Germany in the role of savior of the EU and of itself

There is a conventional wisdom worldview that modern Germany is aiming to favorites EU is not only economic, and political. Berlin showed the European Union, in our time of crisis, when the creation is developing in China, Vietnam and in Africa and in Europe and America withers, powerful industry and the economy (more precisely, the most powerful in the EU) is fully entitled to exist. Looking at the present-day Germany, other observers behold the it even peaceful revival of the Reich: "They want the Germans authorities over Europe (the world)? .. They will have to build majestically Germany, Europe chewing. We'll have to spend money on the Slavs and other "orthodox" teaching them German teams … "

Germany in the role of savior of the EU and of itself

Taking into account the fact that in Germany, some no, and democracy, will be allowed to question the Germans forced the construction of a "Greater Germany" and "chewing of Europe." At Angela Merkel (Chancellor) is sufficient highest authority, and that he was the highest, it will ask its own people, what you want, pochetaemye Herr and Frau? A half Herr and Frau respond to it: Europe we do not need, and we will live well without the EU. In other words, not just good, but much better than in its composition. Give Deutschmark! — That deliver a half, if not most Germans Chancellor Merkel.

In the middle of September 2012 the agency «TNS Emnid» conducted a large survey in the middle of the Germans, the French and the Poles (over a thousand people in each of the three states), as a result of which found: Almost two-thirds of the German population (65%) believes that the country would be better to abandon the euro. These very nearly two-thirds believe in the fact that their life with the Deutschmark would be "much better" or "somewhat better" than the euro.

Judging by the survey, the Germans are not going peacefully "capture" Europe, but rather unhappy with the fact that Germany is obliged to maintain a feeble EU economy, namely, the "long-suffering" Greece. Not a lot of thrifty Germans feared that the euro-zone monetary crisis naneet hit to their savings. 49% of Germans believe that Germany without the EU would be better.

For comparison: the French, whose economy is not as glamorous as the German, evaluate euros more positive: there are only 36% of respondents believe that the return of the franc, the euro will make the economy better. Exit from the Euro Union is ready to a little more than one third of the population.

First of September the agency «Moody's» downgraded the outlook for the European Union and from that moment on he — "negative." The reason for this was just the danger of the stronger economies of the Union: Germany, France, England and the Netherlands.

But the real moment of crisis management policy in Germany, in what many analysts behold the way, not the "fifth Reich" and the financial Redemptrix the EU (at least, temporarily), — not a "one-man" and the joint. Germany is not going alone to pay for the sins of debtors. Frau Merkel's approach — not brutal and imperial, but pragmatic and consolidating — and skillfully built on a compromise between the latter view.

Chancellor Merkel considers, that for Germany (as well as to France — the second EU economy) assigned a "special responsibility" for the salvation of Europe. As we see, Frau Merkel does not believe in the new imperial Germany's future. On the contrary, it stands for European society, and not for the total centralization of the EU led by some managers of successful countries in the face of the advanced economies of the Union that will impose its will on outsiders like Spain or Greece, the same standing on the verge of recovery from the economic society ( at the moment there is a general strike: do not skip the buses, trains, planes do not fly, and even doctors … so that doctors, journalists — and those on strike).

Speaking at the event dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of reconciliation after the second world war, Mrs. Merkel said that Germany and France should work to strengthen ties between states, because "a good and trusting business can not be taken for granted." Moreover, Germany and France will work for the future of Europe, along with other European countries. Here her words"We need to strengthen and stabilize the euro zone." And again: "We are working in order to make the European economy more healthy and sustainable. Here on Germany and France is a special responsibility. "

On the invader of Europe, you see, like the German kantslersha strongly enough. German people, some willing to go back to the Deutschmark and is not afraid to get out of the EU, are not similar to that civilization, which it planned to impose its will on Europe.

But another thing is that they say in the eurozone on German diktat — economic. It's sort of monetary blockade: the Germans set the conditions, and the crisis countries is nothing to do but to follow them. In other words, do what tells Angela Merkel. According to another — a pipe, in other words "default." On the other hand, the Germans bail out those countries (such as Greece, again) that their money profukivali until the Germans worked hard and took care of. The Greeks, huge spice in the field of mythology (not just a pagan, and political — see the "State" of Plato), having joined the EU as a feeder should be once and for all to learn: People did not the gods of Olympus, and did work. And rather than materialism is not to their liking, then welcome to get out of the EU. Life Saving in this case — the handiwork of drowning.

On the days of the "big three", ie, the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and the European Commission, quite decide what to do with this very Greece. If Greece still allowed to go to the "free floating", the EU will happen unusual massive cash crisis which not something that breaks out in a matter of days are, and watch. Capital will flow a river of Greece, exchanges will stop many banks may close, investors have temporarily lost access to the accounts, etc., etc.

To prevent this strshnogo euro economic "aramageddona", in general, have developed special measures, including the purchase (without limitation) the debt obligations of the crisis — apparently, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others where money, things are more vile and where austerity measures do not help enough, and along with harm, causing widespread discontent, protests, demonstrations, clashes with police, strikes, riots, the use of vigilante water cannons and rubber bullets (as it was in the old days in Madrid), etc. In short, the EU reeling, and with little money measures can not do.

Angela Merkel is constantly repeats: Europe without the euro will not. With this motto, the chancellor is going to go to the polls. In the end, far not all Germans decided to move to make and break away from the EU. But if Greece and other indebted countries deal will not burn out, then … In this case, Germany has already there is appropriate means:

"There is a banknote 10 doychmarok completely ordinary bill, which had a circulation of just before the intro
duction of the Euro. And the other notes were issued in the '60s, at the height of cool war. They are in fact no one in his hands. Special series. These funds were to go into operation in the event of the Third World.

Bills in the amount of 19 billion special marks not so long ago, found in the ancient German bunker of the Central Bank. Next they moved somewhere. Clearly, all were released 29 billion ersatz brands. Not taking into account the size of the German economy today, and that's enough. After all, the Germans in cash and even more so the German company did not actually use it. A convert funds in the accounts is not the problem. Deutschmark until now can be exchanged for the euro. "

But this is all speculation journalists, nothing to do with the practice of not having.

Germany should only eurozone rescue strategy: after the collapse of the euro would cost German banks, insurance companies and factory businesses, citizens and also about three trillion euros.

Because, apart from the plan of the ECB Mario Draghi, the man responsible for direct purchase debt obligations of troubled countries in the EU, not so long ago, on Sept. 12, was approved at all brand new system to combat the financial crisis means the contract EU economical control ("evropakta"), and a contract to develop a special fund to rescue the euro — Euro stabilization mechanism (European Stability Mechanism, ESM). The new mechanism has been approved by the German Constitutional Tribunal in Karlsruhe and declares rejection of the old principle that any country The EU itself is calculated on its debt (this principle was established in the implementation of the single European currency). On the same day, September 12, the world's money markets responded positively to the momentum of Karlsruhe. Exchange European index rose by 1.1%, returning to the very highest since March 2012 point, and the euro against the dollar to $ 1.2885, which is the highest level since May. In the end, dropped the price of risk for the bonds of Italy and Spain.

Chancellor Merkel immediately made a speech to the Bundestag, in the midst of what the rest said, "This is a good day for Germany and a good day for Europe". She added: "Once again, Germany sends a strong signal to Europe and around the world. Germany strongly related to personal responsibility in Europe as the largest economy and a significant partner. "

That's it. Germany — a strong partner, not my mother's money colonialist Europe. Try to find reasons here about the "fifth", or even what there is on the account "Reich" …

The authorized capital of the fund ESM — € 700 billion. Any of the participants in the euro zone has its share proportional to GDP of their country. For example, Germany has 27,146% (€ 190,024 billion dollars.), France — 20,386% (€ 142,701 billion.), Italy — 17,914% (€ 125,395 billion dollars.), Spain — 11,904% (€ 83,325 billion dollars.), The Netherlands — 5,717% (€ 40,019 billion.), Belgium — 3,477% (€ 24,339 billion dollars.), Greece — 2,817% (€ 19,716 billion dollars.). Least of all are: Cyprus — 0,196% (€ 1,373 billion dollars.), Estonia — 0,186% (€ 1,302 billion dollars.), Malta — 0,073% (€ 0,511 billion dollars.). You also need to know that out of the total $ 80 billion. — Direct contributions from 17 founding countries ESM, of their € 23 billion. — German funds. Other € 620 billion. are the only warranties and guarantees of the eurozone. Just realize that the Greek, Italian or Spanish liabilities — candy wrappers.

The German "power" over Europe can occur when ratifying the contract ESM: contract comes into force when ratified by the countries-participants with 90% of its total capital. Without ratification by Germany, which has 27,146%, ESM could not get started.

And that other analysts wonder what in Germany, going to the Tipo "Fifth Reich" and the forthcoming soon overwhelm Europe, despite the resistance of the German people, said German people used a democracy (which come from, by the way, from Greece).

The fact that 37 thousand Germans, and with them several members of German parliament and the parliamentary group of the "Left" (the former communists) of the Bundestag class action lawsuits filed in the Constitutional Court of Germany — just for compliance with the contract and the ESM "evropakta" constitution . Judging skeptics wondered — if these do not undermine the sovereignty of the German economic agreements. September 12, the tribunal decided, no, not undermined.

Constitutional judges also led the conditions that limit the role of Germany in the ESM: first, the limit of monetary obligations of the country — the amount of the share capital of € 190 billion. The excess of this amount is permissible only with the consent of the representatives of Germany in the Fund, and subject to the approval of the Bundestag.

Here's to you, and democracy — which certainly will be Angela Merkel, having taken his campaign promises with no ceiling.

German leftists believe that an error saving the EU — a lack of attention to these reasons, the financial crisis in the eurozone. "We believe that the so-called system of the euro rescue passes by the actual circumstances of the crisis. For example, do not affect the monetary speculation, instead, thanks to cost-saving duties, the European countries are driven into economic chaos "- reads Chairman of the German Left Party Katja Kipping.

This is true, but because in a crisis there is no fight win-win options. Sami debt (interest-bearing securities) — is cause for speculation. Critics of the economic policies of Germany and the ECB are not able to offer other options — except perhaps that the exit of Germany from the EU and the transition to the Deutschmark. But the 37,000 votes for such solutions are not obvious enough. And Angela Merkel understands perfectly well that the failure of the euro would lead to the fall and the German economy. Usmotritelnaya support policy with the least losses for the Germans — that's the best candidate to all the "hard-edged" decisions fraught with destabilization. One has only to Germany to give a hint about his break-up with the EU — the EU will fall. Even rumors of this may devalue the euro.

By the way, as for the plan to buy back government bonds Mario Draghi, then he is today checked (Lawyers Euro Central Bank and the Bundesbank) — is already in compliance with EU legislation. Transparency and democracy is quite enough.

According to the views of professionals, the program of unlimited buying of government bonds can break the cornerstone of EU regulations prohibiting direct coverage united bodies lack of public budget of the Member States. The prerequisite check was the fact that the decision in August 2012 by the Board of Directors of the ECB buying government bonds unlimited programs from troubled euro zone countries voted against her man — namely, the head of the Bundesbank, Jens Weidmann.

At the same time Germany urges EU crisis to the economy. Unpopular measures, but love to ride gorochki — be able to carry and sled.

And the crisis countries economy dictates of Germany did not like it. Maybe some gentlemen here, and in fact dreaming, "the fifth Reich." For example, the last Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of days accused Berlin is that in the course of the euro crisis that has subjected EU partners dictates economy, and that in the end only worsened the recession. Emperor Berlusconi, the Italian edition of an interview online newspaper

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