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November 26, 2012 10:30

Phantoms of other universes.
Several cases from the experience of a non-governmental research group "Avesta", in the Soviet era created in Samara group of local scientists. Although since its inception it has been almost three decades, "Avesta" to this day continues to study various abnormal problems.

The young "retired"

Such is the story of "avestovtsy" recorded with the words of Lydia Mikhailova, a former supervisor of passenger motor plant № 1.

— This incident happened to me back in 1995. We checked the tickets from the bus passengers who came to the final stop "Railway Station" in Samara. In due time the checkpoint bus arrived 14th route.

I see on the back platform is a girl who frantically rummaging in her purse. It seems to be a normal girl — big eyes, ash-blonde hair, a triangular face, jacket with hood, high fashion boots with shiny ornaments. Yet there was something strange and inexplicable, as if she is not of this world.

When we requested from her bus ticket, the girl continued to rummage in her purse, began muttering:
— I am a pensioner. Born in 1920. That's just no pension certificate found …
All controllers are literally stunned. After all, no one dared to give this young establishment 75 years. The girl heard the surprised exclamations, was justified:

— I just came from a beauty salon …

Suddenly all monitors somehow parted, and the strange passenger, who did not find in her purse no documentary evidence, surprisingly easily and seamlessly passed them to the flung-open door of the bus, and then quickly went through the station square. Then I woke up and ran like a wake for the girl. In this case, remember unexplainable uneasy feeling that gripped me at the time pursuits — from runaway passenger in my direction was a terrible cold.

In my eyes she ran into the door of the police building, located here, at the station, and a few seconds there too and I flew. However strange fugitive was not there. While standing at the entrance to the police station with a gun sergeant began to assure me that he was a nobody in the building was not included.
That's just in front of me "young retiree" disappeared without a trace and the most mysterious way. Of course, for the case I still did not tell anyone. And the other controllers in the group at the answer to their questions, I reported that the passenger strange just failed to catch up with …

Harmful Barabashka

A well-known television journalist Anastasia Samara 8 Knorr told "avestovtsam" that one day in his apartment she felt a strange effect sinister forces. As if a harmful Barabashka pohozyaynichat in her house, and do anything with him was impossible.

It all started with the fact that in the morning Andrew, husband of Anastasia, could not start the engine. He fumbled with it for twenty minutes, and check the carburetor and the ignition — but no fault was found. In the end, the couple Knorr first time in a long time to go to work individually.

"Miracles, continued in the evening, when the journalist was about to go home from work. Andrew called and asked her to call in any hardware store to buy a door lock. Like, when he came home, the outside door of the apartment, as usual, gave way easily, but the lock on the second wooden door suddenly stuck. To get to the house, Andrew had to break the joint. But this castle, bought Anastasia, on to the correct place and not get up. With it failed not only the spouse, but also invited the next day the mechanic, as if in the door recess stuck inside an invisible steel rod.

Hardship to the castle, he decided to wash his hands. But as soon as he touched the water tap in the kitchen, as it is gone, and in the face of Andrew spurt water, fortunately, not hot, and cold. I had to quickly cover the common tap in the toilet.

When owners have collected rags large puddle in the kitchen Anastasia looked into the children's room — and was stunned: it suddenly ran down the battery. Because of what the room is decent formed lake of hot water, from which the bubble vspuh linoleum. It's good that flow was not strong, and managed to stop the heavy plastic wrap.

To cope with the new attack, Andrei and Anastasia suddenly heard the sound of breaking glass … of a large room. When they came to the next scene, they saw that the hall is broken completely new glass balcony door. Of it as if someone pulled a solid piece was lying there on the floor. It was as if here, on the fifth floor, the street threw a brick. But the outer pane on the balcony remained intact.

The consequences of "arrival, at their apartment" evil forces "wife Knorr eliminated almost a week. They had to replace not only the door, but also the battery, balcony glass and faucet in the kitchen. Good thing weird "tricks" in their home last only hours.

— In no barabashek I do not believe — however said Anastasia employee "Avesta". — Every person in life there and light, and black stripes. On that day, we were just unlucky. Numerous failures that occurred in the same time, I regard as a normal match.

Other Universes with us

Here is how the above stories said a leading expert of the "Avesta", the teacher of the Samara State Aerospace University, Ph.D. Sergei Markelov.
— Existence of other worlds directly from the provisions of general and special relativity, Albert Einstein, which it had developed in 1917. Even then, the scientist in theory predicted the existence around us of the infinite number of universes, moving as if in parallel to our temporal-spatial continuum.

Later Einstein world model has been refined by other cosmologists, including the Soviet physicist Alexander Friedmann, Belgian mathematician Georges Lemaitre and British astronomer Arthur Ellington. Developing the ideas of the founder of the theory of relativity, they have come to believe that the number of universes is infinite, plus the more each has a different degree of curvature of space and time, allowing these worlds intersect an infinite number of times in an infinite number of points. These points and later became known as "points of contact of parallel worlds." So that penetration into the world of people from other realities are not in conflict with any laws of physics.


True, credible scientific evidence of such contacts while still not produced. Unfortunately, gathering facts about the possibility of penetration into the world of phantoms from another universe and back now deal only with non-governmental and civil society organizations for the study of paranormal phenomena.
As for the sudden move for no apparent reason various objects, then back to the mid 70's of the last century, there is a hypothesis about the origin of "noisy spirit" (as translated from the Latin word "poltergeist") proposed by Academician Vsevolod Troitsky.

He believed that at different points in space from time to time there are special clots force fields (gravitational, electromagnetic, etc.). Fields affect various objects and people, which is reflected in the movement of material objects invisible touch to the human body and the like.

However, some people have their own strong biofield (psychics), its radiation can neutralize these clots — and then disappears poltergeist. Is it because hell is so afraid of sign of the cross? After all, its imposition — neither more nor less than the creation of directional bioizlucheniya destroying clots force fields.

It happens that the solution of the problem helps intervention Exorcist dealing exorcism. However, this method, according to scientists, is often unreliable. Whether poltergeist is not afraid of sorcerers, or they do not always know how to act in any particular case.
Therefore, in the event of your apartment "noisy spirit" is best to invite a specialist in paranormal phenomena. He will always be able to advise you how to act in such an unusual situation.

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