Hybrid cars to replace the Humvee

A couple of years back South American military began to talk about the need for substitution army truck HMMWV (also often called the Humvee, «Humvee"). When the "Humvee" perceived to arms, he was listed as a fully modern and a good vehicle, but the wars of the past 10 years have significantly changed the eyes of the military on a similar class of technology. The Pentagon "blames" the car in the inefficiency and lack of protection of the crew. To improve the security of the military was often necessary to independently establish an impromptu reservation in makeshift criteria. The first time had to do it again in the "Desert Storm", which is why this armor has received the title of «hajji armor» — «Arab Book", and the word «hajji» is obviously bad connotations. South American armed forces, as shown, need specially made car with a sufficient level of protection, and with the usual consumption of fuel. First projects for the substitution of "Humvee" there were five to seven years back. Since it was launched many new programs, but for the moment we will talk only about 2-of them.

Adequate reservation is heavy, it is a trivial fact. From this comes the requirement to more massive and more than voracious engine. Since the launch of the new car in a series of a few years back, even out of the question, some participants applets substitution HMMWV decided to go down a slippery slope of experience and try to make a military armored vehicle with a hybrid power plant. The essence of this technology lies in the following: the traditional scheme of the vehicle engine power is transmitted to the drive wheels through the box. A hybrid car is not counting the gasoline engine and is electronic. Regardless of the particular type of hybrid power plant can vary their methods of interaction between itself and the drive wheels. More vserasprostranennoy now is a scheme in which gasoline or diesel engine drives a generator, and that, in turn, recharges the battery and provides an electronic current to the traction motor. The main plus all the "hybrids" is covered in a tangible decrease in fuel consumption. The fact that the change in engine speed affects fuel consumption and manual transmission losses due to friction, etc. also in some measure increases the required amount of fuel. When using a generator and an electric motor gasoline / diesel slider can operate at the same speed regardless of driving criterion. As a result, fuel consumption and emissions are reduced.

Hybrid cars to replace the "Humvee"

L-ATV (Light All-Terrain Vehicle — Light traffic over-road)

More exciting and promising of the now available "hybrids" for the army is car L-ATV (Light All-Terrain Vehicle — Light traffic over-road), made in the Oshkosh Corporation. This first armored car was produced in coordination with not so long ago, show the concept of MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected — Protecting Mine Resistant Ambush). Because L-ATV has a reservation, a corresponding second class protection of NATO standards and withstands 7.62-mm armor-piercing bullets, or under the bottom of a mine explosion with six kilograms of explosives. In the long term, as they say in the "Oshkosh Corporation" may be strengthening their armor or even extra panels — power plant will allow to do this without significant losses in driving performance. Interestingly, the diesel engine and electronic on L-ATV interaction are the so-called parallel circuit. ProPulse system under the title suggests that the motor at any step of a trip does not result in the movement of the car without the help of others. Electronic diesel engine helps to gather additionally necessary power on acceleration, when slippage in other situations, which are characterized by excessive fuel consumption. Yet, the designers made it possible to move only through the electronic system, but in this case, in store operating times are reduced considerably. Argues that because of this ability fighters will be able to run for almost silently suitable area without being subject to threats to "catch" the enemy bullet. Aside from the unique power plant L-ATV necessary to direct attention to the suspension of the car. All four wheels have independent suspension design TAK-4i. The mechanism of this system allows to move the wheels 20 inches that must provide at least sufficient permeability compared to the heavy vehicle. During the test, L-ATV drove on a variety of surfaces, from deep snow to the sand of the desert, and throughout the speed and throughput were not worse, and in some kinds of cases, and is better than an old good HMMWV.

Engineers from Oshkosh Corp., As if to attract customers additional "options", introduced in the electrical system of its own armored car very exciting feature. It is assumed that the charging BATTERY should be working with a diesel engine — power is not just a box, and on the generator. But if necessary, the crew vehicle can literally turn it into a wall socket to recharge. Needless to say, the full 'fill' batteries will take a long time, but such a possibility it will not be superfluous. For example, during the battle diesel slider may be seriously damaged. In this case, the need and the ability to be recharged from an electrical outlet and the opportunity to ride on the electric motor only. In addition, L-ATV can be used as a mobile power: electricity which is stored in the accumulator or developed by the generator through a special set of cables, connectors, etc. You can apply for a household electrical outlet. This method if necessary supply of power to headquarters, barracks or field hospital. Representatives of the developer said that the cost of electricity generation armored car L-ATV is not above those of a large power plant.

Hybrid cars to replace the "Humvee"

FED Bravo — hybrid bronemobil for the U.S. Army

TARDEC company has its own sights on auto fuel efficiency and excessive portion of their concerns hybrid powerplant. In the course of the project FED (Fuel Efficient Demonstrator — The demonstrator fuel efficiency) was created two-car prototype. With the names of the prototypes in TARDEC not particularly wiser. One received the letter «A», the other was called the «B». Just to make life more comfortable soon renamed the machine in accordance with the English phonetic alphabet. They became known as the FED Alpha and FED Bravo, respectively. Outside, both cars are equal, all differences are hidden under the hood and bottom. "Alpha" is the most ordinary armored SUV with a diesel engine. But it is not so simple. When HMMWV equipped with identical weight at such "stress» FED Alpha consumes only one third of the right to "Humvee" fuel.

FED Alpha

FED Bravo, in turn, has become a traditional hybrid car. In contrast to the L-ATV, cars from TARDEC uses for electronic motor traffic only. Petrol or diesel engine on FED Bravo connected only to the generator. Curiously, the "Bravo" can charge their batteries only generator. For the same purposes on the roof and tailgate are solar panels. Of course, the effectiveness of such an energy source is small, but as a supplement to the main generator, they can be useful. In the end, Alpha and Bravo are now the only "concept cars". Like the L-ATV, «hybrid» from TARDEC equip electronic system capable of giving and receiving energy from the outside. On the effectiveness of the use of FED Bravo as power data yet.

Unfortunately, L-ATV and the FED Bravo machines are experimental military mission. Because of clear data about speed, fuel consumption, or even on the level of protection is not very much. So, for example, in appearance auto FED Bravo can make the assumption that his armor corresponds to the second or third grade of protection. But these guesses TARDEC not confirm or deny. But the two companies specializing creation of hybrid military vehicles, often boasted of their successes of a promotion. Armored car L-ATV by virtue of their age have already been brought to the stage on which to produce an experimental batch testing in the army. Machinery range FED while preparing to become the highest commission to the Pentagon.

Completely may be that in the very near future choice of U.S. military officials would fall exactly on the armored car with a hybrid power plant. Yes, a similar technique for various reasons, is markedly more expensive machines with "classic" engine and gearbox. But this was immediately opposed minus a few pluses: the lowest fuel costs, the ability to carry loads more languid, and the ability of machines to do not only transport tasks (mobile power station). The choice will be difficult, because the responsible persons of the South American defense establishment is all carefully weighed and checked a couple of times. Well, military engineers and other states should, as they say, to blow off their heads.

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