Geopolitical puzzle: Our homeland has become a full member of the WTO and the United States does not rule Obama and Hillary Clinton

At two o'clock in the metropolitan time. It was at this time Our home has now become a full member of the WTO. Knows about it corr. ITAR-TASS Ilya Dmitryachev.

Our homeland was 156th member of the Global Trade Organization. According to the statement of the official dealer Foreign Minister Alexander Lukashevich, Our homeland is joining the WTO "on the criteria in the public interest, are prerequisites for the upcoming improving our business climate, verbovaniya foreign investment, the expansion of Russian exports while maintaining the ability to support key sectors of the Russian economy."

Geopolitical puzzle: Russia became a full member of the WTO and the United States does not rule Obama and Hillary Clinton

But, of course, and that in the coming years Russia offers numerous disputes with trading partners on the act device WTO. At this point the Minister of Economic Development Andrei Belousov parrot world society — has warned that the nature of foreign policy of the Russian Federation "is pretty aggressive." How is different? Indeed, one "of the most common and understandable opportunities," he said, which gives the WTO, is to protect the interests of, and "it is, of course, asks some aggressiveness."

So Makar, add, to join the government and the activities of the WTO rules and is coming on trading lines on the world ready to defend society.

Syrian democracy will protect Chechens and Uzbeks. In Aleppo, constructive Islamists came from different countries of the world. Their task — to help the Syrian opposition living force. In an interview with Australian radio «ABC» said the correspondent of the newspaper «The Guardian» Martin Chulov in Aleppo, reports ",".

According to the journalist, for the first time in 18 months of conflict in Syria it with my own eyes I saw a detachment highly trained and well-armed militants who went to the front line. These people did not speak c foreign correspondents, but the rebels said they arrived from Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Pakistan, Algeria, Uzbekistan and Chechnya.

Comrade Chulov said the rebels took reinforcements arrived "nervous": after all, radical Islamists in Syria, its tasks, it is not necessarily combined with the objectives of the local enemies of the regime.

Here we must add that to the "rebels", if you imagine that they, along with Assad's troops defeated Islamists, there will be the problem of the carve-up of power. And then there such chaos, such a hodgepodge of interests Islamist mercenaries from various Arab and Western states, zabugornoy opposition in the face of a latrine Burhan, as politicians from the United States and Europe that their future must seem to the rebels at least quicksand. The rebels probably well aware that in the case of Syria to the buffer section and the other no-fly zones of the usual fate will be decided within the framework of saying: what have fought for it and ran.

Yet the rebels have nowhere to go. Not so brilliant their front-line business, so turn away from helping Pakistanis, Chechens and Uzbeks. "Yesterday evening the entire local rebels discussed this issue. We agreed that if no support from the West, they do not behold the, assistance from the Islamists will not be too much, "- said comrade Chulov. According to the rebels, Islamists have agreed to obey the orders of the general command.

The relatively warm due to the adoption of new fighters and rebels in hopes of MANPADS that are to come to Aleppo, along with the Islamists meaningful sense.

Militants from the sewers. Major-General of the Syrian government army, the commander of the operation in Aleppo, promised to "cleanse" the city and the province of the same name from the rebels for 20 days, writes columnist «The Independent» Robert Fisk, who works in Syria, reports ",".

The general asked not to call his name. He called the opposition "mice" and said that on their side fighting the Turks, Chechens, Afghans, Libyans, Sudanese, Syrians and those who took to the general category of "gangsters and smugglers."

Why is the "mouse"? The general said that the rebels use the strategy of single attacks, stormed government forces and quickly get away, "hiding in the sewers."

Comrade Fisk said that data on the presence in Aleppo numerous foreign fighters supported by appropriate what the local inhabitants. The correspondent noted that beheld gun seized from the rebel fighters of al-Assad. In addition to Russian and Russian samples, with our own eyes, he beheld the Spanish guns, Belgian machine guns, explosives and other Swedish

German spy ship will serve as the Syrian opposition? Federal Intelligence and Counterintelligence Germany (BND) sent to the coast of Syria spy ship. It will help the opposition in their difficult struggle for democracy. August 20 this told German media reports

Spy ship «Oker» equipped to track the movement of government troops by land to a depth of 600 km. The extracted information is transmitted South American Germans and the British intelligence services, and those stuffed with information free Syrian army.

In general, the government of Germany denies German media. According to defense officials, the ship «Oker» August 19 was laid up in the port of Cagliari (Sardinia is on).

Coupled with the fact, according to an anonymous U.S. intelligence officer (placed in the issue, "Bildt on Sunday"), such good-quality sources like BND, in Syria, no one else there. German spies on disk imaging publications, working on a NATO base near Adana (Turkey), which tapped the Syrian military radio communications. The newspaper also clear that German agents recruit people from the inner circle of Bashar al-Assad.

America teaches Syrian media free speech. U.S. will not only supply the Syrian opposition facilities and medicines, but at the same time uchyat some "free media" to work around their own government. They also teach students to protest. On Tuesday, at a press briefing about the official dealer told State Department Victoria Nuland, reports from Washington corr. ITAR-TASS Anatoly Bochinin.

Ms. Nuland said that the U.S. is teaching the "free media technologies to counteract fraudulent government to work with law, law and liability, and to deal with the crimes committed during the conflict." Nuland also said that involve special program for "student activists who call for peaceful protest actions at the universities."

Night announcement by President Obama. Andrei Medvedev ("News") Reports that the U.S. is ready for military intervention in the Syrian conflict — in circumvention of the UN Security Council. This was announced on the night of 21 August, President Barack Obama.

However, the Nobel Peace Prize winner said that the military operation against Syria is likely only in the case of the introduction of Damascus, chemical or biological weapons.

Geopolitical puzzle: Russia b
ecame a full member of the WTO and the United States does not rule Obama and Hillary Clinton

But similar rhetoric resembles A. Medvedev, has already sounded in Washington the other day of the invasion of Iraq. And no chemical weapons were not found.

"At this point, I had not given the order for military intervention, — said Mr. Obama. — But the question of chemical and biological weapons — critical. It concerns not only Syria. It affects our interests. We can not allow weapons of mass destruction falling into the hands of evildoers. For us — it's a reddish line. As we shall see that the chemical weapon will carry the country, we will reconsider our position. "

It's a pity, we would add that Obama, who in the last days looks very brutal, did not specify who exactly will carry an instrument around the country. And where it can deliver to Syria to begin to carry. Bureaucrats Assad has repeatedly said earlier that they would not use chemical weapons against his own people. Barack Obama on his own habit of American fears that "chemistry" fall into the hands of terrorists — but that is just suicide is in the middle of which there are many Islamic radicals who are ready for everything, and wage war against the Syrian people.

By the way, Obama's harsh words about what the United States can act "in bypassing the UN Security Council", remarkably similar to the political rhetoric of Hillary Clinton. To such an extent they resemble the constant danger of South American secretary of state in the address of Bashar al-Assad that the authorship of Obama seems incomprehensible. I do not write a speech, President Clinton's America? Not worth the nightly ghost Obama's statement of Mrs. Clinton? In another general as to clarify that the relatively friendly South American president has a staff of top managers of the country is so persistent in the geopolitics of the lady?

Under the thumb of Clinton. South American reporter Richard Miniter, specializing in investigative journalism, in his book "On the sidelines: diffident president and councilors who make decisions for him" ignorant of the fact that President Obama has repeatedly fluctuated need special operation against Osama bin Laden. Give the same order for the winding up of a "terrorist number one" indecisive Obama assured Secretary of State Clinton. Knows about it corr. Itar-Tass Bekrenev.

Richard Miniter — this is not borzopisets, greedy for sensation penny. The journalist refers to serious sources in the command of the U.S. armed forces, including the Joint Special Operations Command. The journalist has experience in large editions, "Wall Street Journal", "The Washington Times", "Sunday Times".

Considering that the special operation will fail, President Obama, on conviction Miniter, canceled three times its conduct in January, February and March 2011. Obama also assist assure close communication Hillary Clinton and Leon Panetta and David Petraeus.

In general, it is clear who is in a white house chief.

Half-point stability. As reported by corr. RIA "Novosti" Maria Tobacco, Barack Obama ordered in 2013 to increase by half a percent of all civilian salaries of civil servants.

"Federal civil servants have already made significant sacrifices because of freezing wages for two years. As our country continues to recover from a severe economic crisis that will affect the general well-being, we must continue to pursue efforts to ensure monetary stability of our people, "- said in a letter to Barack Obama Speaker of the House of Representatives John Bonaire and Senate President Joseph Biden.

Republicans are making policy in a manner "on the contrary", insist on maintaining the current level of salaries of civil servants — very little, for a year.

The South American instrument for Israel. The fact that the U.S. has provided Israel with a tool to attack Iran, said on August 20, "Russian peacekeeper" referring to the Israeli newspaper "Maariv".

Israel has deployed six U.S. military bases filled with "smart bombs", rockets, various weapons, armored vehicles and even a field hospital with 500 beds. Bases are located in Herzliya Pituach, Ben-Gurion Airport and Air Force bases in the country, "Ovdat" and "Nevatim."

Negotiations on the development of military bases with warehouses guns, writes "Russian peacekeeper," continued between Israel and the U.S. for more than 10 years. Israel lusted, that warehouses were filled with modern instrument, but the U.S. was willing at first only to supply medical equipment.

The existence of warehouses outlined above confirmed a few weeks back the U.S. administration (though somewhat vague): "The Israeli army has open access to the South American Parts Warehouse." So said the white-house. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that "in case of emergency Americans give Israel the right to use these warehouses."

"Russian peacekeeper" believes that there is a poor South American double standards: for information about the presence in Israel of U.S. warehouse filled with contemporary South American instrument, indicates a valid Washington's attitude toward Israel plans a military operation against Iran. Observers believe that the destabilization of the situation in the region, the U.S. is not going to rely on diplomacy, and just pushing Israel to conduct active operations against Iran.

40 billion Probable an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, and a counter attack by Iran and allied forces him will cost the Israeli economy 167 billion. shekels (more than 40 billion. dollars). It is reported by a local company BDI, transfers "Sight".

In this gigantic amount includes the estimated costs for the purchase and restoration of supplies of fuel, spare parts and ammunition, the price of the damaged property and infrastructure, people, ruin up to 10% of small business in Israel, and the inevitable loss of foreign customers and investors.

"Sight" recalls that, contrary to the position of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israeli President Shimon Peres strongly opposed to the one-sided (without the participation of the U.S.) attack on Iran.

Hugo Chavez warns. Venezuela will accept constructive action if the British authorities forcibly penetrated by terrain Ecuadorian embassy in London to arrest the founder of the «WikiLeaks» Julian Assange. This is England warned the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, reports RIA "Novosti" quoting "Agence France-Presse."

Chavez spoke on Mon Venezuelan national television and said: "If England decides to violate the sovereignty of Ecuador, the response will be very constructive. We want to offer the British government is good about this conceive, since the era when empires could do what they zahochut already over. "

RIA "Novosti" recalls that Chavez — davneshny ally Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa.

"Furious Hugo" did not specify what actions can make Caracas, but said they are already preparing.

30 one Malian Minister. As said on August 21 "News", Acting President of Mali Diokunda Traore has approved the composition of the new government of national unity.

Leading members of the Cabinet are chosen by the military junta. The state will ma
nage the 31 ministers. The new cabinet will change the transition.

Or was not there? Austrian authorities have launched an investigation against Heinz-Christian Strache — right-wing politics. He was accused of anti-Semitism report "," with reference to the «Associated Press».

The prosecution did not leave politics without enemies. It was they found last weekend on the personal page Strache in the social network «Facebook» cartoon appeared: a fat banker with a longish nose and cufflinks in the form of a Star of David.

But the favorite of "Freedom Party" in reply said that the picture — not anti-Semitic, and hexagons on it was not. Who is right and who is lying, know at the moment it is impossible: the image removed from everywhere.

It is interesting here is this: the local prosecutor's office will have to decide the legal issue of whether one can accuse people of anti-Semitism on the basis of published cartoons in his online blog. A positive solution to the prosecutor's office can serve as a basis for making Strache criminal charges.

100 days after the order. Olga Alexeeva ("News") Knows that Francois Hollande said hundredth day of the presidency.

President of the French press called "Monsieur all right." But the majority of the population (54 per cent, the source of the survey — «Le Figaro») dissatisfied with the actions of its own president, who is currently on vacation.

The fact is that after 100 days in power Hollande performed only part of the pre-election promises.

Despite promises Hollande, the country does not braked growth rate (it is 10%). GDP per capita in France — a quarter less than in the U.S.. Before becoming president of the Socialist promised voters liberal attitude towards visitors. The reality forced the French to question the validity of the candidate's own campaign promises: not so long ago, bulldozers destroyed 10 gypsy camp near Lille. And the gypsies who lived there were not illegal immigrants: they came from non-EU Romania.

The massive mess in Amiens, where many immigrants from Africa, have also played against the president's popularity. There were 16 police injured, destroyed the local sports center and burned the school.

North Korea's dome. North Korea finished the installation of a protective dome over a nuclear reactor under construction at Yongbyon. About this report "," with reference to the «Associated Press» and «Jane's Defence Weekly».

On installation of the dome show satellite images of the Yongbyon facility from August 6. Expert «Jane's Defence Weekly» described the installation of the dome as a "significant event" is, in general, it is also noted that before the end of the works and plant commissioning Koreans may take a couple of years.

The logs in the eye does not smell.

"So when can we expect the recent revolution in Moscow with colored hoods in the style of« Pussy Riot »instead of Lenin's bald skull and songs« The Velvet Underground »as a manifesto?


So liberate these same punks Putin sir, if you do not want to repeat the sad fate of your predecessors of the Stalinist era. Since after the "de-Stalinization" in Russian Union in the modern of in the coming years you can wait for a more painful "deputinizatsiya" …

He who has ears, let him hear! "

So shrill language writes Daniel Salvatore Schiffer — a representative of French-speaking countries in the International Committee of the anti-death penalty «One Law For All» («Agora Vox», France, translation — "Inosmi").

Not everyone in the West, but as open-minded and so befuddled by the propaganda of "freedom of speech" (as well as act) like this Monsieur, who considers himself not only an opponent of the death penalty, and philosopher.

In Blog Irish newspaper «Daily Mail» Mary Ellen Saynon held an exact parallel between the European and general "human rights" (including «Amnesty International») attitude to the act «Pussy Riot» in Russia and the likely punishment for identical acts in Europe.

Imagine a minute, writes journalist, a similar act done by 3 young Irish ladies. Imagine that they were against the policies of the current government, which allows large-scale immigration of Muslims.

Geopolitical puzzle: Russia became a full member of the WTO and the United States does not rule Obama and Hillary Clinton

These active girls would declare himself a "group" and would burst, for example, in a mosque in Klonski. They bellowed a song against the government minions would have offended Islam and believers. Imam, writes journalist would call the police.

What's Next? And then the same people that not long ago denounced the persecution «Pussy Riot» for their protest on the altar of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, will seek prosecution of the three ladies in Klonski.

Under Irish law, «Pussy Riot» of Klonski could face criminal prosecution for "incitement to hatred". For this article, the accused will be before the District Tribunal where they will not be a jury. The penalty would be possible imprisonment of up to 2-years — the same way, how to get a girl-punks from Moscow.

Yet, continues Mary Ellen Saynon, Euro Union policy, such, for example, as Angela Merkel, rushed to declare that the Russian judicial decision is incompatible with the European values of democracy and the values of the rule of law.

Facts, but, justify recycling. Moscow's decision corresponds exactly to the possible resolution of the Irish legislation, to the laws of other EU states.

The journalist said that in his own country, Ms. Merkel admitted that the German courts sentenced to imprisonment for a term of up to 2-years, those who argue that it is not the 6 million Jews killed under Hitler, and is much smaller. Is the law against so-called "deny the Holocaust" corresponds to the democratic principle of freedom of speech?

Because that Vladimir Putin is under attack because of the trial of the «PR», according to the views of the progressive journalist — something out of the ordinary.

European favorites, notes Saynon, "shocked" by the prosecution «Pussy Riot», relaxed refer to dictatorial regimes, for example, in Saudi Arabia. But alongside such dictatorships Our homeland is similar to the approximate Jeffersonian republic.

Saynon believes that Putin's condemnation of the world community due to the fact that our homeland is not support in the UN Security Council on the Syrian rebels. But at this point, people continued to journalist already understand that Putin may have been right to try to prevent Western intervention in the Syrian conflict. The local "rebels" (the quotes creator of the article), more and more like a terrible breed of Islamic fundamentalists … And Mr. Putin just has experience in dealing with Islamic terrorists within the borders of their country.

What in fact does Putin's notorious loner, so this is his popular support of Orthodoxy in Russia, and love of country. He says about himself as a believer and a patriot, and says that he wants to return to the place of the church in Russian
life and culture. Behind him are millions of Russian believers who were furious blasphemy «Pussy Riot» in the temple.

In the end, Putin longs to see our own status returned home and became an influential international force. In his view, our homeland should return to the first of a series — for her own to protect themselves.

Three forces, according to the journalist, want the opposite: to isolate Russia diplomatically and make it weak. The first such power — South American politicians who do not want to build that Russia — not the same thing as the Soviets, and try to think in terms of the Russian threat. But this is not the case, says the journalist. Moreover, only a powerful Our homeland in Asia may prevent the likely Chinese hegemony over the whole of East Asia.

Second force — the EU elite. It builds itself "Europe" and denigrates large European government — an independent Russia — as "non-European".

Odezhki third force tries on the China. He also wants to build on the international arena rather weak Russia. After a beautiful day in the Chinese, the Irish journalist says, are going to take a little empty spaces on the eastern territories of the Russian …

As for the prosecution and punishment for «PR», then there would be sufficient penalty for disorderly conduct. Prison sentences for "hate"? No. Creator ironically: "It would be very Irish."

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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