Global missile defense system — the problem of the Russian Federation and the dialogue of America

Global missile defense system - the problem of dialogue between Russia and America

The United States continues to work on the development of a global missile defense system. Russia's position in all of this is not taken into account. This outlook expresses the deputy head of the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov. According to him, the Russian side is trying to continue the dialogue with the Yankees, but so far to no result, these samples failed.

Not so long ago in the United States, the election of the head of state. Supporters of Mitt Romney did not even try to hide his disappointment with the election results. And that, in their opinion, there is a completely logical rationale: in the South American nation has a huge reason not to support Barack Obama because of his support to the Russian, Chinese and Iranians. This is stated in an article publication The Washington Times. Obama is hugely popular overseas, so how strong and very energetic actions of the American political elite not to the liking of the leaders of many countries. For these countries, excessive activity of white houses may represent a risk, as it can nullify all their plans and plans. And now the president — a man tolerant and discreet, therefore causes enormous sympathy and favorites of the partner countries of America.

After Obama's re-election for a new term as president, the question arises: what it can turn specifically to Russia.

According to the views of the majority of professionals do not have to wait quite good. US-Russian affairs has long passed the stage is stability and a reboot, because with the passage of time will only get worse. The reason for that — the aggravation of issues that have not reached an agreement. All cases in which the current time is between with 2 states, namely, economic and humanitarian, to a large extent depend on the parts of the international crisis, as the scope of the military-political cooperation does not actually come out. And the interaction is, at first, is based on a system of missile defense.

In general it is worth noting that the maintenance of the global strategic balance since the end of the war was due to the cool, other than nuclear missiles, and missile defense. Since 1972 and the contract signed between America and the Russian Union was seen as a guarantee of stability. Both Washington and Moscow recognized the significant limitation of strategic missile defense. So Makar, maintained the overall vulnerability of these states from the nuclear missile strikes. Implementation of this approach ensured the inevitability of nuclear retaliation possible opponent, and this, in turn, allowed the negotiations on the reduction of strategic offensive arms. The contract has limited missile defense interceptors and a certain amount of a district-based.

But in 2002, the South American government, which was headed by George W. Bush came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to limit yourself more, and therefore it was decided to withdraw from the contract about missile defense in the one-sided manner. From the moment the problem of missile defense has become central not only in relations between Russia and America, and throughout the world politics.

Official Washington is his decision interpreted the appearance of danger from third countries — Iran and North Korea. At the same time, the ability of these countries and aspiration based on the so called the "worst case scenario", in other words, in fact, the real danger exists. Therefore it is logical that the acts of the American state administration cause severe fear Russian government. After deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in the European area, namely, Poland, Romania, in the waters of the northern seas, and even on the ground in Turkey does not fit into these explanations. Agree, somehow from possible enemies. And even if Iran fired a missile on the U.S., it is unlikely proparhaet over Norway.

According to the views of professional military, Colonel-General Viktor Esin, is a concern of the Russian administration is not caused by a real danger, namely the spirit white houses. According to him, after analyzing all the work being done by the Yankees in the formation of a global missile defense system, it is natural that they have some difficulties in its design. So Makar, 2020 in their possession will be very minor ability to produce intercept ballistic missiles and intercontinental ballistic missile submarines.

And the innocent amusements efforts Yankees also call impossible. In 1-x, since 10 years — the term of a little girl. And in Russia have already begun modernizing their nuclear forces. In-2, in the views of the Center for Political Research Director of Vladimir Yevseyev, the persistence with which America is promoting its missile defense system pushes on certain thoughts. That is, if our homeland attacked first, then fully understood that no system ABM reflect it could not. But if you put the first blow to the Russian Federation, the then Russian remains a small number of strategic nuclear forces. So Makar, the Yankees have the illusion of impunity — to strike first, and then intercept those nuclear forces that remain, with the help of a missile defense system, you can count on success.

At the same time, if the election was won by the representative of the Republicans could be read as an increase in the cost of deploying a missile defense system, so as this system for the Republican Party is a priority. But in view of the fact that Obama is defeated, you can assign that brand-new Obama administration showed some resilience in bilateral negotiations with Russia.

Thus, according to the views of the Deputy Director of the Center inclusive of international and European research Dmitry Suslov, things between Russia and the U.S. on this issue will be better, but at the same time, they will not change for the worse. Partner of the case established in previous years, will last, but in a more complex criteria. The expert also noted that the vast importance will be the outcome of the elections in south american Congress. If the Senate as before will be democratic, the cooperation can be read.

According to the professional development fund civilian society Maxim Minayeva, about the rosy prospects for US-Russian relations are not talking. But these cases will generally optimal, which is very comfortable for the Russian side.

It's no secret that Moscow is waiting for Washington to flexibility on missile defense. Especially since that Barack Obama had promised to show that same resiliency in the case of D. Medvedev's own re-election, which at the time was the head of the Russian state. And, according to the views of some professionals, political leaders simply do not have the right to throw similar promises. Plus, the president of the South American prejudices cool alien war.

But all the problem is precisely that constructive dialogue is not specifically because of the missile defense system. In the Senate very many enemies, even the smallest concessions RF relative to European missile defense, because Obama's promise can be seen in different ways.

So, Fyodor Lukyanov, editor in chief edition of "Russia in Global Affairs", I am sure that this elasticity can be expressed in the agreement to postpone for a while the realization of the project and discuss some issues that will allow Russian side to realize what is going on in this project. But at the time, even at such concessions go very hard.

We should not forget also that all
the same Obama personally approved the missile defense project as part of the development of programs from the NATO alliance by signing a strategic concept in 2010. So Makar, place that launched the project will be revised absolutely not worth it. All the more so that in fact America's foreign policy is focused on the prevalence country in the world, and not in principle with all this, who heads the government — Democrat or Republican. We also recall that Obama presented program that bears the title "Strengthening global leadership of the United States of America: the value of defense in the twenty-first century."

Obama's campaign does not contain detailed descriptions of the foreign policy of the country. Something concrete will appear only when the presidential administration will determine its vision of relations with Russia. And it does not take place until early next year. Yes, but some thoughts as to what this will include brand new agenda: cooperation on Afghanistan, and, in addition — Russia's proposal to further reduce nuclear weapons. It is possible that it will go to reduce the arsenals to one thousand warheads, including both strategic and tactical missiles. And this proposal looks completely understandable, because only tactical missiles can somehow balance the South American missile defense system. The development of bilateral relations in almost everything will depend on the RF, matter what position she chooses.

So Makar, you can make some conclusions to sign a contract for missile defense in the not to distant future, it does not, even despite the fact that both sides at times had hoped that over time, the prospects for cooperation in this area will improve. Americans do not lose hope, that turn out to convince Russia that the European missile defense system is not aimed at weakening the Russian nuclear arsenal. And in Russia has more than once expressed the hope that the Yankees will thwart the formation of a global missile defense. Pinned hopes on the fact that the South American side refuses to implement utilities that if our home will have a significant pressure on European favorites, and they will refuse the deployment of U.S. systems on their own territory. Expected and that the economical disadvantage would reduce funding missile defense system.

The experience of mutual mistrust and failure, which existed in the past, it will be very difficult to overcome. Would not it be, for example, to finish to find ways of cooperation on missile defense, and begin cooperation on other controversial issues, namely, to bring the joint efforts to address the problems of impermanence in the same Afghanistan and Central Asia. And if in this field will make effective collaboration, who knows — maybe the subsequent step will be to address problems on the European missile defense system?

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