Geopolitical puzzle: Obama supporters promise to destroy Romney, and Lukashenko does not eat people

Geopolitical puzzle: Obama supporters promise to kill Romney and Lukashenko does not eat people

Three Men in a Boat Syria. Yesterday, Prime Minister Erdogan said that he had invited Iranian President Ahmadinejad to hold trilateral talks on the dilemma of the crisis in Syria. Third party talks should be Egypt. First, the alleged "quartet" writes MIGnews, but Ankara realized that Baba Yaga Saudis will be against the ensemble, in which play and Iran.

Earlier group to discuss the proposal to make Egypt, who offered to meet ambassadors from Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Erdogan has developed a variety of options for a role in future negotiations: "We have proposed a three-way system. This system may include Turkey, Egypt and Iran. The second system could be this: Turkey, our homeland, Iran. 3rd: Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. "

In all systems, we would add, the crew of the Syrian "boat" includes Turkey. The reason is clear: in Turkey as Syrian refugees, their number has become a big problem of state. Together with Ankara is supporting "opposition fighters" fighting against the government forces of Bashar al-Assad. If neither Turkey nor Saudi Arabia or Qatar is not armed and did not help means Islamist "opposition" in Syria refugees in Turkey would be far less. On this day, their number, reports "Rosbalt" exceeded 100,000 people.

SNA spoke of a truce. As reported by Trend. ITAR-TASS Dean of intoxication, Syrian State Council supported the idea of a temporary truce — the truth, provided that Damascus will go for it first.

Favourite SNA Abdel Basset Seida, which broadcasts from Doha, said: "We are positive on at least some ability to stop the slaughter. But we believe that this call is addressed first to the Syrian regime that continues to bombard the town and villages. " At the same time, he said, the Free Syrian Army "simply defending" to "stop the war machine of the regime."

Fierce fighting for the town Maaret al-Numan. Syrian rebels and government troops are engaged in battle for the city Maaret al-Numan, located in the province of Idlib on the highway connecting Damascus and Aleppo. As reported by "," referring to the Middle East blog of the newspaper "The Guardian", the city, occupied by rebels on October 9, subject to constant shelling and air raids. There are almost no whole buildings. Maaret al-Numan almost one hundred percent by the residents.

Taking advantage of the absence of reinforcements of the enemy, "rebels" encircled military base situated on the eastern outskirts of the town. At the moment they try to take it by storm.

To help the government forces, knocked out the boundaries of Maaret al-Numan, targeted three columns of troops, but they are caught up in the fighting with the rebels on the approaches to the town.

The assurances of some human rights activists, the Syrian military began using cluster munitions for destruction of the supporting Fri rebels. But the official Damascus rejects the accusations.

Human rights activists in Syria have found cluster bombs with Russian inscriptions. As reported by ITAR-TASS, Syria not only does not use cluster bombs, and does not have a similar kind of weapons. With this statement the projections 15 October, the Ministry of Defense of Syria.

"In the Syrian army has no such weapons, these messages — an absolute lie," — said in a statement read out on national television.

The statement was a response to the accusations «Human Rights Watch» (recall that this is a human rights organization, consisting of 2 persons: British diner owner and his assistant) that the Syrian army is using Russian cluster bombs to fight the guerrilla groups in the northern provinces country.

As the "Russian Service BBC», formerly of cluster bombs (Russian) wrote the newspaper "The Guardian", referring just to the «Human Rights Watch».

In the article "The Guardian" explicitly states that Syrian troops are using cluster bombs in populated areas. In support provides a progress report «Human Rights Watch», where it is said that there are videos where you can behold the cluster bombs found in the provinces of Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Latakia. «HRW» states that the cluster bombs, of course, were dropped from planes and helicopters.

The creators have even considered the report on unexploded cluster bombs Russian inscriptions times.

We would not be surprised if we learn that two human rights defenders from the diner to this day thinking about the Soviet Union as existing municipality.

"Paper Tiger." The last general Syrian army deserter Akil Hashem, defected to the rebels, said the Syrian air defense capabilities in the press very preomnazhayut, reports "," referring to the UPI.

Referring to own an old experience gained in the wars against Israel (in 1967, 1973 and 1982.) Deserter told that while the Syrian air force and air defense could not counter the Israeli Air Force, "19 out of 20 of our tank platoons, each with 5 units of armored vehicles and air defense missile systems 2Q12 "Cube" cover were destroyed at one stroke "(1982).

He added that during the two-hour air battle over Lebanon the Israelis shot down 92 Syrian fighters without losing any of the 1st of its own.

And at this point, he said, the Syrian air force general can kill directly on the ground.

In addition, the creation of a no-fly zone to a depth of 75 km in the north would be useful to force comparable small aircraft carrier and a military base: "One of South American aircraft carrier with 80-85 modern fighters and the Turkish Air Force Base," Incirlik "would be enough to accomplish this task" .

Syrian "regime" and his army deserter referred contemptuously to a "paper tiger."

The rebels said again about the general command. Disparate group of Syrian rebels agreed to form a unified command to coordinate their actions, reports "," referring to the «Reuters».

Unified commanders of the terrorists came in handy for sponsorship. Chiefs rebel troops faced the apparent reluctance of foreign sponsors to help disparate groups with unclear applets for the future.

October 16, in a secret location in Syria favorite mobsters met. There were also supporters of "democracy" and the Islamists. After talking, they passed "Reuters" about reaching an agreement. However, for some reason they did not sign it.

As usual, the full agreement of the fighters for democracy separates only a small step … Will the sponsors of the "Arab Spring" tools and instruments — in response to an unsigned agreement? Indeed, observers remarked "Ribbon", repeatedly noted that neither Western nor Arab countries have been slow to stuff the rebels nor the means to deal with the tanks or weapons against enemy aircraft. Dangerous weapon falling into the hands of terrorists and criminals who add, temporarily joined the little distinguishable against the background of the supporters of democracy.

Our people in America know what is happening in Syria. Kurt Nimmo, a progressive journalist from the website (which is often quoted by English-language materials "Voice of Russia" and "Rush Tudey"), tells of the fate prepared for the West Syria.

In the "New York Times," he writes, saying that m
ost of the tools available for the Syrian rebels Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which is explained by these states adopted hard line Islamic jihad, because neither the Saudis nor the Qataris do not accept the secular opposition to Bashar al-Assad. But the West is willing to support the Middle East, in accordance with the statements of U.S. officials, democracy.

In other words, writes K. Nimmo, we have the Libyan scenario in Syria, dubbed by the press Libyan same way. CIA and fanatical Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to support and arm the "Al-Qaeda" by the same method as they did in Libya. In order to "turn this reality" to the public, "N.-Y. Times "as if debunks some rebel activity as" hard-line Islamic Jihad "and aggressively encouraging readers to the idea that the United States is in fact supported by a" more secular opposition groups "fighting with the Syrian government.

But the real fight against al-Assad in Syria are not "opposition", and the most true Islamists — jihadists, past training school in Afghanistan, Yemen, the former Yugoslavia and the Caucasus (Chechnya).

In Syria, currently leads the fanatical "Salafi strain of" trying "to replace the secular regime Islamic form of government," being "hypnotized" the concept of global jihad promoted by "Al-Qaeda".

These guys plan on Syria almost similar to the Libyan scenario. Salafist radicals lacking only "a coherent framework for the future management of Syria." Terrorists are constantly dogged by squabbles is a rivalry between them and their group split into factions.

According to the plan interventionist terrorists, writes on fellow Nimmo supposed "Balkanization" of Syria: the separation of its territorial enclaves-pieces: this part — this Sunni — Shiite Alawites, that — friends, and one more — the Kurds. Last yavyatsya "natural buffer" for Israel and at the same time will be able to join in the war against Sunni and Shiite Islamist forces. So says Sherko Abbas, a Kurdish dissident. "We must break apart Syria," — he said in the newspaper «Jerusalem Post» May.

At the current time, K. Nimmo adds an important role in trying to kill Syria and reincarnate it into a "cauldron of sectarian violence" is played by Turkey and Jordan. The implication is that Syria, like Iraq, will become a haven for "al-Qaeda", which protects the CIA.

Full Islamization and decay of Near East — day or today's agenda of the American neoconservatives. This was warned more than 10 years ago, South American analyst Jason West. So, this is what actions are taking place at this time in the guise of "humanitarian intervention" and collectively, the "Arab Spring."

Alignment: Kurt Nimmo of the democratic "veil" over the Syrian project confirmed Susan Rice.

We can do without the Security Council. The United States will not wait for the decision of all members of the UN Security Council, to be on the "right side of history." This was at a meeting of the Security Council on Syria said U.S. ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, the IA «REGNUM».

She said: "In the conditions of increasing levels of violence and ruthlessness of the United States will not wait for all the members of the Council in order to be on the right side of history. Together with our allies, we support the opposition in its quest for an integrated and democratic reforms. We continue to put pressure on the regime, and we are passionate about the growing humanitarian needs in the region. "

Rice cited the words of the president of the United States that the future will not belong to dictators.

Yes, in the vision of white houses, we would add, it must belong to the Islamists. Yes, not a dictator, yes, the representatives of the people — gentlemen, legitimately, by democratic vote, elected to their posts. "Muslim Brotherhood", "Taliban", "Al-Qaeda" — they all, as passively want in the West, will enter the parliament and the government. Egyptian sovereign Mursi are already in, formally exclude yourself from "The Brothers."

Come the day when Washington will push for the Nobel Peace Prize, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the name of which in the case of awards will close with the name Barack Hussein Obama (by the way, his enlightened in America is often confused with Osama bin Laden.)

Quarrel over Syria. Jean-Jacques Mevel ("Figaro", France, the source of translation — "Inosmi") spoke about Sunday's "working lunch in Luxembourg", a dessert which members "had finished with acidic mine" — and all because of the Syrian issue.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of France, Laurent Fabius, "lamented Moscow's decision to back out at the acute dilemma: the fate of Syria and Bashar al-Assad." It turned out that Moscow persists in support of the "regime." "Lavrov came to tell us that Assad remains in power, — said M. Fabius. — The only thing at the moment is important for Moscow, is the preservation of the current government. "

Apparently, the journalist writes, energetic requirements to join to the international pressure on Assad, "until it's too late," ticked off envoy of President Putin. Sergey Lavrov said firmly, in the sense that the Europeans do not know anything about the Middle East, and their actions could destabilize the whole region, first — Lebanon and Jordan.

And the West, writes journalist, was disappointed.

In appendage — two readers' comments:

"The missile that fell in Turkey and killed five people, was a shell of western production, which is used in NATO. The Syrian government does not use a gun. This, by the way, wrote a Turkish newspaper. "

"How Europe can defend the revolution waged by Islamists? We have beheld that she had given in other countries, all of them covered the cover of Shariah. Although I do not support Russia, it is necessary to admit that she was right. "

Iranian media suspect that Turkey be friends with Russia is not lust. A recent review of Iranian press "Inosmi" we are talking about the abolition of Vladimir Putin's visit to Turkey and the details of "airplane" scandal.

«Afarinesh» writes that interception and forced landing Syrian Airbus has contributed to increased tensions in the relations between Russia and Turkey, and the cancellation of his visit to Ankara, President of the Russian Federation — is the reaction at aircraft share the Turkish authorities.

«Arman» focuses on the rough appeal of the security forces in Turkey with the passengers and staff of Airbus, who "spent long hours practically under arrest."

According to the «Tehran-e Emruz», cancellation of Putin's visit to Turkey and the Russian Foreign Ministry outcry over forced landing aircraft indicates that "Russia, defending his own partner (Syria), has started to certain actions."

«Khorasan» gives additional details: on board there were 17 Russian people, including a toddler, and the landing was made under the risk of the introduction of guns Turkish fighter pilots. The newspaper publishes Erdogan's statement that the cargo on board an aircraft that may be, was a chemical weapons and spare parts for missiles.

People do not want to live under capitalism. "The world is no longer willing to live under the capitalist system, people want to change it," — said the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, speaking at the Baku summit of the Economic Cooperation Organization, the IA «REGNUM».

Adherents of an ideology of slavery and colonialism came to an end. Comrade Ahmadinejad said: "The future system will be based on love a
nd justice. ECO countries against colonialism, as they suffered from discrimination. We can play a significant role in the elimination of injustice and justice reign. "

120 escaped. About 120 prisoners escaped from the bullpen, "Al-Dzhadaida" in the Libyan capital, reports with reference to «France-Presse». Capture of fugitives currently engaged in local security outfits. Several fugitives are caught and returned to the chamber.

According to the representative of the security forces who had escaped inmates were serving sentences for criminal wrongdoing.

15 explosions. More than half the 10-s blast occurred yesterday in various parts of the Nigerian town of Maiduguri. This was said resource, citing the «Associated Press».

According to the inhabitants of the town, militants staged bombings Islamist group "Boko Haram." Officials from the comments of events taking place in the town refrain. Data on the number of dead and injured were not disclosed. All the main streets of the town cordoned off by police.

As recalls «KM», group "Boko Haram" is known since 2002. Attacks by its fighters reach the "eradication of the western type of life" and the introduction of Sharia law on the entire country of Nigeria. According to the «Associated Press», in 2012, became the victims of militant about 700 people.

Scotland deliver a "yes" or "no" to England in 2014. A referendum on Scottish independence will be held in 2014. The agreement was signed by British Prime Minister David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond, pass "News".

In 2014 will mark 700 years since the day or the Battle of Bannockburn — 1st of the important battles Anglo-Scottish wars. In those days the Highlanders defeated the British.

The vote will make a single question: "Do you want total independence?"

London allowed the vote to all who are older than 16 years. By the way, the children listed as the main supporters of the sovereignty of Scotland.

Do not plead for Russian: fired. Rector of the Helsinki Institute has decided to dismiss the lawyer Johan Beckman, who had previously defended the interests of the few Russian people in Finland. This writes "," referring to the «Keskisuomalainen».

The Rector Thomas Vilgelmson not say about the causes of their own solutions.

Johan Beckman headed "Anti-Fascist Committee of Finland" and is co-chair of the Eurasian National Front — international units of the Popular Front of Vladimir Putin.

This man is known for being heavily defended the rights of Russian inhabitants of Finland. Beckman was represented in court Russian woman Rimma Salonen, a dispute with a former spouse regarding custody of their offspring Anton, the spouses Inga and Veli-Pekka Rantala, which Finnish authorities accused of beating son. It represents the interests of the family of the pensioner Irina Antonova, who died in a Russian nursing home after she had to leave Finland.

Vpribavok active Beckman criticized the Finnish doctor Teivo Teyvaynena (the one made in August, with the rally in support of the «Pussy Riot» about Uspensky Cathedral in Helsinki).

In the end, one of the reasons of dismissal could be an article in the newspaper "Helsingin Sanomat". It proposed to make the creator of the Finnish-Russian commission for human babies. Local nationalists opposed the article, and the Finnish media supported them.

Now fellow Beckman is going to pursue a criminal case against the Rector — for discrimination and defamation and the pros.

Again strike. As delivered now from Athens correspondent. Itar-Tass Latyshev, trade unions, unite lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, doctors, engineers, pharmacists and journalists will hold a nationwide strike on October 17. The protesters oppose the austerity measures implemented by the Greek government under pressure from international lenders.

The current strike precede larger of the working people, scheduled for tomorrow, when the strikers join naikrupneyshie Prof. combining private and municipal sectors of the economy: the Greek General Confederation of Labour and the Supreme Council of the trade union of civil servants. The action will take part trolleybus drivers, bus, taxi drivers, railroad workers and sailors. It will be paralyzed transport across the country.

The protesters do not agree on the financial assistance to Athens by the EU, the Euro Central Bank and the IMF, which implies a reduction in response to budget expenses.

Revenues Greek workers fell to the level of the late 1970s. 10's of thousands of people during the crisis have lost their homes and are now obliged to spend the night on the streets. About 250,000 people live at the expense of free lunch provided by the church and charitable organizations. Unemployment has exceeded 25.1% of the working population.

Chinese mafia in Spain. As reported by "," referring to «El Mundo», in Spain held a national security operation against the Chinese mafia. Already arrested about 100 people. Searches and arrests were made, including in the Madrid suburb of Fuenlabrada, is hosting naikrupneyshy in Europe Chinese wholesale market. The detainees were suspected of laundering money and other sins. It is curious that the detainees are not sure — the Chinese.

In the middle of the detainees, for example, the adviser of the mayor of Fuenlabrada Borras Jose Hernandez. Another arrested pornoakter Nacho Vidal. An arrest warrant was issued and the name of the businessman of Chinese origin Gao Pina.

Investigators believe that from China to Spain by sea were brought products of mass consumption. They have not been cleaned and the customs of their implementation does not pay taxes. The proceeds are then trafficked to China or in cash or invested through front companies in different legitimate business.

One of the central parts of the illegal business was … pornoakter. According to the «ABC», he is helping the Chinese to launder money through their company. With all of this rendered suspect Adviser to the Mayor different services with the introduction of the service provision.

During the operation seized cash to millions of euros. Precise amount is not reported as a means to this day believe.

In addition to money laundering, the detainees in combination hunted extortion, bribery of officials, organizing prostitution and gambling, drug trafficking. Yet these people contributed to the illegal movement.

Linderman sue fellow Vike-Freiberga. As reported by Trend. RIA "Novosti" Vadim radion tribunal central area of Riga now make out a claim chairman of the Latvian society "Mother Tongue" by Vladimir Linderman to the ex-president of Latvia Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

As stated a public figure, in February Vike-Freiberga, speaking on television, called him a "danger to society member and an extremist." Linderman has denied the words of former Latvian President to detain him with a "campaign material against the sovereignty of Latvia."

According to the views of fellow Linderman, a similar phrase discredit and demonize him in the eyes of people who appreciate the sovereignty of Latvia, and at the same time it exposes the offender.

The chairman of the "mother tongue" wants to get away from the ex-president of compensation for non-pecuniary damage caused to him in the amount of five thousand lats (10 thousand dollars). But he is ready to take its own lawsuit — when the ex-president of some criterion. Vike-Freiberga has to abandon the advantages, which she paid by the government — in other words, from a limo, security, apartment in the center of town and a secretary.

Lukashenko does not eat people. Yesterday Alexander Lukashenko spoke with reporters in Minsk of the Russian regional public
ations. At the event, reports "Interfax", he said, human rights, political system of Belarus, on the outside of politics, the Russian Federation and for themselves.

According to Comrade Lukashenko's main human rights in Belarus — the right to life and the right to wages. The political system of Belarus — the same as in Russia, only "somewhat harder": "yes, yes, no, good-bye."

With respect to foreign policy lucidly explained to the president that from now illegals will be able to move through Belarus to Europe: "Anything that comes out of Afghanistan, we are at your own expense immediately caught, kept, returned to Russia. 10's of thousands of people a year. I was given a certificate — is radioactive and explosive materials, dope. We screen out. Why do we need it? They do not come to us. " Such a position was given to the economic explanation: "Guys, you pay money — we will continue to protect the border. There will be no money — we do not have the ability to work in this way. Funds pay — we will keep. "

Further, according to the Belarusian favorite, it is very offended nedavneshnee Moscow to join the WTO. According to the views of Lukashenko, Russian authorities "threw" fellow Belarusians, joining the WTO and abandoning the creation of another organization on the basis of the Customs Union.

Talking about yourself, the Belarusian president said that the Western media call it the last European dictator. But, according to the views of Lukashenko, to Stalin and Lenin him far. "I am far behind the Lenin and Joseph Stalin. I care about them more and stomp stomp. Before them stood such problems … will take another half a century, as we will assess me? If you will maintain the trend, as in the West, so I — worse than Stalin was strolling through the streets, catching people who eat them, especially women … "

Released, but not all. In Cuba, the last exit visas canceled. In practice this means the fall of the "iron curtain". Citizens of the island will soon be possible to go abroad for a period of up to 2-years, report "AN-Online".

The new law will come into force on 14 January 2013.

In general, the difficulty of leaving the country remain at highly skilled experts — doctors and other professionals. Authorities believe the tribute to protect "human capital" of Cuba. Dissidents and critics of the Cuban government also will not be able to travel with ease, showing a passport and a visa.

South American traditions. The Minister of Defence land of the rising sun Satoshi Morimoto claimed in detail to investigate the incident on the peninsula of Okinawa. There's two U.S. Marines were yesterday arrested by the police. Both were suspected of raping a local girl. One Yankees pleaded guilty, report "News".

"Live with the so unreal, — told reporters in Tokyo Morimoto. — This is very serious. "

The incident occurred Tuesday afternoon in the central part of Okinawa. Before the attack on the lady soldiers, as is customary among the brave American soldiers and special agents, much to pump up the alcohol.

"Vesti" remind us that in August in Okinawa was arrested a U.S. Marine sergeant — and also for the attack on a local lady.

"Export business." As reported by Trend. RIA "Novosti" Larisa Saenko, in federal court in Brooklyn on this day appointed the first hearing of the "export business" of illegal shipments sverhtehnologichny electronics company «Arc Electronics» in Russia.

The accusation recalls corr. RIA "Novosti", says CEO Alexander Fishenko — an agent of the Russian government. Fishchenko Tipo create purchases for the military departments and the FSB. Only in the case are eleven men, three of whom fled.

Romney as petroleum. As reported by Trend. Itar-Tass Bekrenev, Mitt Romney criticized Barack Obama's energy policy. Romney promised that if he overcomes the election, after eight years, it has absolutely get rid of the need to import oil.

"Oil production in the U.S. goes down, because the president has reduced the number of licenses issued for drilling on federal lands. The President does not support the oil, gas and coal industry, "- said Romney.

"I plan to do so, that after eight years, the U.S. became independent of energy imports. I would make it a means of issuing more licenses for drilling, well construction of an oil pipeline from Canada, "- said a Republican. Previously, he promised to allow Obama blocked construction of the pipeline "Keystone Ex-El" between Canada and the South American coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and at the same time increment oil production in Alaska.

Obama responded by saying: "Romney's energy policy will lead to the fact that oil companies will act in their own interests. It supports oil and gas companies, but he does not plan to support other energy. If we do not make investments in alternative energy, as do China and Germany, we are unable to control their own energy future. "

Romney and in fact has a great connection with the oil business. According to the American press, the chiefs of large oil companies donate to his campaign millions.

So Makar, add, clear interests of Romney on "the Syrian sidelines", and also in Iran, which he (a couple with Netanyahu) dreams bomb. Normal oil Democrat voiced wishes of their own bosses tycoons, wrapping them in the classic democratic wrapper. In addition, it is clear something else: the chefs meant to seat its own oil protege on the presidential throne for two terms. "Eight years," Romney twinkle in his speeches is not the first time.

But this Mr. and may not survive the election …

Kill Romney. Paul Joseph Watson ( writes that the theses of violence overwhelmed "Twitter." Today, the danger of the murder of Romney in social networks have become more popular than statements of future rebellion. Here are some (more than usual) from their quoted a journalist:

"I swear, if Mitt Romney becomes president, I will be one of those who would kill his ass!"

"If Romney is elected, someone has to destroy it."

Comrade Watson points out that the creators of these applications does not broadcast from fake accounts. People are so hard to speak out against Romney, had already made thousands of entries in the social networks.

On the topic of numerous threatening "campaign" statements and Teri Webster writes of «Examiner». She notes that there was no reaction from the government on this issue no. Also, do not react to it and the big national media. In the near future, writes journalist and a growing number of specific threats against Mitt Romney and his supporters.

Enlightened America. Uri Friedman blog magazine «Foreign Policy» said the "enlightenment" of today's Yankees in foreign policy.

Here are some statistics compiled by them,

— According to a poll «Pew» (2012), 41% of the Yankees believed that the leading financial power in the world — China (the correct answer — the United States, they noted 40% of respondents);

— 73% of the Yankees did not know that the main purpose of America during the "Cold War" was the fight against communism («Newsweek», 2011);

— Almost 25% of the Yankees is not clear that the United States declared its independence from England («Marist», 2011);

— 71% of the Yankees believed that Iran already has a nuclear weapon (2010, CNN / Opinion Research Corporation);

— 33% of the Yankees believed that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11 (CBS News / «The New York Times», 2007);

— 88% of young Yankees do not look
for Afghanistan on a map, 75% failed to find Iran and Israel, and 63% — Iraq (National Geographic Society, 2006).

It would be more fun, add, if the journalists and sociologists arranged surveys are not in the middle of America's youth, and in the Congress and the State Department.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
— Especially for

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