Gomel Regional Court dismissed the claim of his wife to the police policy

College of Civil Affairs of the Gomel Regional Court has recognized the claim unfounded Larissa Voronezhtseva, the wife of the Gomel policy Yuri Voronezhtseva to the police to return personal items and $ 4,700 taken in May during a search.

Mrs. Voronezhtseva complained to the regional court, the judge of the Central District of Gomel Arkady Kalugin decided to suspend consideration of the claim to the management of the Gomel regional executive committee of inquiry ATC. This was motivated by the fact that Minsk is not considered a criminal case under part 1 of Article 250 of the Criminal Code — spreading false information about products and services. On the case ransacked the activists of the "Tell the Truth", in including and the apartment Voronezhtseva. Within its framework, according to the court order, and must decide the fate of the seized during searches of things and money.

The Regional Court corrected the district judge. Last allegedly had no legitimate reason to entertain an action Voronezhtseva to managing inquiries ATC. To complain about the actions of the police in the investigation of a criminal case can only be to the prosecutor. And because the prosecutor's office has not seen any violations during the searches, then no claims can not be.

Human rights activist Leonid Sudalenka, Was present at the appeal hearing Voronezhtseva, believes that under the Civil Code, each has the right to at any time to require the courts own things from illegal possession. And there is no limit legislation does not provide.



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