In Adler oil spill in the lake with clear water

and territories in the region Chaysovhoza Adler spilled oil. The lake with clear water got kerosene spill area was about 200 square meters

Oily spots on the surface of the reservoir, which is located near the military unit, found by local residents. To the place of emergency and rescue workers pulled together military, reports Life News.

"Presumably, the pond was poured kerosene. Currently, surface water tightened the oil. Pollution area of 200 square meters," — said the deputy chief of operations of ISU "Rescue at Sochi Adler district," Vladimir Minenko.

In place are 9 rescuers and more than a dozen military officers, who are pumping oil. Also went to the site of emergency representatives of environmental prosecutors, who sets out the circumstances of the incident.

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