Geopolitical puzzle: Russia to keep the WTO, but the turn out of the G8, and 43% of those surveyed in the U.S. will vote for Romney because he is not Obama

Indonesians are preparing lawsuits to "dry." The formal prerequisite for claims was that the relatives of the victims in Indonesia is considered: the laws of the Russian Federation for experimental aircraft — such as «SSJ-100" — can not carry passengers. Multi-million dollar lawsuits are expected. Currently in Jakarta Russian working group of international lawyers. Write about it "News" (Report Polikanov Herman, Elizabeth Maetnoy).

Quote: "First we will bury their own, and then your aircraft will take the best lawyers — say" News "Indonesians who met at the airport Halim dark plastic bags with pieces of human remains. Several Indonesian families have already turned to the lawyers and attorneys for advice. In Russia, these claims also to be taken seriously: May 7 in Jakarta flew a group of international jurists to resolve the questions in advance. "

It's amazing. The plane crashed on 9 May and lawyers flew to Jakarta on May 7. During the day or two before the crash? Sleeping on the typo in "Izvestia".

Families of the victims — regardless of claims — soon will receive two payments: with 4.5 million dollars from the Government of Indonesia and 50 thousand dollars from the company "Sukhoi".

Same with the views that the "Superjet" — airplane pilot, Russian experts agree. Test pilot «SSJ» Alexander Akimenkov said "News": "Passengers on board such experimental permitted only by written order of the general designer of the aircraft, and he is personally responsible for their safety."

Test pilot and an expert on security Vladimir Gerasimov add to this: "Usually on board experimental aircraft set additional equipment for research, because you can not carry passengers there."

But the KLA believe that on board the aircraft were only spices and professionals, not just passengers. A spokesman for the KLA Olga Kayukova told "Izvestia": "On board the aircraft were only specialists of the aviation industry: potential customers, journalists who write on this topic, as employees of" dry "and the Indonesian flight attendants. They all received invitations to the pre-flight. "

Quote from the report: "But there was another oddity. For a demo flight in Indonesia was preparing another SSJ-100, tail number 97005. But during the flight from Kazakhstan to Pakistan, he developed prepyadstviya with the engine. In the end, May 6 one SSJ-100 immediately changed to another — alternate with the tail number RA-97004. May 9 the plane crashed … "

The experts write on the "News", expressed hesitation that the emergency board could be how to prepare for a day or 3. Because the investigation to learn as a prerequisite crash and deal with the issues of organizing the flight «SSJ».

The generosity of. Russian Federation is not a lot to join the WTO, it is still going to join the OECD — the Company for Economic Cooperation and Development. According to Igor Naumov ("Nezavisimaya Gazeta"), The cost of entry — the forgiveness of debts, which were once the Soviet Union issued its allies, including African countries. Only in Africa, according to the article, from 2005 to 2011. 11.3 billion was forgiven. dollars, not counting the 552 million dollars written off by programmke "Debt-for development programs from" Madagascar, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and some other countries.

Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak May 16 told the press about the content of the report on the state of Russia's participation in promoting international growth (SMR). The text of the report will be presented on May 18-19 at the G8 summit in Camp David (USA).

Our home spends on the development of other countries about $ 500 million per year in 2012 is planned to be spent for this purpose up to 550 million dollars in the current time in the OECD (the year of creation — 1948) consists of 34 countries. Our homeland — the candidate country. In the middle of the other candidates have to highlight all the partners in the BRICS: Brazil, India, China and South Africa.

At the moment we are talking only about the financing of projects with the development objectives because, as the saying Storchak, "have nothing to write off." Is it that you have to "forgive" the new debt of the Russian Federation of the African, American and Asian countries, which, in the opinion of the analyst TCB "Capital" Sergei Karykhalin not look creditworthy. The expert says: "And all the possible scenario in which these debts will also have to write off. In similar contracts but politics can be corruption component. Transparency there obviously is not enough. "

Regarding regional rassredotachivaniya provided by Russia at the present time by the OECD, says Viktor Ponomarev ("") Storchak noted that "in addition to Africa, which accounts for about 30% of the funds, approximately that of the same amount given to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, and 20% — Latin America and the Caribbean, 12% — South Asia, 9 % — East Asia and the Pacific, and 3% — Middle East and North Africa. "

Let Our homeland is in the WTO, the G8 should be the G7. Anders Aslund, Senior Fellow Peterson Institute for International Economics, prefers to use a his article digit "7".

Leitmotif Aslund article: Putin, Russia's new president, he realized that at the summit of G7 — it does not belong. Obama also Aslund provides regular advice to the irony: the situation has changed, and so it is time to reconsider the principles of "reset."

Aslund believes that Medvedev — not bad, and Putin — bad. Arguments: first, as president, "established business with virtually all of the Russian Federation", but the second obviously leaning towards isolationism, announcing a priority foreign policy objective of the creation of the Eurasian Union. Another article creator sees in the behavior of the Russian president with the tendency towards isolation of uncertainty. Aslund also writes:

"Putin, acting systematically transformed Russia from a semi-democratic authoritarian government. Walks a lot of stories about his outrageous personal corruption … "

The creator recommends not only alter the G8, and the abolition of the Board Our homeland — NATO. Almost Aslund is talking about the external insulation of. After all, "Russia has not become to be a democracy, even in the most vague sense of the word, and therefore grounds for membership of in the G8 have disappeared."

Start a clarification of the Russian Federation of its new, reduced place in the world to be with the fact that Obama needs to realize Putin: no summits will not — until such time as in Russia is over baiting Ambassador McFaul. In addition, Obama needs to act tougher: he "had to say: it is clear that Putin summit uninteresting, because our home has to be democratic and have fallen away G7 reasons to invite Russia into a democratic club." Aslund writes.

But in the G20 and in particular the WTO Russia must "welcome welcome" because the South American trade with Russia should bring America profit.

Together with the fact Obama on Aslund, you must complete the "kowtow" to Putin. Russian favorite has to know his place. Myagenkaya attitude toward Putin might consider Aslund, only to destroy the "healthy" relationship the United States and Russia. (Source of translation — "Inopressa").

While Anders Aslund wrote about such an isolated and non-democratic country like our homeland, and uncert
ain of its president, the Russian Foreign Ministry wrote about the undemocratic United States.

Yesterday was posted on the Web text Authorized Foreign Ministry comment on the issues of human rights, democracy and the rule of law, KK Dolgov, given to them about the measures used in the West to combat social protests:

"Against the background of the crisis in the global economy, the United States and certain states of the Euro Union last mass demonstrations and other protests of people dissatisfied with the socio-economic situation and policies of the authorities in this area. In all this there are innumerable cases of disproportionate introduction of force against peaceful demonstrators. This situation is often an accompanying video frames the media, it is reasonable to care about human rights and is a cause of concern in the context of democratic rights and freedom of expression of views, assembly and association guaranteed by fundamental international treaties and agreements.

Let us emphasize that we are talking specifically about harnessing the power disproportionate way against the participants in the protest actions that do not violate the rule of law and do not pose a danger to public safety. As can be seen, in these cases do not apply the appropriate constraints on the implementation of these freedoms imposed, namely, the International Covenant on civilian and political rights.

We presume that those who really are fussing about rights-respecting rules are impartially, without double standards to assess the situation with the reaction of the authorities of various countries on the implementation of the legitimate rights of its own citizens, without succumbing to the feelings and avoiding politicized interpretations of the facts. "

Ancient history: those who are foaming at the mouth screaming about human rights violations in Russia, the corruption of the Russian mafia, about violations of human rights and freedoms, for the oppression of opposition rallies and demonstrations, Putin's authoritarianism, which replaced democracy Medvedev in his eye the log does not feel.

Everyone understands how pathetic South American State Department was worried about the power structures of Russia counteractions opposition, which appeared at a rally on May 6. State Department does not have attracted any clashes with the police, no arrest.

But the U.S. has its own opposition movement — "Occupy Wall Street" (not to mention the tyschah "hate groups") — often disperses the police. «Occupy Wall Street», gripped 10s cities, protesting against the government's economic policy and gained strength against the background of the ongoing financial crisis that Obama, whose election rating is not as high as he would like, is trying to "preventively" put the blame on Europe speaking of "Headwind".

Naturally, it's easier to find the exterior premises of the crisis, and criticized the "non-democratic" countries drown outrageous tasks of their own country. Range of enemies and autocrats, but in the U.S. it's not as bad as it might seem. In the U.S., it would be even better if global tyranny led by Russia and Venezuela did not serve the citizens of irresponsible bad example.

South American State Department are unaware that the bad example was registered in the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776:

"We hold these truth to be self evident, that all men are made equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the desire for happiness. To secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their legitimate opportunities from the consent of the governed. If any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, the people have the right to change or abolish it, and to organize a new government based on the principles and forms of organization of power, which, as it seems to be the best way to effect their Safety and Happiness . Obviously, prudence is asking the government to set long ago, would not change under the influence of light and transient events, and accordingly all experience of the past proves that people tend to quickly take down the vices of the time, as long as they can endure, if exercise its right by abolishing the forms which have become customary for them. But when a very long train of abuses and usurpations, constantly subordinated to the same target, indicating a tricky plan to force people to accept unlimited despotism, the overthrow of the government itself and the creation of new security guarantees for the future is the right and duty of the people … "

For example: "… the overthrow of the government itself and becomes the right and duty of the people …"

For the preaching of the political views expressed in the Declaration, the United States is waiting for the ordinary citizen, perhaps a quiet place somewhere indefinitely at Guantanamo, where physical methods of inquiry, cultivated at the time George W. Bush, should be considered, persist to this day.

Russian is the criticism of the U.S. government against "dissidents" — a very myagenkaya. Only the reproach of "double standards" …

But it is quite obvious that the global hegemon has got a habit of municipal monopoly of violence to leave only for themselves — on the scale of both domestic and planetary. And there any totalitarian Russian Federation, Syria, Libya — raping their own people nizzzzya. Every once shtatovskih president usually tries on a costume of a world government. But the bad jacket and sits on the W. Bush, and Obama; kosovat tight fit and he will be on the successor of the latter. Not that since the suit Made in China, not the style has long since gone out of fashion.

The G8 summit will take place against the background of protest movement "Occupy Wall Street". Write about it in this report from Washington and Mary Denis Voroshilov Tobacco (RIA "Novosti").

Geopolitical puzzle: Russia must be kept in the WTO, but the turn out of the G8, and 43% of those surveyed in the U.S. will vote for Romney because he's not Obama

Residence Camp David is located in the mountains, 100 kilometers north-east of Washington DC, and 8 km from the town of Thurmont. Law enforcement will be provided by reinforced patrols, closure of areas adjacent to the residence, and another top secret ways. For the safety of the presidential residence and military base, which is near, will meet the federal forces and the police, firefighters and rescuers neighborhood Frederick got the responsibility of the perimeter of Camp David. To help the police and firefighters from Maryland otryazheny staff were critical services in Pennsylvania. The police are told that they will not violate anyone's rights enshrined in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Yet, the police and residents of Thurmont activists fear the "Occupy Wall Street". On Friday and Saturday are scheduled marches and protests. Protesters will spend the night in a tent city near the town of Frederick. The number of those who will be protesting, not specified. Clearly just move around the world with millions of people. The organizers say:

"We propose to oppose imperialism … We want to offer express our concern regarding nuclear and energy policy, the war for energ
y resources, corporate dictatorship, and other international issues."

Obama is more popular than Romney. According to a survey of public opinion commissioned by TV channel «Fox News» and conducted May 13-15 (913 respondents), Obama is ahead on the popularity of its own contender in the forthcoming presidential elections, Mitt Romney. This writes Maria Tobacco (RIA "Novosti"). Quote: "According to the study, the incumbent Democratic President willing to give their votes for 46% of votes, Republican Romney — 39%. With all of this 25% of Obama's supporters explained to their own choices that Obama sovladevaet perfectly with its commitment at the highest municipal office, and 43% of Romney's supporters — just the fact that this candidate is not Obama. "

U.S. helping Israel and the fame of integrated air defense system. As reported by «Aviation Explorer» citing "" and «Defense News», U.S. House of Representatives has advised Congress to include in the defense budget for 2013 for 849 million dollars in Israel. This amount can be transferred to the South American ally in the form of military assistance. Earlier, the Pentagon requested for funding of Israeli 99.8 million dollars.

34 million dollars can be allocated in 2013 for co-operative project to build a missile defense system "Arrow". 111 million dollars to Israel will give the development of missile defense project, "David's Sling". 680 million dollars is meant to give Israel for the purchase of anti-missile systems of the "Iron Dome."

Until September, Israel will transfer 70 million for the "Iron Dome." The decision was taken after a meeting at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta with his Israeli officer Ehud Barak. On it "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

At the moment, Israel launched a three batteries "dome", but plans to increase the number of batteries up to 13 or 14 pieces. The system will allow Israel to shoot down missiles up to 80%, which the militants from the Gaza Strip at times fired at northern Israel.

It is planned that the system "Iron Dome" will over time component of the U.S. missile defense system built in the Middle East. Built — because it be added to the regional missile defense system in Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

As for the questions on European missile defense, Russia asked nervous, Washington again reassured Moscow. Officer of the U.S. Department of Defense Edward Warner yesterday at a conference in Moscow, said: "The United States has already marked out on its territory elements of the missile defense system, they are not focused on that, that intercepting missiles of Russia and China, and against the increasing capabilities of North Korea and Iran … deployable elements of European missile defense oriented to protection (Europe and USA) are not able to make a threat to Russia '(RIA "Novosti"). Warner has even admitted that the rapid Russian missiles kopotlivye South American missile — not a hindrance: "U.S. interceptor missiles significantly slower Russian missiles, their speed will allow them not to intercept Russian missiles."

Of course, for the defense of progressive Russian missiles Yankees will have to build another missile defense system, which they will announce later — when Obama (or his successor) will learn to behave angrily to the "Eurasian" by the Kremlin, as is taught by Anders Aslund.

Israel believes that Putin could promote regime change in Syria. According to "Rosbalt" (Referring to media), the head of military intelligence (AMAN) Israeli Maj. Gen. Aviv Kochavi secretly made a visit to Washington and the UN headquarters in New York. The Bible says that all lurking is evident and has been on the portal "cursor", which refers to "Rosbalt", they know not what-nibudt and everything during the trip Kochavi held talks on Iran's nuclear program there, according to the Syrian crisis and to strengthen the position of "Hezbollah" in Lebanon. And in Washington, he expressed confidence that Russian President Putin could contribute to the Assad regime change in Syria — need only to convince him of this.

Curiously, if the Israeli security services previously performed for the preservation of the Assad regime — as profitable for Tel Aviv, but now they think that would be profitable to change the regime in Damascus: after all, the new regime would be unlikely to cooperate with Iran as "Hezbollah", which, According to the former Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, gets a lot of guns from warehouses in Syria.

So Makar, Israel changed their minds — although this happy long years of silence on the Syrian border along the Golan Heights with Bashar al-Assad.

Parliamentary elections in Syria — "illegal", "ridiculous", and they can not be recognized. So think South American officials. On it "News". Quote:

"I do not deserve attention considers the results of the parliamentary elections in Syria, the U.S. Department of Municipal. United States "does not recognize the elections as a whole" and consider them to be "illegal", said U.S. State Department official to present Victoria Nuland. <…>

"The attempt to hold elections in the criteria of the violence, the lack of harmony and unity in the country is simply ludicrous. We do not attach importance to these elections — said Victoria Nuland. — Everything that happens in Syria in such criteria, we do not believe a free, transparent, fair, etc., it does not reflect the will of the people. Because we do not want to comment or characterize them (the elections). " Washington, according to Nuland, was "deeply concerned about the escalation of violence" in Syria and "the failure of political change."

We Nuland evil with logic: what it says elections than they are "not worthy of attention?"

In contrast to the expressive representative of the State Department, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon was a man of more selective — And was able to separate the black from the white. At least, "escalation of violence" (explosions in Damascus week back), he took to the account of "Al-Qaeda" ("News"), Rather than those who are not "transparent" and "fair."

Nuland and K, we seem to need to believe that "Al Qaeda" represents the interests of "the Syrian people," and even leading the fight for his release. And why not? "Al-Qaeda" — the monster whose godfather — the CIA. And who else to lead the activities of the terrorists?

All the more so that the former favorite oppositional struggle — French sociologist Burhan Latrine — off the lead at one point denied.

According to ",", Referring to the channel "Al Arabiya", the Syrian manager of the State Council Burhan Latrine said yesterday about his own resignation. His resignation, as he said himself, will help connect all the forces opposed to Syrian President today. Latrine expressed the wish that his successor as head of the SNA was elected — or appointed the same, but with the consent of all the opposition groups.

"," recalls that before the opposition accused the latrine in dictatorial. Well, SNA Throws the criticism — including failure to make coordination between the rebels in Syria.

As it appears, as the head of the Syrian opposition to appoint Ay
man al-Zawahiri. He will establish and coordination, and non-compliance with democratic principles is not enough to those who dare to accuse him.

In the "Washington Post" in the end found out that arming the Syrian rebels and stuffed means monarchies of the Persian Gulf. On it "News". Small quote:

"… The newspaper« Washington Post »reports that every month the oil monarchies of wasting for this purpose a few million bucks. The publication refers to sources in the U.S. government and the Syrian opposition.

With these funds, the militants are purchasing gun and ammunition on the black market. Also, using secret adherents in the middle of the military in army warehouses. The newspaper writes that the U.S. government is also involved in these processes, but indirectly. Their representatives and keeping in touch with members of the Free Syrian Army, and with their sponsors in the Gulf. "

It remains only the "Washington Post" to mention in the list of sponsors and participants of the "Al-Qaeda", but this paper does not have ventured.

Announcements of the Turkish-Israeli front. "Cursor" reports that on Mon plane of the Israeli air force 5 times penetrated the Turkish Cypriot air space. Turkish Air Force were alerted and blocked the promotion of the upcoming offender. According to Turkish media reports, at least eight minutes the plane was in the air space of Turkish Cyprus.

In connection with the incident, "cursor" refers to the Turkish exercise "Anatolian Eagle", which took place in the first half of April. The large number of exercises in the rest of Turkey and the reaction is reflected in the joint air force exercises in Israel and Greece.

May 16 accidents happened in Angola, in which 42 were killed outright member of the opposition party "Unita". This is reported "News", citing ITAR-TASS.

Party members were traveling from a meeting when their bus at full speed and crashed into a heavy truck was moving towards. The tragedy occurred in the province of Kwanza Sul, in Menge.

The scion of Gaddafi does not judge himself. According to "RBC", Recalling the «France 24", the Libyan government can begin the process of the offspring of Seif al-Islam, because he refuses to cooperate with his lawyers. According to the laws of Libya to judge without a lawyer — not. Hire a patron S. Gaddafi no one interferes.

Seif al-Islam blamed the sins against humanity and genocide. Recognition of his guilt could mean the death penalty for him. At the moment he is being held in Zintane.

Mutiny in the Venezuelan bullpen last. According to the correspondent of RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskogo, in the Venezuelan bullpen La Planta in Caracas prisoners as learn things among themselves: yesterday firing lasted all day — yes, such that the police could not get to the area establishments. In the bullpen did not just shoot, and, it seems, and blow. In the bullpen districts gathered unlimited number of relatives of prisoners against whom spetspodrazdaleniya already used tear gas.

A prison riot started in late April, first of May the prisoners were shot Special Forces who tried to seep inside. There is a random victim — in front of the house dweller bullpen. Through the window of the apartment he was killed by a bullet.

The prisoners are rebelling against plans to control the corrections system, according to which half of the prisoners to be transferred to another jail. Translation scheduled for trial nedavneshney escape from La Planta and the authorities' decision to close this prison.

International monetary fund would not have to deal with the interim government of Greece. The fact that the IMF has suspended all contacts with the state — before new parliamentary elections — said the spokesman for the fund, David Hawley. As reported by ",", citing "Agence France-Presse," the fund's representative did not call date for the resumption of cooperation with Athens and said that the contacts will be established with the new government in Greece.

Lithuania has got an old record: Our homeland owes it money for the occupation. This writes IA «REGNUM» with reference to the information portal BNS.

16 May the Prime Minister of Lithuania "was prepared and registered the draft resolution, which proposes the creation of a commission to prepare negotiating positions and a plan of action to achieve compensation for the damage from the Russian occupation of Lithuania." The Commission will present to the June 4 "suggestions about the harm suffered by Lithuania in 1940-1991 in the USSR in 1991-1993, and the presence of Russian army …"

Chairman of the Commission, is expected to become director of the Genocide and Resistance Research inhabitants of Lithuania Teresa Burauskayte.

Brand new Commission will take into account an old settlements "on the issue of harm from Russian occupation" — that is, the sum of 80 billion dollars. LTL. Lithuania abuts on the new Russian-Polish affairs: namely, the Chancellor of the Prime Minister Deividas Matulionis reads: "On the Russian side, more recognition. For example, recognition of the killings at Katyn and an apology. This can be a model for solving our problems. "

The failure to Lithuania in the fact that our homeland well, does not want to recognize the fact of occupation. Because the question of money — hopeless. All the more so that our home had found himself a loophole, which indignantly says Teresa Burauskayte:

"If, in their opinion, there was no occupation, and no harm inflicted. On the contrary, they give us also point out that provided us with very many funds have built many industrial giants, Tipo, we almost have it. Naturally, this demagoguery. "

Demagogy. A democracy may come when the Kremlin will lay out so the money. At least for once that does not line up one-independent Lithuania, but in Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, and, of course, the hardest hit Germany.

Oleg surveyed Chuvakin
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