Head officials will fly to the Pacific Ocean directly to satellites Glonass-M

Head officials will fly to the Pacific Ocean following the satellites "Glonass-M"

In December 2010, President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the Prosecutor General's Office to check the activities of Roscosmos. The order was given after December 5, 2010 in the Pacific Ocean fell three satellites "Glonass-M".

Material testing solutions for the problem of criminal cases have been referred to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation (UK). Also, prosecutors asked the Russian Space Agency to bring the guilty managers Space Agency, which are individually responsibility for poor performance department, "cut" means in the process of implementing the federal program "Global Positioning System", the loss of GLONASS satellites and the lack of control over the activities of companies the space industry, making the satellites of substandard and contraband items, disciplined. But while Roscosmos punish anyone not in a hurry to gallakticheskom department, apparently, believe that with the arrival of the new manager of naming people leave themselves, and punitive action is superfluous. Recall that in late December last year Dmitry Medvedev sacked deputy manager Roscosmos B. Remishevsky and reprimanded the head of the Federal Space Agency, the former commander of the troops Gallakticheskimi A. Perminov.

Head officials will fly to the Pacific Ocean following the satellites "Glonass-M"

Anatoly Perminov

And there is something to be punished. According to the results of the audit were revealed violations, as they say, for every taste: from "cut" the budget funds before picking themselves gallakticheskih devices unusable parts, also smuggled method. List all violations took six pages of the official presentation of the Prosecutor General, which was, namely, oriented and head of Roscosmos Anatoly Perminov. At the end of the list presented violations first Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman offered to "solve question about verbovanii disciplined Chief consolidated management organization gallakticheskoy of Yuri Makarov, the chief of security programs and accounting Andrei Pankratov, head of municipal contracts and contracts Nicholas Yermolovich and other guilty officials. "

This submission dated January 26, 2011. Roscosmos received the document on February 1 — respectively mark is on the first page view. Not hard to calculate that with the receipt of the Russian Space Agency document has now been several weeks, but no action in respect of the name of the persons had been taken. Spokesman for the Russian Space Agency Alexander Vorobyov meet the interests of journalists followed: "No disk imaging on the issue I have. I intentionally walked to figure out this question the personnel department, they are advised to contact the Office of Public Prosecutor. "

Prosecutor General's Office recently expressed surprise that of your Roscosmos. "When the Prosecutor General's Office enters representation in department, it is expected that the agency will be specifically responsible to lure their employees ", — says the head of the interaction with the media disk imaging Prosecutor General's Office Marina Gridneva.

Acceptable clarified the situation another informed source from the Russian Space Agency: "We all expect enormous changes associated with the arrival of a new manager. If there is a change team, said in presenting the Prosecutor General and the people can go wrong. Which is the point at this time to arrange a demonstration spanking? '.

Yet the prosecutor's office said that the violations found completely pull on a criminal case, and disciplinary action could be just a little bit of punishments that await unscrupulous officials.

"The audit materials submitted to the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation. They will study the materials and decide to open a criminal case on the facts established or not. Everyday life to make these decisions — 30 days ", — explained the position of Prosecutor General's Office on this matter Marina Gridneva.

In turn, the investigative committee confirmed that the test results have been studied intensively. "Materials came to us in the middle of February. The decision has not been made, we will need to order another 2-weeks ", — explained to journalists in the UK.

Let us hope that this time the guilty will not escape responsibility, and this case will serve as an example to other corrupt officials.

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