Hitler was a pawn in the game of the West against the Russian people

Hitler was a pawn in the game of the West against the Russian people80 years ago, the German President Hindenburg, Chancellor Adolf Hitler proclaimed

January 30, 1933 44-year-old Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. As said in a similar case Voland from "The Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov, "Anushka has already spilled oil." The coming of Hitler stay at the helm of the country — it was one big story of preparation for the main and the most terrible adventure as an individual of his biography, as well as world history of the XX century.

But could it be otherwise? This issue has long concerned historians around the world, and the version portrayed in a variety of. One of favorite — Hitler did not act independently. War — Not his child. Various historians — the adherents of this theory sometimes crawl only in assessing the independence of the character.

One of the most prominent proponents of this theory is, for example, known Russian historian and writer Nikolai Starikov. In his article "To attack the USSR Hitler forced the United Kingdom and the United States?" He said, namely, writes: "Adolf Hitler was brought to power by London, Washington and Paris are the least likely. It was some dog chain, which is nourished with one purpose — to attack Russia. They themselves do not wage war adore, someone has to do it for them. They brought to power a strong-willed person, a fanatic, gave him money, credit, charge ended with Germany's reparations back industry. But Hitler would start a war with the Soviet Union, if among them are the country? "

In an interview with columnist KM.RU this thesis Comment out by our experts.

Journalist, politician Anatoly Wasserman:

— My old friend, the historian and publicist Removich Lev Vershinin, has repeatedly pointed out that many of the details of rapid career of Adolf Hitler can be explained only in terms of what it specially selected from a huge number of competing favorites of external forces. In this case, they took away his quite extraordinary aspect: this most external forces (in the main British and South American) needed someone pretty fanatical to fulfill all its promises, regardless of the likely consequences. And they counted fairly simple: The program, built around the hatred of other peoples, inevitably had to call the union of these other nations against Germany.

The point is this choice was the fact, that, in the 1-x dramatically eliminate a German victory in the coming world war and, second, 2, to achieve that, so after the war, Germany's reputation was damaged for years to come. But such a choice was likely the first and inevitable as no one hesitated in the inevitability of war itself that all intrigued by people and organizations were well aware that it is imminent and will be even worse than the First World War.

In fact, when the Treaty of Versailles was signed the contract, the Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, Marshal of France Ferdinand Foch Bertranovich, familiarized with the criteria of the contract, once said: "This — not the world: it is a truce for two decades." And he was absolutely right: the war started just 20 years after the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles contract. The fact that the differences between countries and groups of countries that gave rise to the First World War, not gone anywhere and could not divide until such time as there is a market economy: it inevitably gives rise to this kind of controversy, inevitably forces again and again to share one day divided world, because the continuation of the war was inevitably advance. And, of course, different countries have tried to prepare for it in different ways. Namely, England and the United Countries of America in advance prepared for himself a comfortable opponent.

What's all the same to the prospect that racial theory uniformly grow into a mass murder — no one cared seriously, because then all the big countries were afflicted with various forms of racial theory, and, of course, any hoped that the race would be specifically its highest. In fact, Hitler was quite neatly reproduced in his writings and theories of their own affairs, until the British developed a Frenchman Gobineau and Chamberlain. So it's no one really cared: everyone expected the blow will fall off on others. In principle, the racial theories were then carried away in one form or another by all Western countries. The only big country with such a theory never found myself comfortable ground — this is our country. And, accordingly, it is possible, of course, take action part of Germany, as they say lawyers, the excesses of the artist, but these excesses were, perhaps, even longer in Germany, as in other states.

Expert at the Center for Geopolitical Expertise Natalia Serbin:

— The theory proposed Starikov, in my opinion, has the right to exist, and, in principle, it looks completely reasonable. Equally reasonable looks different theory, according to which the actions of the second World War, just as terrible copies repeated action of the war in 1812. According to the views of the Russian historian Alexei Edrikhin, publish under the name Vandam, Napoleon had to, in theory, to make war with England, but instead he started a war with Russia.

And the action of the second world war were to develop in a similar way, in other words, Germany had to identify with Russia (actually speaking, that way our country and go), and to oppose the United States against Great Britain, against the Atlantic vector. But it is a striking way did not work, despite all the geopolitical logic and common sense. Moreover, the racist theory, for which the whole world so to this day hates Hitler was also not initially topical in his political life. At first, his work did not mean anything like that. Inside the German elites have fought two vectors, one of which is the theory of implied rights of the people, and the other just put forward this Straseni racist theory, which to this day is all a nightmare.

So Makarov, what happened in the 30's and 40's, was ordained and, in my opinion, was, of course, the result of external (for Germany) games. The question is only whose it was secret service — the UK or the U.S., or do these countries have acted together somehow, with the result that Hitler sent all the power of his own army to the West and the East.

It's pretty hard intertwined. In-1's, he felt the impact of their own elites, in other words, he was not independent, as we know from history, even against their elites, who provided him exposure. Naturally, it is impossible to remove from the accounts of his own ambition and vanity, but it was not an independent figure. It just so happened that in the German elites eventually beat the vector, which is dealt with in the upcoming opponents.

What still concerns the impact of the West — it is, of course, was, and can only discuss about the extent to which it was strong. It is unlikely that we fully know if it was the subtle diplomatic game, or Hitler remained under the direct control. In other words, one can not exclude the option that at first he could bring his forces to the West and the East.

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