If the stone idol laugh

December 17, 2012 1:06

In late November 1986, the press published an article by Nicholas Bondrovskogo and Savely Kashnitskogo "The last riddle of the Sphinx", dedicated to the hypothesis of Anatoly Vasiliev. The researchers suggested that the famous pyramid of Cheops built quite differently, as told by Herodotus (out of hundreds of thousands of individual blocks) and is, in essence, obstroennuyu rock. Vasiliev reconstructed building technology, which indicated that in addition to the long-known galleries in the pyramid must be a hidden tunnel. It was he who can lead to the tomb of the pharaoh and his treasure. Vasiliev suggested test his hypothesis and indicated several points in the pyramid, the study of which it could confirm (or refute). Nicholas decided to do this Bondrovsky, now editor in chief of "Architecture", an honorary member of the International Academy of Energy Science.

Here is his story: "I was very lucky. With the support of the Egyptian side of a very high level, I was not in the pyramid as a tourist but as a researcher. Photographed, been there, where "ordinary people" and not to come close. Some assumptions Vasiliev wrong. Some of the points proposed for verification was not available. Refutation? But that, to a certain height (it was impossible to determine exactly) the passages in the pyramid are punched in the rock monolith undisputed. And most importantly — I've seen one block, which, according to Vasilyev, closes the entrance to the secret gallery. This is an amazing discovery! Why then has not organized an expedition? A few years devoted to this issue, I realized that such attempts are ineffective. It's funny, but many had the impression that the Egyptian pyramids are in the desert. Dig on your health … not! The pyramids are on the outskirts of Cairo, in the residential area, which is called "Cairo". Great Pyramid of Giza — one of the wonders of the world — to protect our cleaner mausoleum. And I have no doubt that the Egyptians are well aware of what and where it is. It was strange to think that they just sit and wait for the clever Japanese, the Americans or the French open their secrets! Pyramid regularly repaired, restored, and Egyptian scientists know everything that is published on this subject in the world, all our hypotheses and fantasy. Get permission for the expedition the whole problem. In the queue are dozens of world-renowned universities. I suspect that, if the proposal will indicate something really that could lead to unraveling the mysteries of the pyramidal, expedition hardly take place. There are several reasons. The first — the most simple: tourism, not the least revenue sources, and the pyramid — a magnet for tourists. Especially as they kept their secrets. Agree: gutted the treasury, despite its antiquity, is far less attractive.
Another reason is less obvious. There is a tradition (not only in Egypt) that the opening of the secrets of the pyramids and the Sphinx is directly related to … the end of the world. "When is the last solved riddle of the Sphinx, he burst out laughing, and the world will cease to exist …" It is only natural that there is hardly an eccentric, which will allow anyone to be carried out in your own home such risky experiments.
There are also technical difficulties: Egyptian scientists are well aware of how quickly turn to dust valuable finds, except, perhaps, in gold if they are immediately on the spot is not inhibited. While it is too difficult. Should there be, judging by the tales of Scheherazade, gizmos extremely interesting, "wisdom silicon board, on which are written the acts of the Magi" would cost, of course to see. Anyway, it all belongs to Egypt. But the pyramid is attractive not only that. And not even the fact that somewhere there is a number pi "Planck's constant." On the pyramid is known to almost everything and nothing.
The same version of a thousand units of Herodotus is not confirmed by the strength of materials. Has spread to such a construction under its own weight. A pyramid is the millennium. How many thousands of years — four, five? But there is a theory that a minimum of ten and that she survived the Flood (has to be confirmed) … and some modern scholars believe that it appeared 60-70 thousand years ago, during the time of Atlantis.
And the size of the pyramid? This is generally a wonderful thing! Well, judge for yourself: it is currently not the first day, and accurately measure it still can not. In the literature there are several different lengths of the perimeter. With height is also a problem: it is known that the Great Pyramid is not the top, and measure the height, usually from the place where they were to meet the edge. And here in the literature disagreement, but piquancy of the situation is that in general is not known whether this was the tip of the pyramid! In historical times, no one has seen, including Herodotus. (By the way, the researchers found that the energy-performance full of truncated pyramids and different. Complete "locks" the information is truncated its source. Is it because it is the Pyramid of Cheops is attracting so much attention? Other something just as good …) So look now mathematical laws … That's not all. There is a pyramid (or rather, under it) a narrow hole, ending the deadlock. That there should be a treasured secret entrance. Not only that there will not let anyone, so more and wade there can only crawl. Well, according to various sources, the length of the dead-end manhole varies from 12 to 16 meters. Well, tell me what should be measured, to a brief line to get such an error?
But here it is necessary to talk about something else — about the reliability of information. It's hard to believe, but it seems that there is not a single book on the pyramids, where there is no factual errors. On the figures I have said, and the illustrations? Inverted cliché was right, was left broken proportions, distorted perspectives … In a very good book in a very good article attached great pyramid scheme of internal voids, which clearly indicates where the south, where the north. But in the explanation of the eastern side of the scheme for some reason is called the Western, and one of the narrow manhole called a well. Trivia? But in the pyramid there is a well, and its location — one of the keys to unlocking the secrets there the! Is it any wonder errors Anatoly Vasilyev, who studied the pyramid on the books have never been to Egypt … and how many of such researchers as theories took place only because the information is distorted. All that is known about the pyramid has long been known. It is today the scientists come up with it a useful application to justify its appearance, arguing whether it was granary, an observatory or mooring for a UFO, but a hundred years ago published a book called the pyramid site of initiation, initiation. We have come to that conclusion themselves, on the basis of the information collected literally bit by bit. About these books then you could only dream of. But orthodox scientists with disgust are mystical literature, that's why I could not for many years to come up with anything interesting. "
New research has not only respond to questions, as set new.
Now, it seems, everyone knows that the very shape of the pyramid has a curious property: it is possible to sharpen the razor, you can store the meat, not to spoil, you can grow tomatoes, getting a bumper crop. One can only wonder what's happening here, what energies roam under a pyramidal roof. Recent studies have shown, for example, at different heights inside the pyramid effects also vary from beneficial to the killer.
Research in the last ten years — French, American, Japanese — using the latest readings showed previously unknown voids in the pyramid, and under it, filled with sand rather unusual properties. Without going into details, I can say that by understanding its purpose, it will be possible to learn a lot of unexpected knowledge and capabilities of the ancient builders.
Also found that the pyramid contributes to the so-called altered states of consciousness, such as the phenomena of clairvoyance, trance and "enlightenment." In any case, I was convinced that in the Great Pyramid to be very hard for a long time. After four hours of bezvylazno I was literally squeezed, drained and then long to recover. It is curious that not only I felt it: the new batteries in the flash unit landed with extraordinary speed. I have long sinned on bungler, but later people from one "closed" institutions explained to me that it should have been. This institution, by the way, was engaged, in particular, the study "places of worship as a means of long-distance communications." Nothing, right?
So, from very ancient times, pyramids were priests of the place and the tool initiation transition to a new understanding of the world. Initiation consisted of several stages, each of which opens by looking for new life. Multidimensional world, the ancient Egyptians knew this and knew how to use. It is now coming to Egypt some sects, meditate in the chambers of the pyramid and say that charging extraordinary energy … In our "materialistic" Power relation to the pyramids was pragmatic. Alexei Shchusev designing a mausoleum filled him in classical pyramidal canons. Mystical stuffing — the mummy of Lenin. Collective "meditation" on the mausoleum and around … But that's another story.

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