How insulted police officers

November 8 in Vitebsk detained journalist Vladislav Staroverova which in Victory Square recorded on camera interview with the candidate for President Vladimir Pravalski.

Vladislav Staroverova hour and a half was kept in the Railway police department. The police demanded that he give an explanation, who owns a video camera and for what purpose he rented Vladimir Pravalski in Victory Square.

Vladimir Pravalski

On potential candidate the presidency, he witnessed the next fact of lawlessness — because the journalist did not break. But local policeman Railway police station Sergey Kozlov said Vladislav Old Believers insulted him and did not comply with its requirements. The policeman even tried to provoke a fight with a journalist, but eventually called to the aid of a police outfit, and Mr. Staroverova was taken to the police station.

In the railway police station no records on the detainee did not make, but before heard threats that journalists be punished for contempt police officer. The process of detention Vladislav Old Believers filmed on a video camera, and Vladimir Pravalski — the mobile phone. Both are ready to submit a video to prove the innocence of a journalist.

The detention of journalist Vladimir Pravalski filmed on a mobile phone:

The plot Belsat without comment

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