Hitler, fires and low season in Yurtsev

Relatively recently, a colleague showed the latest issue of the Ministry of Defence "Army" — they say, is in Belarus in 1943, near the village of Yurtsev in Orsha district, was built Hitler's bunker, code-named "Olga". Where Hitler supposedly was going to lead the operation of Kursk. Cited the figures — it was already flooded with 400 cubic meters of concrete and equipped with 3599 square meters of the complex. Only asked — why such information is not a sensation, and no evidence of local people who would not have left the construction site outside attention? He decided to go to the village, which is located along a major highway of the country — the M-1, which binds Brest to Moscow.

… At six in the morning on Saturday, I stopped by the built 2 years ago parking. Here, it is considered the most prestigious — and, indeed, the only — place for those yurtsavtsav in which something is found in his pockets. In the light of morning at the cafe noticed a lone figure with a glass of beer. This is after the alarm the night "admochvavsya" 30-year-old avtaslesar Alexander Kuravets. We converse.

Reporter"Fallen board at the entrance — this after yesterday? '.

Kuravets"Probably. Well, what if we can not understand? Conflicts happen — the dessert can not share. " (Laughs.)

Reporter"And the prices bite? '.

Kuravets"Of course, it's M-1, but not the eatery …".

Reporter"You have what the average salary?".

Kuravets"Million …".

Reporter"How often can you afford to come here? '.

Kuravets"On Fridays — until the morning. 200 thousand for entry … . "

Reporter"Of course, what avtaslesar." (Laughing.)

Reporter"You are on the road — guest workers drive to work? '.

Sergei"So they went, they threw out there — in vain would work, why do you need? '.

Kuravets"I am, in principle, no trips to Moscow that — not ride because 3 months for" thank you "worked …".

Sergei"And ask — where are you and how the radio called? '.

It came and showed professional interest to one of my interlocutors — policeman Sergei, who said that through the whole neighborhood knows. He and said:

Reporter"Have not heard of Hitler's bunker? '.

Sergei"I can show you every tree and bush in the forest for 5 kilometers. How I live, nothing like that … . "

Like I said was that after decade, until he met with 67-year-old bearded man, dressed bamzhavata former fireman Alexander Kyrenia. In his eyes in response to a strange question for others flashed understanding.


Kyrenia"Hitler came, bunkers are at Gudavskim forest. Guderian's Panzer Army was standing there. And there is only guderyyanavskiya bunker — it's the stories of inhabitants … . "

Retrospective. As you heard, especially for Adolf Hitler's bunker did not build — short enough to store a subordinate, Guderian. Did not understand the aims of the journal "duck." I also found that hosts one of the guderyyanavskih bunkers. I can say it has become a victim of the post-war-stained jeans among the pine trees, mud and leaves … Strange same view of Mr. Kieren forced to ask the following questions.

Reporter"A long beard adrastsiv? '.

Kyrenia"The second year — was in the monastery, the economy saw me and invited. Eliminated novice, then to the monks, who did not want more."

Reporter"Why did away? '.

Kyrenia"Ah, because there is not play, do not go out in the city — in the walls and just sit — there is no freedom …". (Laughs.)

With Mr. Kieren met at an abandoned castle building — the old hospital for disabled World War II. Red brick, from which it is built, has gone cracks. Unstable roof so skewed foundation complete the current appearance of the palace, which has a history.


Pinchuk"Those who lived then collaborated with Napoleon's troops, assisted with provisions. And then, to make amends, built this building for the hospital in the chateau style. When built new 15 years ago, the old planned to restore and make an enclosed walkway between them, in the old show movie library — to make a cultural center for patients. Stopped — there were no funds … . "

This is not just a local old-timer, 76-year-old Mr. Pinchuk. Gennady Ivanovich from 1981 to 2003 headed the village council. In this was, and is head of the Department PKB, now the party "Fair World". The squat, looks askance — say it where zalezesh there and got off. In the courtyard enclose hay karovtsy.


Reporter"What's in your household have? '.

Pinchuk"Chickens, pigs. Now there are about 700, I came in '81 — it was a thousand. At school, 400 students, now 120, but the children carry 30 kilometers … . "

Reporter"You caught the Soviet era, perestroika, the first years of independence, and Lukashenko's. If it is easier when it was harder to work with? . "

Pinchuk"In the Soviet period, of course, it was easier and easier — people did not have such problems, as it is now. Everyone was busy, all guaranteed salary, there was concern about the future, the parents — the children. The village built a house, it has been claimed. Now half the homes are empty, no children. Young people are not delayed — no permanent job. Even the mechanics at sowing, harvesting employed as a complete fall tillage, technique becomes immobilized, workshop, office facilities are disconnected from the world for non-payment of electricity and winter work is not provided. Combined into one collective 4. Yurtsavski "activist" was good — had about 3,000 head of cattle, 780 dairy cows. Now all the remaining 100 cows. The same is true in humans — it was more than 80 cows, only 14 — one I have … . "

Reporter"What can save Yurtsev? '.

Pinchuk"Take people need to pay. Not because it became not only animals, but also farms, workshops. Vaughn complex for 400 head — empty … . "


I come here to the only private store "Yurtsavski." Visitors do not have enough. After waiting for a free moment, I say with a pretty salesgirl Svetlana Evnevich.


Reporter"The public trading managed to beat?".

Evnevich"The people have a big choice — 3 stores. Aim to deliver weekly all fresh, diversify … . "

Reporter"What is the average visitors per day? '.

Evnevich"Man 100 as holy — so much anymore …".

Reporter"Do not fear the new economic crisis in Belarus — survive? '.

Evnevich"… Scary."

Not far from the said hospital, where, by the way, is up to 300 patients — a farm of 26 dairy cows, where only find here milkmaid Love Shibeko. Belongs to a herd academic school in the village of High.


Shibeko"From the milk yield of 400-500 thousand — no holidays or weekends. From 5 in the morning arose, and the 10th night home — milking three times a day … . "

Reporter"Payslip you give? '.

Shibeko"Do not …".

Reporter"And you do not think I'll go to high school, but I will say that Ms. Shibeko million gets? '.

Shibeko"I do not know, did not get as much. On the day of 300-320 liters nadaivaet … . "

Reporter"For the month 10 tonnes — 10 million. Of the 10 that you earn, have 400,000, or 2.5%! . "

Shibeko"And where's the other you can find! Here are 2 guards, and managing karmach Gorbachevich … . "

Reporter"Oh, you are working with the cows, and the cows he manages. And how much he earns? . "

Shibeko"700 …".

Reporter"And how many calves do you have? '.

Shibeko"Now … 9."

Reporter"And for the offspring give a raise?".

Shibeko"Give … How much? I do not know … . " (Laughs.)

The farm is literally on the banks of an artificial pond. I noticed a fisherman — repairman pump station, Mr. Yuri Shydlovsky.


Reporter"What's the Catch? '.

Shidlovskiy"Yes, no!".

Reporter"A strong stuff from a farm pond?".

Shidlovskiy"Well of course! She is fine. On the road because of this sand flows — of course, affects the fish. What a whim — to build a farm on the banks of the pond. Military hospital near … . "

Reporter"And the pond, which would have graced the landscape, where the people would roll …".

Shidlovskiy"Yes, there's the war in Afghanistan and the participants. But people climb into the water, because they know that the sticks that I … . "

I walk down the lane Shpitalnaya that parallel the hospital. Here silent, as if no one living, single-storey house. In one of them, the fenced in half, heard the clink of bottles. Their contributions on the porch of the owner — 55-year-old unemployed Alexander W. Bush. Willingly shows basin under the roof, which flows from the morning rain, sooty black smoke from wallpaper.


BUSHUEV"Stove heating, gas cylinders, although the next pipeline passes. Millions worth, and where to get if you do not work? Neighbors living near — is also a stove. No running water, although next speaker stand, hospital … . "

Reporter"How many utilities have to pay?".

BUSHUEV"I'm not crying — I have been privatized, and they — 30000. The roof should be done — is leaking. In the village council say — buy, change yourself … . "

Reporter"Why do not you work? '.

BUSHUEV"The passport is old, from the Soviet Union, still red. '20 Is registered. Change a passport — a fine will. It is possible to approach private owners — went for 20,000, but the whole day hungry in the forest, and the forest should be cut, that's chock takennyya wield … . "

Reporter"I came to you, because I heard crashing bottles …".

BUSHUEV"I will go'll carry — you need to buy something to eat …".

Get to a two-storey building on the street Trunk, 12, where not so long ago, the drama — in the evening flashed on the first floor. On the second, at the time were old women-neighbor, Mrs. Raisa Vidus yes Nina Golis who recall:

Mrs."The owner was drinking, the only one left at home. For drunk something ignited. Ran to a neighbor — "Fire!" And jump into my apartment could not — black smoke, the door could not open a. We have already laid on the floor, saw nothing. Firefighters put a ladder down, and I have a sore foot … And I say — do not climb, will be alive … They say — open the windows and stand at the window, do not leave the site until you say. We reported that endured two bodies. In neighboring apartment culprit mistress was at home, and her husband helped extinguish it and picked up the smoke. He ran to her, and there is also smoke. And there fell, and together they endured — the pulse was, but could not save. Order issued, and the zgibev — and he Khomenko recovered, as did a drip … . "

Fruitless wanderings in the offices of officials drawn from then until now.


Mrs."We have been contacted to make repairs as black in the hallway. Here are the answers … ETA . "

Reporter: "Director rayzhylfondu Zhalyaznov reports that" the performance of repair work to be done in the entrance by the perpetrators, "in other words — Utilities removed itself …".

Mrs."They write that the" sue "on them. Where are we, old people, let's go to court? A second time she came, she said — "take it to his chest, you can give a face." And left in the 2 tenants, who will appear on the hour and not live. A utility said — 850,000 pay, then they will be repaired … . "

Reporter"And what is your pension? '.

Mrs."480 … 600 … So we pay for maintenance, although we live without the amenities. And those do not have money — it works, it — no … . "

Reporter"Do not believe the authorities?"

Mrs."They refused, and all! I tell them — we pay you money, you're with him and ask! The windows are broken at the site — a cold, do not go … . "

I am again on the motorway M-1. On the long, like a spear flying purposefully highway trucks, buses and cars. But this time, the road seemed to me completely divorced from yurtsavskaga neighborhood where no one is in a hurry, and where … low season.

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