I had been in the bloody totalitarianism: Belarus eyes nesvidomogo Ukrainian

Belarus eyes "nesvidomogo" Ukrainian

State begins with a threshold. The feeling that you get in another country you can feel the moment when you come vvagon train Kiev-Minsk Belarus formation. Beautiful conductors dressed in uniform, clean and tidy. A small detail that characterizes the approach to the passengers — a small decanter of water. A trifle, but nice.

Neighbors in the coupe I got older woman and two girls were returning from the sea. Quickly enough, we made contact and yanachal fish out information about the situation in the country. The woman said that dovalyutnogo crisis was retired life bearable. Pension was $ 300-500. The highest pensions were among the former security officials — under millionzaychikov. According to her, after the collapse of the spot pensioners, as well as all state employees, afraid that situation. However, we will return to it later.

In the morning, our train arrived in Minsk. I met a friend and we went for a walk around the capital of Belarus, where the last time I was in 2007. Since that time, Minsk became only more beautiful.

Greeted me with a symbolic social reklama.Ee general in Belarus and it works a lot, as they say, the formation of patriotic image.

Belarus eyes "nesvidomogo" Ukrainian

Ming lights

Morning deserted streets of Minsk. Parasites and other slackers lounging in sight. The whole country is one zanyataprirostom GDP. This is not surprising, given that most of the working age are employed in state-owned enterprises, and there is enough to discipline severely.

Beauty. Either homeless or other paraphernalia era of advanced capitalism at the stage of primitive accumulation of capital. The sun shone brightly and the soul is filled with warmth and tranquility.

Belarus eyes "nesvidomogo" Ukrainian

Cleanliness. Right even scary is the state Byelorussians Lukashenko that even afraid namusorit as sleduet.Uzhas, the horror!

Belarus eyes "nesvidomogo" Ukrainian

Beautiful fountain. In the fields of Belarus, by the way, a lot of these storks-Lelek wanders.

There are about two million Catholics. Because frequent Catholic churches.

Garbage into fractions.

Typical picture. All about Belarus supported by good-quality European car industry 3-5-7 years. But father has given the opportunity to sit for a little money on the normal wheel. For this special reduced fee. True summer 2011 Lafayette ended, as the regime faced with the need to limit the withdrawal of currency from the country.

Mickiewicz Monument. It is considered their own poet

For a nice building. I have to say this picture does not know, but again it is said, the break on this head you.

Here's another example of social advertising. Glyanesh at her and immediately begins to grow to love RB.

Republican Health tsentr.Po-Ukrainian standards were cheap-something like $ 1-2 per session. Who knows, I may be accompanied by a KGB simply deliberately misinformed me that I misinformed you.

Wide streets of Minsk. Unhappy people! Do not know that you can put on the sidewalks cars: (

What I like the capital of Belarus, which is quite urban space. Minsk is not trapped by all these ugly boxes, boutiques, bazaars, who turned 20 years old in Kiev zhlobskuyu trash without taste, style and aesthetics.

Architecture reflects the values and priorities of a particular state. Minsk clean and well thought of space points to the essence of the Lukashenko regime much more than the various rankings and reports of the World Bank and others.

As I said, the city's many public service announcements in which a play on the theme of war, military heritage, etc. This, by the way, indicates ideological problems Lukashenko regime, which on the one hand, 15 years is really able to form a political nation, better than our blue-and-orange idiots with their perpetual media wars around Bandera, Stalin Famine iprochih "eternal" historical problems.

On the other hand, the inability of the eye to build brosaetsyav literate discourse around these achievements in a country that is clearly in Belarus. Because the ideology of the regime built around a partisan appeal to a glorious past, and other things that are now already triggered less. If, generally fail, and, moreover, give specific shovels splints.

These are the transitions here in Minsk.

Here are some more sotsreklamy

Work in Minsk regular thing.

The city center. No crud not smart enough to build up the little square skyscrapers — just moral monsters, not architects. So much land lost: (((


And here it is.

Around 10 in the morning. On the streets of Minsk residents still rare. Oh, right, I remember. Here we go with another breakfast at catering a la "paunchy hut." I even wondered what poison "peresіchne population" in Belarus. As it turned out, poison tasty and cheap. We had breakfast for two first-second-30 kilozaytsev dessert. At that time, the rate poofitsialnomu 5000 = $ 1, the unofficial — 6500-6600. This is not even funny.

Another example of social advertising. Drug and alcohol abuse in Belarus existents. Cheap booze, because they drink a lot, especially in rural areas. I am told that there luring But father Lukashenko youth lifting and shelter, but it still moves to the big city because bored in the province. And the average age of a bitter drink. Although, of course, against the background of our village Belorussian looks better on the order. But more about that later.

Shop confiscated "Your Choice"

It seems to be funny and Lubkov, but the reality is chtov Belarusian political nation exists. In contrast to the same Ukraine.

Moved to the other side of the avenue Pobediteley.Na background Sports Palace.

Storoyki after the crisis in Belarus also zamerli.Hotya not produce such a devastating character as the Kievan unfinished. Authoritarianism, in general, and put their mark here.

Bicycle path. They say that stretches for dozens of miles. And europeyskom Kiev does not. I understand that the authoritarian regime made it to distract people. Better to let the bike ride, than about the power of thought — decided Lukashenko dad.

Rare bird flies to the middle Svisloch. He he

11 hours. Only fishermen …

Love … and there are parasites on the waterfront

Local production bikes can be rented. Bicycles are good, but the Chinese come deshevle.Emkosti for the local market is not enough, and on the outer face competition from China in the same

Glamorous restaurant on the water

Business card of Minsk

So, we go to Starovilenskaya there began to wander around the yard. Here, all renovated and looks very European.

As if somewhere in Prague or in Lublin was.

And she loves Belarus

Stylish labels

A little more of the local car industry

The uniqueness of the homeless in Minsk, which I saw. Drunk wine for poltorabaksa and slept peacefully.

And another photo patio

Movement of calm, without Kiev madness.

As it is buses and trolleys Minsk.

Moving through the park to the Opera House.

And here he is

Bad soviet architecture

But the alley Soviet times. Estonian workers have made a contribution to the greening of the city. There is not the Soviet Union or the Estonian workers, and tree stands.

Milo. It should be a chair, and no one interferes. Do you want to wait.

And on this ground work was in full swing, though a lunch break and the guys stood by eating something. By the way, noticed a feature — in the construction, utilities mass molodezhi.Ne unashamedly go to uniforms. I talked to some and they normally feel. I do not mean in terms of income, but in terms of relationships. While before the crisis quite well earned, but in terms of places without the devaluation of work in the public system of coordinates. Our youth are increasingly presenting itself of middle managers. In Minsk, you can safely go to the jacket Avtodorozhnik to meet the young lady and we often work class signal: "Cattle, stamp on."

All as one, not sparing the stomach storm Belarusians Western embassies to escape from the prison of nations. Just kidding. The queue at the French Embassy.

If our businesses such extinguisher comes, you have to grease the palm.

Here's another example of organized space.

In my eyes this pigeon was caught, beaten and arrested for disorderly conduct. Terrible, terrible things are happening there in Belarus.

The headquarters of the "forces of evil" — the local KGB. Photos had to be carried in his underwear :)

Here's a view of the local French restoranchika.Vkusny dinner cost $ 25 tys.zaytsev. Here, by the way we were able to chat with a pretty waitress who moved from the country to Minsk. Study and work. Removes girlfriends apartment. Interestingly, when she asked where it believes it is better to live, she said, of course, you in Kiev. Why? — We asked. What's better and what does not? — Responsible for the border was not. Very sweet girl. In general, the Belarusian contact and some very natural, nice to talk to them.

Unhappy Belarusians still can not izbavitsyaot Heritage Committee. Hanging, you know, from all sides. Does not breathe. Not enough, not enough in the second Belarus Tyahnybok and "freedom", no one will be taken for restoring the historical order.

That's taking care of the trees. Exactly the same I saw in Grodno.

Presidential Administration. That strike the eye is the lack of fences and walls, as we have in Bankova AP. Truly unbridled totalitarianism. Even his own people is not afraid as it should. But father let himself go, oh, let himself go. By the way, in Baku, while trying to photograph the local AP me all the time Stop (will post later reportazhik). Here TAKE PHOTOS how much he likes. It is undemocratic, nerukopozhato!

Look to the left

Look to the right. Well, where is the lattice? How could defend something from angry masses?


All symbols of the Soviet occupation. Terrible, terrible to live in Belarus.

Summer in Minsk girls go here in such unpretentious sarafan.

And hang the stars, as if nothing had happened.

It was the first zhugulenok what I saw in Minsk that day. I have them all in two days I saw three of them, traveling around the country about fifteen hundred miles.

Night was falling. Soon this place was supposed to be a protest of opposition, because walking near the security officers.

I walked around with a camera around and defiantly no one came and zalomal hands. Even it was awkward somehow. Show on TV all day long about the silent protest. Bad luck, I guess.

Another terrible legacy of the Soviet era.

Dusk in October Square

About 18-00. This is the main street of the city. Weekday den.Probok not. Imagine Khreschatyk or Garden Ring at this time? Generally cork is, of course, but not like us. It is at a higher level of motorization. Popov should go look at Minsk.


Weight, weight pretty run hither copies on the streets of Minsk.

He went into the central gastranom to inspect what they eat poor Belarus. Eat sausage.

Stew is bursting too. And this, not soy shit.

Yet Lukashenko brought the country to the tsugundera.Koninu guzzle. True pay more for it than for the beef, but it is only a sign of a particularly cynical mockery Alexander G. over his people. Violently makes expensive to eat horsemeat.

Sorry did not buy a jar. The next time you will do it if you do not arrest me.

Bourgeois drink beverages in Belarus. Not disdain

Fish too.

But the range of restaurants, which immediately under the Central univergmage, where we sat down for dinner we did not arrest anyone, regardless of loitering in places where the opposition. From grief took a bite. That sent the Lord? God sent cassoulet

Simpotmatichny slogan. In fact, over the years Lukashenko in Belarus, the country built the middle class. At that could turn the Soviet Union, if the leaders were a little gumption. The official ideology of Belarus these 15 years was a "cup, greaves, a foreign car." Lukashenko deal with the economy and provided a good standard of living, and the citizens in exchange for it out of politics. Everyone was happy, until the pact was observed. As soon as the external resources to support Lukashenko model is exhausted, discontent began, because the consumption needs of well-established and well-established.

In the evening I took a train and went to Grodno. Ticket coupe cost $ 30 thousand birds that somewhere two times cheaper than in Ukraine at the same distance. However, it later was podorazhanie, so it's possible that prices now equal.

But what I saw in Grodno discuss in the next section.

According to the materials of Yuri Romanenko, the site "Hvilya."


Material on the topic:

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Behavior of parents — the most important means of educating children in the family. If parents want to raise children truthful and honest, and do in front of them telling the truth, then the effectiveness of their educational impact will be reduced significantly. If the parents are trying to instill in children the discipline and organization, courtesy and respect for elders, and we did not have these qualities, their educational work does not give the desired results.

Parents sometimes do not realize what they have an educational influence on children by their behavior. Meanwhile, they bring it every day, every hour. every minute. Even the most casual conversation parents and elders, which they are in the presence of children, the nature of the acts and mental development of children.

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