Human rights activists are disappointed, as the power of election commissions formed

Today the company is "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" published a preliminary report on the results of observations of the formation of district election commissions. Human rights activists say the discriminatory attitude of the executive committees of the representatives of the opposition parties — those are only a quarter of a percent of the total number of commission members.

84084 of representatives nominated in the 6346 local election commissions of political parties, public associations, labor collectives, only 1,073 were put forward by opposition political parties.

And of those 1,073 people in commissions include 183 people.

As a result, representatives of opposition parties make up 0.25% of the total number of members of precinct election commissions. Why did it happen? Commented the head of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Hulak:


"Above all, our observers in Minsk recorded that representatives of opposition organizations were not included in the committee for the motivation, that, well, difficult to work with, what they write complaints that they are uncomfortable, unable to work as a team. And because they were not included in the commissions, which once again confirms our conclusion about the discriminatory nature of the formation of these committees. "

Only lawyers campaign "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" filed 77 complaints on the decisions of the executive committees of failure to include in the commission, told the Hulak:

"These complaints are submitted to the courts. For three days, these complaints be considered. Of course, we do not have here a big illusion, because it is not the first attempt to appeal. While all attempts have been fruitless. But our monitoring in any case it is important to use all means all legal remedies. "

The complaint and the decision of the Central Election Commission of the CEC, which regulated the procedure of sending observers. According to this decision, the central authorities of national organizations is forbidden to send observers to all areas and electoral commission.

Hulak"In our observers Bobruisk District received a rejection response to the invitation, which stated that the presence of observers void at such events. In fact, the Belarusian legislation in no way resolved this issue, as observers, respectively, the Electoral Code, the right to attend meetings of election commissions during the vote count, but this is not the election commission. This procedure is not spelled out, but there is a general rule that the elections are conducted openly and transparently. "

Valentin Stefanovich

Generally, in the regional media presidential election is almost no coverage, the human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich:

"In the regions media reflect only the Belarusian People's Assembly. And this is given more attention than, in fact, do this. About the assembly is written much: the preparation for it, as distinguished delegate. A little information about the election. And even less information about candidates. They are not written, their names are not mentioned. "

In general, "Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections" make the following conclusions: "Although from the point of view of compliance with the national legislation of the process of forming committees took place without major violations, the result of his not provided a set PECs impartial and unbiased."


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