Getting to know us, we are approaching the end of the world?

October 25, 2011 14:17

Raokriom: July 8, 2012 to begin the transformation of humanity that survive, not all

Thread the end of the world is eternal, as the world itself. Ancient Slavs he threatened once a year — during the winter solstice. Egyptians — every night of the disk of the sun — the personification of their god Ra — hiding behind the horizon. Today mankind is afraid of a more distant date — 2012. The fact be done to predict the Apocalypse, "Observer" has asked to tell the magician Vedic tradition Raokrioma.

"Observer": Was the concept of doomsday ancient Slavs?

Raokriom: End of the world was expected every year. In the night from 21 to 22 December to the modern calendar, when it was the longest night and shortest day of the Slavs was a festival, called "Rosh Hashanah". It was believed that on this night the sun is dying and old can come to an end. Therefore, on this night, our ancestors burned fires 120 — 120 fires, 120 bowls, 120 candles. In India and Tibet on the same night were burning incense sticks in 120. With this as our ancestors would have helped create a new sun gods. They all were ready for the night that the sun can not come up and this night will be posledney.Utrom December 22, when the sun was rising all the same, it was considered a new sun that was created by the gods again. This event was celebrated for three days.

"Observer": Why was it to light 120 lamps?

Raokriom: This is a symbol of the highest gods 120 — 72 of the god of the outer circle and 48 — internal.

"Observer": That is the end of the world came to an end in the Slavs Christmas?

Raokriom: At the moment — no. But they expected end of the world is in the longest night. This inexplicably echoes the prophecies of the ancient Maya, because they, too, are changing eras that night.

"Observer": How the ancient Slavs preparing for this day — December 22? Prayed, repented, or simply burning candles?

Raokriom: They helped the Higher Powers to create a new sun. On this night, they also made wishes to a new universe of their wishes were fulfilled.

"Observer": Is there such a thing as the end of the world, the Hindus?

Raokriom: If you take Hinduism, they share time Mahakalpy — huge in life. The universe was once born and will be absorbed once the forces that created it. But terms that give the Vedas for the birth and extinction of the universe — it is billions of years old. And until the end of the Vedic world is a very, very long time.

In the "Bhagavad Gita" is written that when the Sun, Moon and Jupiter unite in Cancer, will be born a new savior of the world. Such a constellation of planets expected July 8, 2012. Since the birth of a new messiah will begin a new era, a new time period. It will not be the death of humanity — it is his transformation.

"Observer": Does this mean that the Earth is waiting for a transformation in July 2012?

Raokriom: I think so. If such a person is really born, transformation is inevitable. Many people have unusual abilities and internal energy asleep. In 2012, all sleeping inside a person to wake up. This transformation can not deal with so many natural phenomena as the inner world of humanity.

"Observer": Still on natural phenomena. How it will look externally?

Raokriom: During the turn of time has always been the increased activity of the elements. The Gospels say that at the time when Christ was born in a time when he was crucified and resurrected, recorded numerous earthquakes, floods, storms … The same thing happened at the birth of the Buddha, Krishna. But, as we see, mankind continues to live.

Yes, the 2012 will be a big natural disaster, it may be damaged part of the United States, part of the territory of Europe, islands in the ocean. Territory of our country should not affect. As well as the Indian territory. Only two countries in the world are on a strong granite shield: Ukraine and India. Therefore, on the contrary, people in other countries around the world try to escape the upheavals in our territory. In the recent trend: many foreigners buy property in any case in the Ukraine.

"Observer": And in the worst case NASA building a base on the moon … About the internal transformations. What internal transformation await humanity?

Raokriom: We use its potential only by 3%. Inside our bodies enclosed powerful forces — they have not yet awakened. They include.

"Observer": That is, all people on earth will be a psychic?

Raokriom: Not only. They become geniuses.

"Observer": So, the common genius of humanity left a couple of years …

Raokriom: It does not say that it will happen in a second. This is the beginning inclusion, beginning a process that could take several years.

"Kayani": There are reports that not all of humanity will survive the transformation. Will the cleaning of humanity?

Raokriom: Purge humanity will not, but may be people who would not stand high amount of energy. Increased solar activity. Around the world are working nuclear power plants. If now the medieval man to drink a glass of milk, most likely he will die — he would not survive the dose of radioactivity, which we have learned to endure.

Many people know how organisms adapt to new conditions, to survive in an increased level of radiation, chemical pollution. But some people can not cope with the body in order to learn the next level. This natural selection has begun in the 1960s.

"Observer": There are reports that the Earth once again changes its magnetic poles. 11-year solar cycle is broken. Is this a sign of impending transformation?

RaokriomI think that it can be. If you take a purely astronomical, then in 2012 completed a galactic year. Astrologers believe that at a time when the center of the galaxy will connect to the Sun, we get a very strong spiritual impetus for its development.

"Observer": Does the Earth and humanity defenders?

Raokriom: Of course, there is. In fact, every 8-12 years there is a risk of collision with the Earth by asteroids and meteorites. However, our civilization has been around for thousands of years and these collisions. Ie Each time we were some invisible force shield of such collisions. In the Middle Ages, when there were many fatal diseases, doctors suddenly get a clue and discovered the vaccine. Throughout recorded history of such cases very much. There is an invisible force that protects us, protects.

"Observer": Ukraine and India are on crystalline shields, so they will not get any danger. But there Crimea, which is not located on the crystalline shield. What is the fate of the peninsula?

Raokriom: Crimea — is an unusual place. The word "Crimea" has a root "edge" — that is, an area associated with the higher worlds. Prophecies that are given to the Crimea, they say that Crimea will be as important spiritual center of what is now Tibet. Tibet only to realize themselves, and Crimea is just ahead. Since this is an important spiritual center for the future of humanity, power preserve Crimea.

"Observer": A few words about Kiev. What awaits the capital of Ukraine?

RaokriomKiev — the eternal city. He stood for centuries and will stand. This is a major spiritual center for mankind.

"Observer": What about the threat of the Kiev reservoir?

Raokriom: About this threat saying for a long time. But our government respond correctly — relevant officials lowered the water level. The dam should in principle bear. Indeed, you can not overfill the Kiev reservoir, once again not to test the strength of the dam. On the other hand, can not bleed, because many have settled on the bottom of radioactive substances from the time of the accident. The most reasonable thing we can now do — is to hold in a state that is. There are rituals in which this threat can take.

"Observer": The same logic can be extended to the political life of Ukraine: the best action — inaction?

RaokriomYes, now it is better not to rock the situation.

"Observer": Do you know how many presidential terms given to Viktor Yanukovych? Who will be the new president?

Raokriom: Back in 2007, the Indian monk told me that a woman president, previously predicted — not Yulia Tymoshenko. We do not know this woman. Political elite, it is not yet known. Victor F. must stabilize the situation and to prepare Ukraine to the breakthrough, which will bring the woman.

"Kayani": Do in Kiev "places of power"?

RaokriomOf course. The first place of power — it's Bald Mountain. Just want to say that the city government should abandon all attempts to build up the Bald Mountain, because it would end badly for those who do. Earlier Goloseevskiy forest, part of which is Bald Mountain, was the spiritual center of the whole of Russia. There must be a connection with the higher powers, meditation, learning, conducting rituals, the rebirth of nature. This is a unique place.

Another interesting place — a park for the cable factory. In the woods near the Lavra is a very strong energy, completely incomprehensible place of power — the so-called "green house." (more — in videos and news — TG)

A reader of the site "Browser": Say, what's the point was to create man and the world, to do such a great job, then to ruin it all?

Raokriom: The question is correct. It's not about what will be the end of the world. Will be transformed. Mankind will enter a different quality and will continue to live. Many times to set the dates over the world. Were critical years, when humanity went through catastrophes and disasters, but we survived and continued to live.

Supreme Deity itself does not know, does not know his secrets. It wants to know himself, and for that — they do. We, the people, are the embodiment of the Divine, its energies. By and large, we do not know who we are. Meaning to our lives — in knowledge. Therefore worlds will exist as long as we create our Divine does not know himself.

"Observer": So, by knowing ourselves, we are thus approaching the end of the world?

RaokriomNo, we do not know what will happen when we get to know ourselves and the Divine to know yourself. Universe is change, the world will change, but how it will change and what will happen, we do not know because we have not known.

"Observer": What would you recommend to our readers in preparation for the end of the world — to the transformation?

Raokriom: Be yourself. Do you want to create something — create. Do you want to create something new — create. The only way humanity will continue to exist. We must continue to live, create and be themselves. You no longer need anything.

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