GMO is suspected of damaging the fiber Morgellons disease


Formed straight out of a sci-fi horror film a mysterious disease that causes blisters, rashes and the appearance of caustic fibers under the skin, may be related to genetically modified organisms.

In addition to feeling like crawling insects, disease Morgellons causes other disturbing symptoms: excessive chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, short-term memory loss and degradation of the thought process, attention deficit disorder and bipolar obsessive-compulsive disorder. Also often excessive depression and suicidal tendencies.

One of the first reported cases of Morgellons disease in the U.S. was a year-old boy, who formed colorful, like plastic, fiber irritable area around his mouth. Ms. Leitao, the boy's mother, a biologist, was both shocked and confused his condition. Numerous physicians prescribed creams from scabies and eczema, but nothing helped her son to get rid of the constant itching and discomfort, described them as "bugs." Doctors were at a loss, and even recommended that "Ms. Leitao sought the help of a psychiatrist," according to Dr. Heldrik in his article, "The mother is looking for answers to the question, what is wrong with her son" in Pittsburgh Postal Gazette. Dr. Vaymor, assistant professor of pharmacology and physiology at the University of Oklahoma, contacted Leitao to try to classify the disease. He found that "fibers of different people appear absolutely identical to each other, but do not correspond to any known natural fibers."

Morgellons disease found primarily in the United States, primarily in California, Texas and Florida. All three states are major producers of genetically modified cotton Bt. Over 10,000 families in which, according to them, had at least one member with the disease, checked into Morgellons Disease Research Fund. 24 per cent of all families in the district of San Francisco Bay.

Unclear whether the disease is caused by GMOs?

Dr. Rome Leybou, medical director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, suspects that Morgellons disease is caused by genetically modified organisms. After studying skin fibers was determined that they contain DNA as fungi and bacteria commonly used in GMO. Composed of cellulose fibers and can be either developed or eliminated by the human body. According Leybou "… capable of GM technology, as is the case with Professor Frankenstein, animate inanimate objects. These fibers are braided and twisted, grow and divide. In short, living beneath the skin of people, they form parasitic metastases from non-life material, which because of the horror of genetic modification has the properties of a living organism. "

Letter received Leybou proves GM as "bio-active textile" may actually be the causative agent of Morgellons disease. A number of university laboratories have created a fabric with genetically modified E. coli bacteria, chemicals, nematodes (roundworms) and proteins embedded in their structure. Then the technology was sold to textile producers for widespread use. The fibers found in tissues, is similar to the fibers found under the skin of people affected Morgellons. Both are composed of cellulose, have "a tendency to curl into a spiral" (genetically mortgaged property), autofluorescence (also the result of genetic manipulation) and contain the DNA of genetically modified bacteria.

Regardless of whether it is caused by unknown reasons, the GM food or clothing, Morgellons disease has become a big problem today. Given that the growing scale of the disease coincides with the introduction and use of GMOs in food and textile industries, it is clearly not worth the risk and there is wear or anything genetically modified.

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