Global information war of the 21st century, or How to avoid color revolution …

Global information war of the 21st century, or How to avoid "color" revolution ...

From the creators: it is an essay in the style of "open letter" written for the favorites and the politicians of the West planned to "regime change."

Try to imagine a world where cultural orientation and prospects for the future are to a large extent from the inside, not outside. Try to imagine for themselves the youth in your country, young people, symbolizing the true energy, interest and political consciousness, which shows the path to the newcomer national understanding based on gut instinct rather than on the proposed outside.

Of course, any one of us knows that Western governments rely disrupt fundamental political plans of competitor countries and blocs such makarom to maintain its global hegemony and prevent a more equitable redistribution of power.

Although there are several levels to explore, and develop awareness of different methods of combating this threat, the amount of a newspaper article refers only concise analysis and the shortest solution in the most light-weight criteria, namely: the prospects of the world where the horrors of young people and new ideas tampered with spectacular abilities , those abilities that these young people are rightly embody.

The premise is that a totally wrong (and potentially tragic) is the idea that the "opposition" in each of your countries, but here we are referring to young local "foot soldiers" of retaining the West, are conscious "agents" of Western governments, or that they are to a large extent "the corruption" or even "unpatriotic."

The defining features of the conventional opposition protesters (supported by foreign funding) is youth, inexperience, lack of insight, their relatively high level of education, their personal ambitions, access to the media info and technology, and their strong tendency to rebel against the status quo (what they considered outmoded social and political culture).

In other words, if it were not self-serving geopolitical interests of the [foreign], strategically directed foreign funding, and tactical training, these young "protesters" and "rebellion" might be quietly adsorbed to the local social and political culture, and could even assist fill it with things that simply need each majestic culture: self-awareness; mockery; laughter, art, impartiality, transcendence, something huge than just instinct.

Unfortunately, these movements are not isolated neuvvyazkami individual states, they are the dangers of international security. West and now uses the "humanitarian" crises and fake social "revolution," as part of their tool kit strategic impact. This makes national political movements possible weapon in the hands of foreign powers. According to Allen Weinstein, the first president of the South American National Endowment for Democracy (NDF — National Endowment for Democracy — NED) — "almost all of what [NDF does] now, May 20 years ago was done in secret CIA".

The problem fundamentally, in this case, is to develop an effective strategy for self-defense. The trick is in finding ways and means, which do not generate another huge strife. Forcing soweth discord. Strategy [protest] movements as part of their operational patterns — to predict and use the ordinary, awkward, strictly power response of the local authorities. Such measures do not diminish them, on the contrary, they draw their strength. Ultimately, power, coercive measures — a recipe defeat. If Power response is necessary or inevitable, then, at least, should be provided with a certain balance.

When the "pro-democracy protests," encounters "government measures": — whose side are you going to be?

A better, instead of this, to learn how the imperialists are playing this game. New battlefield — an information space, the sphere of psychology. Now, more than ever before in the history of the war — it's first media war. The reason the West and the United States that is so effective in this method of warfare is that the whole structure of South American society has been built around promoting [any product] and use as a path to wealth and power. In the United States, the methods of corporate marketing and advertising smoothly turned into the operational patterns of foreign policy. Between the sale of Coca-Cola and sale of a foreign policy initiative of the difference is small. Companies sell products through advertising campaigns and advertising; governments sell policies through countless huge amount of methods of propaganda and control over information.

As corporate advertising, promotion first effective as a form of sensory communication, rather than as a form of critical analysis. The aim is to impose the prescribed behavior (no matter what the behavior will — to buy the latest pair of jeans, maintain social initiatives), or promoting the entry into the battalion of protesters, each of which took voluntarily took to the streets to weaken the position of a particular government.

Only sensual imprint …

One of the known techniques of propaganda, which used in the corporate area and that spetsy use to overthrow the unwanted favorites — it's "branding" (brand building, development and promotion of the brand, translator's note, In fact, the promoter is trying to strengthen the "brand" of the opposition movement and the right — to ease the 'brand' favorite motivated either system.

… and "brand" remains.

Promotional messages are deleted from all the critical details, we can only sensibly colored "brand." The propagandist will rarely speak to substantive determinations about the problems of society or certain solutions. Instead, he will promote "brand" and the issues associated with it in a broadly understood sense definitions. The opposition movement may be described by the words "fun", "rebel" or "revolutionary" and the like, while the problems of society are not specified, but is reduced to the definitions of "corrupt", "miserly power-Teran "etc.. The goal — to make the message understandable and normal, and repeat it incessantly in order to force people to believe it's true.

"Oh, what a beauty!"

According to Ivan Marovic, international special on regime change and the 1st of the organizers of the Serbian youth group "support", "I hate politics. It sucks. This is boring.'s Not cool. Ordinary people hate politics … but … you need to ordinary people, if you want to change something. For this, you need to make politics sexy. Make it so that was cool. Make her hippie. Revolution as a fashion trend. "

This branding logic for Western governments working prototype for the merits of internal and public consent to justify the brutal foreign policy initiatives. For example, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko is known throughout the West as "Europe's last Teran." This is a brand Lukashenko in the West. He was made to prepare a Western audience in a dramatic ouster from power of President of Belarus. As Muammar Gaddafi in Libya: accusations of corruption and supporting terrorism for many years tied to the form of Gaddafi, a fact that later made valid, that NATO is not only illegally remove him from power, and killed him. This is not unusual. Gaddafi was previously "un
branded" for such fate. Western public was ready to react uncritically to this violation of international law. Many citizens of Western countries even considered killing Gaddafi as a victory for "the people."

And if I do not live in these countries, and if I do not know almost nothing about them, what should be the ones vsesuschie images that can mislead me? The answer is very clear, but that's bad luck: since I do not live there, how can I know probably, whether those memories that cause these images that reflect the real reality?

The only protection from the ways of branding — it's a challenge to throw a brand.

Opposition media should never be restricted or prohibited. Instead, the government should ensure that the Russian media tools for an effective counter-attack. The government should be the sponsor of the new media and the best. It must invest in it, promote it, promote cultural and educational initiatives in order to develop it. The government should make it more interesting, more entertaining and fun, fill it with content and criticism.

This media should be used to damage a brand that sells West implements, and most offer a new brand better than another.

The idea is that in order to attract young people, not arrest them. Enter government people who have the trust and can work with the energetic youth. The requirement for the love of the country will never bring a significant effect if it will go about to fall down before the government. The most principled and effective way to attract young people to the role in the fate of the country — is to make them understand themselves as part of an internal power structure. In the unlikely event that these people left to wander without purpose, are very vulnerable to the sweet singing of western propaganda.

-Independent media in the West can assist the government, both at home and abroad.

Rosy, romantic notions about "life in the West" (that sold propagandists) can be dispelled by the sight of a critical lens-independent Western media. Trust in this case has tremendous significance. If these romantic notions denied local media, such criticism may simply be perceived as propaganda, but if you said the same thing independent west source, such information may be considered as a fascinating and informative. Such media in the West has in abundance. Task is to find them and use them to start.

If we talk about how your countries are perceived in the West, what is important to know that west audience (and especially South American) usually learns of the existence of the country (and all of its internal "dilemmas") only after this country became a public target for attack. Although a significant portion of the western audience in one beautiful day can understand the injustice of such an attack, but by that time will be very late.

This policy and the reasons can be predicted and even seize the initiative, if a dialogue with the Western media.

The logic here is that politicians and local favorites in the world need to understand and recognize the value of strengthening relations are independent voices in the Western media, contacts with them. In other words, assist foreign journalists more perfect to use their own platforms for the creation of a kind of equilibrium in your country. Make it so that local bureaucrats and scientists are as accessible as possible for foreign journalists as a source disk imaging. Promotes critical conferences and cultural exchanges.

Help the independent foreign media to "rebrand" your states in the West.

With the launch of the English information network Russia Today, our beautiful homeland has presented an example to follow. Western analysts offering the highest media tribune Our home now has the opportunity to seriously criticize the policies of the West, to negotiate and to undermine the propaganda of the NED / CIA.

With this information channel, in almost all circles in the West, Russia has come to be regarded as "progressive" and even "cool" country. In addition, at this time Western governments (usually not a political target) must fight breaks the information field, even in those areas that Western propagandists believed his reign.

In conclusion, we wish to point out that in a world where information flow throughout the war has changed the essence of the protection of state sovereignty: not necessarily changing values and changing attitudes and perspectives. Smart policies will be very use of these configurations.

Why not transfer the struggle with the usual military battlefield in the media: television and radio, books, blogs and publications?

Why not fight a war on the field, in the field that really matter?

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