Geopolitical puzzle: Pentagon rumors about military intervention in the affairs of Syria, and the Australian fighter unstuck Chinese shoes

The fighting in the Syrian-Turkish border. According to the British newspaper disk imaging «The Guardian», transfers ",", Syrian government forces on May 27 launched a "cleansing" of the mountains, forests and villages Fri near the Turkish border. In an operation involving regular troops, militias "Shabiha", armored vehicles, combat helicopters.

Geopolitical puzzle: Pentagon talking of military intervention in the affairs of Syria, and the Australian soldiers unstuck Chinese shoes

"The Guardian", of course, pays a lot of attention in the article is not the army of al-Assad, but the rebels, citing reports from their camp.

According purchased from the "rebels" disk imaging, ambush was crushed by a government convoy of armored vehicles. The rebels, according to them, burned down four armored vehicles and captured ten men "Shabihi."

The opposition, operating at night, admitted that they had to leave town Atarib undergoing constant shelling.

The government forces will not give Atarib: it would mean the loss of control over the province of Idlib, and then the emergence of a Syrian-Turkish border, a rebel enclave.

The expulsion of ambassadors. May 29 Western opponents of Bashar al-Assad almost immediately announced the expulsion of Syrian ambassadors from their own countries.

As reported by ",", Referring to "Reuters", the U.S. Department of Municipal led the Syrian ambassador in Washington 72 hours in which to leave the country.

On the expulsion of Syrian ambassadors and temporary attorneys previously announced, Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France and some other EU countries.

Expel Syrian ambassadors of European countries have recommended so called "Friends of Syria" (exhibited the U.S., Canada, the EU, the countries of the Arab League, Turkey and other countries), which had a crucial meeting in Paris on May 29, associated with a bloody disaster in Hula (otherwise El Hole, Homs), killing more than 100 people, including women and children.

According to some local residents for the massacre at Hula are Alawite troops "Shabiha", but control of Syria expresses his own innocence to what has happened. As the perpetrators of the disaster Syrian authorities called the "armed terrorist gangs."

How to prove the "allies" of the expulsion of ambassadors? For example, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia, Bob Carr, the decision to expel the ambassador of the country motivated as follows: "The Syrian government can not count on our political dialogue with the government until such time as the agreement does not comply with the terms of the cease-fire. Damascus has to take certain steps to establish peace in Syria, under Kofi Annan's plan. "

The Minister said that the Syrian authorities are responsible for the "cowardly and fierce sin — the murder of more than 100 men, women and kids in the town of Hula."

Carr called on other countries to follow the lead of Australia and turn away from the official communication with Damascus — a symbol of protest against the actions of the latter.

When the bloody regime of Assad is overthrown, Free Syrian Army gain full control of the horrible chemical weapon, the introduction of which is so afraid of Israel.

An anonymous representative of the SSA number of control gave an interview to the Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" in which to tell the world that the rebels will do after the victory over the army of Bashar al-Assad. This writes ",". Too shy to introduce himself "officer" of the opposition said that one of the values of the rebels after the fall of the current regime is to establish control over supplies of chemical weapons in Syria. He said: "We have divided the time since the overthrow of Assad on four steps. The most important of them — it's the first hours after the fall of the regime will inevitably arise when a power vacuum. Warehouses with chemical weapon will be subject to special attention at this time. "

SSA management knows exactly where the warehouses with combat poisons, and knows how to neutralize the guards. "I can not promise that there will not be lost nothing," — said the representative of the SSA to an Israeli newspaper.

It is thought, but that the words "officer" is very similar to the usual boasting. "Secrecy" the representative of the SSA, perky chatting with a newspaper reporter and issued to the business strategy of its own "army" — faster Shaped yap, if a real officer. In addition, it's clear that the PAS — a crowd of deserters and armed rabble of all stripes and colors.

By the way, an unnamed source of the newspaper "Haaretz" has told the world about the fact that soldiers and officers who were suspected of sympathizing with the opposition proceedings without being shot and later buried as heroes who died in the fight against "terrorist gangs".

Pentagon rumors about military intervention in the affairs of Syria. According to "" (N. Fadeev) with reference to «CBS» and «Fox News», the U.S. Defense Department as required ready to create a plan for military intervention in the Syrian conflict. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, in an interview to «CBS» said: "I believe that a diplomatic pressure should always be preceded by at least how discussions on the use of military force. My goal is to make plans for military intervention, not political issues. So Makar, if necessary we will present various scenarios of military intervention. "

But Demspi — not the one that cuts the Gordian knot. He may prefer to measure seven times and cut once. In an interview with «Fox News» he said, followed by, "You always look for military leaders that are somewhat cautious consideration to the use of force, because we never believe until the end that it will not lead to bad consequences."

It is also necessary to see that Dempsey hovering ability repetition in Syria, "the Libyan scenario."

"News" in this regard cite the words of the Press Secretary Jay Carney white houses, spoken at a press briefing: "As chairman of the said Joint Chiefs of Staff U.S. military action is always among the options under consideration, and we do not reset these options off. But we do not believe that the upcoming militarization of the situation in Syria now is the right course. We believe that this will lead to more chaos, more bloodshed. "

Carney condemned the massacre on May 25 in the Syrian village of El-Hole, and then stressed that the international community is united in its own relation to the disaster. He noted that the Obama administration considers responsible for the flogging of civilians Syrian government. In the implementation of the Annan Plan America almost believe, but will continue to work with the UN Security Council, as the "Friends of Syria."

Our homeland believes that the need to investigate the disaster at Hula (El-Hole). True, America believes that such an investigation just ju
stify to the world that for these massacres responsible regime of Syrian President Assad.
On Tuesday declared the chief of the press service of the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, pass "News".

She said: "We believe in what will be the outcome of the investigation." Nuland explained that the State Department approves zeal Russian Federation to investigate the situation. At the State Department believe that the blame for the disaster-sponsored regime "thugs". It was they who were in the house and shot at point-blank kids and parents.

Nuland expressed the hope that the position of in the Syrian issue will change after the withdrawal, already voiced by the State Department.

So Makar, after this candid gosdepovskoy "tips" Moscow can come to the conclusion that if the massacres in Hula was a provocation of terrorists, it becomes clear what goal they pursue. Changing the case of the Russian Federation to the Syrian confrontation, which the West says is a very long time, will probably key to Assad's resignation and early implementation in Syria, "the Libyan scenario."

Meanwhile, Iran has admitted that he sent to the aid of the Syrian government troops. "," report the matter, referring to «The Guardian», which, in turn, refers to the statement of a senior officer of the Revolutionary Guards.

In an interview with ISNA Gahan Ismail, deputy commander of the special unit "Quds", said that "if it were not for the presence of the Islamic Republic, massacre in Syria would be even bigger." I saw Gahan, before the rise of the Iranian opposition Syrian troops "killed a lot of people."

English «The Times» writes that the statement of the presence of the Iranian special forces in Syria Gahan made at a meeting with students on May 27. It is also noted that the interview Gahan has been removed from the site soon after the publication of ISNA.

"Interesting spiral of confrontation just as hard to get out of it." So says the Russian representative to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov, which also varies in effectiveness expulsion of Syrian ambassadors of the EU. This is reported "News".

"I do not wish to spend any parallels, but nedavneshny review of EU ambassadors in Minsk with the following return, eventually, back has not made a huge impression" — leads the statement Chizhov, made them in Brussels, "Interfax".

The Syrian situation, according to Chizhov, could be one of the topics of discussion at the summit of our homeland — the European Union in St. Petersburg on June 3-4. The desire to raise the topic at the summit of the Syrian spokesman Michael Mann European diplomacy: "We have the ability to produce the RF pressure on the Syrian government that it has already done with success in the past."

No need to be a political analyst to conclude that both America and Europe are counting on the assistance of in the overthrow of Assad. The massacre at Hula — a good reason to support the diplomatic pressure on both Syria and the Russian.

But Russian diplomats speak out until after a thorough investigation of the events in the province of Homs. After all, many people did not die in the Hula from shelling and from small and cool guns (shot in the head and cutting the throat).

The airline "Siberia" does not agree with the decision of the Ukrainian court. As passed May 28 in Kiev RIA "Novosti" Alexander Savochenko, Russian airline "Siberia" will appeal against the decision of the Kiev Economic Court of Appeal, which confirmed on Mon innocence Ukrainian military plane crash in Russian Tu-154 in 2001. A. Savochenko also reported:

"The Tu-154 of airline" Siberia ", flying from Tel Aviv to Novosibirsk crashed in October 2001. Killing all 66 passengers and 12 crew members. The Commission of the Interstate Aviation Committee has determined that the airliner over the Black Sea was hit by a missile launched Ukrainian soldiers, held on the day exercises in the Crimea. Ukrainian military passenger plane confused with educational purpose. Ukraine after a while after the accident, without waiting for the results of the investigation, paid the families of the victims of moral compensation in the amount of 200 thousand dollars for each victim.

But economic Tribunal of Kiev in September 2011 initially rejected a lawsuit Russian airline to recover the real harm to the Defense Ministry and the State Treasury of Ukraine for the disaster of the liner. "Siberia" in 2004 has filed a lawsuit, which sought to recover from the Ukrainian authorities to 15.32 million dollars for the downed plane. "

The names of sponsors Navalny. "," with reference to "Vedomosti" reported that "the Fund to combat corruption," Alexei Navalny released the names of donors who have donated the organization 4.4 million.

The composition of the Fund's sponsors, at the request of the Navalny made in the interview were included, for example, the vice-president of "Rosgosstrakh" Roman Miller, director of strategic planning "Alfa Group" Alexei Savchenko, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the State of spare Alexander Lebedev, partner MC "RosinvestHotel" Cyril Irtyuga, first deputy general director of CJSC "Big City" Artem Lyubimov, etc. Bulk stressed that the businessmen involved in the project as a private person.

First donors have decided to publish their names then, so are others who have not yet decided to support Navalny could go their way. But here on the names of donors may not be disclosed.

Tony Blair — a military offender? British ex-prime minister Tony Blair, who appeared at the hearings about the relations of the Government and the Murdoch media empire and prove his innocence is not, not innocence, suddenly flinched. In the courtroom, "broke man, caught by surprise present, including the security services," write "News".

Comrade was directed Lawley Ueykelinom, pacifist party actions against the war, which is embroiled in England. Lawley said Ueykelin meeting hall and something fascinating about Blair:

«JP Morgan paid him for the war in Iraq. Three months after the war broke out, they robbed the bank at 20 billion Iraqi Personally, he later each year they, JP Morgan, paid 6 million, even when he stepped down. This man — a military offender! "

Then the guards led fellow Ueykelina from the audience.

Later, when Blair left the court building in his car threw an egg. Thrower eggs also detained but Blair said the press that the charges — not true.

In court, but are going to start an investigation. But it is not about the new charges, and about the fact that someone was able to infiltrate the guarded corridor — in the one that has the right to use only the judge.

Pieces of bodies of men for Canadian conservatives. "," with reference to «Associated Press» and Ottawa police reported that the headquarters of the Party of Canada Limited on May 29 sent a severed human foot — a blood-soaked box.

Parcel was addressed with a foot "of the Conservative Party of Canada." Limited is a member of the Party of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper. In general, his residence is located in a different building.

"Tape" writes that earlier in Montreal found a human torso — in a suitcase. At the moment, the police inspects the likely story of the connection between the pieces, found in Montreal and Ottawa.

Libyan militia: we worked,
caught Gaddafi son, give us 1.36 million dollars.
As the, referring to "Interfax", the Libyan militias, in the thrall of what is Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, the demand from the country's National Transitional Council to pay them the promised reward for his capture. Militias are not going to transfer a prisoner to the authorities of the time, until they pay them 1.36 million dollars.

The representative of Libya to the International Criminal Court, Ahmed al-Jehani finds such requirements militia founded. He said: "This is a fee revolutionaries for the work that they have done over the last few months."

By the way, the International Criminal Tribunal also reaches issuing an offspring of Gaddafi, accusing him of sins against humanity. While in Libya, Saif al-Islam is likely to be executed, the International Criminal Tribunal can only sentence the defendant to a prison term.

Oilers go to Libya. British company «BP» resumes in Libya, which was interrupted in February last year because of the unrest. This is stated in the official press release, reports ",".

The agreement on the return was signed on May 29 representatives of the "BP" and the Libyan state oil company «NOC».

"Due to the mess in Libya — wrote" Ribbon "- a temporary suspension of oil and gas, or the termination declared its full, not counting the" BP ", the Italian« Eni », the French« Total », Norwegian« Statoil »and Anglo -Dutch company «Shell». Also been frozen deal "Gazprom Neft" (which eventually became a partner of «Eni») on the project «Elephant». In November last year «Eni» resumed oil production at «Elephant».

For other oil news. As passed now RIA "Novosti", referring to the agency, "Agence France-Presse" and the official dealer of the UN Kieran Dwyer, the United Nations confirmed the information about yesterday's withdrawal of troops from the disputed Sudanese region of Abyei, which borders South Sudan.

Khartoum's decision on withdrawal of troops from the region fiancé due to the requirements of the May UN Security Council resolution to oblige the Army of Sudan and South Sudan to end the military confrontation in the border areas and leave them.

RIA "News" also reported that the inhabitants of oil-Abyei, located on the border between Sudan and Russe, had to find his membership in a referendum in July 2011. But do not stipulated: the referendum was postponed indefinitely due to lack of agreement between the parties as to who is entitled to vote. The fact that the Juba opposed roles in the plebiscite of representatives wandering Misseriya: they are only a couple of times a year pass through the area with their herds. But here's the Khartoum insists on the participation in the referendum Misseriya, since they support the Sudan.

At the Tuareg of Mali and Islamists cooperation failed. This writes "," quoting "Agence France-Presse."

Tuareg rebels from the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad and the Islamists of the group "Ansar al-Din" refused to cooperate, announced on May 26. Not so long ago, has agreed to develop a "joint" independent state parties have already announced their own fundamentally disagreements. Tuaregs they say that unhappy desire to "Ansar al-Din" make government built only on Sharia law.

Department of State, hands off Venezuela! Venezuela's National Assembly yesterday adopted a declaration of non-interference in the internal affairs of the U.S. American country. This is reported from Mexico City RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii, Recalling the TV channel «Globovision».

It is a statement of the U.S. State Department report on the situation of human rights in the world. In this document, Venezuela, such as Cuba, accused in the persecution of dissidents, the main limitation of freedoms and rights of the people. Most of the parliament in Venezuela believes that the United States does not have the moral right to impose their peoples' neo-liberal, destructive policies, coupled with the policy of genocide. "

In Mitt Romney enough votes to become the single candidate of the Republican U.S. presidential election. About this report from Washington corr. RIA Announces Denis Voroshilov. Victory in the GOP primaries in Texas on Tuesday last Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney secured for itself the right amount of delegate votes. Now he may be nominated as a candidate of the Republican Party in the upcoming November 6 in the U.S. presidential election.

"In the state of Texas — says Dmitry Voroshilov -" played out "the votes of 155 delegates. As reported by the media involved in the counting of votes, up to vote Romney secured the support of at least 152 people, while the right size — 1,144 votes — he missed a total of 78 votes. "

It is understood that on 27 August, at the Republican Convention, Romney will be officially named the sole candidate.

Russian Foreign Ministry criticized the U.S. ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul — for its expression to the students of the Higher School of Economics. This was said on May 28 "News".

The official dealer of the Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich said subsequently: "The sounded evaluate the interaction of the Russian Federation and the United States in the form go far beyond the bounds of the diplomatic etiquette, but in fact represent a deliberate distortion of a number of qualities of the Russian-American dialogue. Namely, the Russian administration has never used the term "privileged sphere of influence." Read as we are talking about countries with whom we have mutual interests of the privileged. We do not use the Yankees ingrained notion of "spheres of influence" in practical politics, including in respect of Kyrgyzstan.

As for the airport "Manas", the McFaul knows better what and who gave bribes Washington. We can only say that 10 years back the administration of George W. Bush assured the need to use the base "Manas" a year or two. We are aware that the government in Washington is a different administration, but it does not eliminate the problem of predictability and transparency of U.S. actions in Central Asia. Salting should be able to at least explain the discrepancy between word and deed.

More sounded unprofessional and approval McFaul about some of the "linkages" that pushes Tipo Our homeland in the discussion of acute international issues. To claim, as though we offered to exchange "Iran to Georgia," and "human rights in Russia — North Korea" — means to know nothing about the position of Moscow, which fundamentally questions, including non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, are the undisputed value and not subject to any Market Place. "

RIA "Novosti" passed now that Michael McFaul announced his surprise official reaction to his speech at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow — and even gave a promise to continue to talk about the international diplomatic relations.


"Being committed to improving US-Russian relations, I was surprised by the official reaction to my speech at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow", — wrote McFaul Wednesday at his Live Journal.

"The essence of my excursion into the past was not to" spreading outrageous lies, "but rather to illustrate exactly what we have overcome, abandoning the outdated methods of diplomacy of past e
ras. Maybe I should not have read so clearly and straightforwardly. I agree with that, and I will try to read more diplomatically, "- he writes.

He said he sought in his own speech to give top marks today's cooperation between Russia and the United States in Central Asia, in what countries avoid irrelevant issues and not be distracted by claims of domestic intervention.

"The main idea of my speech was how much we have gained over the past four years in the" reset "our relations", — said McFaul. "

In defense of the long-suffering McFaul was the official representative of the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland. She submitted that Moscow erroneously explained McFaul words. In general, she did not respond directly to the question of whether McFaul read the bribe that our homeland as suggested Kyrgyzstan.

It remains to recall that along with free fantasies of RF McFaul spill the beans about American bribes, which — perhaps due to the crisis — is about 10 times smaller than the Russian bribes.

Shoes cereal demand. "," with reference to «ABC News» report: Ministry of Defence of Australia recognizes that gives the military the infamous front shoes. If it were not for Senator Ian Macdonald, who recently watched a military parade in Townsville, fighters and could be shod with shoes inappropriate properties.

Speaking later to the Senate, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence has admitted that the difficulties with the front shoe — not new to the Army. Task began in 2008. The fact that the agreement on the creation of shoe got on the tender of one company from China.

Bad quality of shoes was found, and the Ministry of shoes sent back to China by requiring manufacturers to add more stores in the joints and studs. The Chinese nodded in agreement, the work done, and then the shoes have continued to get unstuck. And still marching Australian military parades in shoes that require porridge.

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