Girl Ichthyander. Video


Just 16 months of a child who has not really learned to walk, able to swim unaided, and feels completely comfortable in the water.

Fearless baby floats face down, turning on the back to relax and take a breath in your lungs. In the water, the child is without sleeves, and is also able to cross to the far side of the pool without assistance, and without even a break.

However, this remarkable feat has collected a lot of negative feedback from viewers on YouTube. In particular, people are concerned that the child is forced to swim, despite the fact that he was tired, and do it clearly does not want.

In response to comments, the father of the child who posted the video clip on video, explains that he is a trained health care workers, and his wife worked for six years in the Coast Guard and taught swimming. He writes that the child in the video — it is their daughter, whose name was Elizabeth. The girl was not properly trained certified instructor.

"We are not in any way do not force your daughter to do what she wants. We are able to see the signs of fatigue child in the pool. Elizabeth very strong girl. Sometimes she turns to take a breath, as she had been taught, and sometimes overcomes the distance on one breath "- he says.

Adam encourages all parents to teach their children to swim at an early age so that children know how to hold their breath and stay on the water.

Parents warned: "Please, do not need to throw the baby in the water and expect that it will float. This is very dangerous and can hurt him. Toddler can get scared of water, and it will take years, so he just walked up to the pool, not to mention the fact that the learn how to swim. When training babies and instructors, specialized teaching methods. "

Once parents have explained what is really going on in the video, the number of positive responses increased significantly. Most commentators are predicting a girl and admired her future star Olympic swimming pools.

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