Germany will sell two submarines to Egypt

Germany will sell two submarines to EgyptThe German government approved the sale of Egypt 2-submarine project Type 209, reports The Middle East Monitor. According to the publication, the likely amount of the transaction is estimated at 700 million euros. Other details of the agreement are unknown yet. Against this deal intensively supports Israel, believing that the transfer of submarines Egypt can strike at its national security.

According to UPI, the negotiations on supply Egypt submarines lasted a long time and could not agree on a deal because of the pressure Israel. According to the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Guido Westerwelle, who leads The Middle East Monitor, Germany could not put its own military exports are dependent on the position of Israel on the supply of weapons to States Near East.

It must be emphasized that the armed Israeli submarines are also of "Dolphin", built on a modified project Type 209. Fourth ship of such type was delivered to Israel in May 2012. In total Israeli Navy should get six Type 209 submarines. Presumably, Israeli submarines can launch cruise missiles carrying nuclear warheads.

Ships Project Type 209 have a displacement of 1.9 thousand tons with a length of 57 meters and a width of 6.8 meters. Submarine capable of speeds up to 20 knots, dive to a depth of 200 meters and climbing to 14.8 thousand kilometers. Cruising the submarine is 30 days. In the inventory of diesel-electric submarines are 6 torpedo tubes and four 533 mm — 650 mm caliber.

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