Gladkostvol Hammer of Arms. Boar-12

In the previous article about the company's products Hammer Arms we "walked" on the rifled gun that is made and sold quite well. We will not stop there and move on to the smooth-production version, which, in almost all the "thanks" to the law, are more popular and vserasprostranennymi. Just as in the preceding article, familiarity with the instrument will be superficial, but if someone want to find out more carefully about a swatch, you can write about it in the comments, and lately this article appears on the specific model number of those presented here. To take first with a common naming standards "Wild Boar-12", well and in the end leave Snipe, because everything in one article would be boring.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12The first to go Manufacturer models in the "Wild Boar-12", which, as is clear from the name, eat bullets 12 caliber. Let's start with the standard HPE-205-00 with a barrel length of 430 mm. Gun semi-automatic, as you are aware, is made on the basis of the PKK. Calculated at 12h76 cartridges that are served out of the store with a capacity of 8 rounds. Great weight of the machine — 4.3 kg, with all this gun is the total length of 977 mm, which is offset by the shape of the butt. By the way, a fascinating moment can be identified that firing with butt folded unrealistic, which in this case must be seen as a plus, because it significantly increases the safety of the appeal with the gun and has no effect on its practical application. In order to extend the life of gun bore, the piston rod bolt, chromed gas chamber, which in this case is only a plus. From the muzzle of the barrel is a small male thread on the barrel, flash suppressor mounted on it, which makes it possible to change it for another. However, it remains unclear to what to do. Sights instruments consist of open rear sight and front sight, but they can be set apart kolimatorny sight or night sight. About optical sights do not say, though smoothbore gun does not have such an effective range, so it was reasonable to use the optics, even a small multiplicity, although if you have the means and do not have friends who will laugh, you can. Also, for the convenience of holding guns can add an extra pen. By the way, the landing site for it can be replaced with a sleek version of the forearm. A little above the front there is another place of landing, to which may be reinforced compact flashlight, laser pointer or even a holder for an extra magazine, though, it's pretty rare device. Forces smile phrase on the Web site of the manufacturer that the gun is a good choice for self defense. Even if you forget about the inadequacy of the laws relating to self-defense, it is hard to imagine that a person who is, of course, comply with all the rules for storing tools, time to open the safe, gun charge and apply it. Option to use on the street with constant wearing of the covered device is not even considered. Oh, and difficult, for sure, will be in the narrow hallway with meter "stupid" in his hands, silent is what may appear comical situation when popypah gun owner will try to go through the door holding a gun so that it would not let him. Although in the case of the shot chance of the enemy is not guaranteed.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12A subsequent version of a very long, has a name HPE-205-01 and a barrel length of 520 mm. Despite the fact that the barrel has increased by only 9 cm, the appearance of the instrument is fully exchanged. In general, everything remains as it is, of course, but it still seems to be a tool with a longish barrel slightly unnatural, but at the same time does not cause a smirk, but on the contrary, seems to be more severe, but it is far not the end yet, but this just below. In fact, it's just a variant of the previous model with a longish barrel, so to repeat the second round the same thing does not make sense. Again, just curious what the description on the website Hammer Arms mentions that instrument versatile and can be used even for self-defense. By the way, I remembered that for the smooth-bore guns sold traumatic cartridges may be, the manufacturer is referring specifically their use? Due to the introduction of a longish barrel gun grown up to 1067 mm and weight increased to 4.4 kg. In this model, it is possible to fire with butt folded, but that's how it is comfortable and perfectly hard to judge.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12Further — more. HPE-205-03 has a very long barrel even more than that of the PKK, its length is 680 mm. Here it really seems that the barrel put on quite a different standard. Arms obviously lacks a longish forearm in order to make it look harmonious. In general, the appearance of this model is not a smirk, the memory of meeting him is about the same as the experimental unimaginable caliber guns or with long trunk. On the one hand, unnatural, on the other — you know, that, apparently, not in vain, it is made specifically so. Base vtochnosti guns is the same as that of the previous model, but the weight increased to 4.55 kg, and the total length is equal to 1227 mm. Well, of course, is the inscription of self-defense, that is not even funny. Just like its predecessor, HPE-205-03 has the ability to shoot with butt folded. The trunk has the ability to set different nozzles etc.. Can be set separately smooth forearm.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12But in a subsequent reference, I almost got a crush. Despite the fact that it is inferior in all the previous characteristics, although made on the same basis as it is comfortable, looks simply luxurious (in person), and indeed may already be used for self-defense. The only difference model HPE-205-03 of the previous samples is another trunk, which has a length of 305 mm. To be honest, even surprised that a fairly compact model available on the civilian market, because it immediately clear that this is absolutely not an instrument for hunting, and faster to fire at the enemy in a confined space, but it is once again my world. Weight HPE-205-03 is 4.2 kilograms heavy, but you can endure. The total length is 852 mm, and the stock folded and less. In general, I had previously been to the shotgun cold, but is now "on fire" — I wish to stupor.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12Subsequent standard is a double sense. On the one hand, it is still fairly comfortable and convenient, but on the other hand is not quite normal appearance repel. The fact that the model HPE-205-04 is mounted butt of ATI, which is able to adjust the length of its own, although speed, which is not completely safe. Such butt perfectly adapted tool will allow for the warm season, when the thicknes
s of odezhki small, and for the winter, when a hunter dressed warmly enough. In addition, the telescope will allow the stock to adjust the instrument in accordance with the complexion arrow that is just as important. The standard has trunk length 430 mm, in other words, roughly speaking, is different from the model HPE-205-00 only butt. Not quite clear where it came from quite a huge drop in weight to 3.9 pounds guns, apparently on the manufacturer's website or bug folding stock HPE-205-00 is made of lead. In general, this model is still relatively new girl, so maybe there are other details that distinguish between the standards is that it is unlikely, because in the name of the figure 205. Besides him, there is also another standard with the same designation that is different barrel length 483 mm.

Gladkostvol "Hammer of Arms."  Boar-12Model HPE-206 also has a barrel length of 430 mm, and at first glance is a clear copy of the HPE-205-00, but differs substantially in the form of a cartridge used therein, namely 12×70. In fact, in all other respects it is the same five two two zero. Overall length is 1,057 mm gun, with butt folded 725 mm, the weight is equal to 3.9 kilograms. The standard has a lock with the butt folded, which increases the security of the appeal with the gun. The regular store has a capacity of 8 rounds. Exactly like the other models, the standard HPE-206 has a wide range of seats for the various options. Oh, and of course, the manufacturer is positioning as a multipurpose tool that is suitable, he said, and for hunting and for sport, and for self-defense.

These are the standards here are noteworthy tools Hammer Arms offers under the title Wild Boar-12. The gun, in my opinion, a little too heavy and dimensional, but not even with my warmest glances at smoothbore gun came out to find something for which not only caught the eye, and wanted to buy urgently. Just one small thing — to weigh everything and punching delivery to Belarus. In general, these standards, I have been feeling the combat weapons, not hunting, it is already known to their base, and in no way is to compare it to hunting. Apparently, not the 1st I have a memory, because, as I understand, Hog-12 adopted by many NATO countries. It states at once and that tool quite specific, and that it is quite high properties and performance, since even it came not only to import, but before adopting the army and the police. Although I would certainly such standards "squeezed" by saying a phrase from the famous cartoon "Why, Burenka, you sell? This beast is needed most! "Well, either inflated gallakticheskuyu would cost, and there would have been a bargain, perhaps, at the least, but apparently not for nothing.

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