Geopolitical puzzle: the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun and the Koreans set to disputed islands flags and monuments, and the U.S. government are transformed into a police

South Africa: The police destroyed the miners. "Reedus' with reference to «Bloomberg Businessweek» on August 18 said that during the clashes between miners with a platinum mine and the police in Marikana in South Africa, killing more than 30 people. The police tried to disperse a spontaneous strike of the miners who sought wage increases — and right behind it, battles broke out.

The government has named last strike illegal. It was officially stated that the police had to defend themselves against the miners, armed with firearms and machetes. That is why the police had to shoot.

Geopolitical puzzle: the Japanese and the Koreans set to disputed islands flags and monuments, and the U.S. turned into a police state

"Reedus' recalls that the strike at the mine Marikane continues to August 10. It involved about three thousand miners. Demand of the workers — three times higher wages. At the moment, its average size is about 500 U.S. dollars.

RIA "Novosti" quoting "AFP" reports that South African President Jacob Zuma has declared a state of mourning for the dead miners. It will last from 20 to 26 August.

RIA "News" makes clear that, according to recent reports, the victims were riots 44 people. Ostrokonfliktnaya situation was compounded further confrontation and 2-South African Trade Unions. If the representatives of the Union of Associations of miners and construction workers decided to go on strike, the other trade union association — National Alliance of miners — it is not supported. Ultimately loggerheads and members of trade unions.

British intelligence in the service of the Syrian democracy. About how British intelligence helps the rebels in Aleppo, knows "," referring to the newspaper «The Sunday Times», which interviewed a representative Syrian opposition.

Intelligence acquired British military, based in Cyprus, Turkey and the United States sent. In turn, the Turks inform the Free Syrian Army. As the representative of the rebels, the British authorities "know and approve a 100 percent" own intelligence cooperation with the Syrian opposition.

Specifically, with the help of British intelligence officers rebels received the necessary information on the movement of troops and Assad later ambushed in the plain near the Sarakiba where and killed a convoy of more than 40 tanks, was being sent to Aleppo.

Also, the opposition, with the assistance of the Turks have got pictures from U.S. satellites. Turkey itself has received them from the CIA. Opposition spokesman said: "We have access to more than a month. Turks convey to us a little disk imaging, but it is basically in Aleppo. "

Fraternal Libya also involved in building a bright future Syria. As passed yesterday from London corr. ITAR-TASS Makarchev, citing «The Sunday Times», the rebels are getting more weapons from Libya.

English newspaper writes: "Last April, the Lebanese port of Tripoli was oriented container« Luftfallah-2 "with a cargo of Libyan weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns mnogokalibernye. Since then, seven more ships with weapons were unloaded off the coast of Lebanon. "

"The parties weapons include portable air defense missile systems," — emphasizes the publication. Ships from the Libyan tool does not call at the port of Tripoli, and get in the raid in international waters, 30 km off the coast of Lebanon. Unloading is followed by this: "After the coming of dusk to them from the port to send a huge boat for unloading ships."

Referring to the "Kommersant" reports that the Libyan government provides CCA among the rest of the Russian air defense system "Igla" acquired at the time still Muammar Gaddafi.

Churkin says comrade. Our homeland will support the Algerian diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, the joint representative appointed by the UN Secretary General and the Secretary General of the Arab League on Syria. As noted by Russia's permanent representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, Moscow hopes that the work of this experienced diplomat will help end the violence and political settlement in the country, report "News" with reference to ITAR-TASS.

"Vesti" remind us that Kofi Annan has decided to resign as envoy of the UN and the Arab League Aug. 31, 2012. His decision, he explained that "did not get all the support that is needed."

No-fly zone and humanitarian aid! As reported by "News", in an interview to «SkyNews-Arabia» Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov said that the main task facing the international community — is to help the peaceful Syrian citizens and refugees. To solve the puzzle betrothed, you need to work very splotchenno instead of creating a no-fly zone over Syria.

According to the latest UN humanitarian assistance is needed for two and a half million people. "We wish, that their fate was facilitated. Must be negotiated. At this point there are special (international) mechanisms and instruments. Namely, there are UN Deputy Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Valerie Amos, has the consent of the Syrian government to address these issues, there is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which is ready to assist those who are in refugee camps in the country of Turkey, Jordan and other countries " — Comrade Lavrov said.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation — against Syria. According to Victor Ruchkin ("Red Star") On nedavneshnem OIC summit in Mecca decided to stop Syria's membership in the international structure. The proposal put forward on this, of course, representatives of Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The rest of the country, except Iran and Algeria supported the Saudis and Qataris. The position of the enemies of Syria was motivated by the need to halt the bloodshed in Syria, the responsibility for which has been entrusted to Damascus.

Next Victor Ruchkin quoted British newspaper "The Independent", which is directly behind the other European newspapers, as if seen the light, litsezrev now face the Syrian conflict and its Western interpretation.

At the end of the summit of the OIC who hesitated not enough, says "Independent" as heresy and hypocrisy surrounding the entire Syrian conflict. "As long as Qatar and Saudi Arabia are arming and sponsoring Syrian rebels to overthrow the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad алавито-шиитской/баасистской, Washington did not hear a word of criticism of the address. President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Municipal they say they want to establish democracy in Syria. But the authoritarian regime in Qatar, and Saudi Arabia is among the most harmful of dictatorships in the Arab world-Caliphate. The rulers of both countries gained power by inheritance, like Bashar al-Assad and Saudi Arabia — Syrian rebels Wahhabis and was once the hottest supporter of the Afghan Taliban, as if coming from the dark Middle Ages. "

At this point, reports V. Ruch
kin in Aleppo leaked at least 8 thousand fighters (for peer review). This militants from both groups SAA and from Islamist groups "internationalists" and hired rabble from around the world, including in Europe. Local people from among the Sunnis, as expected for global democracy and the Arab world, does not risen in support of "freedom fighters." In Aleppo, reject religious extremism, in addition, provided the inhabitants of this town prefer to trade war. That is why the angry local self-defense units provide mercenaries fighting back.

So Makar, the West in the face of progressive journalists aware of the true background of the events in Syria and around it. Has been said to "Military Review" (including a "geopolitical mosaic") that sounds less votes for the rebels as "the people of Syria" and "fighters for democracy" and more and more voices of those who aware of the direct damage and indirect Arabian Western intervention in Syria, aimed at the carve-up of the country by way of the "Arab Spring" and its transformation into a set of "buffer zones".

Cobblestones for the Russian embassy. The opponents of the Syrian government on Friday night attacked the building of the Russian Embassy in London. The staff of the diplomatic mission were not injured, but the embassy was caused real harm. This was told corr. RIA "Novosti" Alexander Smotrov.

In a statement, the embassy said: "On the night of 16 to August 17, the consular department of the Russian embassy in London was attacked by a large group of people chanting slogans against the government of Syria, and who threw stones at the building of the diplomatic mission."

Windows were broken, and the building itself suffered significant material damage. The diplomats stated that the police did not take action to neutralize tribute lasted an unsanctioned rally and to apprehend the attackers.

In the embassy said: "It is interesting to note that this is not too far away in case the first manifestation of acts of vandalism against the Russian embassy in London this year."

Previously, opponents of the Russian position on Syria spilled paint brick wall of the embassy.

That is such and such massacres embassies, add, — and there are a manifestation of British democracy. It is possible that the police "did not take measures tribute" just as the action was sanctioned thugs higher — at about the same entities that approve of British intelligence for the benefit of the Syrian opposition. Paint and breaking glass — cool elements of the war, which re-launched a putrid West against Russia.

The observers are leaving Syria. As reported by "News", on the night of Mon expired mandate the UN observer mission in Syria.

Instead they will be in Damascus coordination office: about 30 military advisers. Their task will be to monitor the situation and report to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

A new Middle East in view of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The very existence of Israel — an insult to the population of the earth, because this government should be eliminated. So said the Iranian President Ahmadinejad, speaking Friday at Tehran Institute report "Fleet 2017" with references to the "military industrial complex", ARMS-TASS and the "Interfax-AVN."

Ahmadinejad said: "The Zionist regime and the Zionists — our cancer." He added: "The peoples of the region will soon do away with the Zionist usurpers and create a new Middle East in which there is no place the Zionists and the Americans."

Iranian president's speech sounded at the time of day or celebration in Iran Al-Quds — prazdnichka solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians against the Israelis, and was, in fact, a response to the statement by the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, who said earlier that the preemptive strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities is appropriate, as it can slow down the process of promoting Tehran to develop nuclear weapons.

Americans are afraid of nuclear Korea. U.S. experts estimate that 4 years later at the disposal of the DPRK will be possible up to 48 units of nuclear weapons. According to satellite images, the country built a nuclear reactor, and along with the uranium enrichment plant, reports "Interfax", Recalling the report of the South American Institute for Science and International Security, posted on Friday last week. The report, however, notes that Pyongyang is building a nuclear light water reactor, which is meant to be used for peaceful purposes. But, say the frightened Americans, it can create and weapons-grade plutonium.

The report indicated that North Korea is building a uranium enrichment plant. The purpose of the plant — the creation of a new fuel for light water reactors. But, again, the same Americans assume that the plant can be used to control the communist country's production of highly enriched uranium.

Not a lot of that. more paranoid experts believe that the disposal of North Korea has another facility for the production of highly enriched uranium — hidden.

Given the fact that all three objects will begin to make weapons-grade nuclear deal and formed a grim prophecy of American professionals about the growth of the nuclear arsenal of North Korea. By the end of 2016, according to the forecast, it could range from 37 to 48 units.

"Interfax" recalls that in July, the government of North Korea announced its intention to revise absolutely own approach to the issue of the nuclear program there. North Korea's Foreign Ministry said: "The circumstances force us to completely rethink the nuclear issue." The representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK said: "Sequential aggressive policy toward the DPRK from the U.S. leads to a new cycle of confrontation and tensions on the Korean peninsula, making it the prospect of the creation of a zone free of nuclear weapons, more nebulous."

South American nuclear scientists believe that North Korea may conduct a third test nuclear weapons in the most recent times.

North Korea's Kim and fearless heroes. In the DPRK, was awarded the title of Hero and the Order of the National Flag of the first degree detachment Coast Guard Korean People's Army. About this report "," referring to the state news agency KCNA and "Yonhap". We are talking about the force, shelled the South Korean peninsula Yeonpyeong in November 2010.

Awarding of heroes was dedicated to the visit of Kim Jong-un MUDO the peninsula on which to base unit. Favorite of the DPRK visited the peninsula on August 18, after a certain number of days prior to the beginning of the yearly joint military exercises in South Korea and the U.S. (they are scheduled for 20-31 August).

As the "Yonhap", Kim Jong-un made it to the western boundary of the North Korean sea area on a regular boat and without guns. South Korean analyst, whose words are quoted, "Yonhap," believes that the visit of Kim Jong-un was planned, and its purpose was to demonstrate the military in general and the citizens of North Korea's fearlessness their favorite.

South Korean monument. As said yesterday in Seoul corr. The ITAR-TASS Kutakhov referring to the agency, "Yonhap," The Republic of Korea established on August 19 on one of the 2-Dokdo (Takeshima), which are claimed by Japan, the monument.

On the front side of the rock height of 1.2 m the inscription "Dokdo" and on the back — "The Republic of Korea." On the side of the inscription is made nedavneshnem
visiting the islands by President Lee Myung-bak.

Geopolitical puzzle: the Japanese and the Koreans set to disputed islands flags and monuments, and the U.S. turned into a police state

During the ceremony of the monument to the Minister of Government Administration and Security Myung Hyun Kyu said: "Monument to Dokdo, which expresses the will of the people, will become the emblem of Korean sovereignty and eagerness to defend the island."

Just for visiting the islands of Lee Myung-bak proposed a Seoul official Tokyo discern the question of ownership of the islands in the International Court of Justice. But South Korea refused, calling the question raised "is not worthy of attention."

Offended the government land of the rising sun is now going to appeal to the International Tribunal of the United Nations. Japan is going to show the international society that South Korea is no evidence that the islands are eternally Korean territory.

The Japanese flag. On Sunday morning a few Japanese planted on the rocky shore of the island, included in the ridge of the Senkaku in the East China Sea, which China and Japan have contested 10's years. Landing was a return gesture for the same act done at the end of the week Chinese activists. After landing, the residents of the country of the rising sun set on the peninsula of the state flag, transfers "," citing "Reiter".

Curiously, just near the islands were three ships of the Japanese Coast Guard. Japanese activists gathered was to leave the peninsula and return to their ships, but the Japanese customs officials detained them. "Tape" notes that a group of activists, including several Japanese parliamentarians and politicians.

Chinese protest. As passed yesterday correspondent of RIA "Novosti" Maria Chaplygina with reference to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, Beijing made a presentation in Tokyo due to the illegal invasion of people Tipo land of the rising sun on the disputed Diaoyu Islands (Senkaku).

China's Foreign Ministry posted on its website the statement of the representative office referred to acts of activists with the flag of "illegal invasion of the Chinese territory."

In a statement, Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said: "The Foreign Ministry of China has made a formal presentation of the Ambassador of the Land of the Rising Sun in China, and expressed strong protest and demanded the Japanese side to finish the acts that undermine China's territorial sovereignty."

The split in the Moldovan society. Romanization of the Republic of Moldova will not lead to any good. This was told Roman Nesterov ("Military-political review").

Nedavneshnie clashes between supporters and opponents of the Romanization of the country's past on the streets of Chisinau, Cahul and Balti — an obvious sign of a split in the Moldovan society. Chaotic, the reaction of the authorities, according to Nesterov, indicates the absence of Chisinau plan out of the political deadlock. Because 90% of Moldovans oppose the idea of uniting with Bucharest.

August 5 in Balti (right behind a similar action in Cahul) residents expressed their disagreement with the policy of rapprochement with Romania. Demonstration of Romanian nationalists, organized by the association "Action 2012" under the motto "Bessarabia — Romanian land" and "True Patriots of Moldova did not they say in Russian," was foiled. Thousands of city residents with rotten eggs and tomatoes at the hands of protesters forced to hide in the buses and leave the city. Fictional Romanian activists motto, "Do you have eggs, but no brains!" Only intensified tomatoes and egg attack belchan, writes Nesterov. Rumynistam escaped only because of cover-up dresses enhanced law enforcement officers.

Occasions clashes in Balti and other towns were pro-European political solutions management Moldova. When the Moldovan parliament passed a law condemning totalitarian communist regime and approved measures to narrow the scope of the consumption of Russian language, Beltsov city council voted for a referendum on the expansion of local autonomy. With that in mind a similar decision Tiraspol 20-year-old, who started because of the Transnistrian conflict, the government of Moldova was in Balti. Vlad Filat here promised to raise the status of the town, its increment financing and the capacity of the local authorities.

Meanwhile belchan position is clear: the autonomy of the town economically profitable. Roman Nesterov resembles that Balti is sent each year to the municipal budget of 800 million lei (almost 64 million dollars), and in return receive from the budget of 200 million lei. This amount does not even cover the cost of satisfaction of the needs of urban residents.

Many Moldovan specialists, shows R. Nesterov, believe that all spheres of life of the Moldovan society plunged into a long crisis. Against a background of crisis in Western Europe, particularly in Spain, Italy and Greece, the inhabitants of the Transnistrian republic, covered with a reliable Russian citizenship and social safeguards, feel more calm.

"Here stood for freedom of Estonia." Now Estonia celebrates Municipal prazdnichek — the restoration of independence day, reports from Tallinn corr. RIA "Novosti" Nicholas Adashkevich.

August 20, 1991 the Supreme Soviet of the Estonian SSR adopted a resolution on the restoration of independence on the basis of the principle of "historical continuity of statehood."

In Tallinn will host a meeting of the "Club on August 20," which includes former members of the Supreme Council in 1991 voted in favor of the restoration of Estonia's independence ("for" was given to the 69 parliamentary votes out of 101).

Happy 21 August 1991 entered into Tallinn military Pskov Airborne Division took control of the TV tower. Transmission ceased on some time, but conflicts with the local population was not. After an afternoon on August 21, it became clear that the city failed coup in Moscow. After negotiations with the Office of Estonia, paratroopers liberated Tower and left the city.

Four employees who were in the TV tower in Estonia is now listed as heroic intercessors not only the tower, and the independence of the republic. Front of the tower is a memorial stone with the inscription "Here stood for freedom of Estonia."

In the UK, will not continue the fight against unsafe flying saucers. The Ministry of Defence of England halted research on UFOs. On the last day or been liquidated department, who has studied the application of the British weird phenomena (flashes of light, noise and other "effects"), report "News".

The decision to close was made applets after the conclusion of professionals in that country safety hazards from flying saucers do not. "News" indicate that the dissolution of the special department, engaged in alien civilizations, started 3 years back. The first event in liquidation was off telephone and email "hotline", according to which the military perceived messages about visiting Britain aliens.

Fans «Pussy Riot» from Cologne subject to a penalty, and the vicar of the cathedral of
Cologne calls to pray for "pusek" and for the entire Russian people.
Yesterday in Cologne Cathedral Rally in Support of the participating groups «Pussy Riot», reports "," with references to DW-WORLD and DAPD.

Two young men and a woman after the Sunday morning service held at the altar with a banner «Free Pussy Riot and all Prisoners», shouting to call the move to release the participating groups. The action participants dressed up in colorful costumes, one of the activists pulled down balaclava.

Gatekeepers Cathedral protesters put out and called the police. As representatives of the police, the protesters in the cathedral threaten charges of violating the Law on Assembly and preventing the commission of a religious ritual.

Interestingly, the vicar of the cathedral of Cologne Heiner Koch, who conducted the Sunday service, the closing date of adherents «Pussy Riot» urged parishioners to pray for their own compliance with the requirements of protesters, as the people in Russia (information radio station «Domradio», belonging to the Bishopric of Cologne).

About the brutal policy of. As the "Rosbalt", citing "" John Cornyn, a lawmaker from the state of Texas, claimed by the Pentagon explanation for the publication of the Russian nuclear submarine, which seems to go unnoticed for a month off the coast of the United States.

The senator sent a team of U.S. Navy Admiral Jonathan Grinertu corresponding request, in which states: "Submarines our shores, along with attacks on our air space reflect a very brutal and destabilizing military policy of the Russian Federation, representing the danger of U.S. national security. This is of particular concern due to the fact that President Obama achieves a sharp reduction in the defense budget, which implies including the reduction of financing of the development of antisubmarine defense. "

So Makar, add, Mr. Cornyn Navy hinted that Obama is more of, if America, and maybe even a Russian spy — once reduces the defense budget at the alarm time when it needs to build up.

Cornyn claimed from the commander of the Navy, "a detailed explanation of the facts relating to the publication of the Russian submarine in the media."

"Rosbalt" remembers that day or the Pentagon has denied the American press about the Russian submarine, which went unnoticed Tipo month off the coast of the United States.

Paul Joseph Watson reports: America in the eyes of the Yankees converted into a police government. Comrade Watson in his article posted on the popular on resource «Infowars», Aware of the State Security Department of espionage against the United States betrothed resource has long been struggling with the totalitarian tyranny of the American authorities.

On the days of Alex Jones, the creator of the resource reported on the spy documents DHS (Department of State Security), which focused on the program there «See something? Say what-nibudt! "Information acres of pages of documents was finally available in accordance with the Freedom of South American disk imaging.

Geopolitical puzzle: the Japanese and the Koreans set to disputed islands flags and monuments, and the U.S. turned into a police state

Analysis of the documents showed, writes companion Watson, that the Department of State Security monitors campaign "See something? Say what-nibudt! "Initiated by the political opposition. Not a lot of that, DHS tracking down articles and comments of users «Infowars» on many other issues. With all of this web site itself is attributed by the authorities to the category of "right-wing terrorism."

The papers noted that opposition began a campaign against the program there DHS, calling people, including through television screens on «Wal-Mart Stores», to report "suspicious activity" to the authorities.

The Department of State Security did not like the campaign «Infowars» was based on the use of the sign «V», means a future in due time "victory" of the French resistance against the Nazi occupation during the second world war. In the DHS decided that this shaped as letters taken from the movie «V» is a vendetta. "

Declassified DHS report contains images of posters used in the campaign, along with the text: "Alex Jones encourages people to have campaign posters in public places, so resist the alleged actions of a 'police state'. Supporters can also portray bukovku «V» on the walls of public supplies — a symbol of protest. "

The report in plain text says that the development and success of the campaign were controlled by the federal government. Count the number of friends A. Jones in "Facebook" (more than 135,000), is regarded by those who "loves" bukovku «V» (1840 January 24). It is estimated the number of different posters bukovkoy «V» (58). The documents also include a photograph of the activist, adhesive «V» on a telegraph pole in support of the campaign.

In sight of DHS and got another website A. Jones — "Prison Planet» (

DHS staff analyzed and comments on websites, made in the campaign.

The document says that the policy of "screening" was introduced in 2010. Just two years back the increased wave of criticism of the U.S. government, which is characterized as a "police the government is abusing the notion of individual freedom."

Campaign Alex Jones is shown in the documents as the DHS program that the purpose of which — the opposition of the Office of Intelligence and Analysis Department, aimed at familiarizing the people of the country to identify "suspicious activity", which should be reported to the authorities.

In other words, we would add, if the Department of State Security calls Yankees knock on their own neighbors — those who do not feel confidence in the "police state" and does not approve of his methods, the Alex Jones expects the Yankees to the very similar case DHS: I saw a manifestation Police despotism — Report on the website! It is clear that a similar model of freedom of speech does not slipped away from the all-seeing eye of the Great Brother.

One of the letters of internal DHS, continues companion Watson, contains a story told «Infowars»: «Does not matter where you see the world, from East Germany, the Russian Federation of Communist, Nazi Germany. Historically, governments that encourage their own people to knock each other out, do not do it for the sake of solving real-world problems of security, or planned to improve security, but in order to make the authoritarian police prinevolit government and people to the police lifestyle and thoughts regarding each other. "

The letters also specify which news sources monitored by the Department of State Security, together with «Infowars».

Monitoring the websites A. Jones, attributable to the wing "right-wing terrorism" is, as it turned out, since 2009.

The instruments examined companion Watson writes, illustrates the fact that the Department of State Security uniformly converted to the KGB, executed in a light style — in the secret police, who seem to be so concerned about the political freedom of speech, as if we are talking about the real dangers of the country.

In addition to DHS, some claims to
Alex Jones is also a Transportation Security Administration (TSA). It, too, has recognized not so long ago that he has documents that contain material relating personally to Alex Jones website «Infowars», as the website «Drudge Report». But the TSA refuses to publish them, regardless of the Law on Freedom of disk imaging.

Links to the complete list of outstanding documents produced and provided by, available here (English)..

Commentators who read the article Watson writes (ottsenzurovano and correct and somewhere reduced):

"They can not get us all infovoinov! These people are said Alex Jones, untainted scum of the earth … Collect, we have one site, and you get another 10. Freedom — is infectious, and while it is at the moment has come! .. "

"… The libertarian ideology — more idiotic, corporate, non-democratic system of beliefs, what you can imagine for yourself."

"Jefferson was a true liberal. What is meant by the Liberals at the moment? .. This is a communist. Whether Jefferson alive, he would have said only a few words to learn that the Communist Democrats and Republicans have done with the Communist state — with the state, he created: "Shoot them!!"

"Yes, I too believe that Jefferson was a liberal.

But you are very ignorant and misinformed about the concept of "communist".

"The people here are shocked specifically?

Every day at «Infowars» samoprovozglashayutsya neo-Nazis, "sovereign citizens" anti-Semitic, homophobic, racist and declared war to the U.S. government. All this — the incitement to riot and murder. I would feel in danger, if the police did not control «Infowars».

"We are not terrorists, we are patriots of Americans who believe in the oath to serve the motherland, we believe in the military code of conduct, and we believe in the fundamental principles of our nation …"

So, the white-washed house took in the end for the building of democracy in their country. Criticizing censorship in China and oppression of dissent and freedom of expression in general in Russia or Syria, the United States are monitoring carefully the native freedom of speech and urge people to be vigilant and intensively "knock" on their loved ones to the Department of State Security — that those who sees the political freedom " sedition and murder, "to live in peace and security, sipping his Coke, biting her another donut fat and quietly at a TV set, watching as Hillary Clinton calls for" go "Bashar al-Assad, as Mitt Romney seeks out opponents on America whole wide world.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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