Global trends of change

Global trends of change

Global history has a number of events that contributed to the establishment as well as the collapse of a vast empire. Against the background of the current situation is more reminiscent of another World War, in the midst of Western scholars are often those that behold the firm in the circumstances, numerous signs of reconstruction of the existing world.

If you take the path of analysis processes in the world, then it is safe to say that world is on the verge of severe change. In the language of seismologists and geologists, such changes can be called tectonic. Judge for yourself after the end of the 2nd World progressive population of the earth has decided: to have forgotten about the war once and for all, in order to give the opportunity to live and develop future generations. But on the face of the Earth were the countries that call themselves empires and who strongly lusted after, that tranquil development of the world community took place, so to speak, by a single scheme. That began majestically confrontation that discharge of the war "cold" often turns into "hot" option on neutral territory. That Vietnam experienced for themselves the passionate love 2-superpowers, then around Cuba a wave of imperial warfare, in the mountains of Afghanistan, the Russian instrument has come together in a battle with the South American. In general, the vicissitudes of the world's third quarter of the XX century were stubbornly to the fact that one of the warring states had to lose imperial status. And this state, as we all know, was the Russian Alliance.

After the collapse of the Union of South American government rejoice and make a "dance" in ruins. This manifested itself in providing its own purely democratic principles, the active "assistance" population "fraternal" republics by denouncing Russian authorities as a plague that kills all living things. Some countries have shown to the world map after the collapse of the Soviet Union, immediately learned the principles of the South American and so caught the 70-year past that began violent conflicts and civil strife. With all of this in a foolish massacre killed people who were unaware that they were all this time occupied the friendly peoples. South American propaganda machine has used up all their reserves to bleed Russian Georgians, Armenians and Azerbaijanis, Moldavians and Pridnestrovians. Well, on the terrain of other countries in which communist ideology reincarnated as the remains appear true massacre. Up to this time can not extinguish the Balkan conflict and continues to fragment Serbia under the influence of the West, led by the South American Congress.

But after the collapse of Russian Empire, South American "partners" suddenly felt an acute shortage of enemies. If there is no Soviet Union, and the arm does not make sense. And if it makes no sense to arm themselves, then what is the impact on the interests of the companies involved in the supply of arms to the USA! In general, the absence of the enemy led to a kind of social and economic crisis, which Go under the motto "Give us a new enemy, and then we implement nowhere to go." South American administration stubbornly began to look into the distant horizons and discover, to whom now bring their own eagle-democratic vision. The pursuit of oil derricks initially pointed to Iraq. Bush Sr. decided to assist "brotherly" Kuwait rid of "shackles" of Saddam in exchange, of course, millions of barrels of high quality oil. Tools filled south american budget, many of the world "puppet" of the country and favorites worship and worship the stars and stripes as an icon or holy book. But the Yankees, as the all-powerful subjects of the Empire, it seemed not enough. They come up for all the new enemies, picking up assets in debt to the idolatrous countries to conduct malehankih victorious wars.

But the legions of Yankees went on into the distance from the democratic homeland to sow seeds of democracy in the middle of the foolish people and at the same time to try out new types of weapons on the peaceful population, the war became more severe, prolonged and costly.

Then the U.S. government, having attended such a trend began to take on additional debt funds actively advertising the stability of its own native bucks worldwide. Machine for printing greenish papers began to work better, the level of debt has grown by leaps and bounds, the number of unemployed in the country was increased, and the desire to make war with the people of this proud trehsotmillionnogo was indestructible. True, it must be seen not whole South American men lusted and lust, that his taxes went out, so gallant South American troops destroyed the entire town in other states. Even with all the self-love of a truly democratic principles South American citizens are increasingly marching in front of a snow-white House to end the "democratic crops" tomahawk missiles in Libya, Afghanistan, and more everywhere.

And there is still that poor cash crisis that States themselves and spawned. National debt rose past the bar 14500000000. bucks borrowing last, and the printing press all no stopping. For the first time in 50 years in the United States recorded as the highest level of inflation and lowered credit rating. The economy is cracking, as an overloaded barge, but this longboat continue to be heard shouts that nothing in the world so tightly, as the South American economy.

Against the background of the enormous movement that takes place in the world as a result of U.S. military action in Europe begins to raise his head separatism. Why? Yes, the thing that is required to leave their homes were plundered the inhabitants of Libya, Somalia and other countries blame the U.S. for their own failures and sometimes rightly demand from the Western world providing them with all the social guarantees. So it turns out: ruined city in Libya — have increased the influx of immigrants to Europe — to increment their own hands unemployment rate — reduced the level of consumer opportunities — called separatist sentiment — have undermined its economy and legal framework of the West. Here's a fatal chain, which is derived actions of the authorities of those countries which continue to imagine themselves Empires.

And then there are all sorts of grounds for such Anders Breivik and others like him who want to bring "order" in an old Europe. The order of these thugs suggest using techniques that are not something that can not be called democratic, and even the word "barbarian" there will be a few Myagenko.

Peace, which Now we have the opportunity to build, and in which we had a chance to live like a cyclopean amphibian, which resets the skin or to get the latest from nature, or is going to completely discard the other parts of the body.

The era of change can grow in an era of existential shift that could put the entire population of the earth to the thorny issue of his next existence.

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