German commentators on Change through rapprochement

The German edition of the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, which is issued by the President of the German homeland, a member of the Christian Democratic Union and Christian Wulff is in the so-called conservative political mainstream, today placed a comment on the upcoming December 19 presidential elections in Belarus.

"Geographically, Belarus is located almost in the center of Europe, but politically outside. The authoritarian regime of President Lukashenko has led nine million people in the country in isolation. Even relations with Russia have cooled almost to the point zamyarzannya.

The fact that "the last dictator in Europe" will establish a true democracy in December, is unlikely. At the same time are very positive indicators that Lukashenko shows in the socio-economic policy. For ten years, poverty in the country has decreased by half and thus increased the number of relatively well-paid jobs. In short, there are countries in Europe where it worse.

Western Europe has long ignored Belarus. Perhaps the only violations Human Rights triggered protests here. Nevertheless real and constructive Eastern policy is not to this day. Germany and Poland seem to have realized this situation. The path to change will be matched by the approach. And it will open up new opportunities Europe. "


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