Geopolitical puzzle: Syrian forces displace the insurgents, and Bill Clinton spoke about the qualities of his wife

Geopolitical puzzle: Syrian rebel forces pushed around, and Bill Clinton spoke about the qualities of his wife

The Syrian government army comes, "opposition" bear the loss. As the corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin, Referring to the news service, "Al-Watan", the government forces of Syria yesterday began stripping the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo.

Army Special Forces entered the region Sahhur — one of the last strongholds of local rebel groups. Exemption Sahhura open the way to eliminate pockets of resistance in the north-east of the town in Masakin Hanna and will allow progress to quarter Tariq al-Bab to unlock the way to the international airport.

Government forces have moved in and to the south-eastern suburbs, which are kept under control until the gunmen. Yesterday fierce battles were fought in the area of Marjah, Salihin and Firdous.

Standing armies, says correspondent. ITAR-TASS reflect sample "rebels" to transfer reinforcements from the province of Idlib and from the Turkish border to the rescue of the rebels surrounded in Aleppo.

Destroyed more than 80 jeeps and pickup trucks with machine guns, killing and wounding 10's terrorists (the information agency "Surya al-Ain"). SANA reports that the government of the northern province pardoned more than 120 people — from those opposition members on hand that "no blood of civilians."

So Makar, add, government forces and displace squeeze "the opposition." We wish the soldiers of victory!

Group "militias" dissolves itself, because the government issued a decree on their dissolution. September 22 Libyan authorities decided to dissolve the armed groups in the areas of the country. About this report "," with reference to «France-Presse».

By eliminating all fall into groups whose activities are not regulated by the government of Libya. In Benghazi, created a special headquarters, which will include representatives of the army, the Interior Ministry and the legitimate armed forces, under the Ministry of Defence. He will coordinate the dissolution of the militias.

The decision to disband was made a day after residents of Benghazi, dissatisfied with excessive exposure to members of the armed group attacked the base of the Islamist organization "Ansar al-Sharia." In the end, 11 people were killed and 70 were injured.

As the «Reuters», management of "Ansar al-Sharia" has already decided to disband, and the leaders decided to disband the organization "Abu Slim."

Here it is, a Libyan democracy in action, we would add. Until such time as the group worked, that we wished, the government could not keep them under control and resign themselves to their existence. As members of the gang have decided to dissolve their organization, and the government got out with his decision. When the troops had changed his mask, the government again issued a decree on the formation of the "militia". On anything like the authorities in Benghazi, but not for the government of the country. Democracy is contraindicated in Libya right: a very strong side effects.

Railway Minister gives 100 thousand dollars per head creator of "Innocence of Muslims." This amount emperor to call Ahmed Bilour, Minister of Pakistan Railway posts, proposed on September 22 by the head of the unknown creator of amateur films, reports "," with reference to «France-Presse».

However, the Pakistani government denied the merits of murder. Proposal Bilour, as said a spokesman for Prime Minister of Pakistan, does not reflect the official position of the government. At the moment, sir Bilour continues to work for the railways in Pakistan.

"Tape" clarifies that the movie "Innocence of Muslims," in which ridiculed Islam, took off in the U.S. director of erotic movies Alan Roberts. He said the director, he did not know about the anti-Islam like the picture: it was overdubbed after filming. The producer of the film made Bessli Nakula Nakula, who warned of future configurations in the movie. Bilour offered 100 thousand dollars per head NB Nakul.

How does a democratic judicial machine in Egypt. Egypt's supreme administrative court yesterday ruled on the legality of the dissolution of the National Assembly (the lower house of parliament), formed by the results of the first democratic elections in the country after the revolution in 2011, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Yelistratov.

In June 2012, the Egyptian Constitutional Court declared the elections to the lower house void. This decision was the basis for the decree of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to dissolve the legislature. Since that time, the State Council (the Supreme Administrative Tribunal) received several appeals against the decision. The trial was scheduled for September 22.

Curiously, the State Council recently (with a break of a few hours), took on the case itself — the dissolution of parliament — two mutually exclusive solutions. First adjournment on October 15, and the second recognized the legality of the decision to dissolve the National Assembly.

"Plurality" decisions relating to the Egyptian Parliament, perplexed lawyers and politicians in Egypt. Saturday's decision of the State Council were subsequently commented as follows: "September 22 was the most bizarre day in the history of Egyptian justice."

Many political parties because of the "fuzzy position of the State Council," claimed the supreme administrative court to exclude from the list of entities eligible to disassemble the conflicts and the appeal of the parties during the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The next day, Sunday, the Administrative Tribunal of the country's parliament recognized the very uncool on the basis of the verdict of the Constitutional Court in June of the present year.

It is also noted that, along with proof of the verdict of the State Council reaffirmed the right to be elected to the new parliament of the former members of the National Democratic Party of Egypt (the former "party of power" under Mubarak).

Two ships, three ships … Two Chinese ship now in the afternoon entered Japanese waters near the Senkaku Islands, which the Chinese call the Diaoyu. About this report "," citing "Kyodo".

In addition, «France-Presse» reports that four Chinese patrol ship sighted in the vicinity of Japan's territorial waters.

Corr. ITAR-TASS Vasily Golovin reports from Tokyo that another Chinese patrol vessel entered the zone of territorial waters off the Senkaku — right behind with 2 ships oceanographic observations under the flag of China. So Makar, at the moment in this area are already three Chinese ship.

Japanese guards on the radio require these ships to go into international waters, but they did not respond. Total near the Senkaku correspondent says. ITAR-TASS, concentrated 11 Chinese ships. The Prime Minister of the Land of the Rising Sun runs a crisis headquarters.

China to give the island does not seem to. To monitor the surrounding marine areas, including Senkuku Islands (Dia
oyu), Beijing will use unmanned aerial vehicles. This was said yesterday Main Oceanic Administration of China, reports from Beijing corr. ITAR-TASS Andrew Kirillov.

Center on the use of UAVs will be in Lianyungang — seaside town in the province of Jiangsu. Database system drone is scheduled to make in 2015.

Jubilee will not. "In view of the situation" (meaning all of the same island) China postponed the celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of relations with Japan diplomatically. About this report ",", citing "Xinhua" and «France-Presse».

As said, "Agence France-Presse," a Japanese diplomat on the criteria of anonymity, the Chinese warned Tokyo to postpone the event. We are talking about an indefinite period.

We would add: the period immediately determine how the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun will give Senkaku Chinese.

15 years for a teammate Bo Xilai. Past Vice-Mayor of Chongqing Wang Lijun, the "right hand" of Bo Xilai, was sentenced to 15-year prison term. It is said in this court a statement of the town of Chengdu, reports from Beijing corr. ITAR-TASS Fedor Fats.

The prosecutor accused Wang Lijun to use the law in greedy purposes as bribery. In February 2012, the vice-mayor fled to the general representation of the U.S. in Chengdu. A day later, he left the South American diplomatic mission — and was detained by the Chinese authorities.

Earlier, recalls "Ribbon", a Chinese tribunal sentenced to the death penalty (with a two-year postponement of execution) husband Bo Xilai — Gu Kailai. This marked the total collapse of the political career of a former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, applied for a post in a constant Committee of the Politburo.

Bo Xilai affair suspected of "serious misconduct", the currently engaged in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.

The freest in the world of radio remained in Russia without a band. The head of the consulate of "Radio" Free Europe "Lena Glushkov announced the termination of broadcasting" Radio "Liberty" in the midrange to November 10, 2012, reports "Russian service of BBC» (source of publication — "Inosmi").

Specifying that the decision to stop broadcasting due to the media law signed by President Dmitry Medvedev, Ms Glushkov said the press: "At a certain period of time we stay in small waves, and then we leave on another platform, namely, the Internet."

According to the newcomer to the decree, the company, which broadcasts radio programs in Russian, can not have more than 48% of foreign capital. And the founders of the "Freedom" outperform legitimate limit.

It is also reported that the Internet version of the Russian service of "Freedom" was fired on Thursday last week — at full strength.

For the former redaktrisy "Freedom" Lyudmila Telen personnel decision mass dismissal came as a surprise — as for all other employees. After all, online version has nothing to do with broadcasting.

The new director of service — Masha Gessen.

Belarusian opposition in parliament does not shine. As reported by RIA "Novosti", CEC head of Belarus Lidia Yermoshina based on disk imaging preparatory said that the Belarusian opposition is unlikely to get into parliament.

Now in Minsk at a press conference, she said: "We have not had time to study the information individually, there are only the names of the candidates elected, but it is not clear that someone has passed (from the opposition). None of the regions are not reported. "

RIA "Novosti" recalls that the opposition did not pass in the Belarusian parliament nor in 1999 nor in 2004.

In today's election involved two opposing forces: the movement "For Freedom" and the opposition Communist Party.

South American senators threatened Ukraine with sanctions. The U.S. Senate passed a resolution on Ukraine, which asks to release Yulia Tymoshenko. If the government did not release Yulia, while the Senate to apply sanctions. This is indicated "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS. (On the dangers of the Senate, see also the preceding "Geopolitical mosaic").

The resolution, initiated by the Republican James Inhofe, the senators urged the State Department not to issue visas on arrival in the U.S. Ukrainian officials "who are responsible for the imprisonment and bad appeal with Ms. Tymoshenko, as more than a dozen political leaders associated with "Orange Revolution" in 2004. "

In addition, the South American senators called on the Ukrainian authorities "to hold parliamentary elections in October honest and transparent method, in accordance with the standards of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe."

South American legislators argue that "the continued imprisonment of Ms. Tymoshenko faces worsening relations between the United States and Ukraine."

Senators who do not have long haunted the various sanctions lists in their own "resolutions" would go further, do not soften the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs of the document. From the initial text of the calls have been removed to stop the work of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev and complete cooperation between NATO and Ukraine (temporarily).

In general, the most decisive in judicial terms, closely meshed with the executive, were not senators and vsesuschaya Hillary Clinton. Back in May, she said that the U.S. did not insist on the release of the 1st ex-prime minister of Ukraine, and "other detained members of her government, as the restoration of civilian and political rights in full."

Necessary, add, set on the planet a most humane and fair tribunal — South American. You can not even "split" perfect South American power, and to give opportunities to the Senate immediately and legislative, judicial, and executive. Release from the hospital room Tymoshenko? Release Khodorkovsky? Proceed.

Friendly Obama criticized the militant Romney. According to reports from Washington corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev, U.S. President Barack Obama gave a sharp response from the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, who constantly accuses him of indecision in foreign policy. "If the (last) Governor Romney offers us to start another war, then so be it, and say," — Obama said yesterday in an interview with C-PBS.

Romney, too, by the C-PBS, once again said that the U.S. administration segodnyaschy spends enough tough on Iran and does allied responsibilities to ensure the security of Israel.

Obama said that in making decisions in the field of national security, he wants to manage the interests of their own country. The U.S. president said: "I should like to end any speculation on the subject."

So Makar, add, relatively friendly Obama was able to clearly oppose the militant Romney. Perhaps the only difference is that the South American artisan will be able to behold between "platforms" 2-candidates. The point is, what about the rest of the contenders candidate they say about the same thing, constantly arguing about how to address the problems, but not about the actual dilemmas.

Find the three differences. The newspaper "New York Times" has analyzed the performance of U.S. presidential candidates at the conventions of their parties. The publication has come to the conclusion that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney they say about the
same, pass "News".

Politicians appeal to one and the same are valid, their strategies performances almost completely identical. In some cases, Obama and Romney even they say word for word.

On the video, a mounted South American journalists, perfectly visible overall plan performance at the party congress. The first part of the speech encourages listeners, second — reminds them of the unity of the majestic civilization, in the third part of the competitors are opening their eyes to the tax policies and measures to support the middle class. Next take the floor wife candidates who … also they say about the same. In this case, both told of a poor and difficult adolescence own spouses.

Nothing unusual, we would add: all may be that as a wife, as well as the candidates appealed the case to the same spichrayterskuyu firm, and songwriter, without further insidiously crafted speech, using the same template, replacing where necessary and adding the names of one option anger, and in another — naivety.

So as not to make a mistake in choosing the president. As reported by corr. RIA "Novosti" Victor Hrulev, Referring to news agency «CNL-news», the U.S. decided to Christians to pray at the white houses for 40 days — from September 25 to November 6. Prayer is the clock.

Jason Hershey, founder of the movement "House of Prayer", has already received official permission to pray about white houses. Mr. Hershey is sure hour long prayer will help his fellow countrymen to make the right choice of 2-candidates, and the new president will not prevent "seek Jesus in the hope of victory and thanksgiving." Prayer is not dull: it will be accompanied by music and stage productions.

Bill Clinton about the qualities of his wife. Bill Clinton is sure that his wife Hillary has all the necessary features in order to perform the duties of head of state. However, the last 42 th President of the United States does not undertake to portend to be seen whether it is to fight for the post-2016 election, reports corr. ITAR-TASS Ivan Lebedev.

In an interview with broadcaster CBC es Clinton said: "I have not the smallest idea of what she decides to do."

Hillary Clinton in October, 65 years old. And she announced that she will soon leave gossekretarskuyu position — even in the case of re-election of Barack Obama's second term.

Bill Clinton confirmed this information. He said that his wife got tired of the civil service. According to him, Hillary wants to slightly relax and maybe write a book.

Rest? .. Write a book? .. Suspicious calm before the storm, we would add. Bill knows everything, but knows how to keep a secret much better than some American politicians, for example, Mitt Romney.

As for Obama, who will soon be left without Secretary of State, then this can be posoboleznovat MEDOVO brewer. If until now America's foreign policy determined Mrs. Clinton, and is rumored to have written to President television speech, just as she wrote them before Bill Clinton, now Mr. Obama will have to turn up a new speechwriter, not to mention the brand new Secretary of State.

In general, we know what kind of book Mrs. Clinton is going to write. She will receive the title of "" Assad must go, "and the text of it, chapter by chapter, we will take turns to read Barack Obama (unless re-elected) and the new Secretary of State.

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