German self-propelled MLRS times languid second world war Wurfrahmen 40

For mechanized Wehrmacht was developed version schweres Wurfgeraet 40 (Holz), which could be strengthened at half-track armored personnel carriers. The most vserasprostranennoy modification was half-track armored troop-carrier Sd.Kfz.251 / 1 mounted on the sides of the six-throwing devices for shooting and 280-and 320-millimeter rockets and mines. Title similar artillery system — Mittlerer Schutzen-panzerwagen mit Wuhrfrahmen or Wurfrahmen 40. On each side of the hull armored vehicles were located on three containers with rockets. In the vertical plane of the containers were directed (asked elevation) in the range of +5 ° … +40 ° with the spec. pointing mechanism. Tip in the horizontal plane of rotation of the machine provided.

German self-propelled heavy MLRS WWII Wurfrahmen 40

For a more precise guidance on the horizontal armor engine (power) unit had two 400-millimeter pin to facilitate the installation of armored personnel carriers in the position of the axis of fire. Sami launchers carried out by «J. Gast AG »(Berlin). High-explosive 280-millimeter shells Wurfgranate (WGr) had 42 warhead weighing about 40 kg, and 320-mm incendiary projectiles contained 50 liters. gasoline fuel consistency, which by his own composition was similar to napalm. Typically, high-explosive shells were placed in rail transport containers, and incendiary bombs in wood, employees are sent immediately. On elektrozapaly min electronic signals were installed in a remote cabin. Arc of fire ensured by turning armored corps.

German self-propelled heavy MLRS WWII Wurfrahmen 40
German self-propelled heavy MLRS WWII Wurfrahmen 40
Installation starting at 40 frames Wurfrahmens average armored troop-carrier Sd.Kfz. 251 of the 24th Panzer Division

Range of fire explosive projectile (Sprenggranate) from a mobile launcher — 1.9 thousand meters and incendiary shells (Flammgranate) was 2.2 thousand meters to the full volley to 10 seconds. Almost always, the ammunition was 5 280-mm rockets and 1st 320 mm shell or three of both species. On APCs Sd.Kfz.251 / 1 as an auxiliary instrument was set up 2-7.92-mm MG 34 machine guns (MG 42). Ammunition is 2,010 rounds of ammunition. Armored fighting weight in self-propelled version — up to 9140 kg. The calculation of this armored personnel consisted of 7 people.

The performance properties of the MRL Wurfrahmen 40:
Hull Length — 5980 mm;
Cabinet width — 2100 mm;
Height — 1750 mm;
Ground clearance — 320 mm;
Forehead housing (top) — 10-15 mm;
Board housing (top) — 8-14,5 mm
Board housing (bottom) — 8-14,5 mm;
Feed the body — 6 mm;
The roof of the body — 6 mm;
Bottom — 6 mm;
Guns — 2? MG-34 or MG-42 7.92 mm;
Other weapons — 6? high-explosive rockets caliber 280 or 300 mm or 6 x incendiary rockets caliber 320 mm;
Motor type — 6-cylinder carburetor Maybach HL 42 TUKRM liquid cooling;
Engine power — 100 hp. s.;
Road speed — 53 km / h;
In store down the highway — 300 km;
Axels — half-track;
Trench — 2 m;
Fording — 0.5 m

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