Heat and shallowing of the rivers in the Tomsk region lead to the death of fish — scientist

The population of fish in the rivers of the Tomsk region decreases this summer because of abnormal drought and heat, in particular, are killed pike, burbot and sturgeon, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, head of the Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Fisheries Tomsk State University Viktor Popkov.

Heat waves and dry thunderstorms caused numerous forest fires, operating in the Tomsk region. Summer 2012 in the region dawned dry and very hot. According to meteorologist Tomsk, from late May of Tomsk region have established a powerful anticyclone. Rainfall deficit in June was 50% in July — about 80%.

Thus in 2012 in the rivers of the region, an anomalous low water due to snowy winters.

According Popkov, kill fish by several factors, one of which — the lack of oxygen.

"Oxygen is small, nocturnal fish kills are possible, because the algae are developing very rapidly. Photosynthesis stops at night, the algae start to consume oxygen. For these reasons, says the death of burbot and pike. Fish stocks are unusually low. Concerned and sturgeon, and other fish species "- said hydrologist.

Also, he said, poor fish, which need a lot of cool water, lack of water in the rivers are the Ob, Tom and Chulym, and high water temperatures, which in some reservoirs reached 24-25 degrees plus.

"Shortage of water adversely affects the reproduction of fish eggs and larvae development. As the number of fish this year is extremely malourozhaynym. Because floodplains are not filled with water, the fish had nowhere to" fatten "a lot, and it also contributes to an unfavorable development of the individual," — says Popkov.

In turn, the deputy head of the regional department of natural resources Galina Mershin agency explained that the water intake air MOE for fighting forest fires in the region did not affect the level of water in rivers.

"Now Tom has turned into a saucer, all spread out, flooded. Variants additional dredging, but we do not need to build a reservoir. Water availability in the area exceeds the minimum of 200 times," — said Mershin.

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