Geopolitical puzzle: Obama is not as peaceable as it seems, and U.S. agents find hidden fool even confused

Obama opposed the war in Iraq, but not against war in general. In the current "Washington Post" posted an article by David Maranisa (deputy editor of the "Post") "military ties Obama."

For President Obama to assist his move first speech on antimilitarist meeting held 10 years ago, in 2002 — "when the drums of war in Iraq thrashed louder." Obama spoke to the people gathered in front of the stage in Chicago Federal Plaza; just pacifist students there had accumulated here and there with a thousand. On raised placards read, "The war — not an option!"

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama is not as peaceable as it seems, and American secret agents believe fools even prostitutes

At the rally, was executed antimilitarist many songs (eg, "Where are all the flowers gone?", "Give Peace a Chance" and others), and Obama has complained Betty Lou Saltzman and Marilyn Katz (this is the main figure in the liberal world of Chicago): "Is they do not think about anything else, apart from music? "

"The one common fact — says Dmitry Maranis — that he was there, speaking on Iraq at the beginning, played a crucial role in its support of the middle antimilitarist and other groups in the 2008 presidential election. But his regret about the music, and the content of his speech (he pointedly said that he was not against all wars, just the war in Iraq), involves a more subtle awareness of his behavior as president. On a personal level, it seems, is not for ourselves in the presence of a fighter and sailors — even more than in the midst of antimilitarist rally — but on a political level, it may be more comfortable to have the possibility commander. "

Obama, writes on journalist — the first president of the United States, for which Vietnam — "ancient history." When he "came of age, the war and the projects were completed. His mother felt like a liberal in the movement for peace "at home", and it took over a lot of it, but it also irritated her idealistic naivety that he seemed a relic of the 60s. " Ever since the young Obama lusted to be pragmatic and cool, and, as noted Maranis, "his use of the military option in foreign policy reflects its dual sensitivity".

Obama feels closer to the generation of his grandfather (Stan Dunham, who led the war in Europe during WWII) than to his own mother, or the very small, the grandfather he considers "culturally more attractive." Barack Obama — "avid spectator television series« Mad Men »and says that some scenes reminded him of his grandparents, with whom he lived as a teenager."

The future president, reports journalist, grew up surrounded by military installations, "in Hickam AFB, Schofield Barracks, Fort Shafter, the naval base at Pearl Harbor and the Marine Corps base in Hawaii were part of his teenage environment. He grew up in comfort with the military culture, and not being excluded from it. Some of his friends came out of the military families … "

"Study the face fighter who this month welcomed Obama in Afghanistan — face blacks and Hispanics, and the snow-white — and you can almost feel the intuitive connection with the president …"

In conclusion, the article suggests antimilitarist created anthems for Obama to change the song of Marvin Gaye's "What's going on?"

If the soldiers greet Obama, the Afghan people are not very privechayut U.S. military in their own country. Quote from the report Eugenia Poddubniy ("News")

"The situation in Afghanistan heated up to the maximum. Every day heard explosions, terrorist attacks are not so small that most of do not even reported. The U.S. military operation in this country has been going on for more than 10 years, but read about the success of the Yankees hard. Thus, their intelligence reports that the movement "Taliban" in the last two years has been only stronger.

The main target of militants in Afghanistan — is foreign military and civilian experts at, as well as local bureaucrats and law enforcement officers. <…>

Government buildings, hotels, and even private homes are surrounded by triple fences, and at the crossroads of the town is constantly on duty police officers, but even then such security measures are ineffective. <…>

Big family girls from the refugee camp on the outskirts of Kabul fled Kandahar province three years back. Now for 11 people — it's sweet home. In one corner of the kitchen, in the other — bedroom, overhead tarp. Even by the standards of Afghanistan — it's terrible conditions.

"The wall is our winter hit, but because of cold weather killed 25 people in the camp," — said a local inhabitant.

Such as Zardat in the camp "Chara Kombarov" about 5 thousand people, and the most similar story moving.

"The Americans bombed our homes and many fled here, to save the lives of children, but many took the gun and went into the mountains, they have lost their families because of the U.S. and will now fight a war with aliens, they have nothing to lose, and so they lost everything" — explained a refugee from Kandahar Zardat Atamuhamad. "

3 and 4 May in Moscow held a conference on European missile defense. Its null result leads "Voice of America" (Victor Vasiliev, Vadim Massalsky): "The United States does not exclude that in the future, Moscow and Washington can sign a deal that will provide legal guarantees for European missile defense not directed against Russia, but this must be preceded by an agreement on cooperation in the field of missile defense. So in some Russian media have interpreted the statement issued in Moscow on Friday 4 May U.S. special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense, Ellen Tauscher. "

At the current time, you can read only one thing: the positions of Moscow and Washington have not changed, and the bureaucracy niskolechko no progress in the negotiation process, which is rightly considered to be a dead end. "A certain agreement" with the "legal guarantees" (really smacks of Ribbentrop — Molotov) to whom you want to compose another "agreement on cooperation in the field of missile defense," — so if you translate from the language of diplomacy in the language philistine, but evidence that any party will go their separate ways.

There is a world view, voiced by "Voice of America", that our homeland in general does not want to negotiate with the United States, as it needs the external enemy, whose name today — West. Maybe I'm somewhat loosely interpret the vision of the situation with the European missile defense, Alexander Goltz, and why — judge for yourself:

"His vision of the situation in the military analyst, self-contained journalist Alexander Goltz. He saw in a statement Tauscher some concession American side. But right at the Russian professional no hesitation that this has no effect on the status quo, "as our homeland does not want to negotiate."

"And at the Metropolitan Conference it was a natural — says Goltz in communication with a correspondent of the Russian service" Voice of America ". — The parties have different purposes. USA wants to somehow finish the stupid Russian claims to come to an agreement a
nd find a formula that will satisfy Russia. "

Moscow, in his opinion, is not going to negotiate.

"Russia is interested in long enough stupid talks. And most importantly — it is interested in, that all the time there was some reason that would allow her to verbalize their dissatisfaction with the military definitions of the West. Even if it's just irritation caused by other reasons, if in fact PRO ", — concluded the analyst '("Voice of America", Victor Vasiliev, Vadim Massalsky).

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton, while in Beijing on a yearly bilateral negotiations, recommended the government of North Korea to take care of his people: for his food, and education. And North Korea, according to her, must adhere to the "international community" (possibly Democratic). It was then that the United States will once again help to Pyongyang. About this report "Voice of America".

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama is not as peaceable as it seems, and American secret agents believe fools even prostitutes

In America, not the end of the economic crisis. And to assess the situation seems to be right this time, the Republicans, not the Democrats. Unemployment in the U.S. fell by only 0.1 percent. point (to 8.1%), though the pace has slowed down the creation of jobs (they make up only 2.2%, which looks puny against 8.1%). ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev reports from Washington: "Such contradictory data are released on Friday, the U.S. Labor Department, which gave an opportunity for President Barack Obama to declare" good news ", but at the same time, allowed his opponent, Republican Mitt Romney point to the" lack of progress "in the recovery of the U.S. economy . " Unemployment in the middle of the Yankees to 25 years already have gained 16.4%.

In France, the silence came the day — ahead of tomorrow's second round of the presidential election. "According to the Electoral Code, the candidates are now forbidden to campaign, and the media disk imaging — to publish new polls of public opinion, which may affect the mood of the electorate. So Makar, 45 million French voters have the opportunity to prepare for the measured environment voting '(corr. ITAR-TASS Sergey Shcherbakov).

Rating Sarkozy by about 6% lower than the rating of the Socialist Hollande which many French tipped to win the elections. Quote: "Nicolas Sarkozy, who this week will defend his presidency in the 2nd round of the election, is still lagging behind its own rival, Socialist Francois Hollande. Opinion polls show, after the first round of the head of the country was able to regain some of the backlog, but its rating is still about 6% less than Hollande. According to experts, for the victory in the 2nd round of voting, which will take place in the coming Sunday, Sarkozy should be very very lucky "("Interfax").

Marine Le Pen will not allow its own voice in the election to anyone. "Interfax" reports: "The leader of the far-right" National Front ", former presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, France stated that in the 2nd round of the presidential election vote blank ballot. "The elections are over, the process of hiring. Nicolas Sarkozy or François Hollande, does not matter who is elected on May 6, it will be an employee of the Euro Central Bank, which will often report to Angela Merkel," — she said, speaking at a May Day rally in Paris, dedicated to the 600th anniversary of Joan of Arc. "

Algerian-born French physicist Adlène Ishor sentenced to 5 years in bullpen — for terrorism. This writes "," with reference to the «Le Figaro».

The Tribunal recognized scientist and former member of the previously Euro center for nuclear research and worked on Bolshennom Hadron Collider, in relations with the North African branch of "Al Qaeda." Ishor was also found guilty in a criminal conspiracy to commit terrorist acts. Among the rest he's up and attempted French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In Syria yesterday were broken up unauthorized demonstrations. About this report ITAR-TASS correspondent Dmitry Zelenin, Referring to the news agency "lubnan al-Ain": "… opposition supporters appeared on the streets after Friday prayers in the capital's neighborhoods Tadamun, Kabun, Jubara and El Assal. In some areas of policing opened fire to force the hostile mood of the masses to disperse. From opposition sources have information about one dead and the wounded several. In the districts of Damascus crowded rallies, whose members sought resignation from the post of President Bashar al-Assad, held in Mlikh, ARBIGNY and Doumeira. Police conducted the arrests. "

In Aleppo, too, were a mess and protests. Here, "according to the information so called" national coordination committee ", the security forces also used the tool to stop street mess. The main action took place in the quarters of Salahaddin and Saqqara, also on the northern outskirts of the capital. In the middle of demonstrators have killed and wounded. "

In addition, the opposition forces were in Enhele in El Hasikov and Nekhel — there, where the observers from the United Nations.

The head of the UN mission to monitor the ceasefire in Syria General Robert Mood, meanwhile, admitted that "the assistance of Syrian authorities has greatly facilitated the target and allowed to watch the truce and to fix what is happening specifically on the scene." According to him, the number of observers in Syria headed for 60 people.

Law enforcement agencies Syria continue to struggle with terrorists. SANA reports that in Nekhel was injured in the explosion citizen Leila Khaled Riyadh, in the province of Al-Salam Nahal found dead militants kidnapped Sheikh Khaled Mahmoud Darwish, in the province of Idleb discovered and dismantled two explosive devices weighing 100 kg each, laid by terrorists in the area railway line in the area Bishmarun. Reported and other terrorist attacks.

In Egypt, yesterday there were new clashes that spread from Cairo to Suez.

"The next wave of unrest swept Cairo when the square in front of the Ministry of Defence to Abbas, the former is the scene of bloody clashes a few days back, after Friday prayers, demonstrators gathered again. Begin to peacefully protest against the military government control turned into violent clashes between the military police and protesters, which in the second half of the day or have joined hundreds of Egyptians left on a demonstration in the center of the capital's Tahrir Square.

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama is not as peaceable as it seems, and American secret agents believe fools even prostitutes

To disperse the unruly crowd to the Ministry of Defence were pulled army troops, who used tear gas and water cannons. In the current time of the collision last. Protesters pelted policemen and military with stones and Molotov cocktails "(corr. ITAR-TASS Dean Intoxicated).

"The unrest in Egypt spread to the city of Suez, east of the capital. On Friday evening there clashes erupted between soldiers and demonstrators. As the Internet portal "Al-Ahram", skirmishes took place in the center of town in the structure of local administration, located next door to the management of security Suez '(ITAR-TASS). It is reported about a deceased servicemen and 373 injured.

Armenian police is considering various versions of the explosions balls that took place on Friday. RIA "Novosti" Hamlet Matevosian reports:

"During the pre-election rally of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia on the eve of the parliamentary elections on May 6 at the Republic Square in Yerevan exploded balloons filled with gas. Injured people were in the vicinity of a particular scene. According to the MOE, as a result of explosion 144 people, including children, suffered burns and were hospitalized.

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama is not as peaceable as it seems, and American secret agents believe fools even prostitutes

"Being explored several versions. In the middle are considered probable versions of spontaneous combustion, the violation of fire safety rules, violation of rules governing the storage of flammable substances, deliberate or accidental bodily injury, "- said in a statement."

"Voice of America" reports of explosions followed balls: "While it is established that particular has become a prerequisite for the explosions, but some journalists report that a fire may have appeared due to the fact that people were smoking cigarettes in a particular closeness to the balls."

«ArmInfo» considers that it is not only just in cigarettes, and a silly joke:

"A stupid joke of the 1st of the commemorative concert at the Republic Square in Yerevan, ending with the election campaign of the ruling Republican Party almost ended in disaster.

As the correspondent ArmInfo from the main square of the Armenian capital, one of the participants of the meeting decided to make a joke and brought a glowing cigarette to a balloon, filled by oxygen. There was an explosion that detonated on numerous other bowls that were holding the students. "

Sudan is waging war with South Sudan — Until such time as the latter withdraws its troops from the territory of the former. The UN resolution, adopted this week on Wednesday and providing an introduction to the 48 hours of economic and diplomatic sanctions against both countries if they continue fighting, the war does not stop. RIA "Novosti" Julia Trinity reports from Khartoum:

"The representative of the Sudanese army Savarmi Khaled Saad on Friday accused the press statement, the army of South Sudan in violation of UN resolutions and in the continuation of the occupation of the Sudanese countryside.

"Sudan announced that it has committed to make a UN cease-fire, but the troops on the other hand as before remain in our area occupied by the two districts and have not completed their aggressive actions," — he said.

In this regard, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that "the cessation of hostilities on the part of Khartoum can only be if the Sudan People's Liberation Army will leave its territory."

In Belgium, appeared and disappeared, "train to Auschwitz." "," writes:

"Passengers 1st of Belgian trains were unpleasantly surprised when instead of the announcements of the next stop, they heard:" Welcome to the train to Auschwitz. We ask all Jews to get off at the station of Buchenwald "- writes," Yediot Aharonot ".

The operator of the Belgian railways SNCB categorically condemned "the joke," saying it would conduct an internal investigation to find out who is behind it. According to the preparatory disk imaging, the employees of the company have no relation to it. "

For the former president of Liberia 64-year-old Charles Taylor prosecution demanded eighty years' imprisonment. This is reported ",", Recalling «BBC News». Earlier, the court in The Hague, is internationalized Taylor was found guilty of war sins. The charges include 11 points, many of which were listed in the murder, rape, terrorist activity, inciting an armed conflict in Liberia adjacent Sierra Leone, and even cannibalism.

American hidden agent considers not only the fool Obama, and the putana Dania Londoño. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii reports from Mexico City that the Colombian putana Londoño which caused a scandal about hidden U.S. agents in Cartagena, gave an interview to the media:

"London on Friday told about the details of the scandalous night Colombian radio station La W Radio … <…>

"They (the agents of the Hidden Service. — Charles O.) behaved like true fools" — contributed London. According to her, if the agent with whom she spent the night, would have carried out all monetary conditions to which they are arranging, no scandal would not be. It was about the sum of $ 800, which the Yankees had promised to pay her for the night. But after a night club, where they came in the morning, he slept through the rest of the night, and then, when she claimed he had the means, gave her 50 thousand Colombian pesos ($ 30), considering that this will be quite enough.

The agent made a mistake: the woman called the police, which led to a feeling spree Yankees. In the end, all agents who were in the hotel, managed to raise $ 250, which were transferred to London, but the scandal has already involved the police, with the result that the story finally emerging.

Putana also outlined the stay itself Yankees in a nightclub, where they took acquaintance. "They have a lot of hard drinking and dancing," — she said. At the same time her "beau" played "crazy dance", apparently trying to make a memory for those present in the hall of the representatives of the weak little gender … "

So Makarov is confirmed output: South American covert agents — fool, bouncers and zapivohi, which dopek economic crisis. Now it became clear brand new detail: they are also dancers.

In the Netherlands the last war with drug tourism, started 18 months back the Conservatives came to power. May 1 South Holland closed the door cannabis cafe in front of strangers, and from 1 January 2013 a new law restricting the use of marijuana for visitors, extend the benefits to the whole country. For the effective implementation of the law, even the Conservatives are going to introduce "hemp passport" — a kind of membership cards guests 'coffee shops'. On it "Euronews". Incidentally, the mayor of Amsterdam
— in the company of the Association of Merchants of marijuana — in favor of "drug freemen." In South Holland, coffee shops are closed to foreigners because there are often bunched specifically for the "grass" Belgians and Germans.

Anthony Faiola, the creator of the article in "Washington Post", believes that the new law threatens to "cannabis culture" of Amsterdam. There has 250 cannabis cafes. The journalist writes: "From the" macroscopic "view similar step could strike the global effort to legalize marijuana — a movement which means sales of pharmaceuticals inexorably increasing in the United States, where even televangelist Pat Robertson spoke in favor of cannabis healing …"

Many owners of cannabis cafes and their customers say that they simply refuse to obey the law newcomer.

On a technical level, the report Faiola, wholesale purchase of soft drugs in the Netherlands has always been illegal business, but in 1976 there was a kind of politics "do not ask, do not tell" policy, which spread to possession of less than five grams. By 1990, cannabis cafes were almost allowed ("License tolerance") to sell a small amount of marijuana. Enclosed is a huge purchases of supplies holders of such cafes obviously violate Dutch law, but the "power of just looking the other way."

Usage continues created film essentially indicates that the rate of cannabis appeal in the Netherlands is lower than in the United States or England. The fight against "drug tourist" began as a result of the growth of organized crime. Opponents of marijuana are told that "The Netherlands became a wholesale supplier for the illegal trade in Europe."

As they say the owners of the cannabis cafes in Amsterdam, if the new law will be applied strictly, it would mean a return to the days of dangerous street deals.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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