Houellebecq in Belarusian promised in three months

The most prestigious French literary prize — the Prix Goncourt in 2010 — was awarded on Monday the writer Michel Houellebecq for his novel "The map and the territory" (La carte et le territoire).

Academics' Academy Gankurav ", gathered in a Paris restaurant" Droit ", chose the winner for one round, voting record held fast: the jury took only 1 minute 29 seconds to make a decision.

The novel "The Map and the Territory" focuses on the place of the artist in the modern world, Houellebecq himself displays as one of the characters, and kills himself.

Houellebecq has been nominated for the award Gankurav in 1998 with the novel "The Elementary Particles" (Les Particules elementaires) and in 2005 with the novel "The Possibility of an Island" (La Possibilite d'une ile). Then the jury gave preference to other candidates.

Houellebecq — one of the most widely read French authors in the world. For translation of the novel "The Possibility of an Island" was taken by the Belarusian language translator and publisher Dmitry Colas. "The place Houellebecq in modern French literature can be specified alongside such authors as Begbeder, Schmidt, Beson, — says Dmitry Colas. — It can be said, the authors of the latest literary wave, which is widely known not only in France but also in globally.

Unfortunately, the Belarusian language translated from only named Schmidt and Beson, and Welbeck is waiting for its time, and is just waiting for because I could not find my time to translate it. Although the rights to one of his last novels bought almost 4 years ago — this translation has been started, then shelved due to more pressing matters, but now the greatest books that I had to give in This year,, granted, and I hope that I can safely get behind this translation, and even hope that by February, before the start of the Minsk International Book Fair, this book will finally see the light "- promises a translator.

Houellebecq's new novel "The map and the territory" (La carte et le territoire) is recognized as the darkest in the bibliography of the writer.

The size of the Prix Goncourt is a symbolic amount — only 10 euros, but it opens up the winner of a path not only to fame and recognition, but also to guarantee a high circulation.

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