Geopolitical puzzle: Russian Foreign Minister make America better, and in Brazil began to resurrect the dead

Geopolitical puzzle: Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will make America better, and in Brazil began to resurrect the dead

General amnesty from fellow Assad. Syrian President yesterday issued a decree on general amnesty for crimes committed before October 23, 2012, passed "News", referring to the Syrian news agency SANA and ITAR-TASS.

Terrorists from the deserved punishment is not loose.

Expressed the view that the vagueness of the wording of the amnesty Assad shows willingness to take steps for a ceasefire, the pioneer who, as you know, was the special representative of the UN and the Arab League, Lakhdar Brahimi.

Will include whether the peacekeepers to Syria? Will be included if they get permission from the UN Security Council if Syria and finish shooting.

Peacekeeping force in Syria will, for that would be a positive solution of the UN Security Council. This is with reference to the Deputy UN Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsusa report «France-Presse», transfers

As the representative of the organization betrothed, action plans peacekeepers on the ground of Syria are being developed, but their entry into the country, except for UN Security Council sanctions have to be met several criteria, and the first — stop opposing sides of fire.

70 atomic bombs on the Turkish Air Force Base. According to the agency "Haberturk" that sends "Russian peacekeeper" citing "" Turkish-American Incirlik air base in the southern province of Adana is located about 70 nuclear bombs B-61.

The presence of nuclear weapons in Turkey clarifies the interests of the United States in the event of an emergency in the region. In the event of a serious conflict South American military could carry bombs closer to the action.

Prior to 1995, 10-20 B-61 units were on other Air Force bases (Akinci and Balikesir), but to the true time they moved to Incirlik.

In Turkey, according to experts, there are given the ability to carry a nuclear warhead — for example, on the F-16. In general, these aircraft are not officially included in any similar transport ammunition, or for the implementation of the nuclear mission. In addition, the delivery of the atomic bomb in the Turkish fighter must have a permit from the United States.

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier that the General Staff of Turkey sent a May 20 F-16 at an air base "Diyarbakir", located near the border with Syria. Almost immediately with the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said that the alliance has prepared all the necessary plans to defend Turkey.

"Russian peacekeeper" recalls that the installation of which were not so long ago made shots at the Turkish countryside (whose victims were five Turkish people) — NATO standard. This was stated by the chief editor of the Iranian newspaper "Yurd" Mardan Yanardag. Turkey itself has forwarded such a setup and shells rebels of the Free Syrian Army. Despite this, the Turkish side responds to provocations rocket attacks Syrian countryside, not figuring in the one who shot at her country and to whom it is profitable.

Over 20 is not going! In Kuwait, strengthens democracy: from now banned public gatherings of more than 20 people, and the police of the country got overclocking unsanctioned gatherings.

As reported by "," referring to the "Associated Press", such innovations may indicate an increase in tensions between the country's pro-Western government and opposition Islamist forces.

The decree restricting freedom of assembly was placed in a Kuwaiti newspaper on October 23. Earlier in the country, clashes broke out between police and tyschami demonstrators protesting against the configurations in the rules of the parliamentary elections. Supporters of the opposition indignation caused by the decision of the Government that every voter will be able to give voice only for the 1st candidate for the National Assembly, not four as previously. Policing dispersed the protesters, using tear gas.

"Tape" recalls that the elections in December last year, opposition forces have taken the upper hand, but the government dissolve parliament and call a premature vote on December 1.

The Emir of Qatar admired "resistance of Palestinians resisting Israeli pressures." Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of Qatar, arrived on October 23 in the Gaza Strip on an official visit, becoming the first Arab country manage to visit the Gaza Strip since 2007, after the head of Hamas, the enclave has become, reports MIGnews. Many regarded the visit as a legitimization of Hamas.

Emir met with Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas, the Islamic Institute visited and gave a speech, expressing admiration for "resistance of Palestinians who resist Israeli pressure." He also called on Fatah-Hamas reconciliation and said he would donate to the recovery of the Gaza Strip is not 250 million dollars, as previously assumed, and all 400.

The visit of the Emir in the Palestinian enclave was condemned by the Foreign Ministry of Israel. They noted that funds from the Arab favorite "cast recipients still deeper into the abyss of corruption, hatred, extravagance, and only sharpen the difficulties posed by Hamas in resolving the Palestinian question."

But the action in Egypt Al-Thani hot welcomed.

Recall that in the days of the organization «Israel Project» surveyed public opinion in Egypt, the results of which revealed that 87% of Egyptians "be happy" if their country will be the atomic bomb, and 74% of Egyptians were in favor of a break Camp David with contract Israel (three times greater than during the survey, 2009).

Carter pledged to support the Palestinians. The last U.S. president Jimmy Carter said on Mon during a two-day visit to Jerusalem that the prospect of Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement "melt in his eyes" — because of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, reports MIGnews.

Carter is an alternate critic of Israeli policies. He accuses Israel of increasing isolation of East Jerusalem from the West Bank.

"We have gained the stage of the crisis — said the 88-year-old former president. — But the coexistence of 2-countries (in this area) is the only feasible method to peace and security for Israel and the Palestinians. "

Carter arrived in Israel at the head of the delegation of "elders", which includes the last Prime Minister of Norway and former President of Ireland. The group met a President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Carter criticized Netanyahu meeting which did not ask: "Until that time, every prime minister has been an active supporter of the creation of the 2-states."

MIGnews recalls that in his book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid," published in 2006, Jimmy Carter said that Israeli settlements on Palestinian land — the main obstacle to Middle East peace. This book has caused outrage in Israel.

The delegation, led by Carter, has expressed concern over the differences between the Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, and vowed support for the Palestinians, who at the UN General Assembly in November 2012 apply for the recognition of their statehood.

Two rockets. Two missiles killed storage company providing support to the U.S. forces in Afghanistan near Bagram. As a result, the fire main part of the building was destroyed, reports the INS "Missiles
" with reference to «Farsnews».

Around 20.00 two missiles hit the warehouse logistics offices in the United States Panj Quale. The fire raged for 13 hours. Fire did not result in casualties, but caused significant damage to the fixed assets of U.S. military forces. It was destroyed 1,000 square meters. m warehouse, coupled with the food stored there.

America has blocked Russian draft statement on Bani Walid. According to reports from the UN correspondent. ITAR-TASS Oleg Zelenin, the U.S. blocked a UN Security Council draft statement prepared by Russia over the situation in Libya Bani Walid, shrouded in armed clashes with the middle of last week. The document called on the authorities to solve the confrontation peacefully.

Russia submitted a draft statement called on the Libyan authorities to "take immediate steps to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and to protect the rights of all Libyan citizens."

Constant Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin referred frivolous step of the U.S. delegation, recalling that in September in the Libyan town of Benghazi killed four diplomats, including the South American salting. Because, in the words of Comrade Churkin, "block statement, which was trying to call to, to not resort to violence to solve political problems of the country, it is very strange … It's a situation where the behavior of the U.S. delegation hard to explain in terms of the best."

Earlier, correspondent recalls. ITAR-TASS, the Security Council postponed the project 2-Russian projects of other applications — for Syria. One project condemned the terrorist attack in Damascus on October 21, and another called the Syrian government and the opposition to a truce for the Muslim prazdnichka sacrifice of Eid al-Adha, which is celebrated on October 26-28.

Of course, we would add that the U.S. will not let Russian draft statements in the Security Council. Bani Walid — the citadel of Jamahiriya, a few 10 s of thousands of diehard Gaddafi, why trivial barrier to genuine Libyan democracy. World in Bani Walid United States no longer needed. 12 million dollars that Congress has promised to the days of the official Tripoli will be spent not on the spread in Libya thoughts Tolstoy. $ 8 million will go to create squads "to fight the extremists and the oppression of street protests", and 4 million — to "improve border control."

Lavrov says comrade. Our homeland will not allow free interpretation of UN Security Council decisions and try to make so that no resolution has been interpreted like Libya. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, pass "News", referring to the ITAR-TASS news agency.

The minister said that the Libyan experience has shown that a military scenario, unfortunately, likely because "we will most demanding even how we go in the UN Security Council"

"Most of these artful interpretations did not miss — promised Comrade Lavrov. — We will ensure that no resolution was subject to interpretation like Libya. "

For example, at the moment there is not the 1st evidence that Iran has decided to include a military dimension to the nuclear program from. All of Iran's nuclear programm is under the control of the IAEA. The Minister said: "The quickest way to ensure that we have lost the" eyes and ears "in this country — to begin to bombard Iran … In this case, we will only continue to wonder what is going on Iranian nuclear facilities."

"Facebook" for terrorists. Members of terrorist organizations tirelessly use the social network «Facebook» with the goals of recruiting supporters. This is stated in the UN report "Using the Web for terrorist purposes", released on October 22, reports "," referring to the «Bloomberg».

As the report states, the spread of extremist rhetoric that justifies acts of violence — one of the trends in online services, content which makes users.

Not counting the "Facebook's" terrorists have long been chosen «Twitter» and «YouTube».

In Sudan, ignited ammunition depot. A prerequisite for a large fire that broke out on the night of this day at an arms factory in Khartoum was a fire in a warehouse, transfer "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

Fire broke out after midnight local time and was followed by a series of explosions. Stored at the facility shells began to explode and fly in different directions. In the middle of local residents panicked. For the victims of disk imaging yet.

Administration of the State of Khartoum said that fire happened inside the warehouse, the "external factors" are not talking. The scene was cordoned off by the security forces and army units. Working fire.

"No data". Detained last weekend in Nigeria ship "Mayr sidayver" with the Russian crew on board had permission to carry guns and went down to the port of Lagos for a crew change. It is reported by correspondent. ITAR-TASS Alexander Nechayev, referring to the "Bi-bi-si."

15 crew members, most of them — the citizens of the Russian Federation will remain on board the detained vessel. They were visited by representatives of Russian representatives in Lagos.

But a representative of the Navy Command of Nigeria Jerry Omodara said that the authorities have "no evidence that the vessel was authorized to visit in Lagos and even more so for the transportation of weapons." According to him, the cargo consisted of 14 guns Kalashnikov assault rifles with 3,643 rounds, and 22 Benelli rifles and 4955 rounds of ammunition for them.

"," makes clear that the ship "Mayr Sidayver" was illegally detained by Nigerian authorities: this, as reported by "Interfax", the company said shipowner «Moran Security Group». A company representative confirmed that the ship was carrying weapons and ammunition, but assured that it was done legally, and the Nigerian side were given the necessary documents.

In «Moran Security Group» said: "On board the 15 crew members, all of them — the Russians. They're all right. They have enough food for a while. If necessary, we can further their power to provide. "

Also states that no formal charges mariners and companies so far have not shown.

«Moran Security Group», in accordance with disk imaging corporate Web site, "provides a range of services in the areas of security, consulting, transportation and medical services", and the president of the company — Vyacheslav Kalashnikov, last KGB officer who worked for a couple years adviser Senator Alexander Torshin. "Interfax" has information according to which the Company "Moran Security Group" is 50% owned by the company «Neova Holdings, Ltd.», Based in the tax haven in the English Virgin Islands.

European Parliament advises. MEPs yesterday voted to impose sanctions on Russian officials implicated in the death of Sergei Magnitsky. As the "," referring to the «France-Presse» and «Interfax», we are talking about freezing of their accounts in European banks and prohibiting race at the European countryside.

The resolution, which voted for the vast majority of members of parliament, contains the requirement to compile a list of persons involved in Magnitsky's death.

European Parliament resolution are advisory in nature to the European Council, which shall decide on the implementation of the sanctions.

The German sociologist Claus Offe: feeble in Europe were weaker, strong — stronger, and because there are new fascists. Comrade offe reporter interviewed Italian newspaper «Corriere Della Sera» Alessandro Cavalli (source of translation — "Inosmi").

VIEW offe by on the way to the European Union was made a lot of mistakes.

In 1-x was wrong sheer size of the euro are
a, because the country "with different capacities and different cost of labor, which is a critical variable that can not have the same currency as the losers lose more and more favorites win . " According to the views of the sociologist, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Luxembourg and other countries have dignity, and the south of the country were among the losers.

Second mistake — that's bad outlined in the eurozone is no unified fiscal and social policy. This nuance, in the views of the sociologist, had to settle from the start. It is necessary to ask: who received the greatest benefit or less hurt because of errors. Answer — Germany: trade imbalance was in her favor. She notices a scientist, would not so much to export, do not be a single currency.

"Euro — said sociologist — is a mechanism that contributes to German exports, since other member countries find themselves exposed to a single currency. They can no longer do what they did in the eighties and nineties, resorting to devaluation of their currencies. I could never understand why Spain and Italy so enthusiastically welcomed the introduction of the euro, although it is practically meant self-restraint of their autonomy. "

Errors dramatically evident in the crisis of 2008. Who won the country would have to take over a large part of the burden of compensation. It is a moral approach. But from a political point of view it is impossible: for any state, including the German numbers, which will be offered to take a disproportionate part of the costs or municipal debt, will lose the next election. Traditional contradiction …

Party to adapt to reality. The parties should be recognized as an error, but do not want to do that. Their task is clear: at any cost to save power.

"The lack of a clear political stripes and applets — says offe — ideology of standards that define what is true and correct, forcing them to forget about the main task, which consists in the upbringing of their voters. The parties should lead them (remember Gramsci) be the favorites in the vision perfectly organized society. "

In the end, the party failed to form a public opinion on the issue of the crisis, and at the moment they are standing at a crossroads: either take the right, but unpopular measures, or do things that public support. The latter — a dead-end path.

The nightmare scenario that goes beyond offe friend, is the appearance of authoritarian forms, similar to those that existed in the thirties. The scientist is just such a form of "avstroklerikalnym fascism." Fascism is coming, in his opinion, in a group of five countries: Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. The sociologist believes that the EU should keep Fascism originated under control and provide a resistance to it.

As a way scientist proposes to make European government. "European federation", in his view, should be put in front of him puzzle to make the appropriate anti-fascist control.

So Makar, add, to beat with one kind of authoritarianism, a sociologist proposes to make another kind of authoritarianism, however, more Myagenko. The decision is understandable there more so you need to keep in mind the historical lessons, as regards freedom of expression and presentation, you should not build it into an absolute — exactly the same as not deceive ourselves and the effectiveness of political taboos.

By the way, Comrade offe believes that the European Union does not fall apart, and even Greece did not leave, if only to be taken into account past mistakes and take measures.

Three and a half billion dollars on cocaine — every year. As the correspondent. RIA "Novosti" Dmitry Znamenskii, the rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, "earn" a year in the cocaine trade to 3.5 billion. bucks. This was stated by the Minister of Defense of this American country, Juan Carlos Pinzón. Of the 350 tons of cocaine produced annually in Colombia, about 200 tons of relevance to the FARC.

According to the Colombian minister indicated price of the drug is about 6.7 billion dollars, of which the share of the rebels have 40-50%, or from 2.4 to 3.5 billion. bucks.

Corr. "RIA" Novosti "recalls that the FARC is at war with the Colombian government since 1964 for the construction of newest Columbia, in what will be living society of social justice and equality. The U.S. and the European Union consider the FARC a terrorist organization.

The number of FARC fighters is a little more than 8.1 million people, and in 2000 their number reached 20 thousand.

According to the UN, Colombia — a major producer of cocaine in the world. Under the feeding of coca in the country in the past year was given 64 thousand hectares. It's two thousand more than in 2010

The Jackson — Vanik amendment abolished after the election. As the spec. corr. ITAR-TASS Daniel Studnev, United States abolish the Jackson — Vanik after the presidential election. This was stated by now assistant president, deputy national security adviser Michael Froman United States.

Speaking on the twentieth of the yearly meeting of the US-Russia Business Council, he said: "We have seen the power of increasing co-operation with Russia, so took the initiative to end the Jackson — Vanik amendment. At first spotted her in the House of Representatives, and later in the Senate, but not yet completed. We continue to work, so after the presidential election, they took the latest amendment and abolished that old. "

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation will make America better. U.S. is interested in, that South American society remained open and fair, and support the study of the situation of human rights in the country. This was stated by the official dealer of the State Department, Victoria Nuland, reports from Washington correspondent. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

Recently the Commissioner for Human Rights and Rule of Law, Konstantin Dolgov, the Russian Foreign Ministry, speaking in the State Duma, said that a significant number of American people are being deprived of suffrage on the grounds that they have a criminal record. According to the views of Dolgov, a functioning system of elections in the United States through the electoral college results in the fact that the voices of the inhabitants of some states have mathematically more weight than the other voices of the inhabitants of the states. Russian Foreign Ministry also criticized the U.S. government for legislation allowing the country's intelligence agencies without a court to interfere in the personal life of the Yankees and foreigners. The creators of the report expressed the view that the level of freedom in the United States dropped significantly.

B. Nuland had commented the Russian report. Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday, she said: "I have not beheld the report itself, but I can say that our country is a kind of" open book. " In the world and in the U.S. there is a huge number of organizations who track the situation of human rights in our country. And these reports are quite voluminous, they point to the problem. In this regard, we are interested in the improvement of our society and we wish it to be free. "

The State Department is going to study Russian document.

Tatiana Tomilova ("Parliamentary Newspaper") isolated from the report of Comrade Dolgov basic. Briefly retell it.

U.S. claims to be the absolute favorite in the field of human rights — are untenable and unproven practices.

Before the U.S. face acute challenges: social inequality, discrimination based on race, prejudice, justice, torture, denial of freedom of speech, corruption, acts of intolerance on a national basis, the violation of the rights of babies, kidnapping, use of the death penalty to minors and crazy.

In America there is a trend to increased xenophobia. In the U
.S. immigration system — not an easy picture. The unfavorable situation with ensuring social rights of the people. Vpribavok 14.5% of American families are experiencing a shortage of goods supply.

The country is often infringed freedom of the press, and freedom of the Web is in question.

U.S. will not take part in this most basic of international treaties for the protection of human rights.

It is possible and even necessary, let us add, that last zapivoha heads the club champions of sobriety: was it something in your example will show the members of the club, this is true — throw a drink and smoke at the same time. But we can not allow, as recognizable and irreparable bully is to serve in the police: a sense of power makes it ideal geek shaped villain.

Equally unacceptable and edification of the human rights of those pochetaemyh Messrs. with logs in both eyes, which for many years aggressively pick out the straw from the eyes of his political enemies.

Romney will curtail social programs from Obama, and the savings will send to the war. U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney if he wins the election wants to increment the military budget at the expense of folding adopted by the Obama administration programs. He said this during the third and final round of debate with the current U.S. president, who is devoted to questions of foreign policy, reports "Reedus'.

First, from what Romney immediately get rid of — is health care reform, which, in his opinion, is not profitable. Later, he will finish the available programs from Obama — "one by one". This is the way Obama's opponent is going for 8 years to balance the budget.

Of course, we observe four years and it's not enough. For the umpteenth time Romney insists that the implementation of its ambitious plans for him to come in handy for more than eight years. This means in-1's, he's going to sit on the throne for two terms, and, in-2, provides for itself — already on the pre-election debates — "alibi" in case of criticism before the second period. He can always say, I promised to do for 8 years, but not for 4 years. Very Stealther and prudent approach to the campaign, particularly good in times of crisis.

Obama covered the map Romney that said, they say, the efficiency of the armed forces is determined not by the amount of the budget, and his right rassredotachivaniem.

Acquired romneziya at an advanced stage. As reported by Trend. RIA "Novosti" Maria Tobacco, Barack Obama put his own rival Mitt Romney diagnosis romnezii in the third stage.

Speaking at a campaign event in Florida, Obama said: "If you are the voice of the debate on that love South American cars, but with all this, wrote an article titled" Let Detroit go bankrupt, "it may mean that you romneziya."

Obama previously expressed gratification that Romney is considered the main opponent of the U.S. "Al-Qaeda" and here recalled that before he called Russia's number one enemy. Obama continued: "If you say, that like Medicare, but you're going to introduce a system of vouchers that will put an end to the benefits provided by Medicare, then you romneziya … We are used to the fact that politicians change their views in four years, but not through four days. "

Obama said: "We can offer for such diseases title. Romneziya. Yesterday evening there was a serious outbreak of the disease. This romneziya, needless little in the third stage. "

Brazilians uttered death "no." Roman Chipchigin (""), referring to the "Associated Press" and the "Daily Mail", told about the resurrection of the epidemic in Brazil.

Gilberto Araujo, 41-year-old washer machines from Alagoinyana, showed up at his own funeral. His family is grieving over the coffin, and he quietly got up there, smiling sheepishly.

It turns out that the police had invited his brother Araujo to the morgue and showed him the corpse washer machines, shot dead by unknown. Brother recognized his brother, and the family was given someone else's corpse. Araujo himself very taken aback to learn that he buried.

Earlier in June, the two-year Calvin Santon during a funeral rose from the grave and asked for some water to the pope. Later went back again and was killed.

And three years ago back in Brazil, "risen" 59-year-old construction worker, previously identified by relatives in the middle of car accident victims. Recently the funeral workaholic, suspecting nothing, pumped alcohol at a local bar. The next morning he came unsteadily to his own funeral and talked to him all that well stay a bit.

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