Huge landslide swallows village in Transcarpathia


In Transcarpathia Solotvyno village goes underground. Landslide mercilessly furrowed area of the village. In environmentally hazardous area lives a half thousand people.

According to news channel 24, falls to the ground Transcarpathian Solotvyno beginning 10 years ago. The situation became critical in 2004.

At risk 290 homes. The depth of the largest gulf Solotvyno — more than 100 meters, the smallest — 8.

Solotvinskiy pit, because of which there is a problem, is doomed to close. What do the people — yet not known. To eliminate existing gaps, according to preliminary estimates, should be about 200 million hryvnia.

Frustrated people complain about the inaction of the authorities. To cope with the failures they can not do. Because even willing to relocate to neighboring Tereblya.

Commission on technogenic and ecological safety and emergency state administration in its conclusions agree — in areas of karst dips dangerously. Money for resettlement will look.

Meanwhile, residents continue to live in Solotvyno danger zone, teetering on the brink.

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