How to distinguish the true from the offspring of the alien Earthling

November 27, 2011 9:25

According to the English anthropologist James Batt, about half the world's population has ancestors from space. Since their arrival on our planet, which occurred about 30,000 years ago, he connects surge of the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations. Butt claims that distinguish the true from the descendants of aliens earthling is possible.

 Hands of the people with ancestors from space, long, thin fingers.

The descendants of aliens usually tall, thin, they often have problems with the spine.

Male humans, by contrast, is not high and strong, and women are predisposed to early fullness.

People with a low voice of cosmic origin, with a beautiful modulation.

We humans — a thin, high-pitched. It is assumed that the famous sopranos and tenors have earthly ancestors.

Goals for the difference between the descendants of the two lines has worn off, there was the inevitable confusion, most people have symptoms of both space and terrestrial origin.

And yet …

On the subject:

The aliens among us

Perhaps the first who wanted to alert the world about aliens on Earth, was President John F. Kennedy!

Professor Lawrence Merrikk in his book "Killing the messenger. The death of John F. Kennedy "(U.S., 1994) quotes a passage from the failed presidential speech (as on the way to a meeting, where he was to utter the following words, he is killed.)
"Citizens of the Earth! We are not alone! — He was going to say November 22, 1964. — As president, I pledge to you that these creatures do not wish us ill. Instead, they promise us defeat the common enemy of mankind — tyranny, poverty, disease, war … together we can create a better world! "

Was Kennedy killed by the decision of the Committee of the Privy World Government with the aliens, as suggested by Professor L. Merrikk, or it was eliminated by the order barons of Texas and according to plan, the implementation of the Vice-President Lyndon Johnson — is not the point.
Very likely that was thereby precluded the center of confusion in the U.S.. The consequences of its spread is difficult to imagine even today, when the majority of the leading countries of the world, according to opinion polls, he believes in the existence of other civilizations and their presence on Earth.

The discussion scientists ufologists on American television in 1968 discussed the evidence of penetration into the human environment aliens or representatives of other worlds. Said that they were fully adapted to the Earth and different from people only slightly.

President Reagan in September 1987 by 42 UN General Assembly, said the following: "I am convinced that all the contradictions between the two countries would disappear in the face of threats from prosheltsev … And at the same time, I ask the question, and are not whether they are already among us? "

We know that this topic was addressed to them and at the official meeting with Mikhail Gorbachev!
The reaction to these ideas can be found in "all points of the compass."

Perm ufologist EF Bachurin in 1991 stated that "representatives of the resemblance of one extraterrestrial civilization (the EC) with ground used by them for mass deployment, and the main areas of activity: Southern Europe, South America and Latin-country …".

In 1992, Karen Emedzhyan — President of the Medical Association "Ayayas" in Yerevan, said: "On our planet, according to the research committee of the Armenian folk medicine and paranormal phenomena, there are seven civilized worlds, and periodic visits to Earth more than 66 EC (extraterrestrial)! And their past … "settlers" are now among us, a lot of them, apparently they look like us … ".

In the mid-90's world-famous astronaut Gordon Cooper in an interview with the magazine "The Terminator" (St. Petersburg) Berezin to the question whether it was true that he had worked with the man had direct contact with the inhabitants of UFOs, said: "Yes, it is about my recently deceased friend, a prominent specialist in rocketry. According to him, the aliens send a representative to the United States, who lived with false documents. My friend met a stranger. They took his books, something prompted by technology. About this he wrote a book, published in small quantities. "

Bold conclusions on the same subject published ufologist from Yalta Sergey Sharygin: "On the basis of a number of mass manifestations of UFOs in the Crimea (south coast) from 1990 to 1992, which resulted in marked PSI-phenomena and bio-effects reported disappearances and the appearance of their twins. We believe that the EC (extraterrestrials) are intensively influenced the course of human history. Regardless of who they are: sozemlyane aliens, inovremyane or other spaces — they cause is increasing concern the public, governments, states … There is even a seditious thought that some level of senior management is influenced by aliens, realizing their goal … ( The article is called: "Is it time to send the government into space?")

In 2000, a group of University of California, led by Professor Jonathan Malkinsom organized a press conference at which he claimed that the human community "has long been in place a group of aliens."

In his book, "The threat of invasion" by Timothy Hood in the final chapter of "Aliens Among Us" concludes: "… Aliens do not care neither our policy nor state borders, nor any of our problems. Earth is no longer a "way station". They settled here a good long time. "

Thus, we see that, firstly, the information about the presence of aliens on Earth comes from the researchers, scientists, military and even presidents, and secondly, the information matches the content and statements on the subject complement one another.


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