Germany conducted tests of laser anti-missile system

Germany tested a laser anti-missile system

The company «MBDA» (Germany) conducted tests of missile laser defense technology (C-RAM).

The result was confirmed by tests conducted by the possibility guidance 10-kW laser beam on the target located at significant distances. It is now held successful "firing" of the layout of the laser gun. Appointment of such guns — it is an opportunity to intercept and unmanaged remote-guided artillery shells, rockets and mortars.

The beam power of 10 kW for the first time was imposed and held for several seconds to move around on the target, which was placed over a 2-km from the guidance. Apparently, conducted test personally justified the system's ability to laser-guided installation «C-RAM» of «MDBA» accompany the objects in the environment, which are moving at an altitude of 1000 m and at a distance of up to 2300 m

A total eclipsed all expectations, because the protection of tactical weapons is not it already and the usual problem: because of the highest maneuverability of missiles and shells, their insignificance size need a very high-spirited interception (almost in seconds) at a distance of more than 1000 m from the target. Laser suits this purpose perfectly. But cause some difficulty pointing accuracy and the ability to inject the energy that is needed to eliminate the projectile or missile. But all the same, as shown, the laser beam — probably the only kind of weapon, which afford excellent fight the fast-moving targets at a distance of 1000-3000 meters.

The company «MDBA» successfully demonstrated unique ways to beam pointing and their effectiveness. In the end, after the United States, Germany has become the second state, which have gained no small importance of success in research and development of anti-missile laser. At the moment «MDBA» searches the site for installation from-RAM-laser and is working to increase the beam power and the modernization of the guidance system.

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