Germany, we specifically overpowered, not thrown corpses

Germany, we just won, and not "thrown corpses"

Defense Ministry wants to make public the loss of the Soviet Union into a sublime Russian war of the 65th anniversary of the Victory. The department put their trust that a clear figure losses, summarized in the electric base, put an end to speculation about them. This was stated by the head of the Office of perpetuating the memory of those killed in defense of the Fatherland, Major General Alexander Kirilin.

"The Ministry of Defense is working on creating a database of human power losses in Lofty Russian war — he said. — On the 65th anniversary of Victory Lofty we finally arrive to the official figures, which will be recorded in government regulations and communicated to the entire population of the country to end the speculation on the numbers of losses. "

Sensations are not expected here. The work of counting the number of dead is in the ministry for 17 years, and sample the results are known: the common human loss of the country's 26.6 million people, the loss of combat — in the range of 9 million people.

So Makar, refuted the thesis of the "historians" who love to say that we "threw the corpses of Germany" and just so overpowered. "Look at you — they say they are — on the 1st dead German accounts for 5 of us! It's a nightmare! How to fight a war, that there were such loss? "Developing" thought "on, they depict our military leaders such soulless monsters chasing after fighter to die in terror of Stalin. "But Stalin had not dealt with Tukhachevsky and other generals — they say they are — war could have gone differently, and losses would be less. "

In short, according to their logic — all bad. Stalin — a bad, generals — bad, the men — untrained, loss — big. But the Germans — are well done, yes. Waged war deftly and artfully, low blood seized a huge area, fired their cannon at the best grenades flew on, and kipyatochek in bowler hats was sweet even without sugar.

This myth has been cultivated for 20 years, if not longer. It seems that in the minds of many ingrained tightly. In particular, in terms of losses. "Yes, yes, a huge loss" — agree to commoners and sadly shake their heads. And almost no one gives himself to think about working in the heart of the matter. And if it did, it would open the rally a few juggling, on which rests this false construct.

In-1's, five dead against the 1st — it is heresy. This figure succeed only in this case the share of loss of human GENERAL USSR MILITARY loss of Germany (before they decided it was defined as 25 and 5 million respectively). But our civilians are not made war, as it should, and the counting of such makarom devoid of any practical meaning.

In-2, the usual ratio of losses and the coming of the defending party in all military textbooks defined as 3:1. On 3 dead attackers have killed one defender. A huge part of the same war, our troops that no states were advancing. As follows from their loss and should be greater.

B-3, comparing the loss of the Soviet Union and Germany, for some reason a long time does not take into account the loss of its allies. And if they are taken into account, and then to divide the loss of the Soviet Union on MARTIAL COMBAT same loss in Germany, you get a ratio of 1.5:1 (not even 3:1!). Agree, it is good (if that word is appropriate here). It turns out that our military leaders are almost always well-fought wars, and the soldier, contrary to popular opinion, the main economized. So we specifically Germany defeated, not "threw the corpses."

And now about the numbers. The article Archpriest Alexander Il'yashenko posted last year on the website of "Not invented stories about the war", as we have mentioned before, a table of non-performing personnel losses of the Red Army in the Russian war majestically over the years. These include those killed, missing, captured and died in captivity.

Germany, we just won, and not "thrown corpses"

The last column of the table shows the loss of daily. In 1941, this figure was the highest, because the troops had to retreat in a very languid criteria, and most of the fall in the environment, in the so-called. "Kettles". In 1942, this figure is significantly smaller: even though our army was retreating, but surrounded by troops found themselves less often. In 1943 came the stubborn fighting, especially on the Kursk, but starting this year until the end of the war has receded forces of Nazi Germany. In 1944, the Soviet High Command planned and carried out a series of sparkling strategic operations to defeat and the environment of entire groups of the German armies, because the loss of Russian army this year declined. But in 1945 this figure increased again: persistence German army has increased, as it has fought for his country.

The armed forces of Germany, said Archpriest Alexander Il'yashenko, lost on the fronts of the war majestically Russian 6,920,000 people, the armed forces of its allies — 1,730,000 people, just the same — 8.65 million

Maybe these statistics together with the future of electric base Defense shall instruct fans to inflate the figure of our losses and make their own conclusions on the basis of various findings, one negative of the other. Although unlikely. Some citizens, as we know, no law.

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