Geopolitical puzzle: Transnistria can be part of, but the United States is ready to storm the Iran

Our homeland — Transnistria. The special representative of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin on Transnistria, and at the same time supervising the Russian defense industry, gave an interview "Kommersant". Rogozin explained to the interviewer V. Soloviev probable Russian policy with regard to Transnistria

"… Everyone is interested in mitigating the relationship Mezhuyev Chisinau and Tiraspol. But this does not mean that there is some plan Rogozin. I think the status of the breakaway republic completely may be postponed until the best times. And while in Chisinau heard statements promptly unification with Romania and immediately with the Romanian side is a string of provocations against the Moldovan statehood, talk about the frisky solution is unrealistic.

Geopolitical puzzle: Transnistria can become part of Russia, and the United States is prepared to attack Iran

At this point, I'd like to Transnistria could focus on developing a strong economy with the Russian Federation and others, who are willing to help him. Start making money instead of going with an outstretched hand. People who came to power in Tiraspol have my pride and say that they are opposed to the situation when our country has to pay for everything, not knowing where to go its funds. I am a Russian politician, Russian bureaucrat, a member of the government. I care about how our people live in Russia and how they live Transnistrians who are also citizens of Russia. It is necessary to make the economy and break the artificial isolation. Move in small steps, but with all this, knowing that the main task of the Russian Federation — is security. "

According to Rogozin, another 6 years ago started talking about the likely occurrence of Transnistria to the Russian Federation, the future state should be resolved will of the people: "… In the end, the protection of the territorial integrity of the country — it's not a question of jurists and lawyers, and the question of the people. If Moldovan politicians are patriots of the Republic of Moldova, in other words sense to talk to them about the options for the Transnistrian settlement. If they come to Romania, that if they wanted to assist them to maintain unity government we will not succeed. Not only Transnistria, but maybe other parts of Moldova zahochut not go to Romania. I say this in plain text. "

And one of the Russian-Transdniestrian news. Our home can be placed in Tiraspol radar "Voronezh". About this report "Interfax" referring to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". According to the source, "NG", Russian Federation intends to maintain its presence in Transnistria. Radar is meant to mark in Tiraspol in response to the initiatives of the European missile defense — in contrast to the Romanian bases of NATO.

So Makar, discussions on the reunification of Moldova with Romania, and even against the European missile defense system, can be the catalyst for entering Transnistria to Russia.

UN — Two of Sudan. Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, called for two of the Sudan to continue the negotiations. A prerequisite for the application was the beginning of the withdrawal of troops from South Sudan border region Heglig. About this report RIA "Novosti" (Report Ivan Zakharchenko) with reference to the press service of the UN.

Geopolitical puzzle: Transnistria can become part of Russia, and the United States is prepared to attack Iran

Ban also called on the government of Sudan to end the bombing of the North areas of South Sudan.

South Sudanese troops from the last day depart from the area of Heglig. Specifically, in this disputed oil-rich area in the last days there was fighting between troops 2-Sudan. By Monday, the withdrawal must be completed.

Meanwhile, yesterday in an interview to "Al Jazeera" the minister disk imaging South Sudan Barnaba Marial Benjamin said that the withdrawal of the army from the area Heglig does not mean the victory of the army of Sudan over the army of South Sudan — and is a response to a request from the UN, the U.S. and other countries. This is reported RIA "Novosti" (Report Julia Trinity).

Barnaba said: "The decision on the withdrawal of our troops from the area was made after telephone discussions with the President of the United States and other heads of state and corresponding requests from them and from the UN Secretary General. We are part of international society and enter into this company because they could not ignore the calls. "

Bahrain. Bahraini opposition could derail the race "Formula-1" (yesterday began their local pitch). Friday evening in the opposition staged a protest against government policies. About this report "ITAR-TASS" (Report by Alan BUD). In general, in Manama as the relative tranquility past Shiite demonstration was sanctioned by the authorities. Together with the fact it should be noted that there were 10 of thousands of protesters gathered on the highway in the districts of Manama, the 2-10-km away from the framework of a race track. Reporter "ITAR-TASS" also reports the hacker DDoS-attack cerebral website, "Formula 1", which became temporarily unavailable. On the website there was a message from a group of hackers "Anonymus": "The regime continues to resist sensible reforms and continues to use brute force and a strategy of violence to suppress the people's calls for a renewal." Hackers demand release of human rights defender Abdulhadi Alhavadzhu bullpen. In addition, hackers threaten the country's authorities "punishment" — for what they are, according to the hackers, continue to suppress the civilian population.

Management of auto racing "Formula-1" is not going to cancel the event.

USA. "" report that three employees, "the U.S. Secret Service, who were participants in highly publicized party with Colombian" moths "on the eve of the opening of the Summit of the Americas, will be dismissed."

It was in Cartagena on April 14. History is replete with characters — "girls" had as many as 20. Confused were the champion of true democracy, and when the secret services "squeezed" honestly spent "butterflies" fee, one of the women asked not somewhere, and the police. And then the scandal hit the South American press, and from there went to wander the universe of information.

RIA "Novosti" (Report Denis Voroshilov) leads the freshest details to the Cartagena topic. Hidden office will dismiss three other agents involved in the scandal with Confusing: "… Just from the ranks of special services, such Makar, will lay off at least six
agents" — report to the newspaper «Politico» with reference to its source in the United States. " Total accused of "inappropriate behavior" had accumulated more than 11 people. Also in the report states that as "compensation" for services to the South American military offered a 20 Colombian "priestesses of love" … 30 bucks.

It looks like the crisis and in fact dopek America.

U.S. — Iran. Leon Panetta, U.S. Secretary of Defense, in an interview on «CNN» acknowledged that the United States has developed a plan of attack on Iran. It is reported by the agency "Rosbalt". Perhaps, the Defense Minister of America just let it slip. "At that Panetta — wrote" Rosbalt "- initially tried to steer the conversation in a joke. He said that becoming defense minister, realized that "the Pentagon is developing a lot of plans for all occasions." In general, Panetta said that if the case goes to strike the United States on Iran, it will be successful.

Iran — EU. The Iranian channel "Press TV", EU postponed the introduction of new sanctions against Iran, from April to June — because of the problems of Greece, associated with the search for new oil suppliers. Now sanctions will apply in full force after 1 July. By this time, not only Greece, and other EU countries have to find other suppliers of crude oil. The report states that Iran itself has stopped oil deliveries to some countries: France and England. By the way, in the end, "kontrsanktsy" the price of oil and gasoline in England and the United States have gained a record high, according to the article.

Afghanistan. Responsibility for the South American helicopter shot down, "Black Hawk Down" in the south-western Afghanistan, took over the organization of "Taliban." It is reported by the Iranian channel "Press TV". Afghan officials confirmed Friday that four American crew members dead. Before that, it was assumed that the helicopter tragedy occurred because of "bad weather".

NATO — Afghanistan — Our homeland. The American military is not only the lack of funds for prostitutes, but, apparently, there is no money to pay for the support of its own influence in the world. As the "Radio" Liberty ", NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in Brussels on Thursday after a meeting of the Board of our homeland — NATO "urged Russia and China to participate in the monetary system of state support for Afghanistan's security."

It is logical: after all, in 2014 the U.S. will withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. However, our Sergey Lavrov at the NATO Secretary General's proposal did not give a definite answer. But Lavrov made the objection to the NATO missile defense system, rightly considering se safety hazard of.

China — Iceland. The prime ministers of China and Iceland on Friday agreed on how to share the oil wealth of the Arctic (Information "Press TV"). This deal, according to Iranian news channel, called "Arctic Research collaboration." The report quoted the Icelandic Prime Minister: "These agreements will provide different capabilities for enhanced collaboration in research between Icelandic and Chinese scientists in this field." Details of the transaction were not disclosed.

Iraq. The movement "Hezbollah" on Thursday condemned nedavneshnie explosions and shooting in 6 different areas of Iraq. 34 people were killed and 10's were injured, reported the Iranian channel "Press TV".

"These attacks — right behind the events that took place at the political level in Iraq — are focused on the mission of building the Iraqi obstruction of the country and the interdiction of the Iraqi people to invest in their own resources." It said in a statement released by movement "Hezbollah".

Syria. Stroll rumors that the Syrian government began selling off the country's gold in store. The source of rumors — some diplomats and businessmen. IA «REGNUM» reports in addition to the above disk imaging follow:

"Two Arab merchant in Dubai, also suggest that the Syrian government is offering them gold at a cost of 15% below market.

Traders in the UAE said that Syria sells its gold supplies in small batches — 20-30 kg, in order not to lure attention to the deals and receive the funds in place. "

More announcements on the Syrian issue.

According to agency "Rosbalt", "The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs has developed a plan that will be mobilized $ 180 million to fund humanitarian operations in Syria. As reported by the UN News Centre, the respective plan is based on the fact that about 1 million Syrians are in need of immediate assistance. "

Geopolitical puzzle: Transnistria can become part of Russia, and the United States is prepared to attack Iran

Give with one hand — the other suffocate. As reported by "RBC", since the beginning of the week the newest EU imposes additional sanctions on Syria. This was stated by Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero (information agency "Reuters").

"The new restrictive measures -" RBK "- will affect the export of luxury products and a range of raw materials. The imposition of sanctions was due to the fact that the Syrian authorities continue to ignore the terms of the plan of peace initiatives envoy of the United Nations (UN) and the League of Arab States (LAS), Kofi Annan. "

"Voice of America", without, but the photo of mass protests in Syria, issue follow-up information:

"Syrian activists report that thousands of people took to the protests across the country, demanding the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. <…>

Human rights activists say that Syrian security forces killed 11 civilians parties, including the inhabitants of the "hot spot" — the town of Homs.

The representative of the human rights group Syrian Observatory For Human Rights Hivin Kako said, "Voice of America" that the government does not stop the shelling of Homs, "the morning began mortar attacks various parts of Homs. Constant bombardment carried out by government forces. "

UN — Syria. Now the UN will vote on sending observers to Syria (not 30 people, as previously assumed, and 300). This is reported "Radio" Liberty ". Moscow insists on the immediate dispatch of observers, and the West in the face of France, Britain and Germany believe that it is necessary to wait until such time as in Syria will not be absolutely removed from the cities military equipment and troops will not leave.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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