Geopolitical puzzle: Taliban they say that the prince Harry pulled off the reel, and the Vatican has built a commercial empire in the Nazi funds

Great Syrian announcements. As reported by corr. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Zelenin, Syrian forces carried out an operation against militants rear bases in the mountainous regions between Rankusom and Telfitoy near the Lebanese border. Specifically, there extremists penetrate the districts of Damascus, where the attack on the then army patrols. In the process of stripping, according to "Al-Watan", "destroyed and captured a huge number of terrorist mercenaries."

Artillery fire is on the enemy positions in the area of the ridge Kalyamun, 40 km north-west of the capital. On the outskirts of Darayya and Muadamiya Syrian soldiers completed the rout residues gangs. In the region of Eastern Guta troops pursuing militants in the Sunni suburb of Duma, which eliminated several terrorist leaders unsafe and disabled by their military vehicles. The troops advancing on the front of the strip passing through the points Nachabé, Huzrama, Hosh Salih and Otay south-easterly direction, and the interval between Mlikh and Deir Asafirom. Driving on the highway in the international airport of Damascus became quite harmless for transport.

The picture in the fields of military action "drastically changed in favor of the authorities' near Damascus, Aleppo, Homs and Deraa, shows newspaper" As-Safir ". The premise of change itself Syrian favorite finds "growing public support," which, in his opinion, "once again proves that in Syria there is a war between the government and the terrorists, and not between the government and the opposition."

Contributes to successful operations of the armed forces of the situation and the emergence of the State Defense Forces — voluntary compounds formed from former soldiers and activists of the party "Baath" and members of the People's Committees in the field. Several teams are made up of CHO ladies — supporters of the ruling regime. These auxiliary force, the number of which is growing and is already over 10 thousand people, trained in guerrilla warfare strategy and are able to resist the armed extremists in the urban criteria.

Anti-Syrian statement from Saudi Arabia. That the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Prince Saud al-Faisal said yesterday that the level of violence in the Syrian civilian war headed for values such that at the moment impossible to even think about the resolution of the conflict based on the agreement of the parties, shall report "," with reference to the «Reuters».

The minister explained own skepticism: "Damascus, which is the Oldest Acquisition in the world without annoying populated city is subjected to carpet bombing. Hard to imagine for themselves the opportunity to agree with the person who is doing it with his state, its history, its people. "

Israeli elections. Now in the morning the central election committee of Israel has published the results of elections to the Knesset.

Turnout was 66.6%. At 6:00 am it was estimated 99% of the ballots. Most of the votes (23.23%) is given for the "Likud" — "Israel — Our Home", reports

5 principles of Netanyahu. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already announced five principles, which should be based on the policy of the future government. Premier made a campaign office block "Likud — Beiteinu", which he heads, along with a favorite of the party "Our Home — Israel" Avigdor Lieberman. Knows about it corr. Itar-Tass Kerzhentsev.

According to Netanyahu, the future policy of the government should be subject to the subsequent principles: strengthening national defense, fiscal responsibility, municipal liability, the same rights and obligations as well as lowering prices, including housing.

Netanyahu thanked all the people of Israel who voted in the election. Surveys of public opinion, in his opinion, show that Israeli citizens want to continue to build favorite "Likud" as prime minister, and promised to create "the most extensive of his own composition of the government."

Lieberman said that despite the loss of certain votes, achieved the main goal: "… to ensure the preservation of government for the state camp and the post of prime minister — for Benjamin Netanyahu."

London about the subversive activities of Israel. The minister of foreign affairs of England, William Hague yesterday accused Israel of undermining the management of the Middle East peace process, the report "," with reference to the «Reuters».

According to him, the practice continued construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank, not only negates the international support for Israel, and entails a "potentially catastrophic" consequences for the settlement of the conflict. Haig explained that the construction and expansion of settlements makes it all the more nebulous prospect of implementing the concept of "two of the country for 2-people", which is recognized internationally.

Mr Hague said that 2013 should be decisive for the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, as Israel gets a new government, and the United States began the last of the Obama presidency.

"If we fail to make progress this year, everything will start to realize that the division of Palestine and Israel became impossible", — explained the English minister.

The prince Harry was upset soul? .. The prince Harry, as you know, recently returned from military service in Afghanistan. The Taliban believe that this man — at the mental level is abnormal. On the spiritual disorder in an interview with Harry «France-Presse» said the representative of the "Taliban" Zabihullah Mujahid, transfers ",".

Geopolitical puzzle: Taliban say that Prince Harry pulled off the reel, and the Vatican has built a commercial empire in the Nazi money

It turns out that the premise of "medical opinion" was that the Prince Harry likened the military action in Afghanistan with a computer game.

Islamist stressed that the fight against the Taliban have been sent to soldiers from 49 countries. "For us, this is a serious war, the historical, the resistance of our people," — explained to the emperor Mujahid. Member of the "Taliban" added that many foreign fighter for his role in the fighting in Afghanistan are developing psychological disorders. Also saw a soldier of Islam that the Taliban have long wanted to kill "this prince," but he was always hiding in underground shelters. For example, he said of the September attack on the British military base: who was the Prince Harry hid there once, as clashes broke out. Moreover, the British Ministry of Defense confirmed that the prince was sent to non-hazardous location.

"Tape" recalls that the interview Prince Harry, and that angered the Taliban, came out in print on January 21. The younger son of Prince Charles told reporters about the service on the basis of "Camp Bastion" as a co-pilot-hand attack helicopters «Apache». He really compared the armament control system with a toy, "I one of those people who love to play in« PlayStation »and« Xbox », hunt b
ecause they believe that my huge fingers can still come in handy."

The attempted coup in Eritrea. January 21, reported the municipal coup attempt came from the east African country of Eritrea. Rebels from the military stormed and took control of its own building of the Ministry of disk imaging of the country and the headquarters of the municipal radio and television reports Stepan Ivanov ("").

Before the broadcast was interrupted, the head of television forced to read on the air for declaring the country's political amnesty and the entry into force of the Constitution of 1997.

As it became clear on Jan. 22, the Eritrean government yesterday announced that in Asmara (the capital), the situation is quite measured. "Exactly the same as yesterday," — identified in communication with the journalist «France-Presse» Heman Gebremeskel — Head of Administration of President Isaias Afeworki. However, no details about what is happening in the country and the capital, he did not pass, writes ",".

Still, opposition sources from Eritrea, as foreign sources, say local ministry disk imaging (it is TV and Radio), and in fact was captured Weave the soldiers who claimed on the air release of political prisoners, and then forced to finish the broadcast. The opposition claimed that the commander of the rebels surrendered to the authorities when they agreed to comply with its terms. What kind of conditions we have in mind is not specified. According to numerous sources, the acquisition time inside the ministry was the daughter of the president, which may be allowed to reach a compromise and end the conflict the world. TV and radio at the moment to resume broadcasting.

According to unconfirmed reports, the report "Ribbon", a revolt led by Osman Saleh — one of the commanders of the Eritrean army, which is considered the homeland of the hero of the war for independence from Ethiopia.

Why the "shot" in Dogan? An attack on January 19 Dogana in Bulgaria, which previously has been written in the "Mosaic", as it turned out, made the 25-year-old Muslim Oktay Enimehmedov. This person attended the meeting of the "Movement of Bulgaria for the rights and freedoms" in Burgas, where joined the youth group of the party. Then he came to the congress as a guest.

According Love Lyulko ("Pravda.Ru"), A note left in the apartment Oktay, said: "I have to put an end to the manipulation of Ahmed Dogan and do not regret what I did!"

Possible motive for the assassination — disassembly inside the Turkish nationalist movement and eliminating the eve of parliamentary elections, the man who wrote A cradle, "a lot of states and not a lot for the empowerment of the Turkish minority."

"For example, Dogan did not manage to reach the permission of the authorities on the company daily 10-minute Turkish-news programs on the municipal channel. In the Bulgarian blogs write that in the middle there is a group of Turkish youth under the title "I hate Dogan." Oktay accepted the responsibility to humiliate him. "

At the moment, the Bulgarian authorities tend to minimize the incident: it was a gun-gas and bullets — noise. The arrested will be charged with disorderly conduct faster wicked than attempted murder.

By the way, Ahmed Dogan in a few hours after the attack came on stage and announced his own resignation as chairman of the party, which was headed for 23 years.

The Vatican and the money from Mussolini. Anton Urinovskii ("Voice of Russia"), Referring to an article in the newspaper «The Guardian», tells of how the Vatican has built a business empire on equipment purchased before the second World War the government of Mussolini.

Under the Lateran Treaty of 1929 the church renounces claims to the Papal States, annexed in 1870 by the unification of Italy, and agreed that remained under the control of only the territory of the Vatican. But it has received about 750 million pounds. In 1931 he purchased from the Nazis means the papacy moved to Luxembourg and England. And before the second World War, they were in neutral Switzerland. There has been based the holding company «Profima SA». During the war, the organization was suspected of "involvement in activities contrary to the interests of the Allied Powers." There is evidence that in this firm laundered funds of Italian banks.

Acquired from the Nazis means Vatican then invested in creating the international monetary empire. Its price in 2013 have gained 600 million pounds (900 million dollars). Is in control of currency circulation Vatican head of the administration of church property of the Holy See Paolo Mennini. On behalf of the Vatican, for example, in England, the company is working vkladyvatelnaya «British Grolux Investments Ltd.». In 2006 she bought for 15 million pounds sterling office buildings in one of the most expensive areas of London — at St. James's Square.

In the "Bi-bi-si" found another pedophile. British police brought a former TV presenter «BBC» 86-year-old Stuart Hall accused of committing evil actions of minors and rape ladies, reports RIA "Novosti" referring to the agency "Reuters".

According to police, Mr. Hall, which is almost half a century led the sports television and radio programs in 1976 was raped by 22-year-old woman. In the period between 1967 and 1986. it is meant to commit against 10 girls in age from 9 to 16 years indecent and perverse acts.

Hall, who remained until nedavneshnego time employee "Bi-bi-si", was released on bail. February 7, he must appear in court in Preston.

Earlier, in December 2012, Hall, awarding the Order of the British Empire, was charged on three facts evil actions against young, but all the charges he has torn.

The incident with Hall can completely ruin the reputation of the "Bi-bi-si." After her last another employee, now deceased Jimmy Savile, for 50 years has made more than 210 crimes in the main juvenile.

Two years of French bullpen for the Russian Depardieu? Actor Gerard Depardieu, who had previously twice ignored court summons for driving a scooter in the form of an intoxicated, today again called to the tribunal. As reported by corr. ITAR-TASS Ksenia Rassypnova quoting "Agence France-Presse," he will have to stand in front of the servants of Themis on April 5.

Matter will be engaged Correctional Tribunal of Paris: Submitting this instance, it was decided after the defendant failed to appear Jan. 8 at a hearing in the Palais de Justice of Paris. The implication is that the arbitrator will have to make a decision on the debate between defense and prosecution. Depardieu this procedure could be avoided if at once came to the tribunal and for earlier pleaded guilty.

For the perfect movie star crash threatens a fine of 4.5 million euros, withdrawal of driving license or even imprisonment for up to 2-years.

Way to improve the Romanian-Russian relations is through Transnistria. Romanian President Traian Basescu expressed his hope that 2013 "will outline the latest trend of normalization of relations with the Russian Federation." As the IA «REGNUM», this sovereign Basescu said yesterday in Bucharest on a yearly meeting with foreign diplomats.

Romanian president said, "The key to the establishment of open political relations" between Moscow and Bucharest is the resolution of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian conflict, provided that
the "territorial integrity" of Moldova and the "matching international standards."

By this favorite Romanian added: "I hope 2013 will bring the latest trend of normalization of relations with the Russian Federation and by the already established benchmarks in the field of economic cooperation."

Romania does not go into any of the formats of the Moldovan-Transdniestrian settlement, recalls IA «REGNUM».

Ministers plagiarists. Board of the Faculty of Philosophy Dyusseldorskogo Institute has launched a function of deprivation degree against Annette Schavan, German Minister of Education. A prerequisite for the degree of deprivation were strongly suspected of plagiarism. This was reported on the website of the establishment, writes corr. RIA "Novosti" Simon Nehoroshkina.

Accusations of plagiarism when writing a thesis, which she defended Chavannes in 1980, were made in May 2012. To verify this information, the dean of the Faculty of Philosophy Institute Dyusseldorskogo Bruno Blekmann where Shawan received the degree by the Commission. At the end of the year it presented its findings and Blekmann brought to the agenda of the faculty board of the question of whether enough reason to start procedures for lifting Shawan degree. It turned out — pretty.

Shawan herself charged with "incorrect quoting" refuted. By the way, the topic of the dissertation, which became the subject of controversy — "Man and conscience."

In Germany, plagiarism — almost a tradition. In March 2011, recalls corr. RIA "Novosti", the head of the Ministry of Defence of Germany Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg resigned because of scandalous accusations of plagiarism — and also when writing a thesis. Institute of Bayreuth in Bavaria, where he defended himself stripped of his degree: in the work of the minister revealed hundreds more pages of someone else's text without the respective links.

The failure of multiculturalism and tolerance sunset. German sociologists have warned the public: towards Islam increased hostility on the part of the indigenous population of Germany. Hostility toward Muslims vserasprostranena among all social strata — and the elite, and those who live on benefits. A new wave of Islamophobia, said Sergei Duz ("Voice of Russia").

Anti-Islamic sentiments are observed in almost all the countries of Northern and Central Europe. And at first adherents of Islam do not like "tolerant" European middle class. It came already to the point that the Central Council of Muslims in Germany claimed to have spent on "anti-Islamic racism 'attention, as it spread to the center of society.

The reason for the growing discontent Muslims — the behavior of migrants decades. These people are very distanced from the social and cultural traditions of the modern country.

Once played a cruel joke with the Europeans continental snobbery. They rushed to conquer the world, and later, in the heyday of "democracy" and "tolerance", started asking forgiveness of their own victims. Residents of the former colonies have been given the ability to obtain a residence permit. France influx of Algerians and Tunisians in England — Pakistanis and Bangladeshis in Italy — Libyans and Somalis in the Netherlands — Indonesians in Spain — marrokantsev. Legislation allowed each alien who has received European citizenship, to carry to discover their own relatives.

15 million Muslims now live in EU countries. In Germany, in the middle of kids under 15 years fraction of Muslims have gained more than 22 percent. This means that in German schools, virtually every four students — Muslim.

The main complaint of Europeans to the Muslims do not relate to religion. First claim — parasitism. Many workers do not want to work (and now can not — lost simple labor power). Second claim — the neglect of the local traditions and culture. In response, the Muslims did not found the best to accuse Europeans of discrimination in employment.

Many experts believe that the root prepyadstviya here is that the parties have lost intrigued in peaceful coexistence. Neither one nor the other do not need to compromise more with the infidels. Tolerant brand new home permits Muslims to live as their ancestors have lived syzveka. The indigenous population is believed that the boundaries of common sense to the dispute 2-civilizations long since broken. This gave occasion to a leading European politicians argue about the failure of multiculturalism.

Background of the Kazakh plane crash. Prosecutor General of Kazakhstan Named premise of the crash Border Service An-72 that crashed on December 25. About this report "," with reference to the "News — Kazakhstan".

According to the official dealer Nurdauletov Suindikova prosecution, investigation came to the conclusion that the tragedy brought several reasons. 1st: Problems in airborne equipment (failure of the autopilot malfunction height measuring device). 2nd: errors crew commander.

An additional factor that led to the tragedy, have become difficult weather conditions: rain, snow and fog. Discussions of pilots that in the case of flight icing aircraft.

Caspian plans. The Caspian Pipeline Consortium is planning in 2013 to bring to finance the expansion of capacities at the territory of Russia and Kazakhstan 1.37 billion dollars. Approximate cost of works on the territory of Russia will amount to 770 million U.S. dollars, the terrain of Kazakhstan — 600 million U.S. dollars, reports "However".

CPC pipeline system — one of the largest vkladyvatelnyh energy projects in the CIS area. Its main task — to export Kazakh oil transit through the territory of Russia. The length of the pipeline connecting oil fields in Western Kazakhstan with the Marine Terminal in Novorossiysk — 1,511 km. CPC Marine Terminal is equipped with mooring devices to load tankers at significant distance from the coast, including in adverse weather conditions. Currently, a project of the CPC expansion, involving the modernization of existing and construction of 5 10 additional pump stations (2 — on the terrain of Kazakhstan, 8 — in the Russian Federation), construction in addition to the four existing 6 new tanks (capacity of 100 thousand cubic m. each) for oil storage near Novorossiysk and a third mooring at the CPC Marine Terminal. Planned and the substitution of 88-km section of the pipeline on the territory of Kazakhstan — the bigger the diameter of the pipe. Total investment in the expansion will be 5.4 billion dollars. U.S. dollars, the work should be completed in 2015.

Shareholders: Our homeland ("Transneft", 24% "CPC Company", 7%) — 31%, Kazakhstan ("KMG", 19%, «Kazakhstan Pipeline Ventures LLC», 1,75%) — 20,75% ; «Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium Company» — 15%; «LUKARCO BV» — 12,5%; «Mobil Caspian Pipeline Company» — 7,5%; «Rosneft — Shell Caspian Ventures Limited» — 7,5%; «BG Overseas Holding Limited »- 2%;« Eni International NANV »- 2%;« Oryx Caspian Pipeline LLC »- 1,75%.

Vice-President of "Transneft" Misha Barkov explained that experts after rising powers do not exclude the option bypass the Straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles after Russian and Ukrainian ports. It is possible the introduction of Ukrainian oil pipeline "Odessa-Brody" and Russian Ust-Luga. These options could act as candidates frozen draft of the Burgas — Alexandroupolis.

In India, again raped. "Voice of Russia", Referring to «Daily News and Analysis» and RIA "Novosti" reports that in India the police detained six suspects in the gang rape of a 25-year-old lady in the state of Orissa.

According to police, on January 20, a resident of the suspects attacked the village and her husband when they were going to the clinic to visit her brother of the victim. Attacked a man tied to a tree, and then at the sight of his wife raped.

The victim called the police, who were detained six suspects — the inhabitants of the town of Baripada Surrounding the ages of 19 to 33 years.

These warlike nuclear Koreans. North Korea's Foreign Ministry says the country's intention to increase its own military capabilities and to develop its nuclear program from, abandoning negotiations on denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, reports now RIA "Novosti" with references to "Reuters" and the Korean Central News Agency.

In a report narrated by KCNA, said: "We will take measures to improve and strengthen our military power, including nuclear deterrent." This is a strong statement was made after yesterday's decision of the UN Security Council to expand sanctions against the DPRK.

As the corr. ITAR-TASS Yuri Sidorov, DPRK Foreign Ministry statement also says that the process of denuclearization of the Korean peninsula ended due to the fault of the United States toughened aggressive policy toward the DPRK. The text reads: "In the end, lost by the six-party talks and the joint statement of the participants from 19 September 2005."

As the Chinese proletariat and the bourgeoisie fights. More than a thousand workers Shanghai factory, owned by «Shinmei Electric Company», taken hostage and more than days kept managers own company, reports "," with reference to the «Associated Press».

The workers were unhappy with the new disciplinary rules introduced for the management of the factory, "blue collar". On going to the toilet workers took less than 2-minutes. For the first lag was installed fine at 8 bucks. The second will result in dismissal.

Get angry proletarians captured in the plant's 10 managers of the land of the rising sun, and eight Chinese professionals. Release them was only after the intervention of three hundred policemen. According to the «South China Morning Post», a few workers in the scuffle were slightly injured.

After the incident, the company's managers agreed to waive strict rules and … increased workers wages.

Yet the police decide at the moment whether to institute criminal proceedings on the illegal detention of persons.

Workers' protests in China are becoming more vserasprostranennym phenomenon. This is largely contributes to the self-organization of employees who use Web and mobile communications for coordination.

Shooting in Texas institute: two had an argument and pulled out a gun. In one Texas Institute on Tuesday injuring several people. There's a skirmish between with 2 young people. As the "," with reference to «Reuters», this neighborhood police spokesman said Harris during a briefing on the incident.

According to him, the result of shooting three people were injured, including the 1st of the gunmen. Alleged member of the shooting detained. No other details are not representative of the police said.

Second participant managed to escape the shooting. As previously reported, the police is looking for a dark man 18-20 years old.

This is the third case of fire in the area of educational institutions in the United States over the past two weeks.

News Service "Voice of America" on the subject reports that the incident took place at the Institute «Lone Star». It all started a quarrel 2 persons, one of whom was a student. Do not get along verbally, both got guns. During the shootout, one was wounded. Bullet grazed 2-passers.

Clinton now speak. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the members of the international committee of the Senate and House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress about the circumstances of the disaster in the town of Benghazi, reports corr. RIA "Novosti" Denis Voroshilov.

A hearing with the role of Hillary Clinton will begin at 9:00 am local time (18.00 GMT). Preside over them will be Senator Robert Menendez. In the international committee of the House of Representatives hearing will begin at 14.00 (23.00 MSK).

Corr. RIA "Novosti" recalls that a special commission to investigate the incident in Benghazi, blamed the tragedy on the management of the State Department.

Mr. McFaul: the latest reboot will not. Salting the U.S. to Russia, Dr. Michael McFaul of Stanford Institute gave a small interview "The Voice of Russia" (Anastasia Fedorova).

Specifically, he said he did not consider it necessary to read about yet another "reboot".

"I believe that we need to continue cooperation in the areas that we have identified during Obama's first term. For us, these issues relating to Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan and trade investments are very important … "

In addition, he said, the Russian Federation and the United States should be allowed to some controversy.

"For example, at the present time we have a huge controversy on the issue of adoptions, as you know. We are very upset by the adoption of the new law, and we believe that it is very unfair to the adopted child and the adopted children to their families. "

McFaul said that his work and the work of the U.S. administration, "is to make everything possible to assist those families who have been harmed in this situation."

"The above-mentioned law stipulates exactly what can happen to them, because we are working with the government in order to try to resolve as many cases of adoption. Every day I meet with these families. They are connected with their babies for many months, and our job is to allow them to be together in the future and give them a life of their own. "

By the way, as reported with reference to "Interfax", Russian orphans and disabled children of adoption which were adopted in 2012, will be able to go to America. The decision to this effect was said in the letter to the Chief Justice of Vasily Nechayev. In the letter, he refers to the Chief Justices of the Federation and municipal courts of Moscow and St. Petersburg, and the district military courts.

Mathematical geeischislenie. From evolutionary biology, epigenetics and kliodinamiki extend the interests of our compatriot Sergei Gavriltsa working in the U.S. today as a research manager at the National Institute of Mathematics and biological synthesis in Tennessee at the institute. On the achievements of some of the scientist told corr. Itar-Tass Shytov.

In the near future special interest in the causes of the existence of same-sex love. Gavrilets built a mathematical model to show that the solution may lie homosexuality is not actually in the genes, but in complex biochemical compounds and processes that control gene activity, ie enables or disables individual components of the DNA. The study of such devices is engaged in epigenetics. Creator of the idea was a South American officer Gavriltsa — William Rice of the University of California at Santa Barbara, but math is allowed to confirm that this conjecture is indeed an opportunity to explain the preservation
of the majority of heterosexual middle of a small and stable homosexual layer.

Essence guess is that in some cases, kids can get their parents back from the floor — the daughter of the fathers, the sons of mothers — some epigenetic marks that contribute to the development of the upcoming sexy unusual orientation. Ability to save labels in single and multiple generations was previously demonstrated experimentally in animals. In evolutionary terms it does not harm them.

At the moment, discussions are possible to check the latest speculation and people. It is possible that the organization of research will convene a special international conference.

The scientific explanation of the nature of homosexuality Mr. Gavriltsom looks Nobel-level discovery. But so far, according to the scientist, the creators even regret that they engaged in this sensitive topic. Ganged up on them and the conservatives, liberals, gays, and gays — for ethical, not scientific judgments.

Corr. ITAR-TASS asked Gavriltsa as it relates to the "brain drain" from Russia. The interviewee, who began an academic career at the Institute of General Genetics, Vavilov, said: "In general, it is very sad, of course." He "tried a couple of times to establish scientific contacts with the local people, but somehow it never worked." The older generation of leaves, reaching more young people than to science, and to money.

"Basically, what I see — a sad sight — said in conclusion, Mr Gavrilets. — I would like to somehow be involved in this, somehow promote. And the roots are. But as long as there are no opportunities. "

Freezing America. Of strongest frosts were established in the central regions of the United States: the temperature dropped to minus 34-37 degrees Celsius. The authorities in many cities in Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan offer people who have not the warmest of housing, including "mobile home" wait out the cold in open shelters, reports corr. Itar-Tass Bekrenev.

Of the various states have been reported deaths of four people who have been victims of strongest frosts. For example, in Illinois in an unheated house was found frozen 70-year-old man.

This brilliant Arthur da Silva. About this precarious Portuguese person, not once the seen at the highest international level, has told a leading "Russian service" Bi-bi-si " Seva Novgorodtsev.

Slightly from the biography of the character. Arthur Batista da Silva — Dr. Milton's Institute of Social Economy (private institution in the state of Wisconsin), creator of the book "Economic growth, social inequality and poverty. Gaze over the average statistics ", former advisor to the Portuguese President Sampaio, former adviser of the Global Bank, a member of the UN, an outstanding orator, a month back speaker in a debate at the Lisbon International club and tore the tumultuous applause.

It is not so long ago, in the middle of December 2012, the newspaper «Expresso» published a lengthy interview with the well-known economist. World leading television stations vied invited him on the air. The advice of the wisest da Silva appealed unions.

The thing is, that the last classmate economist Ricardo Fernandez, a lawyer by profession, a couple of years ago met a school friend of his own … in the bullpen. He was sitting for fraud and forgery. The lawyer told reporters all.

It turns out that Milton's institution existed since 1982, and work on inequality and poverty, Mr. Silva took a loan from the bank's Global Analyst: Copy the Web. UN said that Silva had worked in the organization. In the same spirit answered reporters and Global Bank.

Now Arthur Batista da Silva disappeared from public view, and the police opened a case on it. Through friends journalists, he laments the public to "witch hunt."

Here the poor fellow, we would add. Just think, slyamzil a report from the Global Bank! Yet the fact that it is not composed of a student for a couple of hundred euros. Over in Germany, all the ministers will soon be deprived of doctoral degrees — for plagiarism. Either the police wish to say that da Silva tore applause at the International Club unfairly? And what think about it those who clapped his hands?

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