Ghosts from a scientific and logical point of view

February 17, 2013 23:26

More than ten thousand people around the globe are actively looking for ghosts and where they may live. According to the researcher Sharon Hill, the U.S. only has about two thousand amateur teams that call themselves ghost hunters.

Ghosts from a scientific and logical point of view

Guests from other world emerge in many dirty stories for thousands of years. There is even a special genre of so-called "ghost story." Perhaps, among the many paranormal phenomena only ghosts are of particular interest. This can partly be explained by the fact that the subject of life after death, and to communicate with the souls of most people care about.

The idea that the dead can stay with us as disembodied spirits, appeared in ancient times. For many it has become a consolation — we want to believe that, even after the departure of a loved one can help us, to warn of the danger is nearby and in difficult moments. Some are beginning to believe, based on my experience, seeing or feeling something inexplicable.

But personal experience is one thing, but the scientific evidence — is another. Study of ghosts is problematic, since this phenomenon is not even a generally accepted definition. Some people believe that ghosts — the spirits of the dead, who for some reason "lost" on the way to the underworld. Others believe that it is a kind of telepathic beings that are projected into the real world of our own imagination.

There are also those who believe that ghosts are of various kinds and types: poltergeists who are stuck between two worlds, the human "shadows" and reasonable spirits.

Naturally, this categorization is no scientific evidence, varieties will be as many as you can think of.

The idea of the existence of ghosts is a lot of controversy. For example, they are material or incorporeal? Logically possible for only one thing: either they pass through solid objects, or they can slam doors and throw things.

If ghosts — is the souls of men, why do they appear in the clothes, carrying a hat, cane. But still there are ghost trains, carriages and cars.

In Ghostbusters there are many methods to search for spirits, some of whom are rather dubious. Almost all claim to be guided by science, inspiring trust with high-tech equipment — a variety of detectors sensitive microphones and infrared cameras. But none of these devices failed to detect any of the ghosts.

It is worth noting that there is another position. The existence of ghosts is not only proved by the fact that has not been invented equipment that allows to enter into contact with them. But at this point there are logical inconsistencies. Ghosts can exist and appear in the physical world, and therefore, they can take a picture or record a video, or they do not exist, and, therefore, do not appear. If ghosts do exist, but it is impossible to fix their appearance, all the existing photo and video evidence — simply fakes.

Some people try to find evidence of the existence of ghosts by modern physics. For example, Albert Einstein proposed a scientific basis. If energy can not be created or destroyed, if it only changes its form, where the energy of the body disappears after death. Perhaps it is somehow transformed into a ghost?

Logically enough, unless you know the physical foundations. The answer is very simple, and it is not associated with mysticism. After the death of the energy of the human body is sent into the world, as well as the energy of all other organisms. It is released as heat and absorbed by other plants and animals.

But in any case, good ghost stories to please everybody.

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