Glowing object in the sky above the Ulan-Ude: UFO or natural phenomenon?

November 4, 2011 2:25

Unbelievable, but true: the city observed an unidentified flying object. For the fifth day in the east sky citizens on an unusual sparkling and moving sphere. This mysterious phenomenon is able to capture the eyewitness on a mobile phone camera. What is this: a UFO or weather phenomena?

It appears at dusk and disappear at dawn. Strange bright spot in the sky can not be ignored. Moreover, it is brighter and looks bigger than a star.

An eyewitness, who directed the video, watching an unusual spot for three days. He noticed that the object is in constant motion, smoothly moves across the sky, and changes color. Yesterday, our observer managed to capture movement on the celestial object.
— Inside this ball is a movement. She turns, like a spinning top.
What is the "top", and why he is moving quickly? Maybe he also has in life? Looking at the sparkling sphere is anyone's guess — but to those who, apparently, really far from the galaxy. Astronomers have found the sign glowing object.

— Lily Mironov, head of the Astronomical Observatory: This is Jupiter! Jupiter, which came into conflict, the closest distance to us. Once a year he joined us. Now came the planet for 740 million kilometers away, because it's so big.
That is, every year the planet is moving away from Earth. So to see her so much and will be glowing for the next three weeks.

By the way, a movement that interested our observer on the planet really is — by the internal energy of Jupiter it is circulating gas.
Victoria harman

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