Globalization in Russian. Part 2

Globalization in Russian.  Part 2
The Russian people, the most powerful people on the planet, first broke the fact that almost managed to convince him that he is "slacker fool and a drunkard." Could "put to sleep" of his consciousness, to undermine confidence in themselves, in their own abilities, forced to have forgotten the Russian principle of Genesis: "We are Russian. God is with us! ", Using the most massive weapon — information.

Russia at the present time "whine", which in the 20th century their twice "undermined" breaking out of their country, but it is worth look around, we see that we are not alone in this regard. But the possibility of revival is, and not a small, more importantly it is the Spirit. A look at the comparable nedavneshnee historical past Germany as a government was created only in 1871, it has suffered in the 20th century two terrible defeats, complete wreck, but was able to revive. At the current time on the economic strength of Germany third in the world (after the Japan disaster, God forbid, a 10-ke is), and the revival of its political power a matter of time, even at the moment she refused to go to the "about" in Paris and London against Libya.

France has suffered two centuries of strategic defeat 3: failure of the policy of Napoleon, terrible defeat of Prussia in the years 1870-1871. and a complete collapse in 1940 with the occupation of half of the country. At present, France is one of the leading powers in the world, with a strong army, its nuclear forces in Africa, it controlled more than 10 ka States (former French Africa). The French economy, together with the German, the base of the Euro Union.

China was a semi-colony of the majestic powers, it thrashed all and sundry, poisoned with opium dismembered. Occupation and genocide of the Chinese people by the Land of the Rising Sun, continuous plainclothes War, which lasted from 1927 to 1950., Plus lots of local armed conflicts between the generals and governors have taken away from China's millions of lives, there is no clear-cut number. At the current time, China — "Power Number Two."

States in 1823 were a handful of former colonies of Britain, who in the world was not taken into account. But President Monroe appointed a doctrine of "spiritual management of the planet" ("Monroe Doctrine"). According to her States had to "knock out" (in financial and economic terms) Europeans in Latin America and then to subordinate themselves and Europe. What now? United States — the number one superpower.

The defeat of the project countries Russian Empire of the Red Empire, not the defeat of the Russian people. It's just only a lost battle, war lasts! This defeat of the "elite" — degenerate nobility, the party elite, but not the Russian people!

Before the big success is a big defeat. Even if we take the individual, direct attention, many of the prominent figures (scientists, politicians, athletes, military, etc.) had any damage in the current path or flaw-sickness. Suvorov was a frail, sickly child, Napoleon also shone physique.

Most of today's "elite" is a defeatist had destroyed reddish empire, and their children, they are hit by a virus-will, hedonism, are only capable of enrichment at the expense of the country and its population.

To win, need another elite — strong-willed, loyal to the Motherland, ready to go for the sake of standards Perdition "Bright Russia," project "City of Kitezh" flegmantichnaya to luxury — Svyatoslav, Alexandra, Sergius, Ivana Severe, Suvorov, Stalin. In this case, specifically a group rather than a single type of Hitler's favorite, the individual is easily eliminated.

Need to change the whole system, some measures do not have a positive configurations. The only effective response to the global project of the West may be just another globalism — Russian.

Russian project and the West

It is a matter of life and death of the Russian people, either we have them, or they us. In the information war with the West, we are losing each year from one million to several million lives (if we include abortions). West managed to introduce their sights on the world, his world view, and therefore wins skyward. Slaves who do not behold the collar and a stroll in the illusion of freedom, not unsafe.

Western project is not homogeneous, but in general it is all the enemy of Russia. There is a division of the Anglo-Saxon Project (London and Washington, DC), which is still the favorites. Most of old center — is the Vatican (Rome), the heir to the matrix of the Roman Empire, the ancient enemy of Russia. The project of the Jewish elites who dream of his "King World".

Berlin has always been a "chain dog" in the war against Russia, but at the current time, with the wise policy of the Russian Federation, can get out of control and begin to move toward liberation. In Germany, always had a strong tendency to build a "people-aristocratic society."

The owners of the West have gained almost an own goal — total control over the Earth with the "mark of the mark of the Beast" on the face of everyone. After that, we are waiting for "stock reduction" of slaves, the world loses its flexibility and vain inhabitants of Western countries believe that fall into the "golden billion", it sounded for fools. The population of the earth are planning to put a knife in fact completely and start anew way, when will the survivors 'gods' and small groups of wild savages. Apparently, most natives are lucky the jungle of Amazonia and the same residues of the preceding primitive, they always survive and have not lost the ability to self-preservation.

First step

Will Our homeland to stand in the Russian Federation? Fully maybe it's exemplified in North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Vietnam, taking into account also the presence of nuclear forces. But the restriction of its own "field" part of the 1st of the country would lead to "rot".

More great creation of the Russian Union of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Transnistria. We did not declare war, a global suicide. And we need to begin systematically to undermine the position of States and other Western centers around the world. They have dug for themselves "grave", calling for the hatred to virtually the entire world, it is necessary only slightly "firewood" to throw, to use them as a strategy in the "cold war" against the Soviet Union, a tool assist the Taliban in Afghanistan, Iran to implement the most modern types of defensive weapons. Time will work on the Russian alliance, the enemy will disperse its forces and means.

Internal elevation

It is time to put an end to attempts to dismember superethnos Russov to artificial nation. Must be right to say that there Russes, Russian people, the core, the core, the base of the Russian civilization. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus — is a pseudo-state, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians — psevdonatsii, there is a single people — Russ, Russian (with local specialties) and the Russian one place.

Russia never came out of narrow, selfish interests, they are subject to programm God — the idea of a universal, global justice. That's why Russian accepted Christianity and Communism in their base was the idea of Justice, Truth. Our standard — the Empire Justice.

Russ lived in one world, not dividing the main concepts for the "u
s" and "them", taking the conscientious people of other roots, as their own. Because in the Russian elite were just people of other nationalities, who together with Russian make common cause — the Armenians, Tatars, Germans, Scots, Finno-Ugric peoples, etc. That is why our homeland to this day, after all the turmoil and dismemberment, the largest country . The largest contribution to the overall construction brought and entered into the core of the Russian civilization Tatars (not Crimean) and Finno-Ugric peoples of the Volga region and Siberia.

We need to remove a terrible disadvantage — the national-territorial division of, no need to stress the differences of peoples and their common interests and the similarity of the basic concepts. The peoples can have their cultural autonomy (not political), their own religion, but must be shared: living arrangement plan (Justice), statehood, history and economics.

All samples build ethnocratic Republic, have the goal of autonomy — Demolition of a single organism.

The factor of unification may be the presence of the external enemy. Already almost all the inhabitants of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus (the vast majority) have seen that the destruction of the Soviet Union was not to improve their lives, and the desire to capture the range of the USSR people's wealth. They have seen the anger of the West in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Libya. Illusions fell.

Only one fact of the formation of the Russian Union with a population of over 200 million people and depriving them of free lime to maintain the global financial system for its real resources to supply Western slaveholding system to the brink of defeat. Already at this point the world does not stand animal, unrest in the United States, in at least some instant drop all of their well-being, which is held on a "green paper". European Alliance "bursting at the seams" on the brink of ruin, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, England. Japan is full … it does not stand up. China without our resources will fall, because we will find common language with him. Russian Alliance gladly support a number of Latin American countries led by Hugo Chavez.

Russian Alliance, with the help of Iran, will be able to push the rotten to the abyss of the "elite" of Arab monarchies, they owe us — Washington helped crush the Soviet Union.

Russian is time to throw off the last illusions about the "goodness" of the world around us — predators around, ready for the opportunity to live better, to live or even to tear and kill. Become tougher and more sanity. Russian would be intolerable even what — monarchists, pagans, Orthodox, reddish, Democrats, Russian — is the main pillar of peace and stability on the planet, because we will have to destroy the latter, on the other "matrix does not restart." Without the establishment of a just world order world doomed.

Finally, Russian people are needed favorites — not one leader, not two, but thousands of 10 of thousands austere, smart, healthy body and spirit of people. And your task to become them, discard gryazyuka with the Russian spirit and start building The latest Russian Empire, the Empire of the Spirit and Justice.

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