How to raise children's writer?

Society over the weekend with the children we visited Minsk book fair to fund home library. Politely raspihvayuchy other lovers of reading, we tried to choose books together and for me and for the kids. Around trays with children's literature, littered with various color products of Russian publishers, crowded parents, grandparents, soothed their babies. And the kids were crying and Nanda, because no one gave them a look and choose what they like. And we also heard several times, "the boy, without touching anything, it's very expensive books," finally found the mercenary point where people were less, and you can look around a little more freely.

Escaping for a new children's book, I wanted to buy something fatty, that was enough for a long read, intelligent, and, of course, is not very expensive, because today I can rarely afford a new book. I worked slipped her son and daughter classic children's literature, books about animals, space, additional assignments in mathematics. But their choice has made me into a dead end. They chose a really beautiful, not very thick, and absolutely pointless in my understanding of the book of John Topsela titled "How to grow and cultivate the Dragon" — a practical guide for parenting Dragons at home.

Yielding children's requests, I paid for this book 42 thousand, but I could not help but to say what I do not agree with their choice.

All the way home the children take turns carrying the book themselves, clutching his stomach with both hands. The following days were in the study of the physical features of dragons, drawing up menus, research kites diseases. Plans were drawn flat with the location of residence for future pet budget was to have enough money for the family of dragons food and entertainment. I quickly had to admit that was wrong in his judgment and apologize to the children. The book has brought them many happy days.

"- We read together with the Ust title of this book.

— Yaqub said that it is very unusual for the cover. It is very interesting.

— We immediately began to Ust it is viewed and read.

— It tells about the many dragons that can afford to buy.

— Here, too, are written address, which you can buy them.

— And did you try to go to these addresses?

— No, but be sure to turn.

— And what book to write for children in Belarusian?

— We must now translate this book, "How to Train Your Dragon," the Belarusian language. Then, I think the children will begin to read it, only this time in the Belarusian language. "

I wish only one thing: a Belarusian-speaking children, like many others, are unlikely to be able to read these books in Belarusian. What happens with the Belarusian children's literature? Says literary critic and father of three children Anatoly Ivashchenko:

"If we talk about the literature of the middle and elementary school age, it is natural that it sorely lacking"

Anatoly Ivashchenko

If we talk about literature and junior secondary school age, it is natural that it sorely lacking, and good, and quality, and the Belarusian and translation. But when it comes to literature for such children, who I grow ( Eldest daughter of Anatoly go to the first class), if we talk about specific Belarusian some books, then, say, our family is very beautiful alphabet Baradulin . The only thing it certainly is not for sale, and Grigory gave it. It is the 95th year of publication, it seems. Of course, it today in a way no one peravydasts, because there chases, and about the individual flag is shaped as letters. And then it was granted fifty thousand copies. "

There are authors who deliberately try to close the blank spots on the map of the Belarusian children's literature. Here is what Peter Vasyuchenko, literary critic, writer and poet.

Peter Vasyuchenko

"Fantasy, which I wrote, including" The Adventures of Messrs. Kublitskiy Zablotskii yes ", including environmental tale" Color Creek "they prydayutstsa especially in Belarusian-speaking families. In a sense, they are helping these families to complete his reading. This I am very happy because he when he wrote his tale, sought to create something that was not there before in the Belarusian literature. What we were looking for in foreign literatures. And it has its own heroes, its own character types, this is the continuation literary series is fabulous, it is fantasy. A little of our literature that was not enough. "

Meanwhile, our fellow citizens, who write in Russian, become successful and established writers in the neighboring country. Moreover, one of the very good Minsk bookshops, director impulsively repeated that the Belarusian book is no worse than Russian. However, she has posted a dozen really attractive titles, but they were all in Russian. For example, the popular children's book is now in "The True Story of Santa Claus," "Time is always good," written from Minsk Eugenia Pasternak. Here's how it characterizes contemporary children's literature.

"Very much in the books of kindness and mercy. Perhaps this is something that sorely lacking now around us, and what is the cry cry all the people who write for teens. Kindness, compassion, patience, the ability to see the good even in difficult life situations and leave them without aggression. "

It seems to me that the children's hearts to reach out to the Belarusian book is difficult not only because the publishers do not have money to make it beautiful and well-advertise. The main problem for me is that we still believe that the main problem of children's literature — teach.

For instance, Director of the Minsk wonderful bookstore "Book World" Sophia Zhibulevskaya so characterizes the range of children's literature in his shop:

"… We look for meaning, of course, that there was some magic there or something like that. More books take that for human development, and that there is a modicum of psychology. To really thought about the little man" ….

"All the books of Belarus issued in our Belarusian publishing houses, we will have. And they are given good, even very good — both in content and in the drawings, artistic decoration. Oh, and look for the meaning, of course, would not have happened-what- or magic there or something like that. More books take that for human development, and that there is a modicum of psychology. too small to people wondered what he read, or he is reading. To these books were carrying something — a spiritual, cognitive.'s this persuasion. "

Children's book — it's a kind of dummy adult literature. Just a little. Perhaps that is why Belarusian kids among his favorite books is called historic. In Anatoly Butevich, the author of the historical series for children, "The Seven Wonders of Belarus," I asked, what should be a children's book?

Anatoly Butevich

"They no longer sit in the computer than reading …

"Yes, the literature tends to conform to what children want to read. But you understand the situation from today's reading in children. They no longer sit at the computer than read.'s One thing. And the second — the situation with the Belarusian-language literature requires a different solution to this problem. Indeed problem of reading in the Belarusian language exists in reality too. And so to relate what they wanted the children, so that writers write, it would be difficult. Nevertheless, an understanding of the topic of the readers and writers from certain is. Because there relevance to readers of the Belarusian historical subjects before. demand there in writers historical subjects to write for children so that for them it was understandable. Indeed Belarusian history has not started yesterday and did not in 1917 and not in 1919. But if we want our children it is understood, we writers have to write and communicate clearly and understandably, and on the material, which is not taken from the textbooks. And on that stuff that a broader, deeper, and more original if you want. Some time ago I spoke to children might was right, but maybe not what we want our story "legendazavats." How did that Vladimir Karatkevich. It is so dried for textbooks. "

Peter Vasyuchenko has an opinion about dydaktychnasts children's literature

"I think that children's literature and children's literature to teach basic values …

Vasyuchenko: "I think that children's literature and children's literature to teach basic values. And it's family, parents, love, love for all living things, to family, to home, to the language and history. Which is very important today — this ecological education. These core values should be set in the literature. "

But in a small Swedish happened last year 1,800 new books for children. Swedish writers — some of the most beloved of globally, not only in Belarus. Critics in this country to say that it was thanks to Astrid Lindgren and her image Pipidovgayapanchoha — free, open, independent, they have got to raise a generation of responsible citizens skeptical of any government. On the Swedish literature says Dr. philology, a specialist in children's literature, a translator from Russian Janina Orlov.

"I do not thing that the book somehow taught. Our important and aesthetics, and the book should be exciting, and that it develop fantasy child" …

"Educate, it is … I must say that we have this already long gone. But this, of course, depends on the history of each country. We have such a Nestor of children's literature, one can say that this is a Roots Chukovskij Swedish literature for children Lennart Helsing. He is already 93. And he once said that the so-called "educational" children's book does not mean it's a good book. But the good children's book is always educational. therefore no longer important, the book somehow taught. We have important and aesthetics, and the book should be exciting, and that it develop fantasy in a child. But Sweden is another matter, because Sweden had the good fortune to grow two years without war. Actually, I must talk about the look on a child at all about the attitude to the child. Sweden has over thirty years of law can not punish children physically. "

It looks like "Chukovskij" Swedish literature Lennart Helsing. He has written over a hundred books for children. In the 60's critics would rip his head off for a children's poem about a baker Bengstana, in the final of which:

"Baker Bengtsan — in a coffin,

Got burned on Bohan.

Here he lies buried in Bukhantsev " (per. with CHF. Dmitry Crybaby).

But the kids loved it. Needless to say, it is now a classic, and the honor of the Swedish children's literature?

My children today have convinced me that we can not have a dog at home. And they will take care of it. "We are already well on natreniravalisya dragon — they say.

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