Geopolitical puzzle: Romney believes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and in Oxford established complete tolerance

The rebels are defeated. As passed yesterday "Interfax", in the Syrian town of Aleppo Renewed fighting between the army and rebels. The rebels have seized several areas on July 20.

The other day, fighting Syrian activist Hisham al-Alabi said in an interview with EFE that the troops carried out counter-offensives against opposition fighters. According to human rights, tanks and aircraft strikes at the areas of Salahaddin, Seif al-Dawla and al-Sukari.

Kofi Annan is very concerned about the concentration of troops in Aleppo. According to his statement, the Syrian military operation underlines the need for international community for urgent action to establish a dialogue between the Syrian authorities and their opponents (the information "Bi-bi-si").

Geopolitical puzzle: Romney believes Jerusalem the capital of Israel, and at Oxford came complete tolerance

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Syria Walid Muallem, the opposition will be defeated in Aleppo. This statement was made head of the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs at a joint press conference with his Iranian officer Ali Akbar Salehi in Tehran. He said: "We believe that all the anti-Syrian forces have gathered in Aleppo, that fight with the government, and they will definitely be defeated."

200 thousand. The head of United Nations humanitarian missions Valerie Amos said on Sunday that about 200 thousand inhabitants fled the town of Aleppo after a counter-attack government forces that began on July 28. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

Amos believes that many more residents want to leave Aleppo, but can not. In the town, she said, the lack of water, food, mattresses and blankets, hygiene supplies.

Witnesses said the report "Ribbon" that break the resistance of the rebels, the government has not yet come out. Syrian authorities perceive the battle for Aleppo as the final step of civilian war, the commanders of the same promise to arrange the opposition in the town cemetery for the Syrian army. Cheap hirelings of the West and its Arab satellite echoed by U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: this preacher armed democracy, making a Middle East tour, said that the attack on Aleppo will be the "nail in the coffin" of Bashar al-Assad.

No inspection! As the ",", and the Web site of the Russian Federation Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement on Saturday that our homeland will not agree on their own inspection of the ships in the implementation of the decisions of the EU on July 23, directed against Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated that they will not participate in actions against Syria, and highlighted that continue to adhere to the "principal and alternate positions rejection of one-sided sanctions against Syria," because these sanctions violate the country's sovereignty.

Lavrov did not prescribe Assad in Moscow. It has long been rumored that Assad and his family are about to move to Moscow (option: in Minsk) for permanent residence. Rumourmonger put forward a variety of versions: Putin and Lavrov invited the Syrian president to Moscow that Assad has sought political refuge, and that Assad's wife, Asma, has been living in Moscow, in the flats overlooking the Red Square.

Comrade Lavrov these rumors already tired to refute. On the old days again he had to do it.

How to Say "News", citing ITAR-TASS, Sergei Lavrov said that the ongoing debate about the provision of Bashar al-Assad political cover — "duck". He said, "Someone ran this" duck "that our homeland should take for themselves Assad that our homeland is ready for, and Assad is ready, let's bulk on Russia."

Comrade Lavrov stressed that "those who are trying to sow this idea in the minds of international society, do it with unscrupulous purposes." "We are not and were not friends the coming Syrian regime — the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry. — The coming his friends in Europe. If someone wants to solve this dilemma in this way, then let them think about their own ability. "

Saudi Arabia lust, that "the population of Syria" was entitled to protection. As the corr. ITAR-TASS Alexander Poderv'yansky, Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia believes that the Syrian people should protect themselves from their own government.

"The position of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known. It is, so to increment the volume of money and humanitarian aid to the Syrian people. The international community should also give them the opportunity to defend himself "- quoted" Reuters "word Spokesman of the kingdom.

The representative believes in the fact that "the Syrian regime" is not a war against foreign invaders, but against the ill-fated "unarmed Syrians." To suppress their people, the Syrian government, according to a Saudi, "imports and uses all kinds of weapons."

As for the "humanitarian aid to the Syrian people", the ministry declined to comment on the kingdom show in the Western media reported that in Adana (Turkey), with the support of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have created a focal point for communications Syrian rebels and supply them guns.

LA-8 crashed in Iran. As passed yesterday RIA "Novosti", referring to the «Press TV», amphibian LA-8 production of Russian NGO "AeroVolga" when trying to take off the Iranian wing touched the mountain.

The incident occurred at 12:00 local time in Bandar Anzali. On board were 3 people. One of them broke a leg and two were bruises.

According to the «IRNA», this twin-engine airplane month back was imported from Russia.

100 people from Yemen. July 29 about hundreds of people with a gun in his hand seized the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Yemen in Sana'a, report "," with reference to the «Reuters».

Invaders — representatives of the 1st of Yemeni tribes. The conflict is curious: the armed men took several employees of the Ministry of the hostages, claimed that they be enrolled in the police. Then the hostages were released, and the assailants, who wished to become policemen so far remain in the building.

Yemeni tribes participated in the liberation of the cities of the south of the insurgents' Al-Qaeda. " It is pointed out that many Yemenis have supported the former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, who was overthrown in the uprising.

"Tape" recalls that "Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" — one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the region, and of the world. It is in May has claimed responsibility for the attack in Sanaa that killed nearly 100 people.

Tajik rebels began to take an instrument. How to Say "News", the Tajik Pamirs on Sunday night fighters began to volunteer surrender of weapons. The State Committee of State Security of the Republic on July 29 said: "Until surrendered four units of firearms, but the p
rocess has begun."

According to the disk imaging official website Tajik Interior Ministry, voluntarily disarmed youth, "which unconsciously picked up the gun and stood up against the government forces to resist the troops." According to the Interior Ministry, "these young people are included in the grouping of former opposition field commander Tolib Aembekova, which Dushanbe blamed for the murder of General Abdullo Nazarov, Tajik special services."

As highlighted in the report, "persons who voluntarily donate an instrument, shall be exempt from criminal responsibility."

Romney — the closest friend of Israel. U.S. presidential candidate of the Republican Party Mitt Romney visited Israel and gave a lot of the loud promises. "," with reference to «Reuters» reports that Mr. Romney if he is elected president pledged to support Israel if the latter decides to launch a military operation against Iran.

Romney adviser on foreign policy and security Dan Senor said subsequent press: "If, in order to prevent the plans of Iran to develop nuclear weapons, Israel will have to use force, the governor respectfully react to this decision."

Earlier, recalls "Ribbon", Romney repeatedly called Obama's Middle East policy "weak" and even "wrong." The fact that the Obama administration assured Israel to refrain from pre-emptive attack on Iran. In general, America can not, without double standards on Friday Barack Obama signed a law expanding military cooperation with Israel, which facilitates access to the Middle East ally South American weapons.

As reported by RIA "Novosti", Mitt Romney on Sunday met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. One of the main topics of the talks was the Iranian "nuclear issue". To solve it, Mr. Romney admits the possibility of a military operation, if no other means are exhausted.

Netanyahu responded to this: "Mitt, I could not agree with you and also think that fundamentally do everything we can in order to prevent the ayatollahs get these (nuclear) power. Let's be honest and say that all the sanctions and diplomacy so far not one iota threw her back the Iranian program. " Israeli Prime Minister added: "It is because I believe that we need to use in addition to strong sanctions and a credible military threat to get the chance to change the situation."

More recently the talks, before coming to Israel, Mr. Romney has given interviews to the press, in what promised in the event of his own election victory will do everything to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. A military operation he called the "least attractive" option, but, nevertheless, said that it can not be discounted.

If Israel attacks Iran independent, then, according to Dan Senor, Mr. Romney will treat it with reverence: "If Israel will have to act himself in order to stop Iran towards this (nuclear) capabilities, the governor (Romney) will respect this decision. "

As passed yesterday corr. Itar-Tass Zlodorev, Mitt Romney made yet another statement — referred to Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Speaking on July 29 in one of Jerusalem's public institutions, he said: "This is a fundamental experience — being in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel."

4-four years earlier, recalls ITAR-TASS, in March 2008, another Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency, and now a big-name Senator — John McCain — also made a similar expression. "I support Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," — he said.

The fact that the U.S. is presented in this town just representation. Official Washington has repeatedly stressed that the status of Jerusalem should be determined through peaceful negotiations.

According to ITAR-TASS correspondent in Tel Aviv, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority, the chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said that the words of Mitt Romney's "capital" violate the interests of the United States in the region. He said: "Romney's statement undermines the South American interests in the region in its peace, security and stability. They are unacceptable, we absolutely reject them. "

Vpribavok to his words about the capital of Mr. Romney stated his intention to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem: "I understand that the policy of our country lies in the desire to move the embassy specifically to the capital. I would wish to do this by agreeing terms with the government of Israel. "

So Makar, add, Mitt Romney — a man similar to McCain and McFaul and very far from the policy of "double standards", so sweet heart the various winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. In an effort to occupy the presidency, Mr. Romney honestly and directly tell the world about what he decides to do, and took the post, will immediately make the promise. The U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem move, the rebels will be armed in Syria, Iran, and will receive an all-out bombing raketopuskanie, and Barack Obama's friendship with the Kremlin, from time to time called "reset" will change the geopolitical strife, which Mr. Romney mentioned more than once.

This presidential candidate soon before the condition is that Washington will announce the capital of the world.

"My answer is — no." Sergey Lavrov reaffirmed the position of the Russian Federation that Russian officials will continue to go to the Kuril Islands. This is reported RIA "Novosti".

Comrade Lavrov spoke about this at a press conference after talks with Japanese employee Koichiro Gemba. Japanese journalist asked him commented the recent visit of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to the Kuril Islands.

"Russia can not accept protests that were heard from Tokyo about this," — said the Minister.

He added that the Russian authorities will continue to work on improving the socio-economic situation of the region of the Russian Federation.

"My answer to the question of whether Russian officials to refrain from trips (the Kuril Islands), my answer is — no. It's just a fact that we are now discussing, "- Lavrov singled friend.

The crisis in Spain. On it knows Andrei Baranov ("News").

On one of the main streets of Madrid — one more demonstration of public servants. Politics of the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, who came to power seven months back, really do not like the protesters.

Tony Ferrer, secretary of the UGT of Spain, says: "Before the election, Mariano Rajoy did not read about raising taxes, that is going to damage the health and education, facilitate the function of dismissal. He promised that he would respect our rights, but lied. "

Baranov recalls that a week back the unions brought to the streets of Spanish cities of 1.5 million people. Democratic Madrid's police used tear gas against the demonstrators and fired rubber bullets. But representatives of the workers are not going to back down. They warn that in September, the protesters would seek a referendum on confidence in the government.

Rajoy plan is simple: the Prime Minister has decided to win 65 billion euros by another tax increases, cuts in public sector wages and reducing payments to the unemployed. Economists believe that this is not enough to save the country. Meanwhile, a similar step can lead to a fully social explosion in the country.

As in Greece, the report creator reportage in Spain is becoming more and more of those for whom the protests on the streets are the main method of hanging. State Statistics published statistics: unemployment in Spain has set a record: currently work seek out 5.7 million people,
or one in four adults Spaniard.

Revival Irina. A. Korchnitsky (""), Referring to the «The Guardian», reports that three of the four major terrorist groups want Northern Ireland to merge with the goal of reviving Irina and organize attacks against British security forces.

The unified company will group "Real IRA", "Republican action against drugs" and the coalition-independent republican armed groups. Refused to join "the continuity of the IRA."

Brand new organization, according to the terrorists would be "subject to the Constitution of the Irish Republican Army."

The number of organizations — a few hundred fighters. Irina will deal with the embodiment of the attacks against the British security services: their extremists believe emblem occupation of Northern Ireland. Objectives militants police stations and regional offices «Ulster Bank». Fully probable explosions in Derry: in this town in 2013 are scheduled days of English culture.

According to the terrorists, they will conduct "an armed struggle for the freedom of Ireland" and achieve the withdrawal of British troops.

Impeachment failed. As reported from Bucharest corr. Itar-Tass, attempt to impeach Romanian president Traian Basescu failed. The premise was the low turnout in the referendum (about 44%, according to preliminary data, and must be greater than 50%).

Commenting on the results of exit polls from polling stations, Basescu said: "The Romanians rejected municipal coup organized by 256 deputies, headed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta and Senate President Crin Antonescu. Now people supported the policy of Europe. "

It is interesting that, according to data posted after the polls sociological centers in the country, supported the president's resignation 86% of voters, while only 13 voted against. But because of the low voting turnout is likely to be declared null and void.

Gathering of the Estonian SS. "Voice of Russia", referring to "Interfax", tells of Saturday's rally veterans of the 20th Estonian SS division, held at altitudes Sinimae near the Russian border.

The event was attended by former members fighting against the Russian army in the summer of 1944. Also at the rally was attended by representatives of neo-Nazi organizations from Denmark, Sweden and Latvia. To protect the gathering of unnecessary parts, the Estonian authorities are not allowed in the country chapter chairman of the organization "Finland without Nazism" Petri Krona (he arrived in Tallinn on the anniversary of sister reports "Rosbalt", but was arrested, placed at two o'clock in the camera, then he announced a ban on arrival). At the rally site watchmen prevented favorite Estonian Anti-Fascist Committee, Andrew Zarenkova activist and anti-fascist movement Maxim Reva.

Young representatives of the organization "Young Friends of the Legion" carried the banner of the Estonian SS troops. Case and "exploits" SS glorified at the rally not only words, and books and albums, including narrating about the only survivor of Estonians Harald Nugisekse, Knight's Cross of the award.

Elderly veterans laid wreaths at the monument to the soldiers of Hitler's Grenadier Hill.

As the representative of the Latvian delegation, "we know where our enemy. He's not gone, he is a Trojan stallion lives in towns and villages. We have to announce the Russian that we are ready to fight. "

The speakers said that the second global war was "anti-Bolshevik war, and let it be taken in history."

In conclusion, the gathering of his soldiers' soup will be served and sold memoirs.

The Russian embassy in Estonia last Thursday said: "Due to scheduled for the end of this week's gathering of veterans of the 20th Division" Waffen SS "in Sinimae Russian embassy in Estonia once again points out that in the state are members of the union, last sample the glorification of the Nazis and their collaborators, including under the guise of the right to freedom of representation and expression. "

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia gave the answer in what regarded the condemnation of Russian support for SS veterans as "malicious and inappropriate" and "deeply offensive to the people of Estonia."

It should be noted that in Estonia SS veterans are perceived as "freedom fighters." These people enjoy the benefits at the municipal level, and their activities are funded from the budget of the Ministry of Defence.

English announcements. Olympic robbery. In London, arrested three boys 27, 32 and 35 years. They are suspected of committing robberies that have produced, dressed in police uniforms. This was told corr. ITAR-TASS Maxim Ryzhkov, referring to Scotland Yard.

Instilling confidence passersby using a form of peace officers, offenders make it to the victims of their own purses, and from there took away cash and credit cards. The objects of attention to the "police" were tourists who came to the Olympics.

Chief of the Investigation Division of Scotland Yard Steve Osborne explained the principles of true police: "… The police officers never take money from you and lead you to the ATM. It is unlikely that they could ask your bank cards, and even more so, the original police never turn to you with a request to call the PIN code of the card. "

Corr. ITAR-TASS recalls that in June, police in London Beware of Olympic tourists. In a statement, the police have just mentioned, and the ability of occurrence in the capital's streets potential robbers dressed as policemen.

Perhaps add, attackers intently listened to this message — and they have done because the police have recommended them.

Oxford: the triumph of tolerance. Newspaper "The Guardian" said about achieving a brand new British democracy. In the article, "For transgender students Oxford Institute changed the dress code" describes the changing room indulgences made the administration of a prestigious school students.

From that moment on exams or while visiting the official events students do not have to comply with in clothes gender. The girls can wear jackets, pants and ties, and the young men have the right to wear a skirt and stockings.

Oxford Institute, writes "The Guardian" with reference to "the Press Association," rewrote the law is a serious academic dress code — because of fears that the establishment was unfair to students transsexuals.

The law is already in force, was "lobbied" the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and other LGBT student whose offer has an alliance of Oxford.

Jess Pumphrey, executive director of the LGBT community, Oxford, said that the new configuration will make exams considerably less stressful for students because now they will not have to change clothes specially for fear of punishment.

According to the old one to the law, male students were required to wear a dark suit and socks, black shoes, snow-white bow tie and ordinary snow-white shirt with a collar. Students were required to wear dark pants or skirt, white blouse, black stockings and shoes and a black ribbon at the neck.

If transsexual student lusted put odezhku reverse floor, he had to ask for special permission from the inspector of the Institute, who had the right to punish violators.

So now, we would add, Oxford lad might seem completely before an examiner in a skirt and stockings.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

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