible intro
duction of a new type of weapon in the army units should expect protests democratic world society: it officially Our homeland against chemical and biological weapons. In general, must have a fecal patent was declassified on purpose: to distract the Yankees from the Syrian chemical and biological weapons. And not weak Obama warned Russia on the analogy of Syria: they say, as I note a certain amount of movement of feces through the Urals or the Moscow suburbs, and reorients the Pentagon's strategy with the Near East and the Asia-Pacific region on Red Square? ..

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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