Germany completely stopped the military draft

Germany finally suspended conscriptionThe members of the Federal German consulate grounds — the Bundesrat — April 15, the government approved the proposed law on the suspension of mandatory military service in Germany, reports Deutschland Funk. Earlier, the bill was supported by members of the German parliament — the Bundestag.

Bundesrat approval was the final step in the implementation of the most ambitious in the postwar period of reform the German armed forces. In accordance with the adopted law on July 1 of this year conscription suspended for an indefinite period.

With all of this of mandatory military service is written in the constitution, and can be re-activated in the event of danger national security. Place of conscripts in the army should take the volunteers, most of which will make the life of 23 months.

The government and the Bundeswehr trust, that will be able to enroll in the service for 35 thousand volunteers a year, but, as reported in March this year, the required number of applicants has not dialed. In conjunction with an appeal ceases to exist other service, which replaced the volunteer civilian service. The number of the Bundeswehr will be reduced to 180-185 thousand people.

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