Geopolitical puzzle: the Ku Klux Klan was not allowed to clean up the garbage on the road and in the Syrian decline was povinet McFaul

"Mom, I did not!" As is now transferred RIA "Novosti" with reference to the Kazakh newspaper "Time", the Kazakh border guard Vladislav Chelakh suspected of killing 14-year-colleagues and rangers at the border post in the Alma-Ata region, mom whispered in my ear that did not kill anyone.

Offspring of mothers with a date recorded on the camera and lasted only 5 minutes. "News" quoted words of my mother, Svetlana Vashenko border guard, who leads the newspaper "Time":

"I was brought into a small little room. Following several people flew with the camera. They rented us all the 5 minutes that lasted for a date, that Vlad did not say to me excessive. I burst into tears and went to the offspring, he hugged me and whispered in my ear, "Mom, I did not!"

The lady says that son on the cheek she saw a bruise.

Pebbles for the UN observers. "News", referring to the ITAR-TASS news agency, reporting that the UN observers were not able to enter the city of El Huff: they were stopped by mass, surrounding them with cars. The official dealer of UN Secretary-General Martin Nesirky said that "the crowd, made up of residents of the area began to throw stones at UN vehicles and steel bars."

Geopolitical puzzle: the Ku Klux Klan was not allowed to clean up the garbage on the road and in the Syrian crisis was to blame McFaul

And when the motorcade headed back to Idlib, tried to shoot her. At the moment, the "blue berets" returned to the base and are safe. Employees MOONNS try to reach El Huff on June 7, but an armed confrontation in the region does not allow them to do so.

"News" also report that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday that the United States is concerned about sending information to Syria Russian attack helicopters. Specifically, she said that America was "concerned about the most freshest information that we have is that on the way from Russia to Syria are attack helicopters. This will lead to very dramatic escalation of the conflict. "

Attack helicopters from Russia? As reported by "Rosbalt", Russian side at the present time does not comment on statements by Clinton. But the official dealer of the Pentagon stressed that the U.S. Defense Department has no information about the supply of Russian helicopters Syria: "I do not see any posts about what the Russians deliver attack helicopters Syrians."

Iran began to develop a severe nuclear submarine. This writes "," referring to the Iranian news agency FARS, which on June 12 told the submarine Navy Rear Admiral Abbas Zamini country.

According to him, the development of the Iranian nuclear ship will spice the experience gained during the construction of nuclear power plants and the use of nuclear technologies in medicine and agriculture. The representative of the Navy stressed that the development of nuclear engines for submarines is not beyond the introduction of civilian nuclear technology.

Technical properties of Iran's first nuclear submarine to be announced.

"," recalls that at the end of May 2012 in Iran was successfully completed repairs of heavy submarine "Tareg", built in Russia for the project 877EKM "Halibut". In addition to this submarine, armed Iranian Navy are two more submarines of the same type, "Noor" and "Eunice".

In addition, part of the Iranian submarine fleet comes submarine "Nahang" and sixteen light submarines of the "Gadir" of its development.

Temporary exemption from oil sanctions. America will release the 7 states of sanctions that would significantly reduce the volume of purchases of Iranian oil. June 11 on the agency said «Reuters» referring to the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, reports ",".

To the sanctions list will exclude India, South Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Taiwan. Sanctions against betrothed states will not be used very little for six months. Need to see that from the list were not excluded Singapore and China (the latter is naikrupneyshim buyer of Iranian oil). Sanctions against China and Singapore will be introduced on June 28.

"Tape" recalls that in March of this year, the U.S. gave up new sanctions against several countries in Europe and the Land of the Rising Sun.

Yemeni army repulsed the Islamists Dzhaar city. This was said yesterday "," citing "Reiter".

In the battle for Dzhaar killed at least 24 people: 20 militants and four Yemeni military. Islamists have left the city on the night of June 12 — earlier than those included troops of President Saleh. The rebels retreated to the town of Shukra (information «France-Presse», to refer to the 1st of local residents). In Shukri, according to some reports, the favorite hiding in Yemen, "Al-Qaeda".

Inhabitants Dzhaara said that the Islamists have left leaflets in the town in which asked for forgiveness from the local population — for the fact that their territory was the center of an armed conflict.

In Côte d'Ivoire foiled coup attempt municipality. As the ITAR-TASS, law enforcement authorities of Côte d'Ivoire foiled coup attempt municipality, which was scheduled to supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo. Komplot organized a group of soldiers.

Speaking yesterday on national television in the country's Interior Minister Hamed Bakayoko said that the arrested several conspirators. Also found documents revealing the details of the plan the overthrow of the newly-elected head of state Alassane Ouattara. The minister said that after the coup perpetrators were going to announce the development of the country's transitional military government. In support of his own words Bakayoko showed excerpts from a recorded video message to the people, which the rebels had intended to broadcast after the coup.

Hugo Chavez — a candidate for president. The current president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez on June 11 registered candidate in the elections of the country. About this report "," with reference to «BBC News».

57-year-old politician, President of Venezuela in 1999, is going to once again compete for the presidency. The election is scheduled for October 7, 2012.

In the day candidate registration Hugo Chavez thousands of his supporters took to the streets of Caracas. Smiling Chavez addressed them with a speech, and even sang a folk song and dance.

By the Falkland issue. In the Falkland Islands with the support of the British government in the first half of 2013 will be a referendum on the status of the area. The Government of the Falkland Islands have reported this on June 12, reports "," with reference to «France-Presse».

For decades, the islands are the subject of a dispute between Britain and Argentina. In 1982, the troops landed on the island of Argentina, whose government believes its Falklands. The
consequence of landing troops began 74-day war, which eventually killed 649 Argentine and 255 British fighter.

As the chairman of the Legislative Assembly Gavin Short, the inhabitants of the islands are completely satisfied with the status of the overseas areas of England, and this they utter in a referendum. Short also said: "We definitely do not want to, so we ran the government in Buenos Aires, and it immediately becomes natural to everyone who visited the islands."

France is going left. As said RIA "Novosti", French Socialist Party and its supporters on Sunday successfully participated in the first round of elections for the lower house of parliament — and could win an absolute majority in the second round. For the lower house (the National Assembly) has the final say in the legislative procedures.

At the last election it became clear that most of the vote won by the left parties. According to preliminary data of the French Interior Ministry, with the Socialist Party and its closest allies voted approximately 34.5% of voters, and concluded an alliance with it "green" scored 5.4% of the vote. "Left Front" was 6.7%. "Union for a Popular Movement" was 27.2%.

As noted, the elections were held at a record low turnout — 57.4%.

According to forecasts, in the 2nd round of the left can get from 283 to 329 seats in the lower house, and another 10-20 seats should get the "environmentalists". The Socialists have a chance to get an absolute majority in the National Assembly (289 seats), write "News", even without blocking all of this with the "Left Front".

Julian Assange asks anew to open his business. RIA "Novosti" Lena Pakhomov transfers from London that the founder of the portal «WikiLeaks» Julian Assange has filed a petition in the Supreme Tribunal of England. He asks anew to open his business. Inform the public about this British media, citing a court of Ben Wilson.

In May, the Supreme Tribunal rejected an appeal by Assange and decided to extradite him to Sweden. There, he is suspected of committing a sexy atrocities, including rape.

But the precedent with the opening of the case anew after the decision of the Supreme Court no. Therefore the procedure for consideration of such petition no. Ben Wilson was unable to name the time frame of the application.

Protect Assange abuts the fact that the English tribunal decided on the basis of evidence and evidence put forward by the Swedish prosecutor's office. Protect Assange did not have the ability to examine the evidence carefully.

Now the court will find, as due to this motivation. It is noted that England did not consider Assange's guilt, but only decided as appropriate request by Sweden to extradite the suspect.

Oil rises. As is now transferred from New York ITAR-Tass Bekrenev, Tuesday's trading on the New York Stock Exchange in the growth of the main quotations. An important indicator of business activity in the U.S. — the Dow Jones index — rose by 162.57 nm (1.31%), reaching 12,573.80 Sat. Index "Standard & Poor's 500", which includes 500 largest companies the South American market, he added in a "weight" Fri 15.25 (1.17%) and reached the mark at 1,324.18 pt. Index electric NASDAQ climbed 33.34 nm (1.19%), reaching 2,843.07 Fri Showed greater growth stocks of industrial, raw material and monetary sectors.

Oil rose to the highest bidder. Futures contracts for the supply of oil in July were made at the cost of 83.32 dollars per barrel, higher than the 0.62 dollar on June 11.

Ku Klux Klan wanted to sweep one mile of the road, but the authorities denied him. The Department of Transport South American state of Georgia does not allow the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan to participate in the federal program there for volunteer garbage collection "Adopt a Highway", reports from New York corr. ITAR-TASS Alexander Bekreneva.

The program cleaning roadside litter exists in the U.S. since the 80's. Though what everyone can pay the garbage collection sites on the route length of more than one mile, or send it to their own volunteers. Garbage sponsor can install on your site marketing banner.

In late May, representatives of the far right of the Ku Klux Klan appealed to the Georgia Department of Transportation for permission to "adopt" the mountain section of the road a mile long. Yesterday, they got the answer. The letter explained that the judgments of safety and due to history of the organization permission to garbage collection can not be issued.

Secretary of the Department of the Ku Klux Klan April Chambers said: "We all just wish" adopt "highway. We do this not for the sake of self-promotion, but in order to keep the purity of the mountain. "

The Ku Klux Klan is not the first time reaches right up trash on the highway. In 1994, the office of the organization in Missouri has made an application to the local Department of Transportation, but the government rejected it. And against the role of the Ku Klux klanovtsev in cleaning roads favored U.S. Department of Justice. Ku Klux Klan did not remain silent, and the case went to the Supreme Court. Last ban acknowledged the role of the Ku Klux Klan in cleaning roadside litter unconstitutional. In general, as noted, the Ku Klux klanovskie banners hung in Missouri long. The fact that members of the organization did not clean the litter.

Obama's rating goes down. On the eve of the presidential elections, Barack Obama is rapidly losing popularity among voters. A month back the incumbent U.S. president ahead of his own head competitor — Mitt Romney — by 7%, and now — just 1%. On it "News" with reference to the credit rating agency «Ipsos».

According to the data of the surveys, rating Obama has long been going down. Today his approval rating — low for the last six months.

U.S. grateful to Russia for Afghanistan. Corr. Itar-Tass Kirsanov reports from Washington that the U.S. is grateful for the logistical support of the Russian Federation counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan and the Afghan issue is not considered in conjunction with the Syrian crisis. Yesterday, at a press briefing about the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Media Relations Captain John Kirby.

According to him, Our homeland "extremely useful" in Afghanistan. "And we are grateful for the assistance that they (the Russians) have regard to the routes of logistics in the northern part of Afghanistan and out of it," — said Kirby.

Commenting on the call to U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta calls Sen. John Cornyn to break a contract with the "Rosoboronexport" for the supply of military helicopters to Afghanistan and back-sided sanctions against Russia, Kirby and Pentagon spokesman George Little was given to understand that the Pentagon would not do that.

On the strong military ties Israel and the United States. reports that U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at the Pentagon took the Israeli President Shimon Peres. At the moment, Perez is on an official visit to Washington, where he has to get from Barack Obama's Medal of Freedom.

Leon Panetta said that the military cooperation between the U.S. and Israel "has never been so strong, measured and dynamic."

Perez said the Yankees, that Israel is afraid of Iranian ambitions. Driven by "instilling religious imperialist ambitions," Iran has the sovereign Perez's beliefs, plans to "take control of their own Middle East."

Colonel Zussman says. «MIGnews» writes that Colonel Adam Zussman, commander of the Home Front Command neighborhood Dan (Tel Aviv neighborhood), said yesterday: "In the case of a missile attack in the center of Israel, especially with the introduction of non-conventional weapons, leading to the destruction of the buildings, the inhabitants of Tel Aviv and the surrounding cities will be evacuated and relocated to other parts of the country. " Colonel, but did not say where you plan to carry about 2-million slum neighborhood of Dan.

An unnamed military sources that are referenced resource DEBKAfile, said that the evacuation will be carried out in the main in the southern Negev desert.

Colonel Zussman stressed that Israel would be threatened by Iran and its allies of the terrorist group "Hezbollah" and Hamas.

Zussman added that Israel has one of the "most difficult" air defense systems in the world, but can not one hundred percent count on one system when it comes to global protection. He said: "We are preparing for the worst."

Dead leader "Al-Qaeda" was made with the video. RIA "Novosti" quoting "Reuters' report that Abu Yahya al-Libi (real name — Mohammed Hassan Quaid), the second person in the" Al-Qaeda ", which the U.S. government last week announced killed, delivered a video message. It was located on an Islamist Web site.

Al-Libi called on Islamists to support members of the armed forces, waging war against the government of Syria. He said: "We call on our brothers in Iran, Jordan and Turkey to come to the aid of their brothers."

"Reuters" notes that to date the video is unreal. Taken together, it is noted that reports of the death of al-Libi flowed through the world's media in the past, but later it became clear that the information was unreliable.

In all povinet McFaul. U.S. ambassador in Russia Michael McFaul goes, it turns out, not only from the Russian side, and on the west.

Nick Cohen of "The Guardian" (Source of translation — "Inosmi") Writes that the failure of the West to sound the danger that would be permitted to reduce the violence in Syria is sold "to a negligible figure of Michael McFaul, a South American ambassador in Moscow." Figure McFaul, in Cohen's beliefs, not merely pitied, and funny: after Mr. salting "so desperately wants to please, that does not think out of the fact that all were laughing at him."

Geopolitical puzzle: the Ku Klux Klan was not allowed to clean up the garbage on the road and in the Syrian crisis was to blame McFaul

What was wronged by Western countries McFaul?

Turns out he's like our Chernomyrdin his hunt for the best, but it is — as usual.

McFaul, says Cohen, a liberal, but its results are far from liberalism. He was "guided by the most well-intentioned, but gets the worst results." At the same time Cohen walked in the article and by the Obama administration, noting that Michael McFaul — "a true representative of the Obama administration."

According to the journalist, McFaul is guilty of a "reset", and that slowed the Syrian conflict resolution. In the end, salting guilty of their own illusions born of misunderstanding of what constitutes a Russian dictatorship.

"The failure of Western diplomacy in Syria," according to Cohen, was "bloody destruction of illusions. United States, England, France, Turkey and the Arab League gave the Russian veto. While they are worried about the ethics and practicality of "liberal intervention" dictatorship of vengeance engaged in "illiberal interference" in what was happening in the country, reminiscent of the Spanish war civilian clothes. "

Killing 108 people in the Hula Western journalist attributes, ignoring even the smallest argument, "Baathist forces." Next Cohen writes: "Progressives" of the last decade did not realize that the dictatorship occasionally are a rational response to the atrocities of the West. Do they have their own premises, which does not cease when the white-house there is a liberal. Autocrats do not consider themselves thieves and suffering from delusions of grandeur. Offenders will not admit that they look like — it is against human nature. They ennoble their thirst for power that behold the self as the only people who can maintain order and keep the country from falling apart. "

Democracy and human rights in the eyes of these "criminals" and "autocrats" — just "not competing ideologies or the legitimate demands of generous opponents," but "the subversive doctrines of the imperialist West against which to merge all of the dictatorship, to confront him."

"On paper — says Cohen — corrupt, capitalist Our homeland, communist Cuba, Ba'athist Syria and Islamist Iran have nothing to do. But they will always act united front against liberalism. "

Michael McFaul, on Cohen's beliefs — "not a nerd, at least, is not trivial. Eminent academician, he has promoted organize reboot Russian policy of Obama. He shared the government's speculation that the Kremlin realizes that the authorities in Washington prudent men and ladies, he will cooperate. "

But failure and wine McFaul is that "in spite of their own education," he "was not aware that such a dictatorial brain. He arrived in Russia in January, when the growing opposition movement against kleptocracy. Putin, like Assad, has been accused of going on foreigners and assure his supporters that they protect the country from foreign enemies komplotov, not legitimate grievances of the oppressed Russians. McFaul was more affordable end, so that the municipal media Vdarili on it. Journalists sycophants accused him that he — "puppet master" behind the protests. When he met with dissidents, municipal broadcasters who apparently were aware of his schedule, tracked him down. Putin's supporters published video clips, comparing it with a pedophile. "

In the end, the journalist reports, McFaul has come to humiliation in front of Moscow: "By last week, McFaul was the same hypocrite as Malvolio, as he humbly accepted abuse directed at the Kremlin."

Another failure and Wine Ambassador McFaul that he "did not realize that the" reset "was only part of the West. For Putin, nothing has changed. "

Summing written by Cohen, one can say that the West as before lusted to build Russia, as well as some other countries, such as Iran, not only their ideological opponents, and the enemies of liberalism in all its manifestations — from the "human rights" to the "freedom of speech".

Well, we must admit, have constant external enemy — the position is comfortable and time-tested. Against the background of stabbing an ideological enemy can always seem Myagenko and unkempt, even if a needle sticking out of his ears.

Nobelevka cringed. RIA "Novosti" with reference to the official web site of the prestigious global services reports that the size of the Nobel Peace Prize this year will be reduced by 20% — from 10 million to 8 million Swedish kronor (1.1 million dollars). As circumstances redu
ce the amount of premium indicated the threat of destabilization of the purse, of which the following payments.

"One of the more fundamental problems of the Nobel Foundation is to secure economic base premium. So Makar, the capital left by Alfred Nobel, asks management that will allow handing financial component lifetime achievements in the future and at the same time to guarantee the independence of the institutions are awarded "- said in a statement, the Board of Directors of the Nobel Foundation.

Income from the fund in the near future, would be a shame as it sounds, finished cover his expenses. Apart from the premium will also be reduced by the costs of maintaining the administration of the fund and festive events when giving the awards.

So Makarov, it must be stated: the world economic crisis and knocked on the door of the Nobel Foundation.

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