Heroes Antonov in the service of the people

An? 124? 100 "Ruslan"and the world's largest transport aircraft An? 225 "Mriya"
25th anniversary of the first flight of which GP"Antonov"will celebrate in December of this year,? still confident leaders in the market of air transportation crane services. They are often the only means of transport that can effectively complete the task.


Several of these shipments were made aircraft airline "Antonov Airlines" Transport Unit "Antonov", in June 2013

Thus, the AN? 124? 100 delivered blades of the wind turbine power plant of Wichita, United States (Wichita, USA) in Skrydstrup, Denmark (Skrydstrup, Denmark). Transportation has been commissioned by Geodis Wilson Denmark A / S for the company SIEMENS. Taking into account the dimensions of the blade (35,4 m x 3,67 m x 3,5 m), the cargo could effectively carry only the AN? 124 × 100, the length of the cargo compartment is 36.4 m specialists of all parties involved was jointly developed and agreed technology to download such a lengthy and bulky cargo, according to which the aircraft has been properly prepared. The flight was planned and executed in the required time in strict accordance with the approved schedule. This allowed the customer to start tests of the blade as soon as possible.

Several flights performed in June and the world's largest aircraft Antonov? 225 "Mriya". He moved the large equipment for shipbuilding from Manchester (United Kingdom) to Seoul (South Korea). The flight was carried out on the request of Korean Express GmbH to the company SAMSUNG Heavy Industries Co, Ltd. For loading / unloading used special equipment developed by experts "Antonov".

In late June, the AN? 225 "Mriya" brought industrial equipment weighing 140 tons from Seoul (South Korea) to the airport Basel (France / Switzerland). This customer charter flight was the company Chapman Freeborn. An airplane? 225 delivered the necessary equipment for a flight as soon as possible and less expensive than if the transport is performed by two flights of AN? 124? 100 "Ruslan".

Just briefly about the AN-225

The reason for building the An-225 was the need for the air transport system for projectspace shuttle"Blizzard. " The main purpose of the heavy transport aircraft as part of this project was to transport the various componentsBoosterandSpace Shuttlethe placeproductionand assembly to the start. There was also the important task of delivering space shuttlecosmodromein the case of landing it on alternate aerodromes.

In addition, the anticipated use of the An-225 as the first stage of the systemair-launchedspacecraft, which demanded that the plane carrying capacity of 250 tons.

Since blocks of the carrier rocket "Energy"Himself"Blizzard"Have dimensions that exceed the dimensions of the cargo compartment of An-225, the aircraft was provided for mounting of external loads. Availabilityslipstreamfastened at the top of the fuselage of bulky cargo required to replace the tailAN-124two-keel to avoid aerodynamic shading.

Thus, the An-225 was created as a plane intended for a narrow range of fairly unique transportation problems, but the use ofAN-124as the foundation has given him a certain quality universal transport aircraft.

The aircraft has the ability to:

  • general-purpose cargo (large, heavy, long-length) weighing up to 250 tons;
  • The non-stop intercontinental cargo weighing 180-200 tons;
  • intercontinental cargo weighing up to 150 tons;
  • transportation of heavy large Monocargo 200 tons outside of the fuselage;
  • plane is the basis for the creation of aerospace systems (draft).

The aircraft has a roomy cargo compartment, which allows you to carry a variety of cargo inside the fuselage, for example:

  • 16 desyatitonnyh versatile aircraft containersASN-10;
  • 50 cars;
  • Monocargo weighing up to 200 tons (turbines, generators, dump 'BelAZ","Komatsu","Euclid", Etc.).

Cargo compartment dimensions: length — 43 m, width — 6,4 m, height — 4.4 m Cargo cockpit is tight, which greatly enhances its transport capacity. Above the cargo cabin — a cabin for six people and a relief crew of 88 people accompanying the goods. On-board handling equipment, as well as the design of the front cargo door with ramp provides fast and easy loading and unloading. The aircraft is capable of carrying unique cargo on the fuselage, the dimensions of which do not allow you to post them on other land and air vehicles. For the installation of these goods on the fuselage has a special mounting system.

The AN-225 "Mriya" has a greater degree of continuity and unification on systems, assemblies, units and partsGlider,
power plant and equipment with a certified aircraftAn-124-100("Ruslan").

An on 124-100

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